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  1. NES Classics: MegaMan and Metriod

    i can give you the decal sheets if you like? you could do your own prints
  2. NES Classics: MegaMan and Metriod

    unfortunately you wont, lego said they could not get Nintendo licence
  3. What kind of sets would you want from a new fantasy/medieval themed line?
  4. [MOC] Subway Train and Station

    thanks, i wasn't sure where it was to go as it has elements of both thanks, i have quite a few recent ones here, most popular being my nasa spacecraft one, sorry about punctuation i was using my phone for this and the wow post
  5. World Of Warcraft licence

    never realized how many of the lego licences used to belong to someone else, something that is noteworthy to my original post is that these Dr Who figures were discontinued and then a lego ideas project brought them to lego, so its not to far fetched to think the same could be done with others
  6. World Of Warcraft licence

    what i may do is build a fantasy ideas project "based" on TES see how it goes, what kind of things would you want to see in said built, you meaning you and what do you think the community would want
  7. [MOC] Subway Train and Station

    agreed i dont like the windows but the only way i can think of is using a big clear piece and use a decal over it - the ways are inspried by the amazing Swedish subways
  8. Ready to go back in time to the 80's? Dust off that NES and controllers and join me in bringing these blasts from the past back to life! i created a small project that features two of my favorite nes games metriod and megaman project includes: 2 NES game cartridges and stands (this are built to the same size as the real games) 2 stickers for the game lables to make this dispay authentic 4 minifigures with 100% exclusive printing these figures include: -Megaman -Protoman and -Samus -Zero Suit Samus sorry about all the stuff covering it, i just have a lot of my work stolen so im trying to cover myself anyway hope you like my work so far, ive submitted it to lego ideas so hopefully that goes well
  9. MOC - nasa spacecraft and missions

    close to 600 supporters, i want to add a new craft to the set, any one have any ideas?
  10. World Of Warcraft licence

    ah yeah, its a shame i think it would allow for some really awesome new pieces, i do hope they get a new fantasy theme, id love them to get the elder scrolls licence but thats too old age wise right? if not i'll do a project for lego ideas
  11. [MOC] Subway Train and Station

    hello, i decided to create a subway train and the station as i feel lego is lacking a subway, the station is based on the Swedish undergrounds as they are filled with nice colours and the train is just a generic subway car which probably fits more towards a NYC sub but oh well please let me know what you think the project is also on ideas if you would like to see this
  12. World Of Warcraft licence

    hi i know mega bloks used to mkae WoW sets but i've seen rumors they were discontinued a while back, do you think lego would be able to get the licence and make sets from it?
  13. MOC - nasa spacecraft and missions

    anyone know a decent way to hold these models? as ball joints dont cut it
  14. MOC - nasa spacecraft and missions

    yeah i've recently tested the ball joints, they hold in very precises locations but not good enough for everyday use, working on ways to display them with out going crazy with technic stuff
  15. decided to make shenron from the tv show dragon ball z, its not full scale as that'd be huge, its pretty much a display piece, any feedback and thoughts would be great