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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. I went for Bambu Labs A1 Mini. I might share an opinion with you as a novice user of 3d printing. Also, my friend probably will buy Sidewinder X4 Pro which is slightly cheaper in my country, so I might do some comparison in this thread later. :)
  2. I would really like to have out of box functionality. I can dig deeper into polishing the model in CAD or any 3d software, but tuning the printer might be just too much. Have anyone of you heard about recent Sidewinder X4 Pro? My friend is getting it soon and I don't know how to compare it to previous models, even Bambu Labs A1 Mini. :D The price of Bambu is kinda scary, but I am willing to pay extra if I would not scratch my head over and over to configure the 3d printer. EDIT: Just noticed the quality difference between Bambu and previous ones. The difference is real! If it is out of the box functionality I am in. :D
  3. Hi everyone! Sorry to refresh kinda old topic, but I am in need as well of 3d printer. The 3d printers topic is a wild and constantly changing environment so I would like to know if there is an update to the mentioned 3d printers? My budget is around 300 USD and I will like to print casings for RC components that are also suited for Lego Technic builds. I will use probably this site: Any other options than Ender V2 Neo with PLA filament?
  4. Gyro is a real game changer in faster models. I wouldn't swap that function in example, for defining rotation angle on geek-servo (under a button in transmitter).
  5. @gyenesvi is it really possible to define rotation angle on your FlySky TX/RX transmitter in the 3-position switch? I am working on a project where I need to switch gears in the gearbox and I find geek-servo not turning as precisely as I would like.
  6. Thanks for your input, Friedl. I watched probably all of your models and not gonna lie, feel in love with smooth drifting in your Technic WRX, that you put a while ago. Regarding gyro function, it really helps, because like you mentioned it is really hard to control where the car slips or have tracking, thus I need to make sure it slips most of the time to make it call a reasonable drift. And when it slips, it is kinda hard to control, so the gyro helps me counter-steer on curves. I was able to fit tight the receiver so it was very useful giro function, not like in my TROPHIC, previous brushless truck. Aaaaand... I have now 58mm real drift wheels, just need some conversion to Lego system and hopefully the next drift car will have much better performance. Thank you for your kind words, Lixander. Regarding putting 3rd party components in studio, I kinda don't want to do that. It is because I simply understand what is where and sometimes when I want to share the .io files with someone, he does not need to have all of that and can hopefully understand what is where thanks to provided Legend.
  7. Hi everyone! Not so long ago, I presented a WIP project I was working on, a 2WD Drift car. So the question is, why am I showing you this model. Actually, the best answer would be that I gave up too fast on the previous one and immediately move to the smaller scale. During building this model, I came to the realization that the problem with drifting in the previous car was not with tires (although suited drift wheels are much better), but with the floor I was testing it on. From that moment on, I was testing the model in a different place, where the floor is made out of wooden panels. Features Locked 4WD with different speeds on axles(front 1:1, rear 1:1666) Positive caster angle Working front and rear lights suited for Lego Regular Lego 49.5 mm wheels (15413+56145) Opening trunk Powered by RC setup (with gyro function - helps counter-steer) Design After the first failed attempt to build a drift car fully out of Lego bricks, I still wanted to use rubber tires and achieve my goals. In the time I was starting to build the model, there were at least two similar cars posted, which reminded me about @Anto Hoonicorn MOC. I wanted to preserve his idea of front axle in my MOC and enhance my model by giving its rear axle faster rotation speed, thus making it slip faster. The source of power still remained in A2212 BL motor, in the drivetrain you can see that it was geared down by planetary wheel hub. Model is steered by geek-servo directly connected to the axle, which controls the steering rack. Legend (explanation on bricks presented in the picture above) 4x yellow stacked 28-tooth gears are in fact a A2212 motor Grey bricks shaped in 5x3x3 are in fact a geek-servo More renders and pictures below Non-Lego parts usage RC setup (DumboRC X6FG, 35 ESC SurpassHobby, SOARIN2 S 1300mAh 7.4V 30C, A2212 1000kv brushless motor, geek-servo, Lucas Oil for lubrication) 1x metal U-joint 4x 1x3 trans-red plates from CADA Finally, I got a short video presenting the model Mass 770g Dimensions 30 x 15.2 x 12.1 cm Scale 1:12.5 GALLERY
  8. Oh yes! I can already see by the look of those pictures it is very robust, which I love. I remember when I saw your Greyhound and wanted to build something very similar to it! Furthermore, I was continuously watching your heavy-duty wheel hubs videos, haha. One thing I really hope you will still preserve is that smooth working suspension. The weight to chosen springs was marvelous. Please polish the model as much as you can and hopefully we will see a full video soon, so we can learn a few things ourselves. ;) PS About new hubs, am I the only one that feel like the ones with planetary reduction have better grip than newest from Audi RS Etron? But don't get me wrong, they are both very good at keeping those wheels, but I find planetary ones to that job better.
  9. Exactly my feeling. I enjoy those fancy new builds with a lot of SYSTEM bricks, but the old good full technic builds are the ones I frist feel in love with. :D I am curious does that relatively small model needs 4 motors? :O There are another two pillars next to A pillars in the car which I particulalry don't like and the ones inside interior of the car, but I guess those are some construction points, which would be hard to remove.
  10. I am also looking forward into that project as well :) You are fighting the only nightmare I have with RC components in Lego, which is putting stuff in one or two cases with minimal visible wires :D
  11. Hi @Lixander, I do not know if you are refering to my comment, but we were talking about fitting A2212 brushless motor inside XL motor case, including planetary transmission. Based on my experience it is pretty much impossible to do without cutting the back of it, but I would be more than happy to be wrong. :D
  12. It doesn't really matter, you can always drill slowly a bigger hole in the metal gear. I could fit it nicely in a A2212 shaft, but the motor is simply too big, no matter what I do I wouldn't fit it in the XL motor case. I would need to cut the back of the XL motor case like in the MaxBrix video. :/ It is weird that your motor is glued :O I have one servomotor from mouldkind and I could take it apart.
  13. I have tried fitting A2212 motor inside the XL PF motor. It could be done I believe, but there are few buts: 1. Ventilation of the motor (you would need to drill some holes in XL motor case) 2. Housing inside the XL motor case (it was kinda woobly for me, but it could use more work) I could give it a second try, because I have some spare XL motors, which are third party, but I am afraid I would need some 3d printed parts inside to fit it in XL motor transmission correctly. ;)
  14. I like it very much, also the wheels look really cool on this one. I am also working slowly on a drift car, but I moved to smaller scale for now. My previous WIP model is put on hold and may be abandon, because I couldn't drift using regaulr 56mm Lego tires, but this could be due to high floor tracking and on upper floor I have better floor, so maybe I will get back to it. I am waiting for a video on this one, because I am curious how it performs, great job regarding look of the car once again and fitting all the elements inside. :)
  15. Thank you Ryokeen, with this one I am familiar with, because it gets updated pretty frequently :)