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  1. Kolonialbeamter

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Royal Flagship

    Ahoy, mateys! I'd like to present to you a Lego Ideas project - The Royal Flagship - a classic style, modular, set-like looking ship-of-the-line with lots of play features. SUPPORT NOW Stats and overview: Features: ---------- About: I started this project with a specific intention - to design a multi deck vessel that can be both - a Lego set-like looking ship that's fun to play with, and a decently realistic shelf model of a true ship-of-the-line. And all of this had to fit in the Lego Ideas framework, specifically it had to contain 3000 parts or less. No easy undertaking, and I've failed to come up with something that I liked a couple of times over the past years. This design now, however, I think it quite does it. Sure, it might not be playful enough to some, and not realistic enough looking to others, and then there's the fact there are only stud-shooters instead of ye olde Lego cannons... () But I hope the compromise I found is appealing to at least some of you; and that it proves that ships-of-the-line can be done as sets by Lego. Some decisions I took along the way: Use stud shooters instead of spring powered cannons (*boo-ing noises in the background* ) But hear me out - let's face it, no single set will ever contain that many classic cannons. So the Royal Flagship features easy to remove stud shooter based custom cannons that can be fired from outside the ship, but that can also as easily be replaced by your good old spring powered cannons - if you got enough of them, the space is there! Almost no interior, except for the captain's cabin. This decision was simply based on Lego Ideas' 3000 parts maximum. Feel free to fill the decks with whatever you would like to see though - there's enough headroom for minifigs to be placed on all decks! Relatively simple hull shape, little tumble home, no string rigging. Due to the modular approach, I just couldn't come up with anything more ornate/fancy/complicated - if you have some suggestions, however, feel free to elaborate! The Royal Flagship was very well received during last year's Bricks @nd Friends exhibition in Cologne; kids especially seemed to like the firing mechanism pretty well - we literally had a blast Let's see if I can take the ship to a few more exhibitions this year - if Corona permits. ---------- If you have questions, please ask! And if you got ideas for improvements, I'm all ears! If I convinced you - please support on Lego Ideas! And feel free to share with friends and other pirates enthusiasts - every vote counts! Thank you for watching SUPPORT NOW
  2. OL | Cat. A - Pagoda by the Lake | Kolonialbeamter
  3. Pagoda by the Lake Previously: All in good Order - Prelude Next: -- Dramatis Personae: To Halosians, the Kingdom of the Lotus was still largely an enigma. That far to the South, few travellers had ever made it there - and fewer even managed their way back to tell the tale. Rumour had it Lotii tended to sudden extreme outbursts of violence when offended. Others claimed there was a quota of foreigners that were eaten alive. He was relaxed though, bathing in the peaceful atmosphere here around the capital city's lake district, knowing that in fact His own agents were responsible for the spread of misleading information about the Lotii back home. And looking at the tall structure in front of Him the faint idea of a smile appeared on His face - as in Oleon decisions of importance were taken in temples. Common ground was established, everything was going as planned... My entry for category A; finished way to close to the deadline - some things just never change About: As usual, all can be built. Besides that... not that much to say here, except fortunately, there were no height restrictions. Not sure though what the Lotii seem to compensate for ---------- Thanks for watching, C&C welcome. Vive le Roi!
  4. Kolonialbeamter

    [COR aMRCA] A Diplomatic mission

    Showdown time!! *grabs looted popcorn sitting on his toilet paper throne This is a very intense shot, almost claustrophobic. Wouldn't want to be in Cooke's shoes right now... also, they are most likely wet I would say good look... but... nah
  5. Kolonialbeamter

    A fort in the jungle

    This is an excellent start. I'm loving the business of you build; and the disturbing, mildly dooming atmosphere certainly doesn't lack some parallels to real life events... Job (very) well done!
  6. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    With the arrival of shiny new uniforms and more top quality RNTC merchandise equipment, and after months of proper training in the art of warfare, what was once a rag-tag bunch of ill-disciplined peasants and wanna-be counter-revolutionists was just starting to look - and act - like a regular militia. A compliment by the company's standards! Adding to that, the defences of Nola Mar had been improved over the past weeks and months, and still a lot of final adjustments were made. Eventually, it would seem that even a larger scale attack against their positions might just be repelled successfully - a thought that grew bigger by the day in the hearts of all who were involved in this great all-or-nothing game. Meanwhile, at the city gates a messenger carrying an important looking letter is leaving the city on horseback in quite a haste. Where he is headed? None of the loyalist city guards truly seems to care. What has taken their attention instead is an order that had arrived just hours ago - to detain anybody fitting the looks of a red-bearded man of seemingly foreign origin... and somebody matching this very description was just approaching... ---------------------- And an overview of the whole build:
  7. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] In the wide blue sea

  8. Kolonialbeamter

    [GoC] The Battle of Hillswell Marsh

    Now, that is clearly propaganda! You can see it as it isn't a framed painting It's a nice scene indeed, the swamp-ish character of the landscape clearly comes across; but thank you most for shining more light on BoBS lore in general, and on the Juniper War in particular
  9. It's all true, you non-believer! There's a famous painting hanging in the Royal Palace's 4th floor sanitary chambers (aka the Royal Loo) depicting our hero's fabled Ride Across Oleon in Pale Full Moon Light: It has to be true as the scene was captured by a speeding-painter on the Avenue de Quelquechose, just a few kilometers North of Nimporte-Où... admittedly, maybe the Admiral's full head of hair was subject to the artist's interpretation...
  10. Kolonialbeamter

    [SR - FB 1 March 620] [LDD] The Parcae.

    I certainly don't intend to cut your creativity thread, I really really appreciate the reference, and admittedly it's kind of hard to depict ships that are supposed to present sisters as too different from each other. That said, given the fact you're building digitally, I think that at least the middle and the left side ship look too much alike to warrant multiple licenses. Of cause I'll be waiting for more pics to hopefully change my mind. But what strikes me as a few changes in hull colors, and a slightly different sail plan doesn't seem to me as 'efficient effort'. Especially as even the minigs are (mostly) the same and in the same poses. Had you built your ships in real bricks and placed them next to each other as you did, I wouldn't have the slightest issue, as you still would have spent hours (and a lot of very real bricks) to assemble your creations. But digital builds just require copy+paste and some minor modifications to achieve the same effect. Thus you could come up with a whole fleet in a matter of mere minutes/hours - which cannot be in the spirit of the building part of this community game. If you want to challenge yourself, try to come up with a sister-ish look by using different custom hull designs, or go for a complicated rigging, or depict minifigs in 'natural' motion (so simply irl, yet soooo annoying when building digitally), or create a rough, stormy sea, etc... I get it's that time of the month where everything must be rushed - but I just know you can do better Oh, and I wanna see this scene rendered
  11. Kolonialbeamter

    [COR - Sistershiping] So many ships so little time...

    Good looking shipyard, definitely liking it Just... it's a build you've used before, and you're using it to sistership 5 vessels... it's a bit beyond the gaming-the-system line for my taste. However, if that's a standard then I'll apologize in advance. What I'd like to see instead of a repurposed build + some text is that you show some close ups of the shipyard, or onboard the/any ship, and depict a dialog between some characters, etc. You know, something new. @Capt Wolf's sistership builds are always great inspiration as to what can be done to fill a rather repetitive, boring subject (aka sistershipping ) with lore and life. I hope you don't get this the wrong way, just trying to find common ground here
  12. Kolonialbeamter

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Seems, an old man's prayers have been heard...
  13. Hello there, fellow BoBS'ers, after a long time some content again from my side. All in good Order! - Prelude Previously: -- Next: Pagoda by the Lake Dramatis Personae: Having His eyes and ears in virtually all parts of the world provide Him with information and reports on all matters fathomable, it's needless to say the increasing hostilities in the East haven't gone unnoticed by His Excellence the Lord Chancellor himself. Usually, the conflict between Carno and the Kingdom of the Lotus would be of very little interest to Calida as it didn't bother His interests or that of Oleon - of course in that order. However, some new development seems to have gotten His attention: 'So you are sure it has been found on that island?' 'Yes, Your Excellence.' 'Has it been opened yet?' 'Not according to my sources, no, Your Excellence.' 'It must be destroyed with no trace of its existence left behind!' 'Yes, Your Excellence. Undoubtedly, the Follower of Hades would dominate the Order if they learnt that we have discovered the Gate to the...' 'Not one word more! Even this place here has ears. You have your orders - make sure to see them through!' 'Yes, Your Excellence.' 'In the meantime, I will make sure you will have a war to cover your tracks.' ----- Just a little scene to kick-off a Calida focused story-line that will hopefully continue throughout my Challenge III entries. What's to say about it? I reused an older MOC I made in LDD, and put some of stud.io's brick handling and rendering capabilities to use - cannot say I'm all a fan of stud.io, but it has it some advantages over LDD... Thanks for watching, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  14. Stunning writeup, great overviews - thanks a ton for all your efforts, KPA-team Seems there's plenty going on these days... the report on Lotii fleets is going to be quite helpful, so thank you there, (wrong) royal navy ... my sympathies are with Breshaun's harbor master... but my favorite is The Sarge's golden voyage between Windfall Island and Lavalette, one has to wonder what it was they needed so desperately...
  15. Kolonialbeamter

    [REVIEW] 21313 Ship in a Bottle

    Thank you for a fantastic review of a fantastic set I would love for you to do more pirate related reviews in a hopefully pirate-set-enriched future