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  1. Mandalorianknight

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I'm not trying to minimod but I think we need to de-escalate here. If i'm reading it correctly he was just saying he couldn't remember the spelling of the name so he went off another animated film based on asian culture with a sword fighting heroine and dragon sidekick, not a race thing. This is a lego discussion forum, I think this is like the last place that stuff like this should happen. Again, I'm not trying to minimod but I think we need to de-escalate here, what with the implied accusations of racism and all. Given lego's approach to anything remotely controversial, with no more jabba's palace sets or slave leia/oola off the top of my head but I know there's ones relating to the shell gas company and some of the architecture ones (except for the vegas one, their decision there was clearly the right one), I don't think we'll get another Cara anytime soon, which is sad. No matter people's opinion of Gina, they should be able to understand that Cara Dune is a fictional character that doesn't neccesarily share the beliefs of Gina, just like Pedro and Djin. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a hairpiece, since apparently this one has the print on the side of the head?
  2. Mandalorianknight

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I can't speak for the guy but I mean, it's a disney animated film inspired by asian culture with a swordfighter protagonist and a supporting character that's a talking dragon, specifically one that's not the stereotypical dragon. The protagonist also has a connection to the animal they ride, which can't talk but is shown to have a degree of intelligence and personality. Sure, some are common disney movie traits, but most disney films don't have swordfigher protagonists or unique takes on dragons. The film looks good, but you can't deny it's got some similarities to mulan. No reason to jump to the conclusion that it was about race, that's a bit odd. Disappointing, i was hoping to use it for Cara as well. Still hoping she's in the arquitens still, though even if she is I doubt they'd update the figure for it.
  3. Mandalorianknight

    75280 MOCs/MODs - TX-130 Saber Republic Hovertank

    That tx-130 is incredible as an alternate build! Making a canon vehicle out of the parts of another set is tough, especially when they don't seem to lend themselves to the set (like you said, not many wedges), but you did it perfectly. I'm definitely going to try and make one out of 2 501st sets based on yours, I can post it here if you want.
  4. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I believe it is april, I think that's when last year's helmets and statue dropped, and usually the only set releasing in may for SW is the may the fourth D2C
  5. Mandalorianknight

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    Thank you! Although I just modded the 2013 gunship to close the gaps, I didn't start from scratch. If I were you, I'd start by using the "part out" feature on bricklink to get the part list for the 2013 model, swap the dark red for dark blue, and then make some of the other mods such as full doors and maybe the lights (I'm going off the umbara arc here, but I don't believe that was standard on 501st ships). Alright, I seem to be making more lists recently, so I'll do another chronological movie/film list on this new thread. Starting with TPM, with every film and show (except clone wars gets 2 waves because of how much content there is, and resistance gets none because I didn't watch enough to really get a feel of the show.) getting one wave that consists of: 4 micros, 2 battlepacks, 1 duel, 5 system sets, 3 helmets, and 1 UCS/MBS. TPM WAVE:
  6. Mandalorianknight

    [MOC] Night Buzzard Minifig-Scale

    Slightly more than slave one did in the OT, I believe. The KoR are the Boba Fett of the sequels: they look cool but all they really do in the films is stand around waiting to get killed off by a solo. This looks fantastic! The Night Buzzard is such a cool-looking ship, and this really captures it's look. The scale is impressive as well, it looks about as long as your UCS falcon!
  7. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    ^Possibly minor spoilers for bad batch if true, but I can't remember if it was ever even confirmed. If there's a fifth figure, I'm hoping for either the one listed in the spoiler or another Fennec Shand (in case the arquitens is bad). I doubt we'd see 6 new figures in a set, though I guess we are already getting five, but my money's still on an existing figure maybe with updated prints like Anakin or a clone.
  8. Mandalorianknight

    Predictions on the $800 summer 2021 set.

    It's been leaked by reliable sources as an AT-AT... I agree, we don't need to create separate topics for random rumors and discussions that fit under an existing thread.
  9. Mandalorianknight

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I love this list! The four I quoted are my personal favorites here because we really need another TIE advanced, seeing as it's been over a decade since the last full sized one. A 501st gunship variant seems like a great idea, too, and we really need fallen order sets. Shoretroopers are super hard to mass, so a battle pack of them would be great! I had another idea for massive faction packs with the main trio of each faction, as well as troops and vehicles: Republic ($79.99): AV-7 anti-vehicle cannon, 2x accurately sized AT-RT, a BARC speeder, and barricade with war table and E-web. Comes with Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, Fives (season 5 appearances), 4x p2 clone trooper, 2x AT-RT driver. Separatists ($79.99): Proton cannon droid, large crab droid, small battle droid transport. Comes with Dooku, Grievous, a commando droid captain, 2x commando droid, 2x b2 battle droid, 6x b1 battle droid. Rebels ($79.99): Snowspeeder, scavenged AT-RT and stolen 74-Z speeder bike, P-Tower, and some terrain with a command center. Comes with Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, 4x rebel fleet trooper, 2x snowspeeder pilot (Wedge and Zev) Empire ($79.99): AT-ST, 74-Z speeder bike, large Turbolaser tower, and a small barricade. Comes with Vader, Palpatine, Thrawn, 1x scout trooper, 4x stormtrooper, 2x AT-ST driver. Resistance ($79.99): Ski speeder, 12 Com turret, maintenance vehicle, and command center. Comes with Rey, Finn, Poe, Rose, a resistance pilot, and 4 resistance troopers. First Order ($79.99): First Order AT-ST, smaller first order snowspeeder and some starkiller base defense area with a first order banner. Comes with Kylo (unmasked, during gap between 8 and 9), Phasma, Hux, 4x FO stormtrooper, First Order driver, and First Order gunner.
  10. Mandalorianknight

    75021 Republic Gunship mods and purchase tips.

    Thank you! I had forgotten that the CW gunship has the separated doors, but I'll definitely work on that now! Thanks! I love that custom gunship design, is that Muunilinst 10? Thanks! In response to the suggestions: Good catch on the doors, I'll have to work on that. As for why the trans tiles and curved tiles are missing, this was just a day 1 mod and I didn't have the parts on me, but I'm purchasing them soon. I'll have to check out your AT-RT, that sounds great!
  11. The 75021 Republic Gunship released in 2013 and is somehow still the most recent republic gunship. With the next UCS set being a republic gunship, the odds of getting a system scale one in the next few years are very low, so I set out to purchase the 2013 model. I quickly ran into a problem: it's incredibly expensive secondhand. The cheapest listing on bricklink from a US seller is $250, almost twice the cost of the 2013 set, and it doesn't even include figures. I thought I'd be clever and try to purchase the parts for the ship, but that ends up even more expensive. TIPS ON HOW TO PURCHASE THE GUNSHIP ON A BUDGET: -Don't buy the sticker sheet. Most stickers on this set don't add much, with the exception of two stickers that essentially make two large LBG slopes white, in which case you should just buy the white slopes instead. -switch out the bubble turret canopy for this part. You'll also need to switch out the hinges. The part looks very similar, but is $10-40 cheaper depending on where you're getting it from. -Make a wanted list of the parts. Then, go through your collection and find any parts from that list that you have, deleting them from the list as you go. Using this, I cut the cost down from $250 (without shipping) to $80 (including shipping), although I was able to find roughly 30% of the parts before ordering. I highly suggest this for any lego fans who want to get the set but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars on it. GUNSHIP MODS: Like I said, this is a great set. However, it's based off the attack of the clones model, meaning that it's not exactly spaceworthy. Most Notably, it has large openings below the cockpit, and the bay doors only close halfway. I decided to try and mod the set into the clone wars variant of the vehicle, which is actually able to close it's doors all the way: As you can see, the gaps are covered as they are in the gunship variant seen in the clone wars show. Here it is with the bay doors open (they unfortunately can no longer open fully, I'm working on fixing that) and the area below the cockpit visible. I was able to fit 16 passengers alongside the two gunners and two pilots. I also made a more accurately sized AT-RT, and while it still can't fit inside the gunship, I still thought it would be interesting to show alongside it: Let me know what you think of my mods and AT-RT moc, or any suggestions you have. If you are planning on buying 75021, I hope this helps you save some money!
  12. Mandalorianknight

    Wishlist MOC wave: A-wing and TIE interceptor physical models

    Minor update: I physically built the A-wing and TIE interceptor. I did end up making the A-wing in the classic ROTJ colors because I prefer it to the vanguard colors. The A-wing turned out pretty well, in my opinion. Here's the interceptor: The TIE interceptor also turned out pretty well, although it did require some changes to the wingtips to fully work in real bricks. It also requires a stand to be displayed.
  13. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Yup. If you buy any set in between them, or don't buy them in that order, you have to start over without cancelling your previous orders. You also have to order 66 copies of the new X-34 snowspeeder, a T-47 snowspeeder in the colors of Luke's Landspeeder, retailing for $50 each. As @Eaglefan344 said, if you like the new one more, get it and sell the old one. Retired LSW is super expensive, especially UCS sets.
  14. Mandalorianknight

    SW Sets in the year 1985 ???

    These are great, you've really captured what they'd look like in that era. Reminds me of that guy who tried to do the entire star wars trilogy in lego back in the late 80s/early 90s. That A-wing is great, though your solution to the sides might be a bit advanced for 1986-lego still hasn't figured out that they can angle bricks for the wings on their system-scale A-wings!
  15. Mandalorianknight

    these figures are original?

    If the fakes are good enough that several eurobricks members own them, have examined them, and believe them to be real, with the little lego logos and whatnot, we might as well give up on buying anything off bricklink or ebay, because it means fakers have created fake lego that's impossible to identify.