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Found 15 results

  1. hope all links them Plz commen on good or bad
  2. Here we go, another refuse truck. Features: drive steering 2 cylinder motor opening doors tilting cab opening hopper bin lift compaction cycle extraction plate Video is . Much more at
  3. Please Help me! I am making a LEGO truck, and I was wondering whether it is possible to build a vehicle with two suspensions like this. : 1. 2. Firstly, would it work if I have two of these style of suspensions and; Secondly, would it work if i have them without shock absorbers to return the wheels level in reference to the vehicle. Thanks, BuildSnapPost.
  4. My first creation, a European three axle dump truck. It uses 2 XL motors for drive, a servo for steering, L for dump and M for winch. I have decided to use 3 small turntables to create 2 pendular solid axles in the rear. I am happy with the result as this is not meant for heavy offroad use. It does the job nicely. No front drive, but oh well, goals for next model. I am very happy with the looks and color scheme and am hoping to find a good reaction from the community any questions about model I am happy to answer! Thanks for viewing! Photos are here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=559019 Sorry for giant sizes, you'll have to zoom out Files may not be public for a bit, sorry! May as well deep-link the photos http://www.brickshel...mg_2602-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2603-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2604-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2605-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2606-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2607-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2608-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2609-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2611-min.jpg
  5. Only two axles through a Lego turntable (the 48452cx1) has always irritated the more experienced Technic builders, stimulating them to work out many different solutions. Actually, some really clever solutions have been found, but most of them cause too much friction or require too much space. I have succesfully tried to do an attempt too, thanks to 3D printing and a good friend, he designed the CAD model of my solution. I can say that my solution has low friction and consumes much less space in comparison to the existing solutions. More of the story and some more pictures can be found at I have made an elaborate video about the problem and the process, but I think it will be 6 well-spent minutes. At the end of the video, there is another big surprise... Something that never was possible, is possible with the new parts! To get a better idea of the part, you can find some photos here: All photo's can be found on: in a higher resolution. The CAD drawing assembly: This design is extenable to bigger versions, I think that up to 5 or 6 axles would fit through the turntable. The only problem is connecting all gears in a robust way: to 'get to the gears', the outer gears have to get a bigger diameter and the problem of space-consumivity is back. I found that the three axle design really was a good optimization between robustness, way of accessing the gears and maximum transported torque through them. It is my hope that the Lego group takes over this idea and starts producing it, because especially the three-axle option ore the two-axles through the small turntable could be very useful in an upcoming Lego flagship. So, if you happen know someone at the Lego Technic department, please give him/her a good impression of the idea!
  6. Hi! Soon, I'll show to you new little rally car with rear independent suspension and rear drive. But rally car must be AWD, so I build small front suspension *cardan has free lift under load without stoppes I'm going to build audi quattro or toyota celica with this system. May be you have another ideas for it?
  7. Hanso

    Modular Switch Drive

    Hi all, I have designed a modular switch drive. The powering can be either by a PF motor, a Mindstorms NXT, a Mindstorms EV3 L motor or Mindstorms EV3 M motor. To overcome the friction of the 'click' in the switch, I have to confess that the switched need to be adapted to remove the 'click'. If you're interested, please let me know (I can send you the LDD file). Best /Hans
  8. This is a fully functional, remote controlled subtractor drive with independent turn and drive function which are separately powered. It is up on LEGO Ideas - support it if you like it, there you will find some more high-resolution photos :) This is a fully functional, remote controlled subtractor drive with independent turn and drive function which are separately powered. It features: - robust design with custom-made differentials that can handle larger forces - transparent, "airy" and parsimonious design - "invisible" electricity, all integrated into the mainframe - front and back lights with light switch integrated into the mainframe - quadruple L-motor power (two linearly coupled blocks of two motors each) - front shield - triple speed freely hanging piston motor - self-stabilizing and self-balancing design - can be mounted with any superstructure, e.g. cranes, hoists, levers Constructed to an 11/15 measure, fully compliant with the rules of LEGO. Only official LEGO parts are used and no parts are modified or altered. Weight: about 4 lbs, dimensions ca. 30 x 25 x 30 cm The chassis can be used as a basis for basically any vehicle that has to traverse difficult terrain, e.g. building machines, bulldozers, search & rescue vehicles, etc. It is designed to provide a multipurpose solution for a variety of tasks. If fitted with different superstructures on top, countless models can be constructed.
  9. Hallo! I'm using Lego Digital Designer for a few days in order to create a driven, steered and individually suspended portal axle with a realistic pivot point. But I failed to combine all aspects. My endurance has expired. So, is there anyone who wants to accept the challenge and solves this problem. I would be grateful about a lxf-file. Thanks!
  10. Here is a revamped and revised version of Harry Potter set 4728, Escape from Privet Drive. It includes a updated 1959 Ford Anglia 105E (in medium blue of course!) and an enlarged house, with a lamp by the front door and a printed number four tile below that. (The tile print isn't in LDD yet) This is what the house looks like when it is closed. It doesn't look that great, but it certainly looks better than it it did in the original 2002 set! (Link to the set: ) The house features a upstairs bedroom with bed, chest-of-drawers, and a lamp. The ground floor features a table with two chairs, couch and a fireplace. This car is based on the Ford Anglia 105E, which was made from 1959 to 1968. It had a 997 cc overhead-valve straight-4 with an oversquare cylinder bore for an engine and a four-speed (manual) gearbox with synchromesh on the top three forward ratios. (this was replaced by an all-synchromesh box in September 1962.) ...And no, the flying gear is / was NOT a standard feature! The estate car version was tested by British "Motor" Magazine in 1959 and reached a top speed of 73.8 MPH (118.8 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 26.9 seconds. (The version I built is the 2 door saloon) The inspiration for this model (and basis for most of it's design) was the 2002 Harry Potter set 4728, Escape from Privet Drive. The info above was read off of Wikipedia and retyped / rearranged. This particular model seen here is the 1959 version, complete with backward slanting rear window which supposedly kept it clear of rain... at least, that's what the advertisements said! The interior seating is not prototypical of the real car and does not really seat figures. HOWEVER, the model is modifiable to include doors which will allow two figures to sit inside. Also, the trunk opens to reveal a large luggage compartment. The car seen here is a heavily modified mash-up of sets 4728 and 71006, (Simpsons House, specifically the car) I used the same basic premise as the original Harry Potter set, but with the modern techniques and parts of the Simpsons pink car. I have the opening trunk and interior of the original set but I removed the opening doors on the premise of "it looks better and is much stronger". Now, I know this house isn't very accurate to the Movie / real location... It is more of a mash up of what the set was, and what could have been if it had been updated. The LDD file is right here, in case anyone wants it: http://www.mocpages....1409775098m.lxf
  11. Few years ago I made the first big scale portal axles... Now its time to do same at small scale! Here's the result: The axle has a 1:2 portal gear ratio and uses the CV joints for steering. Steering is done via 7 stud long steering rack. Its meant for lighter smaller scale models, like the ones Madoca77 is famous for. I also made some variations of the axle and to top it off I also added the mini 8x8 tatra chassis. You can download the LDD file here: Some video footage: So what model should I make with these? Please vote! Thanks!
  12. Hello Eurobricks members! Today I would like to show you my mobile crane. I didn`t know, that mobile crane is very difficult model to build. I had about 3 months a chassis to my mobile crane, but I spent a lot of time to bulid a tower to this crane. I am glad that I managed to finish my model before the official release of a new set 42009. My mobile crane is full remoted control Specifications of mobile crane: Length: 57 cm Width:19 cm / with the outriggers 33 cm Height: 25 cm / after lifting boom 58 cm / after extension boom 84 cm Length of boom 46 cm / after extension 74 cm Weight: 3130 grams Power Functions: 7 x PF M motor 1 x PF XL motor 4 x PF IR receiver 3 x PF IR remote control 2 x PF battery box Functions: drive for 4 wheels steering outriggiers rotation 360 degrees Functions of tower: lifting boom extension boom, 2 sections winch operator`s cab Lifting weights: BS Gallery Lego site
  13. soccerkid6

    Jewel Heist

    Not all treasure is come by legitimately: a hi tech thief is trying to steal a priceless jewel, but can he do it without touching the lasers and setting off an alarm? Couple more pics here: All C&C appreciated
  14. Building Drive: Secret Agents Contest Entry Villain Vehicle: Jaw’s Chomp-er Blofeld wants to get rid of James Bond! So it's time to call in some mucscle to take care of him--Jaws--and his amazing Chomp-er! When having one set of steel teeth is not enough, Jaw's uses his Chomp-er, a vehicle with large razor sharp teeth to bide down on rival vehicles or the rivals themselves! CHOMP! CHOMP! ~Nemo