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Found 4 results

  1. Dr Snotson

    LEGO IDEAS: Homage to 4551 Hi, please check out my new entry for LEGO IDEAS. I mixed up my latest DB E94/194 version with the coloursceme of one of the greatest LEGO locos. If you like my rendition please support my idea and check out my other entry: DB BR 194 LEGO IDEAS 4551 SIMON JAKOBI #01 by Simon Jakobi, auf Flickr
  2. Dr Snotson

    DB E94 / 194 6th version

    http://P1110591 by Simon Jakobi, auf Flickr To be honest this is my 6th version of the german crocodil. Now she shares the drivetrain with her swiss sister. Each truck is powered by a PF-L-motor. All axles are driven. The third and fourth axle are blind. Therefore the trucks are completly new. I also worked on the fronts of the noses and the shape the roof. I hope, you like the result! Greetings from Hannover, Simon! http://P1110592 by Simon Jakobi, auf Flickr http://P1110593 by Simon Jakobi, auf Flickr
  3. Dear Community, The week has passed very fast once again and like promised I would like to present a model for the start of the weekend. But first a little text. Some of you may have already seen it while browsing through my Flickr channel. It's the "German Crocodile", the DR E 94. It was built from 1940 and was mainly used in heavy goods traffic in Germany and Austria. 200 units were built. The nickname "German crocodile" was given to the locomotive because of the optical similarity to the "Swiss crocodile, the SBB Ce 6/8", which comes much closer to a crocodile. But the real nickname is not "crocodile" but "iron pig". They were designed for freight trains with up to 2000 tons. This heavy electric locomotive fascinated me already as a child on our domestic model railway layout. Apparently effortlessly she pulled the at that time seemingly endless coal train over our 4m² plate. The model is approx. 43cm long, 8.5cm wide and approx. 12.5cm high, with extended pantographs even higher. The locomotive can be motorized with two Power-Functions M motors, one of which is housed in each "crocodile snout". The IR receiver and battery box fit easily into the spacious cab. Inside, it was even possible to design both cabs. The detailed roof can be removed for easy access to the interior details and electronics. The two chassis, each with three axles (all driven) are pivoted and also very detailed. Here were not the "standard railway wheels" used, but the large spoke wheels of the Emerald Night, as these fit much better to the scale. By the way, the size of the model fits perfectly to the already introduced "SBB De 4/4". What has always bothered me with this locomotive, as well as with the "sister" from Switzerland and other locomotives of similar design, is the relatively large gap, which is between the driver's cab and the two " mouths " (also to be seen with the crocodile from LEGO set 10183). This gap is usually quite large with LEGO models, as the available curve radius is very small compared to the scale. In the real model, however, the gap is hardly noticeable. My goal was to "develop" a system that allows cornering but keeps the gap as small as possible. The solution is relatively simple. Below the cab there is a kind of rail system which is attached to both " mouths " and thus enables the three elements to be pulled apart if necessary, e.g. in curves. On a straight line, the elements are pulled together again by means of an attached rubber band. The assembly attempts have left a good impression on me. Unfortunately also a long, heavy train causes, that the elements can pull each other a little bit apart when driving straight out. As with the "SBB De 4/4" it is possible to build the locomotive in three different colours: - dark green (still my favourite) - grey - blue (DB colouring) And now have fun looking at the pictures. Criticism welcome. The example (Source: Wikipedia) More pictures in the flickr album With kind regards Martin | Bricks-on-Rails
  4. Hi everyone! My newest creation is remote controlled! It's a bus and it's my fifth tiny RC at minifig scale! Hope you like it! My previous RCs on Youtube: , , , Of course I visited the intercity bus station with a camera and the bus again, as I did recently! The type of the bus is Ikarus, but only the body is Ikarus, the engine and chassis is Scania. That's why you see the word 'Scania' on the front. It's possible to travel by it in Hungary. At the area, where I live, the bus company has I guess three of them. So we have more chance to catch it, than to catch . If you read the technical things below, you will see, that it has some disadvatages. But I like it very much and I'm really satisfied with the body! It has some crazy building techniques in every directions. As far as I know, they are my own inventions. Maybe they are already exist, but I didn't know them. My favourite detailes are the headlights, the taillights, the upside-down windows near the gear rack, the covering method of the destination screen and the air conditioner. Technical detailes: It is more difficult to build a bus at this scale, than a truck. For example at a the truck we can use five stud wide frame, and after that we can cover it by tiles, so it won't be too wide. But for a bus we have to use panels to make the windows, they are 1 stud wide on both sides, so if we want to stay in 6 studs, the frame can be only 4 stud wide. And Technic prefers the odd numbers... It's not good if the driven wheels leave the ground, so the rear wheels are not completely fixed. Looks like, if I make something better, something becomes worse. It's the first time, that I used servo motor for steering. The steering features are better, the frame is worse. Below you can see an image without the body. You may notice, that there is an arch in the frame, like a bridge. The AAA battery box is at the back, and its weight causes this deformation. Furthermore there's no possibility to fix the body by studs after the servo motor. Therefore the mudguards touched the rear wheels. I had to raise the rear part of the body by half plate. It causes some deformation, too And finally I have to tell you in secret, that the servo motor moves the gear rack on a little bit longer distance, what the inner things allow. So the motor twists the frame. You can see it in the video at . Therefore one of the front wheels sometimes leaves the ground.And almost all of the weight is on the driven wheels, so sometimes the bus wants to go straight ahead, instead of turning. But it's very rear. And finally you can see the small piece of pneumatic hose, which holds the window in upside-down position. The base and the top of the window panel has a different thickness. It depends on its position, in which height the more space in the body is. If I use the window on a normal way, the gear rack pushes it out, during steering. All in all it looks cool and works well, so I'm happy with the result of my fifth attempt! More pictures: Thanks for visitnig!