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  1. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Here's the final edition of the sistershipping rule: All ship owning entities may, at any one point in time, hold sisterships up to 20 shiplevels. (Eg. 1*class 7, 2*class 5, and 1*class 3). In other words, if sistershipping a lost vessel brings your total number of sisterships over 20 shiplevels, you cannot sistership that vessel. not really tl; but still dr: 20 is the new 10
  2. Design-a-BoBS-Logo-and-Banner Community Project

    Some more suggestions: Some coin designs: And the BoBS Kra(aaahaaaa)ken: If anyone wants to edit these, here's the .svg file (inkscape).
  3. Another guess: It could have to do with emotional distress while facing the beast. I'm sure if that thing was to pop up right before me, heck, I'd be adding a lot more A than just two - 'Kraaaaaaaaken!!!'
  4. Hi there, fellow fortune seekers and adventurers, this is my entry for Challenge V - Category E. The Conquest of Paradise The Marquis de la Roya is an able man. Considered reckless by his foes and peers alike, he sees himself as a loyal servant to the new Marderian King Alphonse XIII. And as a loyal servant, he knew it was up to all Marderians to support the empire's war efforts against the invading Eslandian forces as best they could. But the Marquis is not only skilled in the arts of battlefield warfare - his true qualities lie in gathering and evaluating information. Cause that's what wars are won with primarily. And recently, he came across a very interesting bit of information. What only very few people in the Brick Seas know is that the mysterious voyages of the Oleander priest Father Tholeau lasted much longer than official records claim. And during these voyages to the far end of the world, Tholeau didn't only find the Fountain of Youth. In fact, he had also found something else in the vast jungles of the New Terra - something so important and potentially dangerous that it could shake the political status quo of all the known world like a furious earthquake. He had found the legendary city of Legorado - a city constructed of pure gold, constituting such astonishing wealth that whatever power managed to claim it would be considered rich beyond the wildest dream ever dreamed up by anybody. Terrorized by the implications of this very thought, Tholeau tried to kept his findings a secret. But the map he drew to find his way back home somehow winded up in an Oleander monastery where they were almost forgotten. And it was this bit of information that reached the Marquis de la Roya's ear... Part I - Atrocities The Marquis and his henchman - who only went by the name of el Zamuro - didn't loose any time. In total secrecy and given order by King Alphonse XIII himself to 'do whatever is necessary', they took command of a company of the King's Palace Guard, and boarded a ship - direction East. Their first destination was the Oleander monastery rumored to hold the secret map. When they arrived, the head priest requested to know what this unexpected visit was all about. This was his last request on this earth - 'whatever is necessary' in Marderian is best translated with 'shot first - don't even bother asking questions later!' The map was found shortly after in the catacombs underneath the chapel. The path was set. Part II - Pathfinding After an uneventful journey to the far side of New Terra, the Marquis and his company set up camp at the beaches of this yet unsettled island which revealed itself in front of their eyes. After a night's rest and some planning and scouting, the expedition party moved out and made their way through the jungle. The green hell was merciless - humidity and heat took their toll, as well as all sorts of venomous crawling things - man after man collapsed in these harsh conditions under the weight of their heavy equipment. After marching for several days without finding anything, concerns were spreading - some in the King's Guard whispered the Marquis would be their downfall. But luckily enough for de la Roya, soon after the expedition came across a promising beacon - an altar in the middle of the jungle. And the best thing was that gold seemed to be abundant! Part III - The Great Golden Pyramid of Legorado Incited by their discovery of the gold filled altar, de la Roya and his men picked up the pace and marched on. Driven by an insatiable thirst for the shiny metal they hasted through the jungle - nothing could stand in their way. All the long journey's destitution was forgotten, suffering became meaningless, and especially de la Roya's eyes were filled with an almost inhuman desire. And then they saw it. A bright reflection of pure golden sunlight in the middle of a vast clearing. Like bugs they were drawn towards it, still incapable of believing their eyes in the face of such radiating beauty. As the expedition closed in on the bright light, a priest flanked by two warriors approached them, seemingly friendly and curious as to the origin of the strange looking men. But instead of trying to enter into a conversation and trying to explore an obviously fascinating culture, de la Roya and his company only had eyes for the gold... 'Whatever is necessary' - the Marderian way... After the heinous murder of the sun priest and his warriors, de la Roya and his men climbed the pyramid. When they reached the top they first were shocked that the temple didn't contain any treasure. But when el Zamuro smashed his sword into the walls of the temple out of pure frustration, he realized... the entire temple structure was constructed of massive gold! What happened next is better not described - it sure was a great day for de la Roya and Mardier, but a horrible day for mankind as a whole. 'Whatever is necessary' About: Well, where to start... the jungle build was pretty straight forward, nothing really special about it. The chapel was a bit more tricky, the rug took some time to get right, but the hardest thing here was to stack the two coins on the small altar - something that 'in the brick' would take no time at all Now, the pyramid, yes in theory it could be built, but I sure don't know if the required bricks exist in such numbers - on Bricklink certainly not. Among other parts the pyramid consists of: 9792 chrome gold 1x2 tiles, 8675 pearl gold 1x1 plates, 718 pearl gold 1x2 jumper plates, 557 pearl gold 1x2 tiles, 658 pearl gold 2x2 tiles, 955 pearl gold 2x2 jumper plates, 5495 pearl gold 1x4 tiles, 2125 pearl gold 2x2x2 slopes What about suggesting this as a Lego Ideas set? Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  5. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Darn, we should have gone to eleven!
  6. Account Summary

    Tax ;)
  7. Nope, there's no extension... which reminds me - waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I should get buildin'
  8. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Two corrections that didn't make it into the final write-up due to Germany not quite winning the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday night Class 10 gets a total of 39 stat points, instead of 36. Class 9 maneuverability is max. 5 instead of 6, for class 10 it's max. 4. Yes. It also counts against the free upkeep. 'Free' license just means there's no license cost.
  9. Yup, upkeep will only be charged for those ships active during an MCRA run. No participation for that month - no upkeep for that month.
  10. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I found that helpful, too, but I don't think we'll be strict on judging this. What matters for a class rating is... well, it's actually not easy to find a hard definition... a ship just has to feel right. That's why we provide BoBS ship samples, but refrain from listing real life ship types/ratings, and want an open discussion about all ships so we all can develop a feeling for rating ships over time. Size certainly matters (pause for effect ), but think tonnage, not length of hull in studs. Also, in terms of build quality, great looking ships are more likely to be approved a higher class rating if in question than rush builds. That will depend on the MCRA/combat rules which are currently in the making. I certainly like this feature, but maybe it gets replaced with a different mechanic. For later we consider introducing a way to (slightly) alter your ships' stats via builds similar to the MCRA result build, so ships could fulfill multiple roles over time (merchant man during peace time, warship in times of war), without the need to buy a whole new license each time a new outfit is wanted.
  11. Let's wait until all initial questions are answered and it's clear to all what licenses their ships will get. Besides, we have to wait until the forms are up anyway. Let's not rush it - we do have some time ;) Licenses alone don't matter, only once you have a ship (ship-MOC + license) the ship level limitations come into play. So in short, yes, you are right :)
  12. New Ship Classes - The Transition

  13. New ship classes are finally here. Check it all out starting from here:
  14. About Ships

    Reference MOCs for all Ship Classes Class 0 - Pearl Diving Canoe Just a small canoe, not ocean going, but doing well in coastal waters - with enough cargo space for plenty of precious pearls. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 0 24 6 1 3 0 0 2 0 6 Class 1 - The Saucy Gibbon Fast little sloop outfitted for inter island trade runs and coastal exploration. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 1 60 9 2 3 0 1 2 1 9 Class 2 - Pride of Poseidon Light, maneuverable patrol vessel with enough firepower to hunt down smugglers. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 2 120 12 3 4 2 1 0 2 12 Class 3 - HMS Otter With her highly maneuverable cutter rig, medium range capability, and armed with a set of 4 pounders, the Otter is perfect for the job as a patrol craft. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 3 200 15 3 6 2 2 0 2 15 Class 4 - HMHV Athena Snow-brig outfitted for ocean travel. Armed with 18-pounder carronades and long nines for chasers, she has reasonable firepower. Limited cargo space for trade or implements for scientific expeditions. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 4 300 18 5 5 3 2 1 2 18 Class 5 - Ironsides Armed with several carronades and manned by a man'o'war crew, the Ironsides is a powerful warship for her size, and her heavy scantlings make her hull a tough nut to crack. Outfitted for the high seas, her range is long, but her old-fashioned rig limits her maneuverability. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 5 420 21 5 3 4 4 0 5 21 Class 6 - Alejandro de Vargas Old fashioned galleon. Doesn't possess the greatest sailing qualities, but with a sturdy hull and decent firepower this terraman is not to be messed with easily. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 6 560 24 4 3 4 4 4 5 24 Class 7 - Margot Built to dominate the seas, Margot doesn't disappoint. While still reasonably cheap to operate, this already legendary ship-of-the-line shows no true weaknesses, but instead offers excellent bang for the buck. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 7 700 27 4 2 8 6 0 7 27 Class 8 - Triton Triton - veteran of many battles and a floating fortress. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 8 900 30 4 2 9 7 0 8 30