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  1. jtooker

    Pizza to Go

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm glad it was inspiring to you. Thanks! It is based on floriangraderbeck’s design, see another picture of three donkeys; the middle one is exactly floriangraderbeck's design. Thank you! Thanks! It is based on floriangraderbeck’s design, see another picture of three donkeys; the middle one is exactly floriangraderbeck's design. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I used Jonas Kramm’s cobblestone technique. Thank you! I used Jonas Kramm’s cobblestone technique. Thanks! Necessity is the mother of invention (I did not have any more red pieces) Thanks! It is based on floriangraderbeck’s design, see another picture of three donkeys; the middle one is exactly floriangraderbeck's design. Thank you! See sources of the donkey and cobblestone technique above. Yes, the recipe is from Varlyrio - I'm hoping to have a lot of fun developing Batuhan (in the northwest part Kaliphlin) as a settlement of immigrants and multiple cultures. Thank you!
  2. After spending the better part of the season up north in Mitgardia, Rhalyf heads south looking forward to warmer Kaliphlinian temperatures. The beauty of the frozen lake and snow covered trees unnoticed as the cold wind whirls past. This MOC is my entry into the Frozen North category of the Summer Joust 2020 competition. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category Landscape Design → Snow and Ice Website | Flickr | YouTube
  3. jtooker

    Kiruna watchtower

    Wow, very impressive tower and environment. It certainly 'feels cold' - the snow looks very heavy and wet. I'm currently editing the pictures of my frozen north entry - which also takes place in Mitgardia.
  4. jtooker

    [MOC] Bicycle, Bicycle, BICYCLE!

    Incredible kinetic MOC!
  5. jtooker

    Historican Settlements - HSS

    Batuhan, Kaliphlin Batuhan is a growing settlement in northwest Kaliphlin south of the Wither Woods near the Avalonian border. REQ - Hospitality: Pizzaria
  6. Pizza to Go / jtooker / Kaliphlin Rhalyf in the Frozen North / jtooker / Mitgardia
  7. jtooker

    Pizza to Go

    Hungry upon entering Batuhan, Rhaylf began looking for a tavern and a warm meal. Before he could get to the center of town, his nose lead him off the main road. “Traveler! Try some pizza.” Noè the proprietor shouted from a counter window. “Pizza?” Rhalyf replied, “I have not heard of such pastry, but its smell is agreeable." “Ay, it is recipe from my homeland, Varlyrio,” Noè explained. “My wife, Melitina, makes the dough and bakes it in the oven, fresh. My son, Federico, even makes deliveries - mostly to the on-duty guards who cannot leave their post over the noon hour. We have made a good life in the three years since we left Illaryian; as Batuhan as grown, so has our business." Rhalyf laid down some coin and enjoyed some pizza before heading on his way. I built this MOC for the Summer Joust 2020’s Every Set Could be a Castle Set category. It is based off of set 6350 Pizza To Go. For a write up of techniques including tutorials and inspiration, see this post. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category: Architecture → walls #1 (Tudor) Website | Flickr | YouTube
  8. jtooker

    [EBFS] Herbalist's Garden

    That garden is lovely! Great job with the well roof - those angles are excellent. The flowers write-up at the bottom is very neat and informative.
  9. jtooker

    Floating temple of Ya'Hum

    Awesome vignette! Lots of NPU on top and the water colors are great. I think the under-island branches are my favorite part. I'm curious if the sea could be choppier, but at this scale, waves are probably too small to represent in LEGO.
  10. jtooker

    Ab'Yad temple

    I couldn't agree more (or say it better)! Great job making three colors look very dynamic.
  11. These are my thoughts/plans for the Wither Woods area. Once I get some MOCs, I'll make a settlement post which will have some of this information and the MOCs themselves will provide details. 'My' city/settlement will be called Batuhan. It is located on the southern edge of the Wither Woods at the crossroads of the main N/S road (I've called "Wester Road") linking Avalonia to Barqa and the road going east from Eastgate (I've called Woodbrow Road). @SkaForHire, I know you referenced the "Oil Road" around Eastgate. I wasn't sure if the oil road turned north at Barqa or not. If any of the roads in the map below are the Oil Road, let me know and I'll update the labels. (zoom in) The Batuhan settlement has grown recently with the post-war prosperity and recent improvement to the climate; the woods are slowly taking back some of what the desert taken. Many immigrants have arrived to work the land, be lumberjacks or work in the Buğra quarry. TBD (not Rhalyf, my sigfig) is in charge of the settlement and has erected a defensive wall to keep Batuhan and the Woodbrow Road safe from bandits and outlaws the live in the treacherous Wither Woods. The Desert King has neglected this region since capturing Eastgate and not providing safety for this end of Kaliphlin nor has Queen Ylspeth provided any assistance, leaving a power vacuum. In ensuring residents' travelers' safely, TBD has become quite popular and residents are happy to pay taxes and donate their sons for this protection. The culture in Batuhan is well mixed. While traditionally a balance between Kaliphlinian and Avalonian, many immigrants have arrived from Varlyrio and some from Nocturnus making this a fast growing and diverse area. Comments and recommendations are appreciated. @BadgersinMeadows, does this sort of lore fit into your ideas for Keira? I'm fine with anyone building (both MOCs and lore) for the area in and around Batuhan. While I'd prefer to keep somewhat close to the themes I outlined above, I'm flexible and open to discussion. That defensive wall will be part of a large, ongoing MOC of mine, so that is the only part I do not want to change.
  12. I have more plans for the Wither Woods area - mostly the southern end, but I'll be reaching north a bit. I'll be posting in the HSS thread later this month when I get another MOC or two done. I created a new map of the area that I will share too. @BadgersinMeadows, welcome! I'm just getting started (along with @Legonaut). As I said above, I've been planning a community south of the Wither Woods partially populated by immigrants since the Battle of Historica (end of book II). We could develop this area together if you'd like.
  13. jtooker

    Qa'Yids residence in Mophet

    Great use of the wall paper bricks surrounded by the plates!
  14. I don't see it listed in the Historican Settlements - HSS page, but many cites from Book II are not. It is mentioned on the Wiki. It is only mentioned once in the full story document. @Kayne did a At the Gates of Ras El-Ahken MOC in 2014 and To the Ax with the Tax! Part 8 - Malek Rising in 2016. I would ask @Kayne if he/she is active in this city. Some other links can be found using this search.