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  1. jtooker

    Story of Ava, chapter 3

    The pump and the sloshing water is my favorite part of your MOC. I also like all the little pieces of farm equipment, animals and flowers/plates about the stable.
  2. jtooker

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    Looks good so far! I like the dark blue shutters on the lower window. The stonework looks worn but sturdy. I cannot wait to see the end result!
  3. jtooker

    Nocturnus - The Drow return

    Awesome tower! I too have had issues photographing black buildings. I turned up the ISO and left the shutter open a bunch to get more light on my last building - it worked ok to show detail but does make the building look brighter than it should (similar to your middle shot above). I can see a decent amount of detail in that first shot of yours and the building still looks black.
  4. jtooker

    MOC Aviator

    Great character! The 'fur' collar comes across well as do the hat and goggles.
  5. Wochenender has created this wonderful rendition of 059 Knight's Stronghold: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/7f88b543-d539-4aab-8293-5b8216852b35
  6. jtooker

    Dragon Attack on the Village Outskirts

    I like the consistency of the stone technique on both the building and the bridge. The snow technique is great. Very interesting techniques on the dragon - it looks very posable. Wonderful scene (well, not for the guy on the boat, but for us looking at it).
  7. Great continuation of the story! I love the builds too. The lighting in the tunnels is excellent (as are the behind-the-scenes pictures on your flickr).
  8. I submit this MOC for the following two credits: Architecture → Walls Style 2 (Wooden Walls) Agriculture and Zoology → Raising Livestock
  9. Stables near Batuhan / jtooker / Kaliphlin
  10. jtooker

    Stables near Batuhan

    There are many small farms around Batuhan, in the northwest of Kaliphlin. At one, a farmer and his son put the livestock into the stables for the night.
  11. jtooker

    [MOC] Scriptorium Mokotovum

    What a build! There are so many awesome details. I really like the diamond floor technique. Overall, having shelfs upon shelves packed with books and scrolls is the best part. The shelves built into the stone arches (third floor) are neat too. Your railing technique on the spiral stairs is terrific.
  12. jtooker

    [MOC] Ambush in the forest

    Great MOC! Like the others, seeing new tree techniques is fun! Thank you for sharing.
  13. I too love the tree. The lightly fortified position of the lion knights certain gives the impression of desperation out of the black knights. I would have liked a more elevated shot of the MOC to see more of the stonework and even a view from the other side (from behind the lion knights).
  14. jtooker

    Larkspur, Hunting Lodge

    Awesome MOC! Great to see a hinged castle, they are a rare breed these days. The dark brown wood and black roof contrast well with the light bley stone and sand blue tower. I am most impressed with all the interior design you have done, especially butchering area. Seeing the minifigures going about their tasks is terrific, each is posed well as to tell their story. The landscaping around the outside fits this castle and your hunting lodge theme. I especially enjoy the pond area and the vegetation in and around it.
  15. jtooker

    Story of Ava, chapter 2

    Fun MOC and story, though I did need the story to understand the MOC (particularly the portal). I'm not sure if the rider has already gone through the portal, or if the snake is preventing him from getting through - perhaps if the rider was coming out of the portal or the snake was between the portal and the rider it would be clearer. The bridge is my favorite part. The positioning of the horse and rider is also well done. I'll leave some comments on grammar (inline): As far as the vortex, I was not sure what it was until I read your text (though a vortex was my assumption). Perhaps rotating it a bit so it isn't square with the opening? The colors are great - they do not look natural. Other comments or suggestions are hard given piece limitations. I would use a few more slopes in the portal's 'door' way, perhaps some round 1x1 tiles/plates for rubble around it. Having the vines growing on the wall works well though.