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Found 6 results

  1. Si-MOCs

    WIP feedback thread

    LEGO Sci-Fi universal WIP feedback thread. Do you have a Work In Progress (WIP) build that isn't working ? Do you have a problem that you can't just figure out how to get the look that you want? Did you create something but not sure how to use it? Do you want to help out a fellow builders? Then this this thread is for you! During the great EB oppsies of 2012, one of the discussions had off forums was the creation for a universal WIP thread that everyone could post what they were working on, this helps clean up the forums a bit, as well as provide a proper and centralized location where people could get some help on what they were working on. So EVERYONE post away! Throw in things you're working on and our esteemed Sci-Fi members will chime in and help you the best we can. I'll start! This was an attempt at a micro-ship / drone.... WIP micro ship drone thingy by Si-MOCs, on Flickr I've had this thing sitting on my desk for awhile, it had promise, but I just couldn't really get it to a point where I liked it. The idea was almost a bio-ship that felt a bit like armadillo armouring, with some asymmetrical striping. But it's kinda just a blob... Anyone got any ideas? or just scrap it? ...
  2. I have been having this problem with my servo for a year now , I was able to fix it a few times, but I cant get a replacement from Lego customer service because this IS my replacement. Any Ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I've been wondering this for a bit as I've always used the excuse that whatever set I'm buying is 'for Bella' (my daughter) when really, I love Lego and often buy things I really just wanna play with myself. Today was a perfect example, Bella has a reward program where she can earn little Lego sets, and today she got Olivia's Workshop. She doesn't even fully understand what that means yet - but I loved it, and I loved teaching her all the names for the things in the set (she knew 'chemicals'!). With Christmas looming, I've decided to get her a bigger Friends set that will be retired soon, but I'm struggling to justify the cost (we're in NZ, so it's silly money really) to my partner and my Mum, and when they say things like "Are you getting it for you or her? She won't know if you get her the small set/knock off/some other junk" I really wish I could say "Yes, it's partly for me, and it's my money, is that a problem for you?" But I am a chicken. :( I don't know what to say to them next month - I'd like to get a Creator Mod set for my birthday - and that'll cost me two weeks wages at least! I've often heard EuroBrickers joke about their partners 'not understanding' their love of Lego - is there any point in explaining it to them? Is there anything I can do to make them happier about the whole thing? Their attitudes are very discouraging at the moment, I've been building in LDD and that's kind of been tolerated, but I want to brick some things and you know, that requires bricks! Help? Thanks heaps in advance - you guys have been so super helpful so far :D
  4. Sir Brickalot


    [pid][/pid] 249A HELP! I pray that some ship do see this sign. Unless it's a bluecoat. Arrr. Maybe the ship will have bounty on board, yarrr. Whilst I be waiting, I shall get drunk on this fine bottle of rum. Yarr! Thanks for reading! C&C Welcome.
  5. Hey everybody, As some of you will know I am in the brisk of madly creating LEGO Tintin MOC's and so forth, so my question is how would I make tintin's iconic hair? Obviously I will need to customise a lego hair piece, I'm thinking this piece... In orange, though I will need to create the quiff of hair. I call for help from the amazing customisers or Eurobricks! Kind Regards, Sand
  6. deltarex101

    Lego Star Wars Builds :

    Hey Guys, recently I have gone out of my DARK AGES but those times I abandoned my Lego creativity especially building Mocs, about Star Wars Now I am just a collector, I never build the Lego sets I bought it just sits in my Lego collection wardrobe but since then I have been thinking to restore my Lego child imagination but I know I cannot do it alone I need help, unfortunately here in the Philippines very few build custom Lego Star Wars that I really, really want to build and show in my meager collection. But Fortunately I have the internet and the internet allows me to access THE EUROBRICKS Now I need your help (not mandatory but out of love ) so that I can rediscover my Lego Imagination! - Link any pages that shows any custom Lego Star wars Builds -Post a pic about your very own creation -Comment/ Share any good Lego Star Wars Build DUE REMEMBER WHEN YOUR POSTING AND LINKING PLEASE IT MUST HAVE INSTRUCTIONS ON IT! THANKS