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  1. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Brick City Brewery in front of the building that inspired it. See more at:
  2. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Brick City Brewery is officially complete. The addition of the signs made with a CriCut brings this project to a close. Will be doing a photoshoot in front of the actual brewery sometime soon before putting this into "open when I one day have a full sized basement" storage.
  3. Delbaerov

    [MOC] MIKE'S BIKES / ICE CREAM PARLOUR (Modular Building)

    There is some great detail to the exteriors without feeling "busy" It looks fantastic. Also a big fan of using the beards as part of the design. Awesome work.
  4. Delbaerov

    Modular Main Street

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't forsee more space anytime soon, so the street will just be replaced with new modulars.
  5. Delbaerov

    Modular Main Street

    Thanks for the kind words. That's certainly the look I'm going for as it's what I see on a more regular basis in real life, and I feel like other really have the european architecture covered a lot better than I could ever do.
  6. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Thanks! That was definitely the biggest challenge with this build.
  7. Delbaerov

    Modular Main Street

    The side texture is actually a happy accident. I didn't have enough red masonry brick so i had to substitute others in there to make it work. In the end it turned out much better this way haha.
  8. Delbaerov

    Modular Main Street

    A combination of 4 MOC modulars, a MOC park, and a MOC road. Some of these builds you will have seen on this forum before.
  9. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Kim's Convenience Store Modular

    Don't hold your breath on the interior, this one has been retired to my closet while I work on some other buildings. The corners actually work correct to the building with the way I've done it. I actually reached out to the lead actor, and the roof part was added for season one filming, because the actual store doesn't have the living space upstairs like the show needs there to be. THe structure is no longer there in reality but will be in all B-roll moving forward
  10. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Kim's Convenience Store Modular

    Kim's Convenience - exterior completed. Interior to be completed at a later date. Sign and mural both done on sticker paper. Everything else is all Lego
  11. Delbaerov

    MOC Modular Fire Station

    Working on the finishing touches on my modular fire station. The roof will have a small helipad for a fire helicopter. I've left the (not visible here) back of the building open to increase play-ability. Also the facade is all one piece while the remaining 24 x 32 of each floor can be removed.
  12. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Food truck alternative build from the set 60182

    Really great build. I'm a big fan of your technique to use the rims as chairs!
  13. Delbaerov

    Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    I don't know about you guys, but I think that Delbaerov guy is a piece of work. Who even likes his stuff anyway? Thanks for the mention!
  14. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Might as well make use of her curiosity.
  15. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Ice Cream Parlor

    Something about the colour choice is just relaxing. When I look at the building I feel a sense of calm.