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  1. jtooker

    A new castle for the Falcons

    Looks great! It has a nice mix of detail and the simplicity of an official set.
  2. jtooker

    2023 Majisto GWP

    $250 is too high for this GWP on its own (looking back historically), but if you include double VIP Insider points and the other GWP set, it makes more sense. E.g. $250 purchase gets you bonuses of: $30 GWP set $20 GWP set $25 in future savings ($12.50 more than normal) For a total of $75. (Not to imply everyone wouldn't exchange all that for $75 off their $250 order - or ~30% off)
  3. jtooker

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    What a welcome surprise! Thanks for all your work in the castle community, soccerkid6!
  4. I like the brick-built shields - and that last/hidden picture is framed well.
  5. jtooker


    Fabulous job! I love all the details spread around the build and the techniques you used to make the building - especially the windows.
  6. jtooker

    Shield Collection by Year

    That's awesome!
  7. jtooker

    Narnia: The Horse and his Boy

    Well done! It was great seeing all these scenes together.
  8. jtooker

    Lost in the Shire

    Lovely job on the water in the water fall!
  9. You should definitely post this on the free build thread! Great job! I cannot wait to pick up this set and explore all the details. I look forward to the full GoH (un)official line of sets from Lego.
  10. jtooker

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    I found this awesome curved bridge tutorial - by MB Bricks on youtube
  11. jtooker

    [freebuild] Avalonian Wizard's Tower

    Great to see another castle build from you! Wonderful job with the round tower. I really like the white flowers too. Overall the setting is very fitting. The irregular base on a bordered platform is interesting.
  12. jtooker

    GoH 10 C VOTING topic

    Zilmrud - 1 point LittleJohn - 1 point adde51 - 1 point
  13. jtooker

    GoH 10 B VOTING topic

    Gideon - 2 points Exetrius - 1 point
  14. jtooker

    Goh 10 A: Kaliphlin District of Cedrica

    Thanks! I had fun building it. I'm glad you like the dark red triangles - they were a late addition and turned out well. Thank you for all of the feedback! I wish I remember where I got the roof techniques from, but I did them mostly from memory. Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoy the roofs, I wish I remember who did these techniques originally. I liked how the tan building came out too. I was too ambitious with what I wanted to try on the right building and it didn't come out quite as well. The flower holders are 1x3 boxes, element 6310366.
  15. jtooker

    GoH 10 A: Visiting Cedrica

    Great MOC! I really like the water and stonework at the base level. The bright blue and tan building stands out - great use of color and the plants around it work well too. The tavern looks great, especially the second story. Great wattle and daub techniques!