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  1. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    I don't know about you guys, but I think that Delbaerov guy is a piece of work. Who even likes his stuff anyway? Thanks for the mention!
  2. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Might as well make use of her curiosity.
  3. [MOC] Ice Cream Parlor

    Something about the colour choice is just relaxing. When I look at the building I feel a sense of calm.
  4. [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    This building is delightful, i'd love to see it in real life!
  5. How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    Thanks for the mention in this list! It's a mix for me. Some I just build as I go, while looking at features/ideas I see in other great modulars, and sometimes try to do at least one new thing of my own. For others, when I see a building that I like, i'll start building it in LDD and see what happens from there. Look forward to seeing what you decide to try doing!
  6. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Thanks! It was a real trial and error process, and some parts I'm not fully 100% happy with it but i'll take it.
  7. [MOC] Kim's Convenience Store Modular

    Look forward to seeing you there!
  8. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Introducing the Brick City Brewery which is modeled after Central City Brewery in Surrey, BC ( Exterior is 100% complete, just waiting for pieces for the beer production to complete the interior, which features a tasting room and office. Picture edited with Snapseed app On Display at BrickCon Being inspected by the cat Overhead view of the pillars
  9. Have decided to recreate the location of the Hit Canadian TV show Kim's Convenience. The sign was made with Avery transparent label paper. Just waiting on some tan masonry brick to move forward with the project. Will have this shown publicly at the BrickCan event near Vancouver, BC in April \
  10. (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    Thanks! I'd like to see the arena you're working on!
  11. [MOC] Gerard's LEGO Stadium

    I remember seeing these when I first started on my own stadium, was always a treat to see it grow. Great to see that you've emerged from your dark ages!
  12. ( MOC ) Toyshop ( edited / remodeled )

    Awesome build. The interior is fantastic with so many details. Have you thought about adding any detail to the roof, air conditioner unit etc?
  13. (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    The structure is complete, only things left are finishing off the dressing rooms/ticket booths, bathrooms and broadcast booth
  14. [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    I'd love to see a picture with the brightness dialed down a little bit. It looks really cool but it sort of blends together for me. The design is fantastic.
  15. [MOC] City apartment block

    This is an amazing build, maybe I'm missing it, but do they not have washrooms in the units?