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  1. that design looks great! I like how the outriggers would function, but what would keep the end of the actuator from just spinning in place?
  2. I have been thinking about how to do trailer suspension for your project... I came across this idea for leaf springs. Although we don't yet have a solid idea for a leaf spring, this might be a good way to incorporate them... It uses the spring upside down and attaches the ends to the axles
  3. most trailers have solid axle leaf sprung suspension
  4. M5Technic

    [TC12][WIP] Overkill

    I like the look! how will you be making the missiles?
  5. LOL. I cut 5L axles into 2.5L so my cv joints never slip out...
  6. @agrof so say for two rear shocks, I should use hose to connect the inputs and outputs to each other? thanks all for replies!
  7. Hello all, I have been building recently a 1/10 scale SCORE Class 1 Buggy style vehicle. I have figured out all suspension geometry, caster angle and whatnot, but I would really like to be able to make the suspension not as bouncy. So, I guess my question is, does anyone have good methods for damping shock absorbers so that they are still soft, but return their compression and don't take too much force to compress? I have tested pneumatic cylinders, but they hold my springs from returning, and arent as soft as I'd like. Thanks
  8. This would be perpetual motion, which has never been proved before :) It would be kinda like the solar panel that powers a heat lamp which powers the panel. Eventually it would run out of power. I like where you're going with this, but sadly it is not physically possible due to the laws of physics lol. M5
  9. I would agree with @Jurss
  10. yep, use for buggys and thats about it
  11. SO excited for this build! What a great team of people working on the instructions
  12. The best moderated forum on Eurobricks!