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  1. Ropefish

    Morehead & North Fork 0-6-0 No. 12

    Wonderful work glenn, Always love seeing the accurate running gear in place.
  2. Ropefish

    2-8-8-4 AC-9 "yellowstone"

    so far there isn't, but the tender has its own motor wich pushes into the locomotive itself.... so i have yet to see what will happen under load but have a few solutions if it comes to it!
  3. Oh thats a shame, there might be a long time before the smart motors with all the chip shortage issues, took me a bit to get my PFx brick cause of it! its a shame, a DCC system in lego would be wonderful, imagine PFx bricks becoming the lionel of lego trains hahaha!
  4. Ropefish

    Tracks available on Pick & Build

    Thanks for your service! might just stick to the double straights then, its not to bad though as the real things are only about 40 cents more then the pretty good knock offs from amazon.
  5. Ropefish

    2-8-8-4 AC-9 "yellowstone"

    haha thank you! turns out i uploaded a smaller video before! so now you can see it even bigger-er this time o/
  6. Ropefish

    2-8-8-4 AC-9 "yellowstone"

    AC-9 test ( reupload) by R0P3-F15H, on Flickr Finally got a test loop and well she runs so well i was surprised, I did apparently forget some traction o rings but i also need some oil to put on the driving gear and axles as its super squeaky, i also feel ( though i muted the audio ) that the audio blends with the XL motor in the tender a bit well... speaking of switching the tenders L to an XL gave it torque needed which resolved some tests i ran where the tender was moving faster then the locomotive! overall im really happy it runs, i can't seem to get the IR to work at the moment but i need to dig around in the firmware probably. Edit: well the video insert isn't working so ill just leave it as a plain link i guess?
  7. Ropefish

    CP Arco Coaches -1:45 Scale

    Such a crazy connection for the brick built pattern!
  8. Ropefish

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Holy moley. this is uh... a lot to take in. Amazing, really classic feel and look!
  9. Ropefish

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (8-wide DMU)

    but have you done this yet?
  10. So, i dunno if this is the correct place to talk about it but i don't see any other thread for the PFx Brick specifically but it would be great to see some firmware and software updates to the brick itself and the desktop app, the mobile app seems to have options that do not line up with with the desktop app resulting in some funky things now and then. Another thing is it would be great to have gated playback loops set to the index notches as it has some really bad playback at high speeds sadly, and i have had a lot of problems where the indexed notches just get reset when trying to set any custom config of notches.
  11. Ropefish

    [MOC] Greater Winnipeg Water District GE 44-Ton Switcher

    Wonderful! i have a similar motor setup design for the GE 70 tonner! though im having trouble battery placement.... regardless its nice to see more switchers, such cute lil guys!
  12. Ropefish

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    Well this has got me a lot of things to consider, I think the PFx brick has similar control profiles to the PUhub but not the whole... detection thing hahah.
  13. Looks very promising for 9V!
  14. Ropefish

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    Yea the big stinker is if i move to PUp i can't use the PFx brick with it.... well without some hard wiring modifications, i am not bereft of options gladly but boy i have a lot of touch choices.
  15. Ropefish

    Tracks available on Pick & Build

    if those are a 4-pack that is a crazy good deal, better then ah... illict... lego goods you can find online, Might even be better then getting double straight trixbrix?