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Found 178 results

  1. Hey everyone, I stripped down my Dodge Demon MOC to the chassis and I want to modify it in a way that will make it look more rugged and potentially even have some RC components added! Do you all have any suggestions that you could please give to support the build?????? Here is a before and after of the chassis as of today: The Changes I have made are the following: - Improved central ground clearance - Components of the chassis have been removed to allow the fitment of bigger tyres - Larger Tires - Some reinforcement of the suspension struts and how they connect to the chassis I have a workbench post on rebrickable with a video! What should I add or change next?????
  2. Lego Technic 2 x 42132 Alternative Model - Mahawk Buggy (Building Instructions) This is alternative model for Lego Technic 2 x 42132 Motorcycle (you need to have two sets). This robust buggy with aggressive view is made for aggressive terrain, as well "aggressive" child play. It has detailed interior with that thing which allows you to control direction of the movement, but without that stick which helps you go faster or slower. Also, it has kind of sit for driver, which might be not recognizable from first glance. The model has next Technic functions: rotation of all four wheels in both directions! Overall, those functions give capability to move these models with enormous speed in lego world! This robust model has passed many children quality tests and proved they great playability. If you interested in building this advanced model by yourself, you can get building instructions download links in description when you click on pictures or video, or below the images (if they will not be deleted by admins :-) ). Images: Lego Technic Set 42132 x 2 Alternative Model - Mahawk Buggy (Link to Building Instructions in the description) Lego Technic Set 42132 x 2 - Mahawk Buggy (Link to Building Instructions in the description) Direct Download link for Technic Building Instructions:
  3. another alternative model with the education set 9686 Simply mechanized, the helicopter takes off and starts its circular flight
  4. Hi everyone Last weekend the Bricking Bavaria 2023 took place in Germany. I was also there with my models at the Technic action area. I was a great exhibition and I met many other lego enthusiasts. We let drive our models and brought them to their limits. On youtube you find a short recab about what happened at the Technic action are:
  5. Today I would like to introduce you to my latest MOC: The PortaBrick Arcade. It is a fully functional mobile arcade game console built entirely out of LEGO®. The PortaBrick Arcade consists of 432 parts and weighs about 520 grams including the battery. The software is based on the @Pybricks project. Quite unlike any other game console currently on the market from the Danish bricks, the PortaBrick Arcade is 100% functional. The whole thing came out of a university project and was supposed to be just a small demonstrator for driver development and as a tool to brush up my Python skills. But as it is sometimes, things turned out differently. So I had a lot of fun writing games for the demonstrator. Thus, it was quickly decided that I would build a nice case around the naked basic framework. And with this then complete game console the first "test persons" played, were quite excited and so it came that I threw all original plans overboard and concentrated completely on the game console. The result is now the PortaBrick Arcade. I created the console in Python/MicroPython. As software I had to resort to the source-open framework Pybricks, because LEGO software only recently started to support programming in Python again. If everything works out, I will (eventually) port the program code to the LEGO platform (LEGO Spike App). The heart of the PortaBrick Arcade is the Spike Prime Hub (nearly identical to the Mindstorms Hub from set 51515). The game console has two displays: Below a monochrome one with a resolution of 5x5 pixels. The upper display can show colors and has a resolution of 6x6 pixels. This upper display is also one of the special features of the MOC. It is composed of four single modules of the Spike ColorLightMatrix. For this I had to write my own driver to be able to control all four displays as one. When the first game ran, it quickly became apparent that the whole thing was nice, but poorly usable. While playing, it became evident that input via the two buttons was poorly recognized. The program's flow is to blame for this. All instructions are processed one after the other. And so that a human being can recognize and play something at all, I worked with a short pause in the program flow. Problem: During the pause and during the instructions, which have nothing to do with the input, no input is accepted. So I needed something like concurrent programming or a way to process instructions in parallel (called multi-threading). However, Micropython does not support this out of the box and the used framework Pybricks does not support it at all. I found the solution in the concept of so-called generators. If you want to read more about this, you can visit my blog. Enough of the technology, on to the content: Currently, the game console runs two games. One is the Nokia classic Snake, and the other is Pong, one of the arcade veterans of all time. Both are currently solo player games. If there should ever be a second console like this (who will have the heart to build the second one??), then Pong can be switched to multiplayer. Two players, double the fun! Also part of the project was a "Pixel Art Painter", a small application that allows you to paint pixel images for the PortaBrick Arcade and then transfer them to the program code. The source code of the whole project is available on Github for anyone interested. If you have any questions about the project, just ask! Otherwise I'm looking forward to your feedback. P.S. If you like the project, feel free to support me on LEGO Ideas. There I have posted the PortaBrick Arcade as a project and keep my fingers crossed. To all who support me and to those who supported me right after the start, thank you very much!
  6. Lego Technic Cartoon Truck (Building Instructions) Building Instructions: Lego Technic Cartoon Truck - Color Version (Building Instructions) Lego Technic Cartoon Truck - Black and White Version (Building Instructions)
  7. In an in person interview I did with the legendary racingbrick, I asked him many questions regarding powered up, technic itself, gearboxes, and much more. I strongly suggest to watch it, since it provides a ton of useful information.
  8. Hey everyone, CrazyKreations here. We are proud to present to you all our new alternate builds using the Lego set 42126, the Ford F-150 Raptor. This would be the 5th alternate build model that we have designed from the Ford Raptor! As always this model has a variety of features and detailed instructions on how to build this model. This model is a 1970 Dodge Charger and was inspired by Dom's Offroad Charger from the Fast and Furious 7 movie. The movie car featured an offroad modification of the traditional Dodge Charger for an offroad scene in the movie. We were inspired by this car and decided to remodel it using only the 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor's parts. Some Photos of the model: Features: Although this model is intended for display, it features some sturdy features that increase playability. This model has the following features: Front and Rear Suspension Independent and Solid axle suspension Steering via HOG Detailed + Working Flat 6 Engine Detailed Interior 2x Spare wheels (I used different spare wheels in the video as the Raptor only comes with 4 wheels) This model was intended to be modelled after Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger from Fast and Furious 7. If anyone has any concerns about the model please feel free to send us a message on rebrickable via Private Messaging or contact us on our website using this
  9. I am looking to see if anyone knows a good video or article that would be good for explaining the types of lego technic parts. I know Sariel has his book, but I need something that I can link.
  10. I forgot to post this last week, here's my latest module Upslide. It uses a helical pusher to push balls up a friends slide, and it's powered by a PF M Motor. I tried to run it at BrickCan this weekend, but it only performed for a few hours before having a bunch of issues I'll need to fix. I need to reinforce the input bin walls, tweak the output at the top of the slide, and fix a small gearing issue for the helical drive. Stay tuned for a version 2.
  11. Hi After bricking bavaria 2022 I could finish my trailer with remote controlled sliding curtains, landing legs and parking brake. the mechanism of the sliding curtains works with one PU L motor for each side and two winches at the front and rear of the trailer. Over the winches a cable runs trough the floor of the trailer which pulls the sliding curtains. I'm really happy how the mechanism works :) But check it yourself in the video: The instruction for the model can be found here: And some renders because I could not make any resonable pictures until now:
  12. Hi everyone Last weekend the Bricking Bavaria 2022 took place in Fürth, Germany. LEGO builders from around Europe travelled to Fürth to show their models. This year large cranes, lang heavy load transporters and even a technic locomotive in scale 1:17 were shown. It was really inspiring to meet other builders and learn about their building techniques, concepts and how their model work. For all people who had not the possibility to come to BB22 I cut a video with as many models in action as possible.
  13. Hello Friends, I have made a Coating Machine which automatically coating tape on wires or cylindrical parts up to 3 mm in diameter.
  14. Hi guys Recently, I finished another model. It is a tractor unit inspired by Scania S-Series trucks. It has 6x4 drive and suspended axles. The front axle is suspended with normal LEGO hard shock absorbers. The rear axles have rubber suspension which imitates air-suspension as used in real trucks. The suspension at the rear axles is a bit hard but chassis is in return flat. The fifth wheel as a self-locking mechanism so that you can couple a trailer easily. To open the fifth wheel a small linear actuator is used. For steering a PU L motor sits directly on the front axle. For propulsion I used two PU XL motors. But check the pictures and video: Instruction at Rebrickable:
  15. Video Review: Instructions: Yaw/tesla-cybertruck/#details Dimensions: length - 40cm width - 13.7cm height - 12.8cm Functions and features: -full rc (steering and driving) - openable doors and trunk - full interior - easy removable battery pack - full suspension system - front and rear differential - all-wheel drive Do support me by sharing and spreading this creation out to more LEGO fanatics and like my creation! Check out my other pages too! Thank you! Instagram: Youtube: Rebrickable: Yaw/mocs/
  16. Hi everyone, Finally, I have finished a project which I was building since last September. It is the scale model of the Intrac 2011 snow blower which is/was often used in the swiss alps by the army and other communal parties. It was the aim to create another working snow blower after the success of the snow blower from last winter. The blower is powered by three buggy-motors which are all controlled by a separate Sbrick. Each track is driven by two PF XL motors. The snow blower shoot direction is controlled by two 9-volt micro motors and the height of the snow blower by one PF L motor. As power source I used two Buwizz as battery or a custom lipo battery. After a certain time in the cold I had the replace the Buwizz with the custom lipo battery. Cheers FT
  17. v01p

    Hello :)

    Hello everyone! My name is v01p from California. I've only recently discovered LEGO Technic and have since become absolutely obsessed I built my first set (42110 Land Rover Defender) in July 2021, got really into figuring out how its gearbox and drivetrain worked (these diagrams by TinkeringJohn were incredibly helpful, btw!), found the 42110 mods thread fascinating, and fixed the "cracking". Since then, I've built just about every 2021 Technic set but am still figuring out how to get started with making mods and MOCs. Excited to learn from everyone on here. Happy building!
  18. HydroWorld Outlook

    Hi! I'm HydroWorld-Outlook!

    Hello, everyone! My name is HydroWorld Outlook (cannot provide real name due to privacy reasons), and I really like building futuristic vehicles out of LEGO Technic pieces. I came from California, and recently moved to Virginia. I came to this forum because I had so many awesome ideas for what sci-fi LEGO projects I wanted to work on, but I also realized that some of those projects would require ideas and support from other people. With this in mind, I began searching for clubs and other places where I could share my ideas, and then I came upon Eurobricks. When it became clear that there was no such thing as a LEGO Technic club, I decided that Eurobricks would be my best vehicle for sharing my projects with the world, so I created an account and got started. I am looking forward to sharing my ideas with the world and getting to know all of you!
  19. Hello guys. I want to present you my first MOC. I like Lego, I like American trucks, I decided to combine these two hobbies. I was inspired by the legendary Peterbilt 379. Features: opening engine hood opening doors HOG steering with working steering wheel in the cabin V8 fake engine with moving pistons It took me 3 months to work on the model. I redid many of the details several times and it was a very valuable experience. I am happy with the result. Instruction at Rebrickable: P.S. I do not speak English. I use translator.
  20. I can say that since I saw the first photos of the 42114 set, I already had an idea for an alternative model. Unfortunately, as usual, the idea had to wait to materialize. Photo for comparison with the original: Despite the fact that the 42114 kit has problems with the articulation and a fairly limited number of useful elements, I saw potential in it. Six wheels and Volvo stickers were enough to conclude that Volvo also produces graders. I waited with this idea to start building the model for almost a year. First, I assumed the model was to use the official model A control profile. I had to use the gearbox. I explored this topic while building a Mining Dump Truck. Despite the massive rear section, the positioning of the gearbox and engines proved problematic. I moved the wheel hubs down to gain more space and that was the right direction to build. As a result, I have a lot of space for details such as the radiator, engine grille and internal air filter. Thanks to these elements, the back part is nice to build and the whole process does not get boring. Even before starting work on the grader, I knew that the front part would be a challenge. I immediately got a realistic look at the steering. I placed the motor over the front axle as far as the cable length would allow. The steering works freely, much better than in the A model. The front frame is quite an interesting story. I was concerned that the long section itself would bend. It turned out, however, that the biggest problem is that the frame is firmly attached to the rear part. Finally, the entire cabin, including the roof, stabilizes the entire vehicle, which is very long (67 cm). I am satisfied with the blade section. I managed to get the nice look of this part by turning over the linear actuators. Thanks to this, the mounts are not so massive. The blade rotates on a small turntable and is stabilized with liftarms on the sides to eliminate backlash. It can be locked in seven positions: perpendicular - 0 degrees, and left / right at angles of 30, 36, 43 degrees. An interesting fact is the arrangement of the control plus elements. The Technic hub is centrally located to allow easy access to the battery compartment. I have placed the motors in the outermost parts of the model and the cables are 100% used and no motor could be moved even one stud away. An additional interesting feature is the ripper. It is lowered manually and locked. It turned out very aesthetically and has a very positive effect on the appearance of the entire model. Marton from forwartsticker designed a custom sticker sheet for this model, thanks to which the whole thing looks amazing. Building instructions: Custom sticker sheet: Photos and Video:
  21. Hello there! American all-wheel drive pickup from GMC. The model is built as a continuation of the Chevy K30 Big Dooley published in 2019. Of the main differences - the muzzle of an earlier generation, a shorter base, the design of the frame and bridges was changed. Planetary hubs and CV joints are used in driveshafts from 42099. Drive - for each axle by L motor. Steering - M motor, Power - BuWizz, a canister with gasoline in the back, spare wheel, shovel and a box of lemonade More photos
  22. Lego Pneumatic Engine. What is it? How to make it? The first it needs to finish Lego fake cylinder like in this video or The second - to add o-ring to Lego piston like in this video or .
  23. Hi! I'm glad to present my motorized modification of 42094 set. It has six remote controlled functions with two S-bricks. Here is exemplary part list: And here is short review and functions demonstration: Photos in high resolution: Thanks for watching!
  24. Hi, I present my newest creation – tracked Dozer Caterpillar D10T. I decided to go for old technic models style – without panels, frame construction. I like to see working mechanisms, the guts/insides (not sure which word should I use in this sentence, native English guys, please help me out :D) of the model. Here you have some photos, video will be available soon. I hope you like it Details: scale 1:17 length: 40 cm, width: 26 cm, height: 23 cm, weight: 1.65 kg drive – XL motor smooth steering thanks to subtractor – L motor ripper, raising and lowering – M motor ripper tilting - manual blade, raising and lowering – L motor blade tilting - manual tensioners for both tracks individual suspension for non-driven wheels working, fake, chain driven V8 engine openable doors locked tools compartment detailed engine bay and operator cabin Additionally: model in scale of technic figure power source – buwizz can be easily switched for battery box and two IR receivers model can rise itself above the ground with ripper and blade Instructions: Video of upgraded version: Photos, before upgrade (more you can find here: