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  1. Ropefish

    My layout - Hadabrook

    nice and simple! wish i had the space of a layout this size ( and the money hahah )
  2. Little update, the display base is now finished. I am going to start working on the locomotive itself Soon:TM: however I still need to get the running gear and i forgot a set of drivers on my order for them. Also still need to get some R104 Curves for testing.
  3. Ropefish

    LEGO Trains 2022

    can it even go on narrow gauge?
  4. Ropefish

    Another station heading for 10,000 on ideas

    Its reached 10k now all we gotta do is hope lol
  5. Ropefish

    Another station heading for 10,000 on ideas

    you could always use a curved track possibly to keep the angle going but then you'd either have to angle the platform or have it extend the other way. With two sets i'd assume you could probably just straighten the entire thing though but i think it'd be more fun to double wide angle it hah.
  6. Ropefish

    Another station heading for 10,000 on ideas

    Yea i can see that, overall the sentiment is good. Maybe some point they can increase the set limit or release instructions of some sort. My only other worry is actual delivery times seeming pretty long ways away from how quick some get crowdfunded.
  7. Ropefish

    Another station heading for 10,000 on ideas

    its a good system but it still feels overpriced for some of it ( but what in lego isn't these days?), For a good few people I'd say some of the items are out of reach ontop of limited supply leading some FOMO which rubs me a little the wrong way. But its a tricky position seeing the work brick link also has to put into it. The one thing i'd really hate to see is what was done with the ghostbusters firehouse done to one of these crowdfunded sets, Imagine paying for one of these then lego comes out with the same if not very similar thing for less due to the resources lego has! But if this is the one way to get more lego train sets its kinda our only option.
  8. Ropefish

    Another station heading for 10,000 on ideas

    looks like a neat set, much smaller and would pair well with the emerald night. I don't have any plans for big passenger trains so this would be a nice addition to a loop for the emerald night or a trolley.
  9. Ropefish

    GE 70 Ton Switcher ( SP Livery )

    messed around with it, would fit but this would mean I'd have to remove a lot of stuff from the calf section and then it would end up being needed 100% instead of being optional
  10. Ropefish

    German 2-axle cargo wagons (xmas!)

    Nice and simple, good work.
  11. Ropefish

    New Powerd up hub

    Seems pretty chunky to, lack of more ports is interesting... i wonder if they plan to just run splitters of the ports? 200 Euro for that though is a bit steep, seems to be a trend with newer lego product though. Maybe it will come in a set that will make its price more digestible.... granted don't really know how much better it would fit then the current PU hub! The rechargability at least shows Lego Isn't shying away from that tech.
  12. Ropefish

    GE 70 Ton Switcher ( SP Livery )

    i could but getting my hands on one would be the real trouble. Though im sure some company might reproduce them? ill look into it however ;D
  13. Ropefish

    Control Bricks

    I think im going to go with PFx Just for the sound features alone, It seems to have the most expand-ability to. Battery wise i think i should be fine via some other avenues of power source.
  14. Ropefish

    Control Bricks

    Thank you so much, this is a very handy chart!
  15. Ropefish

    Control Bricks

    As my project nears the building phase I've run into a funny little fork in the road, How the heck am i going to control this thing? Ive seen a lot of talk of the PFx brick, Sbrick and BUzzwizz but nothing that really tightly compares the three! if anyone has some better insight on their upsides and downsides that would be very helpful... ive already leaned a bit into the PFx brick as it having sound and ability to create sound profiles is pretty big pro so far.