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  1. Sir Dale, Somethings never change, and sometimes that's for the best - from the lack of enough Dark Blue in goldcrest to your wonderful pizza parties - thank you so much for continuing to do this immense service to the community. I know there's a lot of new faces this year and I'll make sure they'll know this is a treat not to miss. Seriously- you rock so hard. Can't wait to see ya'll in a few days.
  2. Deep in the depths there is said to be door that leads to the Tree of Mystery ... The Gateway by Roanoke Handybuck, on Flickr Deep in Avalonia, there is said to be a gate, which leads to some tree of mystery. Rook, cleverly disguised as an Avalonia, goes deep into the mountains in search of the magic.... -- This was a fun surprise Collab between Roanoke and I for Summer Joust/CDC!
  3. Si-MOCs

    CDC1 Tower: Rook

    Thanks so much! I kinda bounced back and forth on how to do desert, and landed on trying to keep it very subtle but meant some weird layering techniques lol. The tower is super simple - it's just 1x2 round plates with brackets - part intensive, but not overly complex. haha Dextus was my original character and leader of Kaliphin but was lost in a portal years ago.... Thanks so much - it was definitely fun trying out how to build castle, it's usually not my thin hehe. And the little bits were probably a lot harder for me than it should. Thanks for the comments :) hehe yes, the whole point was to tie it into the whole chess thing, it was certainly a great chance to jump back into GoH, oh how I missed the fun aspects. Thanks so much - it took a few tries to get the sand to get that subtle dunes... the tower... less ... so Thank you! I spent way too long thinking about the story, the build, and tying it into the lore lol. I'm glad someone appreciated the uber elaborate pun. Thanks so much
  4. Si-MOCs

    CDC1 Tower: Oil Road Waystation

    I'm sure it's been done before, but that shield in the base makes me so happy :) Great build, love the textures in the tower, but it's really the lovely foliage that wins it for me.... and the well! that's fantastic attention to detail, down to the beads of sweat hehe.
  5. Si-MOCs

    CDC1 Tower: Rook

    Thanks so much! I've had the idea for awhile to build non boring visually, yet practically 'boring' desert landscape. Rook is good with his hands in a pinch, he'll just need the right pinch to set off to help! Thanks! The tower took a few iterations and far too much looking at chess pieces Ironically the tower was the fastest part of the build, the sand took a few tries to get it 'right' and as cohesive as you mentioned - even though I had the concept pretty early. Thank you sir! As any good RPG, I think the story will follow a bit on what the world will happen, so hopefully Rook will get to jump in... Also with Summer Joust starting ... maybe you'll see more Rook earlier than expected! WHAT? No, This is Rook, the mysterious stranger that was some house dumped in the desert, we know not the old King of Kaliphin.
  6. Si-MOCs

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    a mysterious wanderer emerges from the Siccus Badlands
  7. Rook Sand, Reporting for duty.
  8. Si-MOCs

    CDC1 Tower: Rook

    ... We found him lost in the Siccus Badlands, disoriented and dehydrated... But even after he recovered he couldn't remember his own name, let alone how he even got there. He was good with his hands, but it was his mind that surprised us. We had to explain the rules, but he was a chess prodigy, and won his second game. I still remember how excited he got after his Rook moved in for Checkmate. So... we thought "Rook" would be a good enough name for him. And Rook took his new name to heart! Bless him, he decided to build a Rook shaped watch tower on the edge of the Siccus Badlands, a Flagg for other lost souls and travelers to find help if they too were lost. Even all this time we still play chess once in a while, and he still beats me every time. I even tried to be sneaky and use a move I never taught him! When he was, again, getting close to the kill, I swapped the King and the Rook. I told him I 'forgot' to teach him this special rule, where if the two pieces haven't moved and there's nothing in between the King and the Rook switch places. He thought this through, almost an odd moment of clarity in my friend's usual fogginess... "So the King is replaced with a Rook" he asked. Yup... It's called "Castling" --- I really don't know what's crazier - that' it's been 10 years since the start of Guilds of Historica on Eurobricks... or that some crazy people though it was a good idea to let a Spacer help shape the most incredible LEGO world I've ever seen.... Dextrus Flagg might have had a short reign, but he still lives on in my heart... Cheers on the anniversary, and my humblest gratitude for the builders that have kept GoH going all these years... Y'all are so incredibly talented and awesome.
  9. Hi everyone! It's been awhile, and figured I'd share my #SHIPtember 2020 build with everyone TriPerron - Nomad Class Explorer The Nomad Class SHIPs are the backbone of the Explorer fleet - Each SHIP can be docked to two others for the long term interstellar travel. Once at the destination the SHIP can split to explore various planets or two can continue onto their next destination. --- So ends my most ambitious SHIPtember efforts ... Rule 1 of Government Spending: why have one, when you can have three, at triple the cost? I based this build on the wonderful art form Colie Wertz's Nomad Cluster SHIP which is a tri-SHIP combo. Special thanks to wonderful Chris for feedback and early brainstorming, and all the folks in the and Instagram people and of course Flickr Folks! The Nomad Class ships have 8 modular hangars which can be configured for fast launch Cobra Fighters. The attachable cargo bay can also be configured for additional Cobra Fighters or TRex support craft or mission specific requirements. The Nomad Class ships also carry two Patrol Boats. One within the main hangar, and another docked outside the main hangar. The Patrol Boat provides additional flexibility for long range away missions from the main Nomad SHIP, or providing medium sized landing craft where the TRexs are insufficient. There are some Additional WIPs behind the scenes here: and And of course on my Flickr: Thanks for stopping by
  10. Si-MOCs

    [MOC] LL885- New Coalition Repair Freighter

    Utterly insane sir.... Absolutely loved watching this come together, this is how SHIPtember is done... But ... did you add in the black arm !?!? I MUST KNOW.
  11. Just cover up all the studs... done.
  12. Si-MOCs

    Brickworld 2017!

    #Hype #Panic #HYPANIC See you soon everyone
  13. Si-MOCs

    [MOC] Sci-Fi MOD

    I don't know about you guys, But I think our Sci-Fi overlord has been doing an excellent job in the office. And as such needs a proper name plate for his/her/it's desk in said office. (I actually asked what he'd like me to build him and he said 'Sci-Fi moderator' ) keep up the great work Bob!
  14. Si-MOCs

    Brick Fair 2015 - Pics

    Yes you should come, lots of fun to be had, plus a huge minifig crowd that will just love your Batman builds. And to further Lynchir, the curtains kinda suck when looking for people - BW you can easily spot anyone assuming not a large crowd - but it does allow you to hide during public and have fun, like the most epic game of Spoons ever:
  15. Si-MOCs

    MOC: Days of Bricks Past

    Yeah... this was so cool. Even if it wasn't batman