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Found 9 results

  1. Here we see a typical oil well and "nodding donkey" pumpjack rendered in LEGO form. (link to Wikipedia for more on pumpjacks, in case you don't know what they are.) The extra technic parts are for use with two of this part, which is what the pumpjack and oil well will sit on. The oil well design was heavily modified in design and usage, as it was originally designed as the lower half of a water tower for steam trains! (four of this part are missing from this model on the support legs) The oil pumpjack features a crank as a play feature, which could easily be motorized. ...and yes, the pump jack does go around and round like the actual prototype, though it doesn't actually pump anything. (My video from Flickr is being stupid and won't embed, so here's a link to it instead.) Thoughts?
  2. jtooker

    Forged in Fire

    Website | Flickr | YouTube
  3. Hello guys ! Here is my Oil refinery, which I have completed recently . It is a mini version of Atmospheric distillation unit, which is a primary process in oil production. Everything is made as close to reality as possible with and opportunity for addition of more units and making even larger plant . There was a local competition celebrating 55 years from oil production in Bulgaria and I sent some photos of my creation. Last week I was contacted from the organizers and they asked if they could buy the set from me and store it at their museum. I have never considered selling a set or creation before and feel a bit confused. Can you advice me what kind of price I could want for it ?
  4. I couldn't find any posts with information I needed, so I started a new topic. I have 2 5292 RC Buggy motors that are howling a need lubrication. How do I take them apart? I have both oil and grease from my model trains that I could use.
  5. lightningtiger

    MOC - Modular Gas Station

    Number two in my modular phase of my AFOL life now and it's like the title says "Gas Station". I chose Octan as this is designed to fit in the Lego world, not the real world. The forecourt has two pumps and a tall light post to illuminate the whole forecourt of this gas station. Here in the above image we can see the side entrance near a typical car jack of the period. Shelves will cans of oil and fluids, spare parts in the clear glass counter, rack of tyres (tires) and a battery stand. There will be more modulars of different sizes coming over the next few months. Lego IDEAS link - Modular Gas Station Modular Hardware Store Brick On everyone !
  6. pcvando


  7. Hey all! So the other day my package arrived containing the 4563 Load N' Haul from 1991 and the 7722 Cargo Train from 1985!, this is beside the point. Today I was removing the traction tires on my 9v motor to clean them (junk like dust, dirt and hair was caught in them). But before doing so I relized that almost my whole motor was layered with oil! So i cleaned that off and put it back together. The problem is I am wanting to make sure that there is still enough oil to not have the motor be damged by not enough oil. When I run it it doesn't make loud squeaks or anything it sounds normal. Anyone have tips on oiling/knowing when to oil your motor! Thanks guys! -Rail Co
  8. pcvando

    Lego Rare Set Help!

    Hello everyone! I need some information on this Lego set. It is called "Ramboll Oil" and it is a Micro Oil Rig set. It is unnumbered. It was released in 2008. I was told that this set was given away at an Oil event in Denmark in 2008. I have also heard that there were less than 50 ever produced, and I assume even less have survived, since they were not given to Lego collectors, only to Oil company executives and employees who attended the show, most likely not taking care of the set, and throwing away the box. I need some help clearing up how many were actually made, and how much it is worth? If there were less than 50 ever made, this is a very rare set indeed. I have one that is sealed inside, but the box seals have broken. I have someone expressing great interest in it, but I am unsure what it is worth. I could be sitting on a few bucks, or a gold mine. I have no clue. I have been told that one sold for over a thousand a few years ago, but it was sealed. I would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  9. TheUtilityBelt

    Oil to Mitgardians

    Heinsen So the Mitgardians need oil? Dan It appears so. Heinsen In that case I'll hire someone to go give them some! You know how much I hate the cold. Five days later Heinsens hired man arrives just outside a Mitgardian village. As soon as visible a bearded woman runs (not very fast because of the snow) out of the village to greet the Kaliphlinite.The hired man had a barrel of oil ready for her when she got there. Oil to Mitgardians by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Mitgardian Woman Thank you kind sir! My own beard was just 'bout to fall off! And with that she gladly took the oil back to her village. Hope you like it! C&C welcome