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  1. jtooker

    [MOC] Embervale Advent Calendar

    Great idea and awesome figure - those parts go together well. I'm looking forward to these daily builds!
  2. jtooker

    [MOC] The Ravnsborg Castle Heist

    Great MOC! Very fun - enjoyed the details throughout while looking through the album on flickr.
  3. Aarash and his ‘crew’ must periodically take-up the unpleasant, and often times rough, job of collecting taxes. While some of the citizenry enjoy the organized protection of the Batuhan guard, others need convincing.
  4. jtooker

    Alliance At Autumn Arbor

    Lovely colors! Great shape in the building, especially the domed roof.
  5. jtooker

    VOTING topic CDC2 CMF

    I agree, this was a hard decision! 1 point for 3.Gideon 1 point for 16.Henjin_Quilones 1 point for 7.BardDandelion
  6. jtooker

    The Tiger of Illaryian (Full Collab)

    Holy cow - what a read. First, I believe there is a mistake in your images in the first section of the 'full' story, @W Navarre. On the part 1 page itself, there is nobody falling and you see the two talking, but on this page, you show someone falling. That confused me and made me assume it was foreshadowing (which technically it was, but not supported by the story). And then in the last part (again here on this page only) do are missing that image. I guess looking at other individual pages, I see other images were left out of this 'full' story. Overall, keeping everybody straight was a bit of a struggle and the Italian mixed in didn't help me, but did add to the flavor of the story. I'll organize my comments by part: I: Great setup, as I said before, lovely use of the white with dark tan. II: Awesome description - I didn't need the extra pictures, but now seeing them, they fit my imagination pretty well, @TalusMoonbreaker. The lamp poll is excellent, but overall the scenes look appropriate. The tilework on the floor is spot on. III: I'll say the masked ball was probably the part I had the hardest time following, but I see how it connects certain characters together. The consumes are fun. IV: Ignoring the story, this building is absolutely beautiful, @Ayrlego. The terrace is terrific and the stone decoration work very well with your brick techniques. Absolutely terrific! Besides adding even more to the story (in terms of content) I did find this part easy to follow. V: Great descriptions and the amulet's shrine is terrific - very fitting for such an artifact. VI: Great job starting to bring the story to a close. My only critique is that the Kolgari seemed to reverse their opinion of Luca pretty quickly - I'm not sure not-finding something would be enough to assume innocence. But other than that, well worded and written. VII: definitely the best written part IMO - by this time I've finally got a decent grasp of the characters. While everything that happens is as you'd expect (e.g. no surprises), I was sad for Råiden and I was certainly pulling for a twist. But telling it straight like this does allow for Arama's character to develop. I'm writing this before you post a MOC (and I'm sure it will be terrific) but I had no problem imagining the scene. VIII: The conclusion (especially at this point) is almost needless. The words are fine and does confirm there are not extra twists in the story. As I said before later, by the characters physically coming back to this place (tiger statue) - it ties the story together very well. The fact this part is short is a good thing. Putting the image of the person falling in the appropriate place in this thread would be nice (and moving the colorful image of the amulet to the appropriate time in the story would be a slight improvement). General: tying the tiger statue with the elf's nick-name was quite poetic and did a wonderful job connecting the different parts of the story (that and beginning and ending the story at the statue). I think I need a family tree (I almost made one to keep the characters straight).
  7. jtooker

    [Freebuild] Hot pools on the hunt

    Great job transitioning from the snow to the warm pools.
  8. Well, I think videos that spectacular must be against the rules! Great job framing the scene in the photos and video. I can hear the roar of the crowd in my head! The size of the MOC (especially the crowd) really does it. If you didn't show the zoomed out view of the 'slice' of the stadium, I'd have assumed it was 100% built. I enjoyed the progress pictures and will watch your time laps video later! Wonderful job!
  9. I love the lore you've set up to go with this piece. The grent's and their relationship with this part of the world is terrific. All the mushrooms are inventive. Great job pulling me into the scene. The MOC does a great job filling in any details my imagination might require.
  10. jtooker

    CDC2 CMF: Gideon

    The Kaliphlin figs are my favorite - they are all so terrific! Especially the scales of the trader. But the cloak and hourglass of the Barqan astrologer are very fitting. I'll have to remember your Petraean swordsman in case I need to make knights for the capitol. Your other figs are also fitting for their guilds - I'm impressed at how natural they all belong. I particularly like Algus warrior, but all are superb.
  11. jtooker

    CDC CMF BardDandelion

    The grail knight looks grand! I love the evil and powerful look of the genie. The accessories of the dark which are awesome, both the tentacles coming out of the page and the candle techniques. The wooden pillar with Winged Hussars is great. Great job all around!
  12. jtooker

    CDC2 CMF: Grover [Magical Mishaps]

    The elf <-> dwarf are great! The vanished made me chuckle. These are all fun - great job.
  13. Fun use of the balloon pieces. Great mushroom!
  14. Awesome MOC! I love your brick-built (tile-built?) banners. I need to remember these techniques! Your roof shingle technique is simple but looks nice. I love how well the MOC came together in back. My only critique would be how choppy the seam is on the door and stairs, but I'm glad you attempted such angles - it gives great character to the MOC.
  15. jtooker

    CDC2 CMF: LordDan

    I like all the greens of the Avalonian Knight (very fitting for that guild). The Nocturnus snake teacher is fun. The Varlyrian figs seem especially well matched to that guild.