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  1. Brickworld 2017!

    #Hype #Panic #HYPANIC See you soon everyone
  2. [MOC] Sci-Fi MOD

    I don't know about you guys, But I think our Sci-Fi overlord has been doing an excellent job in the office. And as such needs a proper name plate for his/her/it's desk in said office. (I actually asked what he'd like me to build him and he said 'Sci-Fi moderator' ) keep up the great work Bob!
  3. Brick Fair 2015 - Pics

    Yes you should come, lots of fun to be had, plus a huge minifig crowd that will just love your Batman builds. And to further Lynchir, the curtains kinda suck when looking for people - BW you can easily spot anyone assuming not a large crowd - but it does allow you to hide during public and have fun, like the most epic game of Spoons ever:
  4. MOC: Days of Bricks Past

    Yeah... this was so cool. Even if it wasn't batman
  5. Brickworld Chicago Countdown and Events Thread.

    TOMATO BREAD ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIZZA PIZZA PIZZAH I've already been hyping up the pizza party to newbies, so I expect to shatter the old record You've never complemented me on my Human costume I wear ever year
  6. Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    YAY! Though fair warning, Dale has ruined pizza for me. I need my yearly pizza fix. ... hey that's my turf. Don't make me start building Batman. Cause you know how much i'd hate that
  7. Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    I think he's from the down under side of Europe?
  8. I want robotic light changers: BURN•E by Si-MOCs, on Flickr
  9. Calvin and Hobbes has a super special place in my heart, and a few months before BrickCon, LEGOJunkie asked me: "So... you have a lot of orange right?" What ensued was a wonderful little collab, and resulted in possibly my favorite build I've ever done. Evan did Calvin, I did Hobbes.
  10. Behind the scenes @ BrickCon 2014

    Excellent recap! And glad you had such a great first con - warning they can be addictive. Congrats again on your award - well deserved !
  11. HEY! This looks like fun, I should try it too: Alternate Models Challenge - City theme #60033 by Si-MOCs, on Flickr Alternate Models Challenge - City theme #60033 by Si-MOCs, on Flickr
  12. "House of Chaos"

    I see you fixed the back Fantastic build man. You've really taken your buildings to a whole new level of awesome.
  13. Here are some sketch models to get everyone's building juices flowing:
  14. How to become more popular on Flickr?

    It takes time. No one is popular overnight (shy of say giving everyone in a convention a build). But definitely some great advice (a plastic infinity is super popular these days!) in this thread. But looking at your profile, your stuff is good - that bugatti is quite nice. But you only added to one group! Most people add 10+ groups! Picture quality helps a bit too. But biggest thing to make friends is to follow people. I think you're following 6, most people follow 500+! Just like real life you gotta put yourself out there!
  15. Brick Fest Live

    Why won't you go to bfva? :( I was going to go this year