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Found 14 results

  1. lightningtiger

    MOC - Bridgestone Tyre Service Centre

    I was thinking the other day what if my house in have included in my layout doesn't cut the Keep watching !
  2. lightningtiger

    MOC - Cox Rural Merchandise Store

    Building number four way underway.....only a little bit to go now and then I can start on the grain silos......keep watching !
  3. lightningtiger

    MOC - Ford Dealership Showroom

    I wrote else where that I was bring back something from NM's past........and don't worry the car to go inside is almost finished (hopefully by Friday). Keep watching !
  4. lightningtiger

    Main Street 2015

    After four buildings time to link them together and this topic is where they'll all meet up.....Main Street. Totally different than all my other main streets in the last five years of New Mannum's changing face. Keep watching.....there is more coming at both ends of the street.
  5. lightningtiger

    MOC - Roadhouse

    It's been a while since I built a roadhouse for New Mannum and I thought it was about time for one.......I only need to fit it out for signs and fuel bowsers......keep watching !
  6. Okay, so the madness begins....... Well, that's most of the hardware side done, of course to the right of this will go the supermarket with entrance to the whole place. I've decided to do it this way for reasons, one is it's more open....easier to see things inside, two the least can convey the most and three is just to give the feel of a simple small low population country town......sadly very common in parts of Oz. Keep watching for the next installment.
  7. lightningtiger

    MOC - Royal Hotel

    Building number three of New Mannum's rebuild....recreate......reimagine....etc.,. It still has the same interior as the Railway Hotel from 2014........keep watching ! Edit - links to post office MOC...... and the IGA True Value Store MOC.......
  8. lightningtiger

    MOC - Australia Post Office

    Another rebuild now right next door to the supermarket/hardware store...... post office. Keep watching !
  9. lightningtiger

    New Mannum Rebooted

    Okay, so you're what gives.......2015.....already ? Ha, well I must start preparing for Railshow and Bricktopia I don't leave things too late eh ? First cab off the rank to face a redo......True Value Hardware. Now I based this one more on this...... This one is in South Australia, though I kept the top section from the Western Australia store design......I think this one is a greater improvement - looks more genuine South Aussie and more items can be displayed in the windows. The Landmark store is next...only a few buildings are getting the treatment so the layout doesn't go back to being boring again ! Keep watching !
  10. lightningtiger

    Mini MOC Series - South Australian Icons

    Since I'm taking NM to a mini-Lego show in November I needed to come up with some fresh finer details to go into my South Aussie town. So for starters, going into the supermarket with be....... There is more to come so as usual keep watching !
  11. lightningtiger

    MOC - Railway Hotel

    Finally a new hotel to go into the town of New Mannum......though I haven't made a street for this yet so posting it separately from my NM topic. I only have to find some glass doors for the cabinets and the hotel is completed......keep watching !
  12. lightningtiger

    MOC - Landmark Store reboot 2014

    Final touches are going into NM, I changed a few things on the inside of my latest version of my Landmark merchandise store. In the last shot you can see a shearing set up on the wall along with a huge coil of wire fencing. Keep watching !
  13. lightningtiger

    MOC - Pasture Disc Drill

    What is this you say ? In real life....... Sorry about the small image, but it's the best I can dig up right now.........more to come so keep watching the town forum for more machines, etc.,.
  14. lightningtiger

    Aussie Town (New Mannum) 2014

    Well it's a new year and everything New Mannum will now go here so now........ Well, I have started the hardware store proper now.......I must start work on the walls......keep watching !