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  1. jtooker

    [Freebuild] Great Wall of Batuhan

    @Grover, thank you for the comments and I appreciate the complements. Regarding realism, what you see would be the 'inside' of the wall, as the Wither Woods is on the other sides (presumably a many yards or miles away) and what the wall is guarding against (most pictures are looking north). But having said that, you and @derEselausErgste are right about keeping trees that close. Regarding the merlons, I gave some thought to making them bigger - perhaps I still will, at least on the out facing side. A bigger defensive feature missing are the machicolations, I really wanted to get these in, but could not find a way and also get the aesthetic look I wanted at the top of the wall and with the 45° pillars.
  2. jtooker

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Halls of History

    Great build! I like how chaotic the room is. The three large books are fun take on where the GoH is at the moment.
  3. jtooker

    [NCW & Recap] Abyssian's Demise

    Amazing recap, story and MOCs! As someone new(ish) here, I appreciate the clarity. The animation was terrific.
  4. I like all the details in this vignette. The ornate floor is terrific.
  5. jtooker

    [MOC] Little diorama medieval.

    Great scene! I like the water and the landscaping. Great use of that round-roof technique - it is a good one.
  6. jtooker

    viking attack

    Great MOC! I love how the castle is built into the rock. The stone bridge + draw bridge is terrific. I like the parts dump technique for the water and how you used darker colors for the deeper water.
  7. jtooker

    [Freebuild] Great Wall of Batuhan

    Thanks! I wanted the land to look as if it had been occupied for a long time. I was hoping to get a decent scale without sacrificing detail. Hearing your words means a lot! I'm glad you enjoy it - my main goal was to focus on the landscape and I'm glad that came through. Good point on the woods near the walls. I'm glad the texture of the walls looks good to you - I spent a decent amount of time going for a look I was happy with (not too rough, but not pristine either). The MOC is 4x3 baseplates (32x32) so 128 studs by 96 studs. The koroks are there mostly for people to find at in-person shows (there are 3 total) as well as homage to the Legend of Zelda video games which inspired parts of this build (especially Breath of the Wild, though that came out after I started the build). If you want to put them in the lore, that is fine - I'd say they are playful, but shy tree folk. I'd put my money on the deer. No story on the lake ruins - I just wanted to convey the idea that this area has been occupied for generations.
  8. jtooker

    [MOC] Krylhan Castle

    Great textures and interesting colors. I like the consistent use of the wood (brown) to build out off the main stone (bley) building. Great interior too!
  9. jtooker

    [Freebuild] A Twilight Return

    I'm glad you found some time. I didn't have too much time when taking classes either.
  10. I've finally got enough MOCs together to 'officially' put the town of Batuhan on the map. Here is a link to its HSS post and I'll add it to the wiki sometime soon. The town is located north of Barqa and east of Eastgate south of the Wither Woods. Batuhan Batuhan is a growing settlement south of the Wither Woods in northern Kaliphlin along the crossroads of major trade routes. Batuhan History While farmers south of the Wither Woods have always scraped by, recent improvements to the climate accompanied by an increase in trade through this region have given rise to a proper town at the crossroads of the Woodbrow Road and the Wester Road. This town is called Batuhan. It is located 40 miles west of Eastgate and 50 miles north of Barqa. Ahesh Ahesh, who fought in the Battle of the Wither Woods, lead the town to prosperity after the battle claimed many of its citizens’ lives. Aarash the Ardent Over the years after the battle, the influence and protection of Eastgate diminished. Batuhan was left to defend itself and the trade route itself. Ahesh took on this challenge and created the Guard of Batuhan. A dragon was chosen to adorned the shields in honor of the dragon that changed Ahesh’s fortune. Aarash grew into a young man and a capable captain before taking over as the Emir of Batuhan for his late father. Geography Rough, but plowable terrain surrounds Batuhan with many farms to the immediate south and a few to the north. Principally, the Woodbrow Road cuts through the smoother parts of the terrain. Map of the Wither Woods (click to enlarge) The Wither Woods to the North border the town and the main trade road. They are quite unhospitable to civilized folk. The Barlas river feeds into a small lake with the same name. This creates a natural eastern barrier to the town, along with the rising terrain from which the river flows. Further away, the port city of Eastgate lies to the west. The Westersands exist past the farmland, further to south and east. Even further south is the city of Barqa. Military Ignored by the Desert King in Petraea, Batuhan has had to form its own guard to protect its citizens and merchants passing through. Since the Battle of Historica, the only constant threat has been from bandits and other evil creatures in the Wither Woods. Great Wall of Batuhan The Great Wall of Batuhan was raised to aid in this defense using the newly created Buğra Quarry. This guard and military wall have not escaped notice from Petraea, but in this time of peace, the Desert King has been content with Batuhan’s guard. It directly increases the trade that is so valuable to Kaliphlin and the wall would serve as a convenient defense against Avalonia, should the need ever arise. Economy Trade has been largely responsible for the grown of this settlement. It has attracted immigrants, which are the primary source of population growth. With the protection Batuhan provides to merchants, a tax is received. Stables near Batuhan Farms to the south, also under the protection of the Batuhan Guard, provide food and textiles for the town’s inhabitants. Buğra Quarry northeast of Batuhan The wall and many of the fortified buildings are only possible due to the Buğra Quarry located through the Wither Woods along the Wester Road. The fortune of prosperity has given rise to Batuhan, but the wise know this is only fleeting. Merchants will not be so willing to hand over their gold if they become threatened on the road as they were before. Townsfolk may become rebellious if the farms fail to produce enough food. Farmers may be less tolerant of the new cultures if their livelihood is threatened. And those in power will find well-supported competition should any trouble arise. Inhabitants The inhabitants of Batuhan are mainly immigrants. The time of peace and trade has brought many peoples to settle down here. Being so close to the sea and on a major trade route to Avalonia, many people have come from Varlyrio. Dwarves have come from as far as Nocturnus to work in the quarry and craft stone in town. Many of the Kaliphlinian farmers have accepted the cultural shifts, or at least tolerate them in town in exchange for their business. Lizardfolk and other outlaws occupy the Wither Woods and are a constant threat to peace.
  11. I submit this MOC for the following credits: Anthropology → Travel Scene Military Science → Fortifications Hydrology → Still Water Hydrology → Flowing Water
  12. Great Wall of Batuhan Great Wall of Batuhan The great wall of Batuhan protects the village from the evils of the Wither Woods. Overview Construction was commanded and overseen by Aarash the Ardent using stone from Buğra Quarry. Skilled stoneworkers from Kaliphlin and beyond worked for seven years to complete the wall. There are several barracks, gates and towers along its length. It runs north of town eastward to the Barlas river and the Wester Road, which runs through he Wither Woods to Avalonia. Aside from the protection it gives, it is also headquarters the Guard of Batuhan. Aerial View Eastern Tower The Eastern Tower viewed over Lake Barlas The Eastern Tower overlooks the crossroads of the Wester Road leading north through the Wither Woods to Kaliphlin, Woodbrow Road leading into Batuhan itself and the road leading south to Barqa. Eastern Tower of the Wall Door of the Easter Tower East face of the Eastern Tower Road To Barqa A Peasant Walking South The road leading south of the tower leads to Barqa. It is always busy with travelers and merchants on their way to Avalonia. A stone bridge provides a safe crossing of the Barlas River. A House Lays in Ruins Next to the Barlas River A Guard on the Bridge of the Barlas River Looks East Eastern Gate A Guard and Traveller near the East Gate Set near the Easter Tower, the East Gate guards the road that leads north to the Wither Woods. Forest and Lake Barlas Wildlife Near Lake Barlas East of Batuhan lies a small forest near Lake Barlas. The path north of the forest runs along the great wall. Deer in the Woods Path Along the Wall Path Along the Wall Forest Canopy The Barlas River flows through the its Rocky Banks Chipmunk and Mushrooms Runs now in Lake Barlas
  13. jtooker

    CDC2 CMF Eyrezer

    Great variety of characters. I enjoyed reading through their descriptions. Spot on photography too!
  14. jtooker

    Simple siege machines

    I too like the ballista - it is simple and elegant.
  15. I love the theme you've chosen for your figs. The guild-based backgrounds are a nice touch. Great photography too!