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  1. I've also wondered why TLG doesn't make a joke of it and releases a geocentric & flat earth B-model. But the risk of a "fecal storm" (or encouragement from some trolls) is probably too high. I'm hoping for a MOC!
  2. This piston configuration is perfect to do VW's VR6 Engine. It's an inline V6. As there is a good article on wikipedia i think it's the best to leave out the description on how it works and looks and just add a link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VR6_engine
  3. That's really a french/hot hatchback ...with all the body work and spoilers. The bonnet needs some curvature (in my humble opinion). Do you have some 18944 panels laying around? They are also lighter than the many liftarms. Or if you want to keep the weight at the front wheels you could try to go for liftarms 32348? Can't wait to see a video, too.
  4. Congratulations to the winners! And applause to all designers ...the many interesting ideas and building techniques you've sent in are amazing and pretty well done! Same for me. My weekly MOCs are far too time consuming. But I'll try to finish my half tracked Motorhome. *fingers crossed
  5. No superlative can describe what you have created! I actually think it's quite good that it doesn't drive. As TLG's motors would be way too weak to move the Batmobile adequately!
  6. Funny and smart! @Burko-uk Are you planning to release more information on the build?
  7. Very good looking design! Youtube is merciful to you. Your MOC was front paged to me. When you mount the buwizz motors one stud behind would it be possible to rotate the lower one of the two motors down? ...to get a lower center of gravity? Same for the stepped servo? You also could build a steering without gears. The current configuration never will drive straight on, i guess? ?_?
  8. Construction is progressing slowly. I am currently still in the prototyping phase. The idea with the two-axle "trailer" cannot be realized with the limited parts. The whole MOC has to be much smaller and more compact. The next step will be to move one axle in front of the tracks. And to discard the second axle. This offers some structural advantages. For example, the platform on which the superstructure rests can be changed in length more easily. The entire development is recorded. In the end, the video material is turned into some kind of fast forward build vlog. It's pretty boring, tbh. Here is part 1...
  9. Nice interview! Your car wish list is interesting (and i mean that very positive!)
  10. Interesting! I would have expected the thinner ones to drift more controllable/better. ?_? Because i would expect harder tires to tend to slip earlier. I don't know what's wrong with my browser, but your images are nonexistent for me. Maybe some JS issue as i have disabled a few sources.
  11. Your MOC was presented to me on YT. Looks promising! And the build is super neat and compact! May i ask you(all drift chassis operators) a question? You all are using the wider tire-rim-combination (56145), at least on your 3D models. What about using the thinner rims (56904 + 30699)? As these tires are harder. And how would it behave using 4 of the thinner wheels per axle, instead of just two? Happy new year, btw.
  12. @Michael Veroukis Happy to hear that you were able to fix it without completely disassembling it! Happy new year to all of you!
  13. The word mothership takes on a whole new meaning as soon as the little Galileo ferry on tracks sails out the back. Really impressive! I assume the majority of the parts come from 42100?
  14. Damn that's super smart! A) the implementation is simple and sweet. B) having this idea in first place is super clever! My MOC will get a modern contactless steering a.k.a. no steering inputs at all^^ ...despite the HOG of course
  15. Here is a link to the instruction in case someone wants to dive into the problem. https://www.lego.com/cdn/product-assets/product.bi.core.pdf/6493802.pdf I'll give it a try: How good are your fine motor skills? You have the black gear wheels on the left and right in front of the wings and behind the cockpit that retract the landing gear. In step 60, a long grey 9L axle is pushed in and you put these black gear wheels on it. ...I would remove the cover (the roof?) above. Then pull out this axle (not completely please!) and let the light tan gear wheel fall out. Then position everything as desired and shake the gear wheel back into place. Put the axle back in and you're done. Note: With this approach, you can first finish building and then see at the end whether you want/need to do this. Maybe it will correct itself! Does anyone have a better solution?