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Found 6 results

  1. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] "The Parrot" a small mercantile Vessel

    Hi Folks, I'm Captain Polluxx. Iam fairly new in this forum. Ok more than two years, but not very active. Iam a huge fan of the subforum Pirate theme and BoBS. Read and watched a lot in the last years. 2019 i heard of the software studio 2.0. It was a nice opportunity for me because had not much parts for building in real, besides a big collection of Minifigures. I had much time on using Studio last year and get More or less compentent in it. I should say this not my first Shipmod i began in Studio. There are a lot in the pipeline, all in different stages of completion. Some for a maybe build in real status (Like the Parrot) but also some i think i can not afford in next 20 years with possibly 5000+ parts. I have seen a lot of your builds and also the Captain Greenhair Tutorial on Frigates. I think i will make a ship with more elaborated techniques, but not now. Before i talk about my WIP-Ship i want to say that iam not a native english Speaker. I can understand really good but talking or writing is another thing. I hope i can make myself understood. So the Ship. It's current name is "Parrot", its a small/medium Mercantile Vessel. Its based loosly on a Swedish Pinassship named "Papegojan" from 17 th Century. I think modelbuilders know it. It's currently a WIP. I have some Screenshots i will post here. It will be a playset for me and my Nephew. We have an ongoing Pirate Campaign in real time dressed as pirates, and a nice Table with a Lego Pirate Playscene would be awesome. Feedback will be much appreciated.
  2. In this video i'm going to share with you on how to create custom LEGO instructions using Studio 2.0. As most of the builder may be dream of a way to create their own MOC building instruction, with this Studio 2.0 instruction maker available, it just may the builder life so much easier. In this tutorial I will walk through with you on how to create your own building instruction from scratch. How to create LEGO instruction using Studio 2.0 Instruction Maker - Tutorial (2020)
  3. Hi everyone, I've just created a tutorial video regarding on how to use the Studio 2.0 LEGO building software. In this short tutorial, i would go through most of the common and very useful faetures/functions of Bricklink Studio 2.0. Wish you may able to create some wonderful MOC (creation) with this fantastic software. Hope you do find this video is useful. How to use Bricklink Studio 2.0 Tutorial (2020)
  4. In this video, i would like to show you the details between the setting which you found in Bricklink Studio 2.0 animation renderer section. I will covered most of the commonly use settings (for animation), and do a side by side comparison of those settings. Wish this video will help you to clear up some confusion between the setting differences which you found under the animation renderer. Hence, you may able to directly choose and use the setting that fit you the most. Hope you found this video is useful!
  5. Hello all! Be warned, large images will be in this thread. Please be amazed and hopefully the moderators will be too :D ------------------- First time posting here, so howdy. lol I have already been infecting your discord channel before I even became an official member :P A little about me before I start what this topic is about: I work on building the instructions for installing curtain wall & storefronts as an real life job. So I work in the 2D & 3D architectural industry for a living. And I use Blender as an addictive hobby on the side. Go figure. My goal is to start making 5+ minute animations in only a 3D environment, as while I do have legos, I don't have the space for a full on film studio. I hope to enjoy a long stay with everyone here! I love to share my trade secrets to 3D modeling if your ever interested! ----------------------- On to my topic now: Please see below my work so far making 3D Lego animations. (I apologize for not obeying the 800px square) Thanks all, I will be updating this regularly! T_D
  6. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] No. 111

    No. 111 is a small 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive on display at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. It was built by Alco in the 1920s and ended up moving coal around power plants before it was retired. IMG_0226 by the chestertonian, on Flickr I recently downloaded Studio 2.0 and thought this engine would make for a good experiment as my first project in the new program. I really like how it allows you to use custom parts like BBB wheels and shows the prices for each part. This 8-wide model would cost a little over $100 to build - not counting the BBB drivers! I was also surprised to see that the built-in POV-Ray rendering options are much faster than the settings I have used before. The Studio file is available here. Thanks for looking! 0-4-0ST-1 by the chestertonian, on Flickr 0-4-0ST-2 by the chestertonian, on Flickr Soli Deo Gloria