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  1. Hi mateys, just a micro build today El Palacio de la Ribera - The Riverside Palace in Londa, Mardier Located in the center of Mardier's capital on the northern bank of the river Minho, the Riverside Palace is perhaps the most dominating structure of Londa's skyline. Its origins can be traced back to the times of king Alphonse IV's reign, when Mardier's kings used to live in a large castle in the rural countryside. In an effort to increase royal authority over the capital, the crown expropriated a local noble, took possession of the land, and started the construction of a palace for the king to have proper accommodations when residing in Londa. Over time, the Riverside Palace grew in size and importance to the royal family, and since Alphonse X all Mardierian kings - with the exception of king Harln - have permanently lived within its walls. The palace has seen numerous extensions and has adapted various architectural styles during its existence. Fortunately, it has survived the devastating Mardierian civil war almost unscathed - even its vast collection of priceless paintings and pieces of art is said to miraculously be intact. One can only speculate how the royal family managed to overcome the ruining effects the war has had on the royal coffers... About: Well... as ever so often, this started out small - almost micro () - but then things sort of escalated. Now it contains 43.000+ parts, resulting in the single most parts-heavy LDD file I've ever had. As always, it should all be buildable in real bricks. But then, who would do such a mad thing... As inspiration I used the (destroyed) Ribeira Palace, and Praça do Comércio in Lisbon, Portugal. The palace will be licensed as a royal art & culture property by the Oleander Crown. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  2. Kolonialbeamter

    Customized Bionicle Onua

    Welcome to Eurobricks, @Freak Graeber. Could you by any chance have posted your creation in the wrong sub-forum? Usually, Bionicle related builds go to the Action Figures sub-forum. Maybe a Mod could help you move it, @Phred?
  3. Kolonialbeamter

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    L'Arsenal Royal d'Astrapi - The Royal Arsenal of Astrapi His Majesty is concerned that the speed as which Oleon's colonies in New Terra develop does not reflect their rapidly growing importance for the realm. Especially Astrapi is turning into a port of great value with growing convoy traffic each month. However, infrastructure and economic capacities are not keeping up, limiting not only our merchants profits but even more importantly our military presence in the region as well. To correct this situation, His Majesty has ordered the Royal Office of the Colonies to issue a development plan for Oleon's overseas possessions. The first project to be realized is the establishment of a Royal Arsenal in Astrapi. Details: this is a building collab aiming at the creation of a royal sized factory to be owned by Oleon (see the Royal Mint and Château Richemont for previous Oleon collabs) the collab is to be completed by the end of the year the build itself will encompass a number of MOCs to match the necessary footprint of 10.000 studs this program is open to all Oleanders builders can take inspiration from suggested parts below, or - after consultation with OL leadership - build what they seem fits best suggested parts: (cannon/anchor) foundry, carriage factory, barracks, officer academy, storage, barracks, ammunition factory, armory, powder mill, parade ground, (entrance) gate house the arsenal will be expanded in the future, naval installations will follow for more background on a real life arsenal, see for example the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, GB as a reward for participation in this building program, all participants will be paid twice the value of what their contribution would be worth as a license (small, medium, large properties) in addition, all participants that take part in two royal building programs will be dubbed Knight of the Royal Order of Saint Arltrees. Past participation (Royal Mint, Château Richemont) does count. it should go without notice that contributing to Oleon's growth and fame is every of His Majesty's loyal subjects' duty! Note that royal properties are held to high standards. As such, if you plan on joining this collab, be prepared to put forth your best effort. But don't worry, building advice will of course be provided in the process. Berart Mazan Duc de Boussac, Secrétaire d’État des Colonies, Grand Officier de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees Granoleon, Nov. 17th, 617AE Vive le Roi!
  4. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - A-MCRA] Mission to Mardier

    Port of Londa, November 617. Dramatis Personae: In the grand cabin of the Royal Philip. My dear admiral, your grace, to your health and bright future - and to the future of Mardier! May the days of her foes be numbered! À la vôtre, your grace! I cannot thank you enough, gentlemen. I did not have the honor of being in such delightful company since... since before the war began. Times have been hard, even here in the capital, and occasions for celebrations were sparce. The honor is all on our side. And we are so glad that on the subject of shore leave we could reach a solution that benefits all - from the men and Londa's bar owners to... you personally. You have Oleon's sincerest gratitude. But of course, how could I say no to such a generous offer! And I'm not just talking about what's literally on the table. Your grace, this... small compensation for your personal troubles is simply a matter of course. And as I said - all damages in Londa caused by the men on this ship will be paid for by the Oleander crown, and any potential culprits will be subject to harsh disciplinary punishments. Trust me when I say the Redcloaks will make sure of this. All you have to do is to sign here. And I will, gentlemen. On behalf of the people of this city, I welcome you to Londa. But... before we get back to our routine, what about we open another bottle of this exquisite Bleaunote Royal you said it was? Mais, bien sûr, your grace. Who could say no to a glass of wine shared in the light of great prospects. À la vôtre! A little later, after the port admiral had left, admiral d'Ancios joined de Beauregard as he overlooked the city. Have you ever seen this harbor so empty, admiral? I cannot say I've ever been to Londa, your grace. But I certainly imagined it to be... more crowded. The war must have cost them a lot more than they would openly care to admit. This city used to be... the center of the known world - full of heavily armed men-of-war and vast merchant men bringing in the riches of New Terra. And look at it now. A single old frigate docked. Almost pathetic. One must wonder what resources they can still call their own. It was a good idea to arrive earlier than expected to get a look at it beyond the pompous Mardierian protocol. Thank you, your grace. And I must say you made a clever move on the port admiral, your grace. He was an easy target. Could there ever be anything more vain than a Mardierian port admiral? Just schmooze them, make them feel important - they'll even start believing they came up with your ideas all by themselves. You are completely right, your grace. Still, I'm relieved we managed resolve this issue. Shore leave is important for the men after all. Yes, admiral, it is. But it's even more important for us. We need information beyond what goes through official channels. And what better way to collect rumors and stories than having our men make their ways through the local bars and taverns - and letting the Redcloaks loose on Londa. They'll be our eyes and ears. You must start to appreciate the Lord Chancellor's... request to take them along, your grace. I'm getting there, admiral d'Ancios, I'm getting there. For the game masters: The bribe on the table is worth 200DB, to be subtracted from the expedition treasury.
  5. Kolonialbeamter

    Jameis Farstrider's Guide to Halos

    Varcoast Flag: Primary Colour: Light/Medium Blue Secondary Colours: Dark Blue, Grey Demonym: Varcosian Nickname: ‘The Land of 1000 forests’ Primary Real World Influences: Climate and geography similar the western Balkans (eg. Croatia) but with more forests and significant marshes/bogs. Culture has characteristics of Celtic/Druidic cultures of western Europe, Ireland and Brittany in particular. Ruler: King Friedrich Capital: Lisreagh People and History Varcoast was founded from break up of the short lived Madrice Empire in 106AE at the same time as Oleon, Corrington and Pontilla. Varcoast is located at the far south western end of the Madrice peninsula where the peninsula meets continental Halos. Varcoast's often rainy landscape is covered in dense forests and rocky ranges with peat bogs common in the lowlands. Agriculture and forestry dominate Varcosian industry with the majority of people living in small scattered villages working the land. It has been a poor country for centuries, although a small nobility and mercantile class thrive in the few larger cities. When the times are tough, and times are often tough, the people do what they have to survive. Most have little interest in politics or events outside their village or district. Banditry is common in the dense forests of the interior and some piracy occurs on the coast. The inhospitable landscape has forged a stubborn and tough people who are strongly guided by tradition and the old ways. While they are welcoming and hospitable to peaceful travellers, most are happy to keep to themselves and not travel beyond the next village. Varcosians will never submit to foreign rule and their stubbornness is reflected in the way they fight, using their terrain to it's best advantage and defending their homeland fanatically, as shown in the few historic attempts by neighbouring nations to conquer them. Varcoast's aging King Friedrich is without a direct heir and over the last several years has entrusted his court, led by his most trusted advisor, Ludwig von Altenburg, with greater responsibility in running the nation. His cousin Wilhelm will inherit the crown, although this worries most of the conservative court as it is widely believed that Wilhelm harbours very radical views on foreign policy. Varcosian Cities and Towns of note Lisreagh Bellmond Varcosian Settlements in New Terra None known Diplomatic Relations: Relations Diplomatic relations are rated on a scale of 1-5 (1=Very Friendly, 2=Friendly, 3=Indifferent, 4=Unfriendly, 5=Very Unfriendly/Hostile. A rating of 5 doesn't necessarily mean the nations are at war and conversely a rating of 1 doesn't mean the nations have an alliance.) Corrington: 3 Indifferent Eslandola: 3 Indifferent Oleon: 4 Unfriendly Sea Rats: 3 Indifferent Mokolei: 4 Unfriendly Pontilla: 2 Friendly The Great Alliance States: Unfriendly War: None at currently, although occasionally they face raids on their western borders. Diplomatic alliances and pacts: Defensive Alliance with Pontilla Varcosian Characteristics Each NPC nation has values for eight primary characteristics set by leadership for the purposes understanding the powers of NPC nations. These values are dynamic and may change periodically in response to events in the Brick Seas. Naval Power: 3 Varcoast only has a small navy mostly consisting of older models of ships that are smaller, slower and not very manoeuvrable. Cogs are used a lot. The navy generally operates in the coastal waters and is adequate to transport men and materials up and down the coast. Military Power: 4 The King maintains a small professional army that has successfully integrated new innovations such as muskets and cannon into older style formations of armoured pikemen. Formations combining musketeers and pikemen have proved effective in engagements against the mainly mounted armies of their western neighbours. Despite some initial resistance to the introduction of gunpowder, Varcosians have become renown for their marksmanship. Scientific Advancement: 2 Generally anything new that threatens the old ways is initially viewed with much suspicion. For example the introduction of gunpowder into the army only around 50 years ago initially met stiff resistance. Political/Diplomatic Influence: 3 Varcosians mostly have little interest in expansion or even contact with other nations. In general they prefer to keep their borders as closed as possible and have minimal contact with the outside world. They have however, successfully worked together with Pontilla in the past which led to a defensive alliance that stands today. Inner Stability: 7 Varcoast is stable and calm and has been ruled by King Friedrich for decades. King Friedrich has the support of his court and nobles, but his power is more of the symbolic type. Rumours of a hidden plot have spread lately, causing a little uncertainty among the few that care about such things. Treasury/Coffers: 4 Although they are poor, they are a proud people. The majority of the population are tied to the land they work and generate little wealth, although a significant trade in timber, especially to the Molokei to the south brings in a steady income for the crown. Exploration: 1 Most Varcosians are content never to leave their village or district, let alone leave the country. This attitude does not nurture a desire for exploration and while they are aware of New Terra, there are no plans to explore or colonise at this stage. This may change if Wilhelm ever ascends the throne. Cultural Advancement: 4 The mainly agrarian culture works hard and has little time for refined things. They do however have a lively tradition of song and dance, and villages will usually hold several major festivals a year such as at Harvest time. The Truachesh religion has taken hold among many commoners, especially in remote regions, although the majority of people and almost all the nobility adhere to the 'Faith'. Some Mokolei beliefs are practised in the Southern border regions. Known Varcosian Personalities and Organisations King Friedrich Wilhelm - Cousin to King Friedrich and heir to the throne Ludwig von Altenburg - Prime Minister Alexander Braun - Commander of Varcosian forces Examples of Varcosian builds Coming soon! Examples of Varcosian troops
  6. Kolonialbeamter

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    @Drunknok If you feel you can't participate in a faction collab without reducing your standards, that's a very honorable reason to pass on one. You can be sure that Oleon/RNTC will offer more collab opportunities in the future - and we'd love for you to participate
  7. Kolonialbeamter

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Of those (not counting the general era challenge) two are Corlander collabs/projects, and one is Eslandolan. Not demoting cross faction incentives here, but I still got to bring something to the table for those wishing to forward Oleon's cause. Should we wait now until other factions have finished their projects?
  8. Kolonialbeamter

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Why too much? It's just a matter of preferences and priorities And what else is there besides the main challenge and one's personal projects? Also, seven weeks to come up with something, shouldn't be too hard.
  9. If the purpose of this isn't to bypass/cheat/bend any rules of the game (for example the 'three properties per month' rule), I don't see an issue.
  10. Kolonialbeamter

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    To all subjects and citizens of the Brick Seas: The RNTC Peppercorn Factory in Lavalette In order to cash in on the desire for spices in Halos, the RNTC has decided to invest heavily in the peppercorn business. Therefore, Lavalette will be developed into a hub for the pepper trade in the Prio Sea and beyond. Next to the expansion of existing and the installation of new peppercorn plantations on Stéphanique, this also encompasses the centralization of refinement and storage facilities in Lavalette, as well as the expansion of the city's harbor capacities. For this purpose, the RNTC's directeur has agreed to the establishment of a peppercorn factory. This is a RNTC royal property building program for the settlement of Lavalette, Stéphanique. Details: this is a building collab aiming at the creation of a royal sized factory to be owned by the RNTC (see the Royal Mint and Château Richemont for previous Oleon collabs) the collab is to be completed by the end of the year the build itself will encompass a number of MOCs to match the necessary footprint of 10.000 studs this program is open to all subjects of the Brick Seas (though Oleanders are given an exclusive first signup opportunity until Saturday, November 18th), RNTC shareholders and those interested in becoming one. builders can sign up for suggested parts, or - after consultation with company leadership (@Captain Genaro) - build what they seem fits best suggested parts: factory main building, or parts thereof in combination with detail-MOCs, ideally in an early industrial not-fancy-at-all style similar to that of the Tabasco Factory on Avery Island, Louisiana, USA a peppercorn delivery, the process of drying and cleaning: outside drying platforms, workers cleaning the peppercorn from twigs and waste, maybe even including vats of boiling water to help prepare the peppercorn large pepper mills (for ground pepper), a waterwheel would be a great addition and could be used to power the mill packaging and storing facility/facilities a quay to load/unload barges and transport the peppercorn to the large Indiamen in the harbor the factory director's office sneezing minifigs should be part of all builds for more background information on pepper, and for building inspiration, check this here, for example! as a reward for participation in this first building program, all contributions will - in modification of the general requirements - boost the builders' eligibility for the Medal of Prosperity by one full level! So even without further building activity in Lavalette, you'll receive this year's medal in Bronze, allowing you to purchase one share of Preferred Stock in addition, all participants that take part in two royal building programs will be dubbed Knight of the Royal Order of Saint Arltrees. Past participation (Royal Mint, Château Richemont) does count. it should go without notice that increasing the revenue of the RNTC will benefit all shareholders, by increasing the value of the company's Preferred Stock, and mostly the quarterly dividend Note that royal properties are held to high standards. As such, if you plan on joining this collab, be prepared to put forth your best effort. Pierre Lavalette Genaro Duc de Vele, Pair d'Oleon, Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon, et Directeur de la Compagnie Royale de la Nouvelle Terre Granoleon, Nov. 11th, 617AE Vive le Roi et pour la Prospérité!
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    Account Summary

    Might explain that Gregory Decker hasn't received Oleon's payment yet. Trying to pirate a pirate? He'll come for you!
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    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    The Royal Office of the Colonies hereby appoints the honorable Mousquetaire du Roi, Romain (@Bodi), mayor of His Majesty's glorious Town of Eltina. May the new mayor and this settlement continue to prosper! For the High Council, Guiscard Emery de Beauregard, Duc de Corban, Secrétaire d’État de la Marine, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal et Militaire de l’Étoile d’Ardros, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees, Grand-Amiral d’Oleon Signed in Londa, 08. November 617AE. Vive le Roi!
  13. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL FB] Lavalette Microbuilds

    First attempt, eh? They certainly don't look like first attempts! And the stories really add even more flavor - great job! I had speculated a bit that you'd do a memorial of our beloved mayor Henri Hollande as cultural property... I must say I'm a bit disappointed and largely relieved at the same time that you didn't And huzzah for turning Lavalette into a Large Town!
  14. @Capt Wolf knows more Basically what @SilentWolf said. Just make sure your scenes can still be seen as a property. A parade, for example, wouldn't work if you only depicted minifigs (otherwise we'd be having a slavery debate again ). If you added a structure like a memorial however, this would work.