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  1. jodawill

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    I was wondering about this also. My first standard order was also shipped, but the only indication is that the order summary view says "shipped" now. There's no tracking, no VIP points, etc. I'm getting excited though! If you read the fine print, it says 28 business days, so my August 24th order is on time.
  2. jodawill

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I just bought a second one at $65. For some reason, the PAYPAL10 code didn't work on my phone, but it did work on my PC. (The opposite of the previous code.) I also installed Honey for this purchase. It gave me a notification about getting $7 back, but that has yet to materialize. We'll see. But at $65, this is likely the best deal I'm ever going to find on this set. Edit: I just got a confirmation email from Honey. I got $7.50 back, putting me at $57.50 total. But I bought it twice and only used Honey the second time. Does anyone know if it's possible to upload your receipt to Honey?
  3. jodawill

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    That's a great deal! I was able to get it for $65 with the WOWFRESH promo code. It wouldn't work on my PC, but it worked on my phone. Go figure!
  4. jodawill

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Does anyone know what it means when a standard PAB order is divided between two sets, "In Warehouse" and "Parts Order - Standard?" I have a few outstanding PAB orders right now, and it seems random whether individual parts are listed under each of those categories. Does that differentiate between which parts have been packed, or maybe which ones are in the US warehouse versus those that are in transit from Denmark? Or does it mean some parts were not available and will be canceled?
  5. jodawill

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Paste the element ID into the Bricklink search.
  6. jodawill

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    It's listed, but sold out. The element ID is 4211827.
  7. jodawill

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Here's the list I have bookmarked. It includes all of the interesting elements from 10305 that haven't been published on Pick a Brick yet. Let me know if I missed anything.
  8. I just find it amazing that the service exists at all. There was a time when I never would have imagined Lego would ever allow people to buy individual parts, much less highly sought after minifigures. The UI is adequate. It could be better, sure, but I never have any issues finding what I'm looking for if you understand how it works. The numbers are the element ID and the part ID. The element ID is specific to that color and printing. The part ID can be used to find all parts that share the same mold. When I'm looking for a part, I go to a set that has it and use the category filters to narrow it down. If I want the same part in another color, I copy the part ID into the search and it displays all of them. I'm very excited to see more of these parts show up in the future. I was really excited to see those breastplates are available. I only had one when I was a kid. I just ordered 50 of them. I really hope the visors are available in the near future, and of course, the Lion Knights. I'm sure they'll show up at some point. And I really hope they stock enough so that everyone has an opportunity to buy as many as they want. I don't like the idea of Lego parts being rare. I think every part should be available at a fair price to everyone who wants them.
  9. I just ordered tons of goodies. Besides the Black Falcon minifigures, they have several other good parts available from the set, including the breastplate, black conical helmets, short swords, tournament helmets, great helms, and more. I ordered pretty much everything of interest in large quantities because who knows whether I'll have another opportunity to buy them again. I regretted buying only a dozen of the Black Falcons last time around. I only ordered 30 this time, but honestly, that's probably all I'll ever need for personal use.
  10. jodawill

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    That's a good question. My thought was that he's just a neutral 3rd party enjoying the spring weather. But you can imagine him to be anything you like!
  11. jodawill

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    The other day, my son came up with the idea to have the forest woman on a raft going through a tunnel. I helped him rework it into this: People normally only make forestmen hideouts in the forest. I thought it would be cool to reverse the roles here and have the black falcons guarding a hideout in the woods. They're looking for outlaws, but this one slipped through unnoticed! We made this almost exclusively from two copies of the GWP, with the exceptions being obvious.
  12. jodawill

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I saw this on Reddit today. I can't wait until I'm able to open mine and build something like this. (I'm waiting until Christmas.) It's crazy to think that something like this could have actually been the official set at a mere $200 price point.
  13. Why? Having it sticking straight defeats the entire purpose of having the ramp in the first place.
  14. It looks good, but it should have a right angle like the original so enemies can't bring a battering ram up the door.
  15. I don't see the appeal of that Castle in the Forest set personally. It looks like a big mess to me. It just looks like they tool someone's MOC and said, "Here's the product!" I'm not completely sure that 10305 is better than Black Knights Castle, but I like it infinitely better than any of the other castle stuff made recently (the 3 in 1, Castle in the Forest, and the blacksmith shop). Now that I've had it for a while, I think the only thing that I really feel sad about is the lack of accompanying sets. I wish they had made it a standard modular design and released half a dozen add on sets at the same time like they used to. I'm pretty pleased with the minifigures in this set, but I really hope we get some more interesting plumes in the near future. We were really fortunate to have such a large variety in the '90s with all of the special shapes. There are currently no plumes in production to go into the sides of the visors, which I think is really sad. This set is fine without them, but I sure would like to see them return. I really want Black Knights 2.0 with totally decked out knights. I experimented today with making a black knight with the new visor and armor. I prefer the original, but the new colors make acceptable black knights if you put the visor on a black helmet and use a black torso and legs. Of course, we still don't have a reissue of the dragon shield, so you'd either have to buy old ones or create a new faction from one of the extra shields in 10305. I'll have to pull them all out and see which one looks best with a black knight.