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  1. jtooker

    Future Castle Sets?

    Great job! I like how well the pants (with belt) and arms look with the helmets. I would say those do not look like ordinary, ready-for-battle soldiers, but would fit very well as the king's guard or at a ceremony.
  2. jtooker

    [MOC] The Blossom Fairy

    Great posing - especially with the hands (with thumbs!)
  3. jtooker

    Future Castle Sets?

    I wonder how much of what parts (and part combinations) seem 'normal' or 'good' today was thought to be 'bad' or 'useless' when those new parts came out. I've seen this reflected in my own judgements. And from a high level, I've seen fads move through MOC communities. Getting back to castles specifically, some parts look great for fantasy-leaning MOCs that would not look as appropriate in historical MOCs.
  4. jtooker

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Alchemist

    Terrific MOC and Ideas project! The green diagonal pieces of the side of the building are an interesting technique. I love the color scheme and the mechanics are a fun addition.
  5. jtooker

    Future Castle Sets?

    I disagree, ignoring classic themes, LEGO has never had a better selection of decent sets for all ages and skill levels. The ideas line is absolutely terrific. Modular (creator export) and the adult line have a bunch to offer. Creator has been decent. Licensed sets have overall been pretty good. Even City is better than it has been at certain times in the past (depending on your opinion of the new road system). Importantly, many of the sets today have fairly reusable pieces (less so in the 4+ ages, but these seem to supplement the catalog, not replace). Also, the building techniques in many sets (especially 12+) is general more advanced than what I remember pre-2000. I'm guessing all of this 'selection' has crowded out castles, pirates and space (much to my displeasure), but I'd say LEGO sets in the past 5-10 years are better than any time in the last 25. If you go back before then (before licensed sets), it is hard to make direct comparisons.
  6. jtooker

    Citadel of the Mage

    Fancy micro castle! The architecture looks very advanced - being home to mages makes perfect sense.
  7. jtooker

    VOTING topic CDC1 Tower

    1 point for Gideon 1 point for Ayrlego
  8. jtooker

    Brewery at PrenmĂ´r

    This is a terrific build and narrative. The roof looks awesome. The interior details are very nice and I appreciate them more with your explanation (via story - well done). Regarding the gray vs. bley, it looks fine with with the lighting you used - usually I don't like them mixed, but didn't notice until you mentioned it. P.S. the decorative pillars on the outside and stone building make this quite the impressive brewery and it sounds like it is staffed when an excellent brewer. The landscaping on the outside with the ruts looks great too!
  9. jtooker

    Mushroom House

    Great colors! I like the door and the sleepy fellow the best. Fun MOC!
  10. Great job with the 'classic' look while also including a new newer pieces.
  11. jtooker

    The Old Mill

    I agree, the lighting and the background do give it an 'on the edge of a storm' look - which matches the season lately where I live. The roof technique and color is excellent and a great usages for your seed part. The vines climbing up the side are terrific as well... I might need to use this technique myself.
  12. Great job extending the castle! It is very impressive even if it is dwarfed by the Disney castle (which is still twice as much as your mod)
  13. What is a good vase size (and shape) for the flower bouquet (10280)?
  14. jtooker

    [MOC] It's a mine to behold

    Very fun. I like the caverns you constructed in the 12x12 area.
  15. jtooker

    7 improvements for the new creator castle

    Great improvements!