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  1. Just cover up all the studs... done.
  2. Si-MOCs

    Brickworld 2017!

    #Hype #Panic #HYPANIC See you soon everyone
  3. Si-MOCs

    [MOC] Sci-Fi MOD

    I don't know about you guys, But I think our Sci-Fi overlord has been doing an excellent job in the office. And as such needs a proper name plate for his/her/it's desk in said office. (I actually asked what he'd like me to build him and he said 'Sci-Fi moderator' ) keep up the great work Bob!
  4. Si-MOCs

    Brick Fair 2015 - Pics

    Yes you should come, lots of fun to be had, plus a huge minifig crowd that will just love your Batman builds. And to further Lynchir, the curtains kinda suck when looking for people - BW you can easily spot anyone assuming not a large crowd - but it does allow you to hide during public and have fun, like the most epic game of Spoons ever:
  5. Si-MOCs

    MOC: Days of Bricks Past

    Yeah... this was so cool. Even if it wasn't batman
  6. Si-MOCs

    Brickworld Chicago Countdown and Events Thread.

    TOMATO BREAD ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIZZA PIZZA PIZZAH I've already been hyping up the pizza party to newbies, so I expect to shatter the old record You've never complemented me on my Human costume I wear ever year
  7. Si-MOCs

    Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    YAY! Though fair warning, Dale has ruined pizza for me. I need my yearly pizza fix. ... hey that's my turf. Don't make me start building Batman. Cause you know how much i'd hate that
  8. Si-MOCs

    Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    I think he's from the down under side of Europe?
  9. I want robotic light changers: BURN•E by Si-MOCs, on Flickr
  10. Calvin and Hobbes has a super special place in my heart, and a few months before BrickCon, LEGOJunkie asked me: "So... you have a lot of orange right?" What ensued was a wonderful little collab, and resulted in possibly my favorite build I've ever done. Evan did Calvin, I did Hobbes.
  11. Si-MOCs

    Behind the scenes @ BrickCon 2014

    Excellent recap! And glad you had such a great first con - warning they can be addictive. Congrats again on your award - well deserved !
  12. HEY! This looks like fun, I should try it too: Alternate Models Challenge - City theme #60033 by Si-MOCs, on Flickr Alternate Models Challenge - City theme #60033 by Si-MOCs, on Flickr
  13. Si-MOCs

    "House of Chaos"

    I see you fixed the back Fantastic build man. You've really taken your buildings to a whole new level of awesome.
  14. Here are some sketch models to get everyone's building juices flowing:
  15. Si-MOCs

    How to become more popular on Flickr?

    It takes time. No one is popular overnight (shy of say giving everyone in a convention a build). But definitely some great advice (a plastic infinity is super popular these days!) in this thread. But looking at your profile, your stuff is good - that bugatti is quite nice. But you only added to one group! Most people add 10+ groups! Picture quality helps a bit too. But biggest thing to make friends is to follow people. I think you're following 6, most people follow 500+! Just like real life you gotta put yourself out there!