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Found 23 results

  1. General MOC-Discussion Ahoy! Ever felt like there's not enough general talk going on here about what matters most in these waters - MOCs? Ever got frustrated over a certain issue with a WIP that you could need help with? Ever thought about posting a WIP but didn't think it would deserve its own thread? Ever wanted to announce a huge, mind boggling, or simply your next project and ask your fellow EB members what they think about that idea? Or have you ever just felt the urge to tease everyone with a blurred picture of your creation or some facts about it before releasing it for good? Well, hesitate no further, this is the place for you! Use this thread as a vessel for all the otherwise unmentioned MOC related talk, use it to discuss sail sizes and capstan designs, ask for ideas, help others with their MOC issues and tease your fellow mateys... with pics of your creations, of course
  2. Piranha

    Your First Pirate Set!

    What was your first pirate set? See also How did you become a Pirate LEGO Fanatic? Mine was: Treasure Surprise Not as old as the first pirate sets, but it was so cute and I couldn't resist(impulse!) *sweet*
  3. A frequently asked question by newcomers is where to buy Pirate LEGO. So this thread will be a definitive list for all those who ask - rather than having individual threads for each query. eBay LEGO Shop BrickLink Eurobricks Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds Forum Custom Brick Arms The Little Arms Shops BrickForge BaronSat Original Post Hey all. I used to be really into pirates back in it's heyday (early 90's) and I still have my Black Seas Barracuda :) Recently I've been getting into Lego Pirates again, and been hunting on Bricklink and eBay for the last 2 weeks. So far, I picked up a Skulls Eye Schooner (complete, excellenct condition) from Bricklink for $140 and I also got a Lagoon Lock-Up on eBay for $15.00. I think I got a pretty good deal, what do you guys think? *pirate*
  4. snefroe

    Pirate Figures and Set Names

    i was browsing thru my 1990 catalog when my eye caught this pirate fortress called Eldorado... However, the text underneath the set didn't mention Eldorado at all... Instead, it said "Koningsburg", translated in English that's "King's keep"; for the french speaking public in Belgium it's "Mont Royal", which is the French translation for the Dutch title... It's weird tho, because "Eldorado" is a well known name in these parts of the country... the Barracuda pirate ship doesn't exist in Belgium either. It's "Norse Haai", or, "Bad-tempered Shark" ... So i was just wondering what the official titles of these sets are in the rest of the world...
  5. I know this is a popular topic causing much confusion, but haven't seen a thread about it here. Do you consider both bluecoats and redcoats British, or are bluecoats French or is it something completely different? My first opinion was that they are both British, but redcoats are those who serve close to Admiral Woodhouse and hence the special colour and slightly different flags. However, recently I tend to think that bluecoats may be French, which would bring more diversity to the Pirate world. I've also seen other options, like considering both of them the same nation, but calling one of them ground troops or port crews, with the other being navy. It would be something like the diversity of uniforms on "Star Trek" - different for ships, different for bases. But this would require remodelling the original Lego sets - for instance, if you consider the reds to be ship crew, you'll have to change the crew and flag of the Caribbean Clipper, as well as replace the crew and flags of the Imperial Trading post with blue ones and so on. Tell me what you think, which option you agree with or do you have any other ideas? I apologise if this has been discussed in some other thread, but I've looked over all the titles and haven't noticed anything like it.
  6. Darth Yogi

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    I searched and couldn't find a topic for this, and thought it was well needed. So everybody can post any photography relating to LEGO pirates in this forum. So here are some of my photos to start it off. Mostly just some close ups. So I hope many people use and enjoy this topic, as I know I have enjoyed these kinds of topics in other themes.
  7. I'll make you guess to here is a clue 76533L5877O967T3568O94F569009F43768O986R9876E5678976S5697T9705M6598E1763N582 Try and figure out the puzzle...that is...if you can!!! *creepy horror music starts playing*
  8. Gahrian

    Redcoats vs bluecoats

    Hello, please forgive my grave ignorance on the matter of redcoats vs bluecoats, but I need to clarify this to avoid blunders in the future. I tried searching but could find no direct information on the nature / background of the different factions that back up the usage of them in many mocs. It's clear from many MOCs that Redcoats and Bluecoats are enemies. Are there some background information available where I can learn more about the factions and the conflicts? 1) Is it as simple as "England vs France" analogies? 2) Or is the fact that Bluecoats are the oldest of the factions and thereby the "young dumb masses of redcoats" are put up against the hardened veterans of the Bluecoats? 3) Some work may hint that the Bluecoats are simply another division / class within the large empires forces? Or is this just the work of ignorant builders (like me) meddling in the great conflict? 4) And maybe, just maybe, there is a much deeper link between ones true alignment and the factions. So that all people ultimately belongs to the bluecoat or redcoat camp even if they have never even touched a piece of LEGO? Technically (and clearly only a sidenote in this context) I understand that the "Bluecoats" are the "Imperial Soldiers" from the 89-93 era. While the "Redcoats" are the Imperial Guard from the 92-94 + 2009 era. Both only sided as the enemies of the Pirates, and have never occurred together in LEGO "prime fiction"? Brickipedia reference: Imperial Guards / Imperial Soldiers Thank you for all and any information that can help clarify a confused mind.
  9. Ahem. Yes. When I first came here everyone was most helpful in showing me some good references to Middle Eastern pirates and sail, with plenty of good Ottoman visuals. Well I come to you again with another request for aid! This time, I'm looking for good references of the British Royal Navy and Army, from around 1720 to 1740, mostly uniforms. Royal Marines are welcome too if you have anything. Descriptive articles are ok, but I would REALLY love some good visual references! I like to draw and I find it easiest to draw historical things with visual sources instead of written ones. And specifically, for the Royal Navy I need uniform looks for enlisted sailors, captains, lieutenants, and things such as first mates, bosuns, quartermasters and the like. Everything else I just need general information on right now. I thank all who contribute with much grace in advance!!!
  10. When looking at the adverts down at the bottom, i spotted this on ebay. Which ship is it from? Never seen it before. Purely out of curiosity. Edit: Never mind, realised its cross-bone clipper. Had just never seen the base up for sale on ebay on its own! Feel free to close/delete this, Mods
  11. Mister Phes

    Evil Stevie's Pirate Game

    Evil Stevie's Pirate Game is arguably the most popular Pirate LEGO roleplaying game! If you're interested in playing check out the rules at Or if you'd like to discuss the game or find some people to play it with, post in this thread!
  12. Take a look at this... A bit tight...though I notice Castle gets a shelf... X-D God Bless, Nathan
  13. EDIT By Sinner: New joiners are not permitted to sell on EB. Sorry. I have saved a copy of your post if you want it back....
  14. Which Pirate sets do you have??? This thread is linked to the The Pirate LEGO Directory MOCs don't count (I created a thread for those elsewhere), only official Lego sets. Pirate LEGO includes Pirate, Solider, Imperial Guard, Indigo Island and Imperial Amarda sets. If you're not certain of the names of the sets, some references: LUGNET list of SYSTEM Pirate sets The Fibblesnork Pirate Guide list of SYSTEM Pirate sets list of SYSTEM Pirate sets Also if you WANT particular Pirate sets, you can also include a Wish List as well. Here's what I HAVE MISB 1492 Battle Cove 1696 Pirate Lookout 1802 Treasure Tidy 3rd March 2008 1713 Shipwrecked Pirate 1729 Barnacle Bay 6236 King Kahuka x 3 6237 Pirates' Plunder 6244 Armada Sentry 3rd March 2008 6245 Harbor Sentry x 3 6246 Crocodile Cage 6247 Bounty Boat 3rd March 2008 6248 Volcano Island 6256 Islander Catamaran x 2 6262 King Kahuka's Throne x 2 6263 Imperial Outpost x 2 6290 Red Beard Runner 6291 Armada Flagship Ship x 2 6292 Enchanted Island 10040 Black Seas Barracuda x 2 Opened 1795 Imperial Cannon +1 new 8th February 2008 1729 Barnacle Bay +1 new 8th February 2008 1464 Pirate Lookout x 2 1492 Battle Cove 1713 Shipwrecked Pirate x 2 1802 Treasure Tidy 1970 Pirate's Gun Cart 6232 Skeleton Crew x 2 6234 Renegade's Raft x 3 6235 Buried Treasure x 4 6237 Pirates Plunder 6246 Crocodile Cage 6248 Volcano Island 6256 Islander Catamaran x 2 6246 Crocodile Cage x 2 6247 Bounty Boat x 3 6248 Volcano Island x 2 6249 Pirates Ambush 6250 Cross Bone Clipper x 2 6251 Pirate Mini Figures 6252 Sea Mates 6254 Rocky Reef 6255 Pirate Comic 6256 Islander Catamaran x 2 6257 Castaway's Raft 6258 Smuggler's Shanty 6259 Broadside's Brig 6260 Shipwreck Island x 4 6261 Raft Raiders x 3 6262 King Kahuka's Throne 6263 Imperial Outpost 6264 Forbidden Cove x 2 6236 King Kahuka x 2 6265 Sabre Island x 4 6266 Cannon Cove x 3 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up x 3 6268 Renegade Runner x 2 6270 Forbidden Island x 3 6271 Imperial Flagship x 2 6273 Rock Island Refuge 6274 Caribbean Clipper x 2 6276 Eldorado Fortress x 2 6277 Imperial Trading Post x 2 6278 Enchanted Island x 3 6279 Skull Island 6281 Pirates Perilous Pitfall x 2 6286 Skulls Eye Schooner 6290 Red Beard Runner 3rd March 2008 6291 Armada Flagship Ship 6296 Shipwrecked MISB means Mint In Sealed Box for those who don�t know BOLD RED indicates a new addition.
  15. Quite often these imitation Pirate LEGO sets appear while searching for the genuine stuff. But are these knock-offs any good? Report your finds and opinions in this thread.
  16. Mister Phes

    The A-Z of things to build

    Captain Kaboom suggested this idea in the - The New Users page thread and it seemed quite a good idea to pursue. Here's the list so far... Army Barque Battle Scene Big Parrot Bridge Brig Cannon Caravel Castaway Cave Chinese Junk Church Corvette Cove Davy Jone's Locker Dock Fleet Fort Fortifications Frigate Galleon Gallows Governor's Mansion Graveyard Harbour Hut Inn Island Island Fortress Junk Ketch Lantern Lagoon Lighthouse Man-o-War Merchantman Mill Palace Pirate Hideout Pirate Map Plantation Prison Pyramid (Mayan/Aztec) Outpost Port Raft Reef Sea Monster Sea Serpent Schooner Shack Ship Ship of the line Shipwreck Shipyard Sloop Stronghold Tavern Treasure Island Treasure Trove Volcano Village VOC-ship Warehouse Waterfall Xebec I'll add more suggestions as they're posted and we can elaborate further...
  17. How did you become a Pirate LEGO Fanatic? See also What was your first pirate set? When I was young laddie I always went to my granny's place during the school break the week before Christmas - mummy and daddy were working all day you see so granny kept an eye on me. But Granny had bought things for my amusement - small town and space sets (this was before pirates had been released). They were very entertaining but I never felt compelled to own my own LEGO. A few years later I began spending the occassional weekend at my cousin's place and had a 6267 Lagoon Lockup which I played with non stop - well, when we were playing his Amiga 500 (that used to take up a lot of our time back then). He didn't have any other pirate sets so mini-figures from the some castle set (I can't which one) used to come over and visit but they just didn't appeal to me as much. A couple of years later I was in K Mart... I'm not sure why I was in the LEGO section because I was more interested in Transformers and Monsters In My Pocket at the time. But somehow I'd stumbled it, and this is what caught my attention... 6235 Buried Treasure Such a simple set! Yet the little man holding the shovel next to a treasure chest with a monkey hanging off it was so inspiring. My imagination ran wild! The past feelings of playing with the Lagoon Lockup came flooding back! I was instantly hooked! It was only $3.00 so I bought it right there and then. Well actually I had to go to the checkout first... But that started an obsession... This was around about September 1992 so pirates were a recent theme and there was only a limited number of sets available. On my subsequent visits to toy stores I began purchasing other small sets including 1464 Pirate Lookout and 6234 Renegade's Raft but this weren't big enough. Now that I had all the small sets I had no choice but to get larger ones, so I began saving my pennies. Next I got 6259 Broadside's Brig (I still have the receipt), then a month or two later 6260 Shipwreck Island and shortly after, 6258 Smuggler's Shanty. That Pagan Festival (or is that Christmas?) was approaching so I managed to acquire a 6247 Bounty Boat on the lead up to it. Upon that event I received 6270 Forbidden Island, 6265 Sabre Island, 6254 Pirate Mini-figures, another 6247 Bounty Boat (which seemed annoying at the time but now looking back I wish I kept it MISB - but kids don't do that!), and my Granny got me my very own 6267 Lagoon Lockup. Plus I also got a 6660 Hook & Haul Wrecker which is obviously far removed from pirates however I enjoyed it immensely all the same. I dreamed of owning the ships or a 6273 Rock Island Refuge or 6276 Eldorado Fortress but could never afford them. Pirates was clearly my favourite theme but if money weren't an issue I would have branched out into Town, Castle and Space as well. I loved the particular style LEGO approached sets with. It was like they captured every classic cliche and stereotyped aspect of the genre then compressed it in the sets. I loved it and still do, I think modern sets lack this which removes their magic. 6237 Pirates' Plunder was the first small pirate set available for 1993 which I snapped up as soon as it hit the selves. The LEGO World Expo with a pirate theme was announced not long after and I'd never been more excited! After experiencing it, it was like pirate LEGO heaven! And I remember all the pirate sets available at the store at the end - if only something like that would happen these days! I think all I could afford was a 6252 Sea Mates but I remember some older people (like 16 to 18) looking at a Caribbean Clipper and thinking why would someone that old be interested in LEGO? And I do remember those Caribbean Clippers in pristine condition sitting on the shelves... Ahhhhh the memories! Sadly 6252 Sea Mates was also the pirate set I'd buy for a while. For some reason that I don't recall I became temporarily fascinated with Ice Planet 2002 and acquired a 6834 Celestial Sled. This led to my granny giving me 6898: Ice-Sat V for my birthday, she was going to get me a 6973 Deep Freeze Defender since it was on sale but unfortunately it was out of stock. It seemed my interest for the pirates had waned. Maybe I just needed a temporary break which I do from time to time, but it would seem this break wasn't temporary... Things like wenches and computer games began completely stealing the spot light. Oh how foolish I was back then! I still thought about Pirate LEGO even though I wasn't buying or playing with it. I remember day dreaming about how interesting it would be if a sub-theme of natives was introduced. Maybe LEGO read my mind because the very next year the Indigo Islanders came along. I remember my other cousin had a 6256 Islander Catamaran but it didn't really appeal to me. Years went by and I payed no attention to Pirate LEGO whatsoever. I had no idea what was going on with the theme or that it had be stopped in 1997. In around 2000 I visited my friend the Unholy Lama (What the Unholy Lama thinks of modern LEGO thread and discovered he'd been hoarding LEGO catalogs since the mid 80's. Being curious I decided I'd look through and reminisce about my former interest. I began looking at them chronologically and worked my way through 1989 onwards. This was the first time I'd ever set my eyes on sets like 6263 Imperial Outpost or 6291 Armada Flagship. Unfortunately he didn't have the 1997 catalog so I moved on to the 1998 and flipped through it. When I reached the end I wonder how could I have possibly missed the Pirates section? So I flipped through it again. How could I miss them twice? So I flipped through it a third time and then a realisation dawned upon me - THERE WAS NO MORE PIRATES!!! I instantly felt saddened, almost depressed! Never mind that I hadn't paid much attention to the theme in 7 years, the fact that it was no more disturbed me! A couple more years passed and I'd discovered eBay. Occasionally I'd do a search for Pirate LEGO and look at the auctions to do a bit more reminiscing. One day I could bare it no longer and just had to buy one of the sets. The lucky set was 6249 Pirates Ambush which I'd never seen before since The Unholy Lama lacked the 1997 catalog and I hadn't discovered websites like LugNET yet. Once again my interest for pirates was sparked and this time I had a much bigger budget, however not so big I could branch out into other themes. I decided it was my quest to get all the SYSTEM Pirate sets that ever was! A bit over 3 years later and I've just about completed that quest. A couple more promotional sets only available in the USA and I'll have the lot.
  18. Joey Lock

    Ship building & Customisation

    I am creating the Proper "Unicorn" from Tintin, thanks to Tedbeard for the plans I have started making the Sides as you can see behind but what I tryed to make the side parts I thought are called "Sidecastles" Should I just make it square? But I dont really know. Anyway I have gotten to the Roof...And paused. I cant make a Roof whilst its bending. Also, Is there a easier way to do this? And some help on how to do the back from the Elaborate Shipmakers here? Thanks! The Stern is the hardest, How could I make It go up slanted like that and add the Banister things? EDIT: Also how could I make the Unicorn Figurehead? I asked that before and its what started the Figurehead contest! I never did get a answer...
  19. Aquila D'oro

    Questions on Shipping

    hay everyone, im thinking of ways to get around paying the somewhat steep postal charges for buying the 10210 and indeed the national postal service .... being a somewhat collector id rather not have this set crushed etc. Anyway one of the ideas is to hire a currier to pick them up from the warehouse but i need to know the dimensions and weight of each carton, so to those of you who are fortunate to get one so soon *ENVIOUS!!* could you please fill me in? - cheers. oh and could you make the measurements in metric i.e. cm's and kg's lol thanks Also does anyone know the address of the lego warehouse in Sydney??
  20. I know that we have a special ''Event''-forum, but I think for this pirate contest is ''Classic-Pirates'' a better place to share So it will be from 1-3 May in ''Northbrook Court''. I hope we'll get more informations soon! 'Bricks'
  21. metallifreak44

    Ideas for future Pirate LEGO Sets

    I am very interested to know what kind of Pirate sets the fans of Lego want to see. For example, harbours, blacksmith shops, fishermen, new ships, galleons, anything! I want some more ideas from people who really appreciate the Pirate lines so that I can include them in my sporadic e-mails suggesting new Pirate sets to Lego. Now be as descriptive as you want. I want to see your idea of a good Pirate set in my head!
  22. With all the speculation about a new Pirates line in threads like this and this, and the new minifig torsos spotted here, it seems like a good time to talk about your expectations, even if we don't know that such a line is in the making. There have been similar discussions before, but I want this to be different. As you probably know, when LEGO decided to redesign the Castle line, they contacted prominent members of the online Castle community to ask for assistance in designing what this new line would contain. Pirates is different, because it means launching the line fresh, as opposed to just adjusting a currently existing one, so they probably won't contact anyone for advice, even though Classic-Pirates at Eurobricks is the one and only home of LEGO Pirates and they would be wise to consult with us. That said, I do think they look in from time to time, and wouldn't be surprised if someone involved in the process could read this thread. So, I'm asking you to name a single part that you would absolutely NEED for a new Pirates line to satisfy you. One part per post (unless 2 parts are a natural pair, like a chest and it's lid, or a pair of boat hulls). Don't double post to get all of your ideas out. Post the one part you want most, explain in detail why you want it and basically sell your case. Imagine it's being read by the designers at LEGO and you need to convince them that your part is absolutely necessary. Provide pictures, if possible, either of the pre-existing LEGO part, or of the real life item you want made. If you have more parts ideas, wait a while, let others comment, then make another post detailing another important part to you. To make this idea clear, I'll post a little example. The Rag Wrap. A vital piece of headgear for everyone from dock workers to swabbies, it's the iconic topper to the vast majority of your pirate minifigs. Now, imagine it in white. Suddenly, it isn't just good for Pirates, it can also be used for town people as well, thus giving TLG a chance to double dip and use the mold for two different lines and saving a lot of money in the process. Of course, other colours are possible: dark blue, dark green, tan. But I'd be happy with just the originals and white, wouldn't you? Now it's your turn to come up with an idea and make your case here in this thread. The future success of Pirates may depend on it!
  23. These images are thumbnails, so click on them to view larger image. View Brickshelf Gallery