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  1. Does anyone have the element ID for it?
  2. jodawill

    Happy 30th Anniversary PIRATES!

    This is fantastic. I really appreciate you posting this. My three year old son loves King Kahuka. Now I want to recreate that costume! It's interesting reading this discussion on whether Lego is objectively worse than it used to be. I think, as pirate fans here, we can all agree that it's been a long time since Lego has catered to people like us. But it's also interesting how people are always upset about change in their favorite products. Since Lego doesn't make any historical themes anymore, my son and I have been doing a LOT of Playmobil lately. I'm part of a Playmobil forum now, and people there are always complaining about System X and the newer cannons. But since I'm new to Playmobil, I see things much more objectively. The newer sets are much more detailed and I love System X because it's more similar to Lego than steck, and it makes a very satisfying "snap." I love the newer cannons because the cannonballs I don't spend 90% of the time looking for cannonballs, and I also think the even look better than the old ones. (The old cannons were gold, and the cannonballs were brown with lines through them. How is that more realistic?) We've been buying romans, pirates, soldiers, knights, cowboys, and indians. Lots of fun. To be honest, if I'm being objective, I have to admit these newer Playmobil sets are better looking than anything Lego has made. But Lego has a better building experience, so there are tradeoffs.
  3. Yeah, it's just one of those things. I can't really complain because he was doing it voluntarily for free. But it really is a shame he stopped because the previews he sent over were absolutely stunning.
  4. I actually scanned the pages myself. If anyone would like to touch them up in Photoshop, let me know and I'll send the images to you. I think the last guy did about 10 pages, but he didn't completely finish any of them. Really disappointing because he did such a good job.
  5. Yes, he was doing a really great job. Unfortunately, he never finished it and stopped replying to my messages. I'd be grateful if someone else is willing to finish the project.
  6. That looks really good. I do have someone else working on it already though. Someone on Reddit messaged me about it, and he's already made a lot of progress on it. Here's the first draft he sent me of pages 2-7: There are a couple problems with the ones in that link, but it's still a work in progress.
  7. I found a graphic designer on Reddit who was interested in the project. He sent over a few pages today, and although he's not done yet, the results are FANTASTIC! Here's a preview of what's to come:
  8. Hi! A friend of mine recently gave me a near mint copy of The Golden Medallion. My son almost 3 year old son loves it, but I'm afraid he's going to tear it up if we read it together too much. So I scanned it tonight and I'd like to make a physical copy, but I need some help cleaning up the images before I can print it. Specifically, these are some of the problems I've noticed: Page 2 has a stain The images are a little crooked; I could have tried to fix this, but I'd like them to be done right, and I didn't want to modify the original images in case any quality was lost in the process The spine caused some minor shading toward the center of some images When the book was printed, the ink faintly bled through to the other side, which stands out a lot in the scans I would like to create a printable PDF of it with the appropriate margins so it can be printed double-sided and be cut down to the appropriate size, and then stapled I've uploaded low resolution images here for everyone, but if anyone is willing to fix these up, I will send you the full 600 DPI images (over 2GB). I'd appreciate any help I could get. Enjoy the comic!
  9. jodawill

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    The Brick Fan just reported these upcoming city sets: -Maintenance Mission Shuttle (60224) – 9.99€-Rover Test Drive (60225) – 19.99€-Mars Research Shuttle (60226) – 29.99€-Moon Base (60227) – 49.99€-Space Research Rocket Control Center (60228) – 99.99€ Moon Base doesn't sound like a typical city space set. This may be very unlikely, but could these actually be classic space? There will also be more Lego Movie 2 sets. Maybe there will be more classic space here? -70847 – 9.99€-70848 – 19.99€-70849 – 49.99€
  10. Sorry to bump an old thread here, but I'm wondering, how in the world did you come across a copy of this book? Would you be able to provide some better scans? It would be interesting to read this.
  11. jodawill

    Unreleased Wild West saloon set?

    Wow! I had no idea they created a bison prototype. Do you have any idea where the image came from?
  12. jodawill

    Unreleased Wild West saloon set?

    I didn't notice the hotel. I suppose the odds of both of those being unreleased sets is low, unless they were supposed to come in the same set like the bank and general store.
  13. Check out the saloon from the Lego Chess game. Everything else I've seen in these videos is actually from a set. Could this be an unreleased set?
  14. They're laying off almost 8% of their workforce. I'd say you're not alone. I'm also very tired of the licensed themes and think their non-licensed themes are lame. The biggest problem I have with Lego these days is that it's no longer what people call an "open" toy. Sets used to contain much more generic pieces and used unrealistically bright colors, like yellow for sand. When I was a kid, we didn't just build sets and set them on a shelf. We dumped all of the parts into a tub and built rainbow buildings. I think the new sets leave very little to the imagination.
  15. jodawill

    VIDEO Review: 6276 Eldorado Fortress

    I found an old Sears catalog at my grandparents's house last night. It listed the Imperial Trading Post at $73. They still had the order form, so I was tempted to mail it in.