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  1. jodawill

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    4654328 6384051 6123728 6419100 I found all of these by searching Bricklink for "sweat."
  2. jodawill

    2024 Space sets

    Man, I've got to be honest here. I think both of these sets with the classic space minifigures look terribly incongruous. It looks like a four year old was playing with a Creator set and borrowed some minifigures from her dad's Galaxy Explorer. (I'm speaking from personal experience here.) I'm also just getting really annoyed with all of these GWPs. I never buy Star Wars sets, but when I initially saw that new battle droid set, I was thinking about buying it. I thought it would go well with the original wave of Phantom Menace sets. Then I saw it was a GWP. I'm glad the orange space minifigure is making another appearance, but I'm not going to spend an extra $200 or whatever the threshold is just to get a single minifigure. Hopefully the torso ends up on PAB.
  3. Man, that's rough. Since it was at an apartment building, there's a good chance that someone else pulled it out. Hopefully someone rescued it. But that sounds like a horrible situation your sister was going through. I hope you can recreate your collection someday.
  4. That's incredibly wasteful. They couldn't have at least given it to a kid who could enjoy building with the pieces? I'm sure you didn't realize it was worth over a thousand dollars when you decided to throw it away, but why wouldn't you let someone else get some enjoyment out of it?
  5. jodawill

    Please bring back the Forestmen!

    I was just looking through my old posts and discovered this. It's great to see now more than ten years later that I didn't have to give up my firstborn for the forestmen to return. That would have been a very poor trade! It's crazy to look back on this now knowing that my son was born just two years later. I never would have imagined it when I wrote this. It's also interesting to read Faefrost's comment about economics. It may not be a coincidence that the forestmen returned during a time of economic hardship and uncertainty, although they must have been planned long before the pandemic.
  6. jodawill

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    The trans neon green lightsaber blade was recently added. Apparently that color is not actually retired? 6507881
  7. jodawill

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I ordered my bluecoats just in time. I bought 50 soldiers and three governors right before the price hike. I got the micro space set with my order. The bluecoat torsos went up by 30%! The prices may not seem that different when you're looking at just a several cent difference, but we're looking at the difference between spending $100 versus $130 (for example). Maybe they're trying to taper off the demand for logistical reasons? Who knows.
  8. I've been waiting for the sails to show up on PAB. I realized the other day that they probably won't be added because they're not stored with the parts in the warehouse. They're probably stored in the same place as the manuals. Stickers probably fall under this category also. They're probably in completely different warehouses.
  9. jodawill

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

    I only use yellow minifigures. I've always gotten rid of all the fleshies I've come across in bulk lots. It's a real shame they stopped using yellow faces for Star Wars. It actually used to be a great source for medieval minifigure parts back in the old days. Flesh tones severely limit the possibilities because you have to match the skin tones, and they just aren't as fun. I understand having Lando as a different color was weird. I think it would be fun if they just made him yellow like everyone else.
  10. jodawill

    Which island type do you like the most?

    I like the yellow bricks. To me, the beaches should always be yellow in the pirate theme.
  11. jodawill

    2024 Space sets

    Forest Hideout also had the black curved panel, which was exclusive to that set. I wish I had bought some when they appeared on PAB. They were only available briefly.
  12. I agree about the box. It also really brings home the fact that the "Icons" theme doesn't even make any sense. All adult sets go under one umbrella? Another thought I have on this - why don't they make the size of the set correspond to the size of the budget? With the number of frames they had available for this set, it probably would have been better suited as a $150 set instead. The number of new elements they were allowed to create would have gone much further in a smaller set.
  13. jodawill

    2024 Space sets

    I imagine the fact those parts were just 1x1 round tiles has a lot to do with the fact they were able to do that. They were all produced with the same tooling. It was probably a very one-off type thing, not a standard procedure in the factory. It would probably be a lot harder to do that if the parts were different molds because each of the parts might be manufactured in different locations and it would take up spots at each stage along the way. Also, 1x1 round tiles are one of the few parts that they do the most printing on. They probably have great infrastructure setup for printing those compared to very randomly shaped parts that would require special tooling.
  14. I don't see a single sticker in the cottage set. (Continuing below) A horse for Prince Charming would have been nice, and they could have also used it in 10332. But to me, it doesn't feel like the set is missing anything, and just look at how many new parts that set got. Not even counting whatever recolors there are (and maybe that tile used on the beds is a new part?), they got all of this: New print for the clock New prints for all of the dwarfs's faces (not sure about Snow White and the prince) New torsos for all of the dwarfs (again, not sure about the other two characters) 2x2 round tile with squirrel printing 1x1 square tile with owl printing 2x3 tile with shutter printing A light brick (not exclusive to this set, but it's an expensive part) Two new hat molds in various colors - seven unique hats altogether, exclusive to this set New diamond mold (it appears to me) Two new beard molds Almost forgot - three new prints for the queen I'm probably missing some things, and there appear to be a lot of recolors on this set. Yeah, maybe the part count is smaller, but the design is much better than 10332 and there are a lot of new parts dedicated to this set. 10332 only has one new mold (the door) and it's not exclusive to that set. I think the cottage is a far better value for the money when you consider its design and plethora of unique elements. 10332 is a fine set, but it feels like an afterthought compared to many of the licensed sets they're releasing. And, like I said, 10305 had so many new parts, it felt very special, just like the Snow White set. I disagree with you when it comes to stickers. To me, stickers are often used as a substitute for creativity. They can be used tastefully. The Blacktron Cruiser used them merely in place of a printed element they couldn't bring back. The Wild West sets used them sparingly for signs. The Blacktron set was annoying because the stickers don't adhere well to the textured slope, but I think in principle, it was done tastefully. I'm not a fan of stickers when they're used to add a "nostalgia factor" for no purpose. I think the set references are pretty tasteless. There's a mix of two things here that I'm not a fan of. First, I don't like it when they minifigureize all of the decorations. I like how, for example, the old police station had a hand print on one of the elements. I think the Indian horses did also. The old Jolly Roger, likewise, had more realistic bones. The idea was that the minifigures represented real people. I don't like the idea that everything is so meta, like having a minifigure skull on the Jolly Roger or having paintings of minifigures on a tapestry. To me, it ruins the immersion. I feel like I'm looking at a cartoon where everything is silly. When I look at the old magazines, I feel like I myself am being transported to this fantastical world. The other thing is that it's just references for the sake of references. It's not creative to just stick a drawing of an old set on a tile. I do like it when they bring back old factions, but I'd rather see it as a continuation and expounding on previous ideas instead of just, "Hey, 'member that thing you loved when you were a kid?" I think 10305 did a pretty good job at bridging that gap. They did bring back old factions, but they did it in a fresh way and the castle wasn't just directly imitating the past. 10497 was less interesting to me as a set (it was a great parts pack at $40!) because I couldn't stop comparing it to the original, and I really preferred the original. If it was a completely new ship, I might have been more welcoming. 10332 does appeal to me for several reasons. I love the fact that the builds are essentially all original. They did do an homage to the Guarded Inn, but it wasn't replicated so closely as to make us compare them directly and judge the new one based on how faithfully they recreated it. It has several great new minifigures. (The tax collector could have been a CMF.) The gray goat is a really nice part. I wouldn't have chosen it over a new color of a larger animal, but it's probably my favorite goat of all three. I'm curious to see how I feel once I've actually built the set. It looks like it does pair very nicely with the Lion Knights Castle.
  15. I almost skipped this because I don't like the face print change, and I wasn't motivated to spend money just to get it. But I learned some things recently that made me concerned that the 10320 parts won't be available on PAB much longer, so I went ahead and ordered all of the parts from that set I've been waiting to order. I saw someone building it in the store this afternoon and it looked like a nice set. It just bugs me that the figures don't match the ones I already have.