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  1. atkaforce


    Hello, this is the item i used for the corner regards Attila
  2. atkaforce


    Hi again, this is my new building to my future lego city. Enjoy. Kiosk_1 by Attila Nagy, on Flickr Kiosk2 by Attila Nagy, on Flickr Kiosk by Attila Nagy, on Flickr
  3. atkaforce


    Hi my friend! Here i show you my new modular. The idea came from a building i saw in Rhodes when i was there this summer. Enjoy. regards Attila Taverna by Attila Nagy, on Flickr Ground floor with the little taverna: Taverna Ground Floor by Attila Nagy, on Flickr Taverna_LDD2_gf by Attila Nagy, on Flickr First floor is the kitchen and the living room: Taverna_LDD2_1f by Attila Nagy, on Flickr In the attic there are the rest:-) Taverna_LDD_2mf by Attila Nagy, on Flickr
  4. atkaforce

    Old Tram

    I added a new picture above...How it looks like in a city detail..
  5. atkaforce

    Old Tram

    Thank you! I hope my street car gives you a little inspiration and i will see it in eurobricks soon:-)
  6. atkaforce

    Old Tram

    Hi, thank you! The POV-Ray is already rendering the cityscape with this tram, i hope and if my laptop also wants:-) i will upload the picture tomorrow. regards
  7. atkaforce

    Old Tram

    Hi! I build a tram to my city, my inspiration was an old Hungarian tram. One is a larger scale, the other is minifig scale at least i try to do it, but it fits well into modulars. thaks Tram2 by atkaforce1, on Flickr This is the larger scale OldCityTram by atkaforce1, on Flickr And this is the minifig scale Tram in the City..... StreetDetailvill by atkaforce1, on Flickr regards
  8. atkaforce

    Guitar shop

    Hi! thank you. There are two amps in the rehersal room, Marshall stacks of course:-) A gold and a silver one just for sure:-)
  9. atkaforce

    Guitar shop

    Thank you!:-) Yes that small room is the rehersal room for trying instruments before buying. Thank you! yes, i have to work on the sign of the shop, i aggree with you it is difficult to read. In LDD when in designing phase it looked better...
  10. atkaforce

    Guitar shop

    Hi! I show you my new modular which is a guitar shop, but you can buy some wind instruments also. Above the shop there is a flat. I hope you like it. regards Attila Gs1 by atkaforce1, on Flickr Gs6 by atkaforce1, on Flickr Gs5 by atkaforce1, on Flickr Gs7 by atkaforce1, on Flickr Gs3 by atkaforce1, on Flickr Gs2 by atkaforce1, on Flickr Gs4 by atkaforce1, on Flickr Gs&Bs by atkaforce1, on Flickr
  11. atkaforce

    Modular shell gasstation

    Nice modular, i like it. In 1998 i was in Paris and i saw in the downtown a gas station like this. I was very surprised, but it does exist (or did exist) in a big city like Paris as well. regards
  12. atkaforce

    Orange Style House

    That can be easily, because my inspiration is estated in Gran Canaria, Spain :-) thanks
  13. atkaforce

    Orange Style House

    Hi Everybody! Here is my new creation. On the ground it is a bookshop with reading corner and upstairs a batchelor flat. I hope you like it! I know it is little bit unusual because it is in the middle of the plate, but i think it is very good for a pedestrian only destrict or something like this. I will build one in the future. Best Regards CanarienHousemod2etage by atkaforce1, on Flickr CanarienHousemod2etage4 by atkaforce1, on Flickr CanarienHousemod2etage5 by atkaforce1, on Flickr CanarienForPov by atkaforce1, on Flickr CanarienForPov2 by atkaforce1, on Flickr CanarienForPov3 by atkaforce1, on Flickr CanarienForPov4 by atkaforce1, on Flickr
  14. atkaforce


    Hi! In this link you can see that house. cheers