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  1. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It is annoying, but at least it's an easy fix for obi-wan. Since it's a juniors set, I'd say it's not 100% likely we'll see 2 pilots, but I'd expect the other to be luke.
  2. Exactly. i love that it's called maximum venom, assumably because maximum carnage would be too violent, but it just sounds so stupid. I think you're right, and it is based on the upcoming season. People are allowed to have different opinions man! I really like the new leaked figures. Captain america looks amazing, thor, black panther, and anya are pretty good, and I REALLY like the new aim agent design. I was skeptical at first, but these guys look tough. More like shock troops than mad scientists, which does show the game is deviating from the source material, but I think that can be a good thing. If this game is going to be serious, the villians can't all be running around in those goofy hazmat-looking suits. I do hope the OG costumes show up as technicians or something though. However, I think the leakers might be missing something, just due to the errors on some of the figures. BP's ear part is backwards, and the aim agent's breather is upside-down. I think it's likely thor will have a cape, and the aim agent might have something with that backpack element.
  3. 100% true, yes. But you can still buy them at shop at home for the same price, yes?
  4. I assume it's part of a deal with the retail chains. Ah. Thanks.
  5. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It is really annoying that they can't bother to make different face prints for the named pilots. At least the new helmet is yet more likely to be gone though, I know this is again for a juniors set but it'll have been 1 and 1/2 years since the last release of the new helmet, with multiple juniors and normal system sets using the old mold. That print annoys me to no end. There are so many problems with it. First off, it's used for every masked or fully helmeted generic bad guy, despite the fact that very few imperials and virtually no first order troops were clones. I don't get why they do that, when there is a cheaper option of just having them have blank black heads that's not only cheaper but more accurate. They could also just use different face prints for them, if they need to be shown with faces. And it's not even really all that accurate for clones, either! I don't see how the face resembles a clone, but the flesh color should be darker to better represent the characters. I feel like the visor is the wrong shape on this one, and he looks too much like a clone to me, but at least it's different.
  6. I think the design does stand out a bit, to me it seems to have alot more black and more of a militarized look, something new to cap's lego suits. You're right about iron man, though, I guess he will always be an insanely popular character now, and without him appearing near-constantly in the MCU they need to get suits from somewhere. When you consider how few directly comic-based sets lego has made for marvel (wolverine chopper set, and debatably some of the early 2017 sets), it makes sense that they'd make more gamerverse sets, and put lots of iron men in them. I've never understood why retail exclusives are considered disappointing. Sure, it might be inconveniant to have to go to, say, a Wal-Mart instead of a target, but if you buy the set online from lego or amazon the impact is completely negated.
  7. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Ugh, glad they fixed that. there was that weird in-between period too, where they all had the same hairpieces in, i think it was the mos-eisly set, but the faceprints were really weird for luke and han, luke's especially, in trying to be realistic and capturing what looked like wrinkles and spots and what have you. So you had them all with these 1978 hairpieces, but faceprints that were TOO realistic. Glad they fixed both those problems.
  8. I agree, the main thing people don't like about these for most of them just seems to be that they don't look like the MCU characters, specifically the faces, but lego marvel means that we'll have very few new face prints, so I wouldn't worry about that. I love the costumes from the game, and while I know I'm in the minority with liking the captain america suit all the other costumes are good, and it's nice to get new designs. Any sort of alternate iron man suit, such as the one you mentioned, would likely require a wave 2. I would say tht depends on the popularity of the game, but seeing as we're getting sets that have had elements leak almost a year before the game's release, and will be released over 5 months before the game, it'll really just depend on how much they do for black widow, eternals, and falcon and winter soldier. Good idea, I made the mistake of purchasing that set awhile back and still haven't found a use for the truck parts or reaper.
  9. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I agree that obi-wan's for ep 3 is alright, but I think anakin needs a new hairpiece since his hair is longer than the part suggests. Moody's hair might not work too well, but it would probably work better than his current hair, which is meant for the hair anakin has in the clone wars animated series.
  10. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I agree, it's the only set where his inclusion makes any sense. does it really, though? This is the first time we've gotten battle-damaged robes, and they could easily be used, well, whenever you need a jedi figure to have battle damage. those spots could easily be seen as dirt smudges, lightsaber wounds, etc.
  11. I think between the iron man suit clearly lifted straight from the game and the aim soldiers not having the comic outfits but looking like those of the game, we can safely assume it will have at the very least some similarities.
  12. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    True, (though I still think the old republic trooper figures had the best heavy blasters), The stud shooter has it's uses, but at the very least lego could throw in accurate weapons too. They can't be THAT expensive to produce, and lego keeps the stud shooters in as play features. he does, I really like the damaged robes on these variants and the faceprint is great too.
  13. I think we've known that for a bit as he would've had to be a big enough build to be part of the leaked set descriptions, but it's nice to have it confirmed. sp//Dr would be a very interestin build though. Thanks. It makes it much less likely. If you mean the aviator cap, that's incredibly disappointing. It'd almost be better for them to have no helmet.
  14. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I understand that they provide a play feature, but they make battlepacks so much less valuable as you then have to go buy a ton of blasters to get the soldiers in the pack to look accurate