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  1. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    TOO LATE! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Assault on hoth is the reason for MBS's creation! It could count against it, possibly, but I think it's not too difficult for them to have both, considering how the trash compactor is just, what, 1/16th of the death star set?
  2. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I didn't remember the toy fair thing and thought this was in regards to the other famous Nuremberg congregation, which got me very confused for a second as to what lego star wars had to do with the Nuremburg trials. I suppose so, everything is nowadays. $530 makes total sense... the last death star was $500, and it's been 5 years, which considering the recent monstrous inflation (in the US at least), $530 isn't that bad. As for the other options: Palace: I doubt it, seeing as we're about to have a $100 palace set. I think they'd wait until that retires at least. Temple and pentranaki: I don't think we'll see any prequel d2c stuff until 2023 at the earliest, they need time to judge gunship sales. Hoth. I mean it's possible, I suppose, but I think the most likely candidates are a death star and endor. I mean, it was on shelves for twelve years because it sold well. And continues to sell well online, look on sites like bricklink.
  3. Mandalorianknight

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    yes. The mystery shack would sell SO WELL around this point, since the kids who saw it should have disposable incomes by now.
  4. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    awesome, I love the wacky backstories of these background guys. Speaking of the monks, I wonder if any are included in the set. It's a small build that they can count as a "figure", so it seems like something they could do. I hope they do fix boba's helmet, sand green really doesn't work for it for this armor. Given that they put Bib Chungus's lekku on a dancer's head, i think it's possible the cape will be included and he just didn't swipe one, it kinda looks like he just swiped only the new molds/prints he could get access too. Nah, we don't need a new weequay mold. They're really humanoid-looking, essentially just wrinkly bald men, it's nothing printing can't handle.
  5. Mandalorianknight

    Background hunter ship Mocs

    Every once in a while, when I'm stressed out or trying to get over creative block, I dump out some random parts or take apart a set I no longer want and try to make something from it. Most of the time the results aren't very good, and they go back into the parts pile, but sometimes I like to keep them around, maybe tidy up the color scheme. Here are a couple of my favorites. Butterfly Fighter: More images: This is supposed to be a small fighter ship, sort of fancy looking. While the falcon looks like a piece of junk despite being a fast and competent ship, this fighter is meant to look like a little luxury car type thing. I built this in...April 2021, I think? Mainly out of the parts of the phantom 2, and went back to add a few highlight colors in may or june. I think it uses space pretty effectively, considering the shaping. The whip parts are meant to represent tubing for the main cannons, with small sensors up top. The back can fit a second figure and about 4 weapons. For the figures I made for it, there's a 50's chrome spacer looking bounty hunter, as well as his mechanic in an olive jumpsuit, which you can see in the images in the spoiler. Fishbowl starhopper More images: This is definately an uglier ship. I first drafted this back in...I think july 2019, but I made some changes to it last year. This was first made from the shadow troopers battle pack and wookiee gunship microfighter parts, if you can believe that. Clearly, I went back and changed the colors to this grey/blue mashup. If you look in the other images, you can see that while this ship looks ugly, it's absolutely bristling with weapons. Aside from the stud shooters and lower blasters, there's the railguns and missiles on the bottom of the ship. This was much more of a shaping exercise, and I think I keep it around more for the continual modding then any actual quality. The figures are a generic Han Solo type, a copilot with a weaponized arm, and a captured criminal. I've got a few more, including a more angular starfighter and a large gunship that I liked enough to order figure parts for a crew for it, that I might post sometime. Anyway, I got motivated to post these when I got my most recent block (on the moc wave I'm working on, I got stuck about 3 parts into the B-wing and couldn't start at all on the other 3 sets I've got left to build.), which I built this little spider-man moc (which is of the climax of the film, so spoilers if you click that link) to sort of get some creativity flowing, and ended up posting it at my friend's urging, and then I figured these mocs might be interesting to see.
  6. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    My personal favorite has always been Wide Fortuna, as a callback to the wide vader memes. Same here. This mold is fine, I prefer this sort of printed face to the hyperrealistic attempts with some of the older molds. In the full image it's a dark trooper. Likely the parts snatched here included a dark trooper from the Luke Vs dark troopers set. You guys are right, it's definately a theelin with Bib's lekku. I'm kind of surprised we're getting an exotic dancer figure, but I suppose we did get oola before, and this outfit is considerably more tame. Is the Quarren just some corrupt official or something? He doesn't seem the bounty hunting type, I would say he's a middle manager type like Greef was, but since he may be the same as the one in jabba's palace I'm guessing there's an 800 page novel of his exploits somewhere I just haven't seen yet.
  7. Mandalorianknight

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    The yellow one is the two-seater mentioned in the set. I didn't include the harkonnen ornithopter because I didn't see any real differences between it and the artrides one. Yeah the Baron and Piter aren't included but I couldn't think of any sets for them to be in that could realistically ever be a set, given that they pretty much only appear in conference scenes in the palace and in the scene where they brutally kill a doctor in front of a naked man before everyone but the baron is gassed to death, which even with the Bond news still seems like something lego wouldn't make a set on.
  8. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Yeah, so the female figure in the white jumpsuit is a theelin. If that original rumor was legitimate, it's funny that the "bounty hunters" weren't even characters that participated in combat. I'm guessing that rumor wasn't entirely active, and I'm guessing there's no rancor either. It likely will be a new mold, it's been long enough that the original mold likely no longer exists.
  9. Mandalorianknight

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    I was going to make a joke here about breaking into lego headquarters and forcing them to make dune sets, but I realized I'd have to: Break into Lego headquarters, Hbo/lionsgate/what have you's headquarters, potentially the headquarters of the Herbert Estate depending on their contract with the studio, and possibly the homes of every single actor in the film to use their likeness depending on their contracts with the studio. No way I can do all that before Chase McCain catches me, so I guess our only hope is manifesting the sets. Seriously though, dream dune wave that will never happen even if we get a few sets: House Harkenon ($14.99): 3x harkenon soldiers and Rabben. Build is a Harkenon banner and a bit of terrain. House Artides ($14.99): 3x artrides soldiers and Leto (armor). Build is an Artrides banner and a small version of their anti-aircraft gun. Fremen soldiers ($14.99): 3x fremen soldiers and Stilgar (the big flowing robes he wore when meeting leto). Build is a patch of sand with a function for a fremen soldier to pop up out of it. Sardukar legion ($14.99): 3x sardukar soldiers and their battalion leader. Comes with an imperial banner and some rocky terrain. Finding the Fremen ($49.99): The tiny 2-seater ornithopter and a some of the rocky terrain, with a function to have a Fremen soldier slide across a patch of sand to make it look like they're riding a worm. Comes with Paul (cloth over stillsuit), Jessica, Chani, Stilgar (stillsuit), and a Fremen soldier. Ornithopter ($59.99): 4-seater with room for at least 3 more in the back. Comes with Paul, Leto, Gurney, Kynes (all in stillsuits), and a crawler worker. Harkenon Transport ($119.99): large transport ship (you know, the one that has the sides puff out for landing fast) with a feature to drop soldiers on cable lines. Comes with 4x harkenon soldiers, 2x sardukar soldiers, Gurney (plainclothes), Duncan Idaho (plainclothes), and 2x Artrides soldiers.
  10. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Two new figures leaked in the usual place. A Quarren and a female Twi'lek (Light flesh skin with the lekku similar to bib though, it's not Garsa Fwip). The Quarren has some olive green robes with white pants and the Twi'lek has a slim white jumpsuit. Both have new molds (The Quarren's head and the Twi'lek's lekku), and I'm inclined to believe these are real. The molds look like actual molds lego would make and not the hyper-realistic stuff many customs have, and the prints especially look very much in line with lego's style.
  11. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I also hope so, but given that we just got...a form of playscale slave one, I don't see it happening anytime too soon. I think all we can really even just speculate about this wave is that it could have hoth and geonosis elements, along with elements of the newer shows.
  12. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I very much want endor and geonosis sets this year. I just think that these two spots may be these sets based on release cycles and the recent hoth spree, and wouldn't particulary mind if these two were them. If the entire wave was hoth I'd be pretty annoyed, ideally I'd hope we get at most 3-4 hoth sets out of this full wave. Yes, a snowspeeder on that same base version they've been using for nearly a decade would be annoying. Hopefully they do end up fixing it if this new set is a snowspeeder. I do hope we get at least a few geonosis sets this year. Hopefully an AT-TE is one of them!
  13. Mandalorianknight

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I mean, I suppose a small BP 1 set could be good. They've already done 3 wakandan ships, so maybe something more location-based, like the waterfall fight? I think the T'Challa face in the CMF was pretty good, but I guess it'd be nice to have one of him doing that more stoic impression. They definately didn't. Funko I think has the fastest turnaround of the three and even they won't have the VILLAIN pops out for a bit, much less the other spiders. Remember, Marvel's origional plan was to keep the villains secret as well, hence why the merchandise doesn't fit with the pre-film marketing as well, as the merch is heavily focused on Strange, and the trailers (moreso the second one) had a heavy villain focus.
  14. Mandalorianknight

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    To be fair, there's a HUGE difference between most of these fantasy killers and James Bond. From Start to Finish: The Killing Joke torso is based on something dark, sure, but the overall figure is clearly removed enough from that context (he has a big duck floatie, for pete's sake) that I can see why it didn't have parents in an uproar. Carnage routinely appears in kid friendly content. Deadpool appeared in kid friendly content frequently back when his figure was released (I actually was introduced to the character via the 2014 spidey cartoon), and after his movie released, lego very clearly backed off of deadpool figs despite his popularity. Punisher was based on his classic comics appearance, which was more in line with what lego would produce, and even then the designer stated he only made it in to the bugle because it was 18+. Mola Ram is pretty bad, I grant you that, but he was very clearly an outlier, and as the main villain of the movie, he kinda had to be there, since the heart thing was just one scene. Anakin's killings are all clearly fantasy, and even then lego doesn't make sets based around order 66 or his implied murder of kids. Plus, it's star wars, are you really gonna say Revenge of the Sith and Casino Royale are around the same level of violence? The LoTR and Hobbit books and movies are of course fantasy and kid-friendly enough, avada Kadavra is a fantasy spell in a children's book series (I like the books but c'mon, they're for kids, and isn't there a rumor that even then lego isn't doing sets that would be associated with the Deathly Hallows films?). And again, the Incredibles movies are for children. Great movies, but they're not exactly deadpool. Being too dark is most certainly the reason there aren't system james bond sets. Sure, you might say they could do stuff based on the less gritty earlier films, but those were still a level more violent, and more importantly had more realistic violence compared to lightsabers and wands, and of course even they situations, which lego is much more strict on. I think the only property they've done system sets on that's even remotely close to Bond in that regard is Eternals, and I doubt lego was appraised of that scene beforehand. TLDR: The reason bond wouldn't work for a game/system sets is it's harder to base on the kid-friendly aspects of the material, and it's a bit more lewd than lego tends to go even disregarding the violence. Personally I've got my star wars and my spider-man, and I'm pretty satisfied with that. I suppose in terms of realistic properties, I wouldn't say no to a Dune ornithopter or some sort of Clash of Clans set. My absolute pipe dreams that would never happen are Eragon sets (Pretty good fantasy books that could yield some great dragon sets, and it's around the same kid-friendlyness as the harry potter books, but there was a terrible movie that killed the IP, so unless someone revives it we'll never see sets), or maybe an 18+ model of the Rearden Metal train from Atlas Shrugged (Pretty much a billion reasons why this would never happen, but suffice it to say it's a book for adults about some pretty heavy topics and kind of actively mocks stuff that applies to the lego company)
  15. Mandalorianknight

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Daredevil and Punisher are pretty iconic characters though, and even they had to be limited to an 18+ set where they were clearly based on the comics (what with the bright red and DD logo for daredevil, and big white boots for punisher). Lego has the technical loop of them being based on the comics, and they're popular enough that many people knew about them before the shows. For Peacemaker, a character virtually no one knew about before his R-rated appearances, and who's film costume and comic costumes are pretty much identical, it's pretty clear that he won't be in any DC sets anytime soon, ESPECIALLY not one aimed directly at kids like a CMF.