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  1. SpacePolice89

    Displaying the Eldorado Fortress

    Time will tell but I hope it'll keep most of the dust away. I didn't plan it at all, I just chose a suitable background and suddenly that effect appeared. It is visible from most angles.
  2. SpacePolice89

    Displaying the Eldorado Fortress

    I recently bough the Rudstra glass-door cabinet from Ikea to display my Eldorado Fortress. On the other shelves I will do similar backgrounds and display the Imperial Trading Post and the Enchanted Island. Each shelf will be a small diorama with a lot of action going on and I'll add smaller sets and other stuff later to make it look like scenes from the old catalogs. I also plan to do similar cabinets for Space, Castle and Town later. Has anyone else experience from using Ikea glass-door cabinets and can recommend suitable models?
  3. SpacePolice89

    [ENTRY] [LARGE] Steve's Double-crossing

    I think the dark blue water looks great. Maybe a storm is on it's way or maybe it is night?
  4. When I build Lego sets and MOCs I feel happy and relaxed.
  5. SpacePolice89

    [MOC] Ice Planet Recon Craft

    It looks great!
  6. SpacePolice89

    [MOC] Benny's Repair Buggy

    Very nice build! We need more small Classic Space sets and this one would be a perfect small retail set or GWP.
  7. SpacePolice89

    [MOC] Classic Space Spaceport

    These spaceships would be great official sets. They have the right shape, size and look and would sell in huge numbers.
  8. SpacePolice89

    [Blacktron] Outpost

    I really like the transparent yellow windows that forms the Blacktron logo.
  9. SpacePolice89

    Blacktron interrogation facility 90s nostalgia

    Something happened to the pictures, they are not visible anymore.
  10. SpacePolice89

    [MOC] Classic Space Repair Station

    I like the style. A lot of details and that true Classic Space look.
  11. SpacePolice89

    [MOC] Spatha Class Frigate (M-Throne Empire)

    Fantastic ship! It reminds me of the stuff Scott Sanburn used to build.
  12. SpacePolice89

    2024 Space sets

    Thank you! If I get all parts in reddish orange I'll keep both versions. The torso is available on Bricklink, I posted the link above.
  13. SpacePolice89

    2024 Space sets

    Interesting. Thanks for the information. I guess I have to make a reddish orange one when all the parts become available sometime in the future. The printed color on the torso is close enough to regular orange to make it look similar.
  14. SpacePolice89

    2024 Space sets

    As a huge fan of Futuron I was very happy when I found these. They are all bought from Legoland Billund and Lego House so I haven't seen any part IDs or numbers but I found them on Bricklink.{"color":1,"iconly":0}
  15. SpacePolice89

    M-95 Particle Incinerator

    This is so perfect that you should submit it to Lego Ideas!