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Found 4 results

  1. This building was heavily inspired by a Winter Village MOC by Brick City Depot from who I bought a copy of some instructions from in 2015. (The link to his store's site is here.) I added a back wall to the building, made it look more late 1920's / early '30's by adding painted wooden siding, and removing the Christmas-time items. Also, several items are missing prints in these pictures that would be fixed in real life. Please note: Both these OCTAN models go with my Hogsmeade-style MOCs... and yes, I know that doesn't make sense with Harry Potter cannon. I don't really care, it looks good next to them so thus it stays! The front of the building with the two art-deco gas pumps. The four yellow 1 x 2 tile parts should have warning stripes pointed on them, and the twin pumps should have OCTAN labeling on top as well. This rear portion of the building is new, along with the removable roof section. It's a little crowded inside, with two shelving racks, a service counter w/ cash register, and a printed poster for Radiator Springs on the wall. The gas tanker is a mashup of the truck in set 10222 (Winter Village Post Office) and the one in Indiana Jones set 7683 (Fight on the Flying Wing) and should have OCTAN branding on the sides of the tank. It can seat a single driver figure at the wheel, too. The rear features tank controls and a rubber hose for filling up the gas station's underground tank. Thoughts on this future addition to my expanding small town?
  2. In here you will find all my odds-and-ends of space related stuff that is not Space Police IV orientated. This thread includes hover cars, space tankers, and occasional buildings of the cyber-punk Dystopia / futuristic theme. Smokey's Space Garage A small portion of this model is based off set 5980, (Squidman's Pit-stop, as recreated in LDD by Marco9999) from the Space Police III line in summer 2009. The rest is my idea. Fictional backstory for this model: The pit-stop building was originally painted a bright red with trans-neon green windows, and was used as a manned M-TRON radio message relay outpost until the company moved on to another method of communication via automated hyper-space message satellites. After being abandoned by the company in 2200, the building sat vacant until Squidman found it floating in interstellar space around 2207. Squidman and his cyborg helper, Squidtron, then opened up a spaceship repair business called Squidman's Pit-stop that was a front for illegal spaceship modifications and smuggling for the Black Hole Gang and it's members. After the gang was utterly destroyed in 2211, Squidman seemed to go clean, and set up the a legitimate business called Smokey's Space Garage with help from Dr. Hamm "Smokey" Porkchop, a fellow retired evil-doer. They used the old pit-stop as a base of the new business venture, but really the three former villains decided to go on with their life of crime, but in a good way by helping the less fortunate victims of the Space Police IV regime. They do this by giving them means and money to fight back against the oppressive police state, with the biggest supporter coming from techno-mage Analog and his space car Shatter-point. The inside of the building has various spray paint cans and fuel drums lay about in a carefully-constructed illusion of disarray, as the entire facility is booby-trapped. For example, the sign on top of the building is actually a weapons launcher with a number of radar-guided dark-matter missiles, while the entire asteroid is equipped with a red-matter bomb at it's core, ready to destroy the base with a instant black hole just in case of a overwhelming attack as a desperate last resort... luckily, that hasn't happened, and the SPIV are oblivious to the robin hood-like second life of the Smokey's Space Garage and it's crew. This picture shows off the revolving weapons / tool wall.. It only opens to a code word and hand-print scanner combination. If one is used without the other in quick succession, the red-matter bomb will arm and begin it's countdown. If another code-word is entered, the bomb at the core of the asteroid will disarm and reset. The garage feature a cold nuclear fusion reactor to power the facility, it's defenses, and refueling any visiting space ships. The entrance to the reactor is guarded by an airlock and is connected to the fusion control room, which also controls the secret defenses for the outpost. Squidman is on the left, and Squidtron is on the right... or maybe I've got that backwards? No one really knows for sure who is who anymore, or if they are both robots, with the real Squidman somewhere else in the universe. Here is the figure for Dr. Hamm "Smokey" Porkchop. Three of these are used on the signs placed throughout the model. If you see a white 2 x 4 tile, then this sign goes there. (It's not on Bricklink yet, that's why there is no link to it!) OCTAN space tanker This OCTAN truck is on the smaller end of hover tankers. It can fit in tight and hard to reach areas with it's small size and high maneuverability, a still carry two different types of fuel in the two side pods. This type can carry Nitro-oxide2, propane. It is a regular supplier of various fluids at Smokey's Space Garage. This ship should feature the following printed parts, this goes on the front of the ship, while two of these go on the side pods This OCTAN tanker has three engines: two sub-light and one hyper drive. The model was inspired by Bricksky's alternate build of set 60016 from 2014. The pilot of the ship is wearing the standard OCTAN spacesuit, circa 2217. Here are the LDD files for the tanker and garage. What do you think? Comments are always welcome, be it complaint, praise, question or otherwise!
  3. Hello, fellow Eurobrickers! Warning: This is a picture heavy post - and there's a lot of text as well :) I've been much less active over the past months here on the forums than I used to be. The main reason for that is that I've been very, very active in the real world of LEGO fans, having visited nine LEGO events in the last thirteen months. Part of the time, I've also been busy building - mainly for the LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 2. I was very honoured to be asked to participate in Megan Rothrock's first book, which turned out great - I'm very proud of having been a part of that, although my chapter is a little, tiny one with only six pages. It has taken me to events in Germany, Portugal, the UK and the Netherlands that I probably wouldn't have been to - at least not this early in my MOCing days - if it hadn't been for the book, and I have met so many great people (many of whom are active Eurobricks members) as a result of that. So when Megan asked me if I wanted to build something for the second book, I knew I would be stupid not to say yes. But I had to approach the challenge differently than with the first book, because the stuff that ended up in Volume 1 was all stuff that had already been published on my Flickr (apart for the Ace of Spades building instructions, which I made specifically for the book). For Volume 2, Megan wanted me to build something new. And obviously, if you're building something that goes into a book, you want to do your best. I couldn't just repeat what I did for the first book and build some cars. I needed to do something bigger, and that's why I decided to pursue an idea I'd had for a while, but didn't expect to actually be able to turn into reality for a while yet. I had toyed with the idea of building a gas station that would fit into a modular street, but I also wanted it to feature a (removable) parking deck on top and a ramp leading up to it. So I started out in MLCad with a 32x64 stud footprint. Not a good idea. After having built the entire ground floor and the ramp, it looked like this: I was quite happy with it - but then I thought it might be clever to check how it would look with some cars on it. And they didn't fit - they wouldn't be able to make the turn on the ramp, and they wouldn't really be able to get to the pumps. So it was back to the drawing board... This was so much better. I had another idea all along as well - a pet project of mine is, as some of you might know, updating the classic Town sets from the eighties and nineties, and a favourite set of mine from that era (that I didn't have as a kid, but bought right after coming out of my Dark Ages) is 6561, Hot Rod Club. My contribution to book 1 had a strong flavour of hot rods, so it made sense to just let that evolve into book 2 - and therefore I wanted to make an updated Hot Rod Clubhouse to go on top of the parking deck. I also wanted it to be removable so it could stand alone as a separate building, like the old one. And this is what I ended up with. Note that all stickers are official LEGO stickers. Here's a demonstration of the removable floors. The roof of the clubhouse also comes off (not visible in this picture): Some of my favourite details of the gas station: And the clubhouse: That last one is a respectful nod to the old set - the idea is that the hot rod club grew out of their old clubhouse... So, a gas station and a hot rod clubhouse. That's all good and well, but there needs to be some cars to go with it. First, the Gas Guzzler, a hot rod tanker truck. The idea came from those dark blue curved double slopes. I was able to pick up four of them from some building bins at an event in November, and I thought this would be a good way to use them. You can find complete instructions for the Guzzler in book 2. Add to this the hot rods that go with the updated clubhouse - two from set 6561 and, for good measure, set 6538, from the same year. Sweet Yello: Hot Howler: Rebel Roadster: And, for good measure, throw in a vintage car that I did earlier, the Blue Eagle, to be the gas station owner's daily driver (his name is Gus Gazzler, by the way): Complete instructions for this car can also be found in book 2. So there you have it: A modular gas station with a removable parking deck and a hot rod clubhouse, with three hot rods, a vintage car and a hot rod tanker truck - Chapter 3 of the LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 2, coming out in late November. Hope you like it - I'm certainly looking forward to getting my hands on the book to have a closer look at what the other contributors have built. There are some fantastic builders in there that I'm - again - honoured to be allowed to share space with in a book. And, personally, I feel this is my best build ever. Which is of course a very gratifying feeling when that was what I set out to do - and I was rewarded with a lot more pages in the second book :) More pictures of these MOCs can be found in my Service with a Smile photoset on Flickr. Thanks for stopping by! Are / L@go
  4. soccerkid6

    Knor Interstellar Outpost

    This build is for the Interstellar Outpost contest on Flickr. The idea is to build a one-man starfighter, landing pad, ground support vehicle, and comm station that together form a space outpost. I don't build sci-fi a lot, so this was a good challenge. After so many Castle builds, using lots of bright colors was really fun. The starfighter's wings rotate with a twist of the knob on top, to switch between flight and hover/landing mode; it also has a functional landing gear. The tanker truck has working steering (also operated by the knob on top) and 'suspension'. The comm station has a full interior and the landing pad doubles as a storage area. And just for fun, a picture with the colors inverted: See more pictures here: C&C welcome