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  1. Ropefish

    Geting into it.

    From the ashes! Well, i found myself redesigning the driving unit and adding some suspension ( though one of them will have to be modified ) this is an older-ish version but it now has a stop axle to help guide it to stop wibble wobby effects. I just need to remmember how i built the forward one, despite it being a based on the Morningstrummer BigBoy it was more heavily changed...
  2. Ropefish

    Geting into it.

    Yea unfortunately its the best alternative, I should be mostly alright as the bulk of the model is a hollow core ( besides some supports ) and the drives are based around Morningstrummer's 4-8-8-4 drives which i purchased the instructions of.
  3. Ropefish

    Geting into it.

    Sadly uh i just lost the file to Studio overwriting the entire thing with 0 bricks! ( but i had uploaded the final version's parts to bricklink ) I used some wedge plates and a technic brick, then inverted slopes on the inside of the cab front to trick the eye when looking at it from outside angles. There are two versions, one requires the modification of the plates and retains a better visual from the front while the other has a bit of that detracted with no modification
  4. Ropefish

    Geting into it.

    Both these points really bring up my dilemma! I think in the end ill go with lego as i've already saved and sourced a lot of info for it all. Oh yea that's the other thing haha, Price will be similar to O with what i want to build, but i can at least budget out groups of parts over time unlike with a whole fully built O scale locomotive.
  5. Ropefish

    Geting into it.

    Hey all, I've been lurking in the forums for a month or so after i saw a lego big boy some time ago by morningstrummer, Ive long wanted to get back into a model railroad hobby but never could very much due to living conditions or expense and now i find my self at an odd crossroads of sorts. The skinny is I've since made a WIP MOC of the Southern Pacific AC-9 based on morningstrummer's big boy in Stud.IO ( I have a thing for articulated locomotives ) but find myself after having just nearly finished the whole loco and its tender thinking of going with an O Scale set instead as both layouts, add-ons, rolling stock, etc. etc. will end up costing me the same but both lack things i enjoy of both hobbies. One is building with lego's, stepping back and seeing the creation ( move and make sound even! ) then two being the wider availability and setup of O Scale and to stretch even HO for that matter. At this point i just really don't know what direction i should take the dive, as i wont be able to do both by a monetary standpoint, and y'all seem to have the wealth of information. Oh and here is my wip, Spoilered for convenience.