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Found 16 results

  1. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Planet miners

    This MOC , I built a few weeks ago. It’s a small mining vehicle, which can be used on planets for digging up some ores. The vehicle has a shovel, dril land a radar dish. Some pictures: 01_Planet_miners by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Planet_miners by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Planet_miners by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I've built the chassis with this part: I hop eyou like this MOC
  2. I recently saw that MattL600 had built a battery drill, and I figured that I could do better so I gave it a shot. Turns out that I couldn't do it better, in a physical resemblance to the real thing, but I got all the functions crammed into it. I still only have the parts from all three sets that I mentioned in my other recent post, which was 42049, 42055, 42064 I would like to show the build progress and internals of the drill along with what I've learned throughout this project. I started by building the battery click function because if I couldn't get that to work I might as well not build it at all. As I didn't have any springs I had to think of something else, and I quickly discovered that the axles flex quite a bit longways, so that is how the clicky works. (Also see video at 2:10) Next up was the handle for the drill. I quickly discovered that the wire for the motor was not at all long enough to reach into the actual housing of the drill. If I had a PF switch I would have done that and that would also have saved me from a lot of hassle. I could have put a switch for the trigger if I had one, but I had to use a transmission ring for the trigger instead, as I wouldn't settle for the switch on the battery. After that was done, I started building the drill it self starting from the front end of it. I wanted it to have a clutch as the real thing - though fixed amount, not adjustable. If you watched the video you'll know that the gears inside burn out before the clutch. I reckon 1 clutch gear would've been enough but it didn't seem like it at the time so that's why I put 2 in there. Sadly, in order to get the selector switch (turntable) working properly, I had to chip away the small taps on the transmission ring for smooth switching. I know that there are 3l joiners made specifically for that so if I had all my LEGO I would just have used one of those instead. Knowing that, it should settle down all of you purists out there. This is also the part where I decided to put the speed switch as I figured that that's where there would be the most room for it. (sorry potato quality, but this is a screenshot from a video I made to my dad of progress. I don't have a picture otherwise) Coming up with a solution for the forward/reverse switch was not an easy task. I knew that I wanted levers like in the pictures above but getting the footprint down to just 1x2L was quite difficult. Also, nothing inside the housing is symmetrical so bracing everything properly became quite a task as well. I realized that in order to get room for the trigger I had to cut down the forward/reverse bracing as well. Up next was the final compartment, which proved to be the most difficult so far since I had to start/stop the drill with a transmission ring instead of a switch. And again, I had no spring so I had to use the tension of LEGO it self. The solution is simple but finding it was the hard part. In case you're wondering, the red and yellow axles were only there to remember myself as to where I should put my mechanical bracing to the rest of the drill. And that's pretty much it. I had some troubleshooting to do as well as one of the gears kept popping out. Luckily it was one of the "easy" ones to access. I ended up putting a triangle beam on top of it to keep it there. The drill in its full glory... or like, something anyway It holds its own weight all right, though the it's only held up by the 2 blue pins on the hanger. I know that it's not the coolest or most outstanding moc ever made, but I think it's a good start anyway. I might just make another drill in the future. One thing I learned from this project is to think outside of the box when the selection of certain parts is quite limited. For instance, there's only 2 each of these parts: I tend to use the yellow one a lot, so it's nice to get out of the comfort zone for a change. I also found the new 3L pin/axle combo and the pin on a bushing amazingly useful. I've been needing those parts for so many years and they are finally here. One other thing I learned was how to make limited spring like action with no springs. I also enhanced my skills in levers acting with each other (thinking of transmissions) That's pretty much it, thanks for watching. I won't take it apart for now as if there's something you would like to know, I can just disassemble it and show you on demand.
  3. Well, I decided that those Ryobi drills would be something good to replicate and... I did this project whilst I was waiting for parts for my supercar. I might cancel the supercar project :3
  4. I was always inspired by the multi-functionality of backhoe's, and I always imagined ways to improve upon it and now I finally did. In this MOC I challenged myself to make the most multi-functional vehicle I could, using all the motors and sbricks I had, naturally I ended up buying more motors XD The final build includes 17 LEGO power functions motors (5XL motors, 6L motors and 6M motors), 4 LEGO power functions lights and 1 DIY LEGO laser! It's powered by 4 LEGO PF battery boxes, controlled by 5 SBricks and operated by a 20 channel SBrick profile. The drill/laser arm is operated by 5 channels 1 channel for rotating the arm (PF XL motor) 1 channel for tilting the arm out (PF L motor) 1 channel for extending the forearm (PF M motor) 1 channel for spinning the drill head (PF M motor) 1 channel for activating the DIY LEGO laser (TOPIC HERE) The excavator arm is operated by 4 channels 1 channel for rotating the arm (PF XL motor) 1 channel for tilting the arm out (PF L motor) 1 channel for extending the forearm (PF M motor) 1 channel for moving the bucket (PF M motor) the bulldozer scoop is operated by 2 chanels 1 channel for raising and lowering the scoop (PF M motor) 1 channel for tilting the scoop (PF M motor) The crane is operated by 3 channels 1 channel for rotating (PF M motor) 1 channel for extending the crane (PF L motor) 1 channel for operating the winch (PF L motor) The plow/ trailer hook is operated by 1 channel 1 channel for lowering and raising the plow (PF M motor) The drivetrain is operated by 3 channels 2 channel for driving forwards and backwards (2x PF XL motor) 1 channel for steering (PF XL motor) The lighting is operated by 2 channels 1 channel for headlights 1 channel for rearlights Weight: 4.6KG Length: 62cm With: 32cm Height: 31cm building time: 4 weeks A special thanks goes out to my friend Bas for helping me edit and my amazing girlfriend for her everlasting support.
  5. An extremely functional 42043 c model which also looks pretty nice! (Pics under the video) Pics: The functions include: -Suspension -HOG steering -drill elevation and tilting -lower/raise counterweight -outriggers and secondary outriggers -piston engine -opening bonnet -spinning drill To see them working check the video above! Thanks! BrickbyBrick
  6. LittleJohn

    Rock Wrecker

    My second build for the 2017 LEGO Speeder Bike Contest, for the Overkill Oval category. The track was probably the most difficult part of this build, and it ended up going through several iterations before settling on the current design. Ready to tear through opponents, the Rock Wrecker’s brutal saw and powerful laser are a deadly combination. And if things really get out of hand, its deployable missiles in the hidden undercarriage compartment end things with a bang. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  7. Lego technic Construction Drill! A drill used at construction sites to remove hard rocks which prevent construction. Some of it's functionality is inspired by Sariel's planar manipulator. More in the video! Thank you for watching! BrickbyBrick P.S my LEGO Drone idea is on LEGO Ideas now! Please support it: Thanks!
  8. I've built this small MOC two days ago. It's a Rock Raiders dump truck with a small drill and radar dish. And rised cabin for overview. Pictures: 01_Dump_truck_with_drill by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Dump_truck_with_drill by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Hope you like it (Pictures also on Flickr:
  9. Donnie Bricko

    [M - D10] Drilling on Asteroid C7B11

    Location: D-10 The Hamilton Belt Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration After exploring several of the asteroids in The Hamilton Belt, M.A.N.T.I.S. scientists found rich Awsomeonium deposits on Asteroid C7B11. I am heading up a mission to drill on C7B11 using a heavy ground drilling rig. We landed successfully on the asteroid, now it's time to have some drilling fun. - D
  10. Trainmaster247

    drill vehicle, Poweminers style

    I was tinkering around with my Power Miners items and came up with this. A smaller version of the normal drill and a bit more "Lasery" and "Star Nosed Moley"
  11. Mr. Freeze is back! And no, this time he is not to freeze anyone, but to free his frozen wife Nora Fries, and let her enjoy the city like normal people. However, he must first freeze the entire Gotham first! His new machine Arctic Core is a hovercraft, and the turret-like equipment is actually a drill! Don't laugh at a non-rotatable turret because it is not really a turret, but a game changer! While it can fire freeze ray to straight-on targets, it can also freeze the ground, turning the ground into ice and letting the air drill crack the ground open. Then, his secret cryogeneration core can then be injected into the ground and let it slowly turn the surrounding into ice! Gradually, the Gotham city will finally become an ice world, where he and his wife can live forever without the cage or suit! Now Batman has to find a way to stop him! (Flickr: ) Complete set, with Nora Fries in the cryogenics chamber waiting to be freed. The cockpit, in which Mr. Freeze controls the ship... This is the mobile mode. The two turbines (rotatable) can be flipped up and the ship can move at full speed now. Batman, run! View the ship upfront... From the side, Action Mode vs Mobile Mode The two sides of the ship are hovering devices. Moving on the ice or snow will never be a problem now... Batman this time has to deal with two villains, one of ice and one of fire. How is he going to prepare for the battle? Thank you!
  12. Phoxtane

    Drill Mecha

    This one's been in pieces for a little while now, but it never hurts to put up pictures as they become available, right? Extremely poseable, not very fragile, and incorporates teal. I think I like it!
  13. tfcrafter

    Thunderbirds Mole MOC

    In case you guys don't know, Thunderbirds was a 1960s era TV puppet show that later became a cartoon and then a live-action movie. This is the Mole, a drilling/rescue vehicle. Turning the back of the drill portion spins the drill. The drill itself can be rotated downwards. What do you guys think?
  14. Last week I've made the Tracked Crystal Digger. It's a concept for the Rock Raiders 2 game. The Tracked Crystal Digger is a compact mining vehicle with several mining tools: -Drill -Mining laser -Radar -Two ground scanners for searching energy crystals And the tracks makes this vehicle suitable for rugged terrain. Photo's: 1_Tracked_Crystal_Digger by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 2_Tracked_Crystal_Digger by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 3_Tracked_Crystal_Digger by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Mining tool description: 8_Overview by LegoMathijs, on Flickr More pictures at my Flickr page: Hope you like it
  15. Hello, Several month's ago, Ive created this crawler drill, but haven't post it on Eurobricks until now The crawler is an heavy machine with masive drill power to deal with the roughest terrain. Two chrome drills, two mining lasers and a radar are the equipment for this vehicle to research the dangerous dark caves. Information about the crawler: The crawler is motorized by two Power Functions M motors The drills rotate when driving Two working lights on front side Removable battery box for easy replacement of the batteries Pictures: Crawler Drill by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Drills and lights. Drills working when moving the vehicle by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Crawler Drill by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Easy assembling battery box by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Chassis by LegoMathijs, on Flickr More pictures on Flickr: Hope you like it
  16. Zachattacx


    Here's my latest Quaker! Quaker by Zachattacx, on Flickr As you can see he is based on a Star-Nosed Mole with the Ninjago Sai as a tip on the drill nose. His body is also based on a driller type machine. He is a brain attack villain moc. Hope You Like It!