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  1. BillytheKid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    Those parkplugs ordered in darkred and the rest it was just puzzle to get it right. I remembered I used plates jumper 1x2 and 1x3.
  2. Awesome. I want this too.
  3. BillytheKid

    Piratestuff form BillytheKid

    I guess they didn't make it at the long run.........
  4. BillytheKid

    The 12v layout form BillytheKid.

    Made this loc 7760 in green long time ago, but I didn't like the windows ala clear 1x2 brick. Now I have used green windows, which looks much better. What do you think? Oh and the lights doe really work, when train is riding .
  5. BillytheKid

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Have you tried it already? I bought only the locomotive of set 60198 just to found out more about the PUP-system. I'm positive surprised about the PUP-system. Quiet & easy to control. Only the batt .
  6. BillytheKid

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Everybody knows this set was sold out quickly. Just be patience, you get your hands soon at one set or maybe 2. This one is gonna be a classic.
  7. BillytheKid

    The 12v layout form BillytheKid.

    That's for to pull the standard up, which has some wires what will fall over when not using the gearthing I made at trainshed. To me it's still a layout. I have seen layouts who are bigger than mine. I'm glad you are impressed by it. It's only 4m by 4m dense/packed with city/miniland sets. Like the modulars. The Minions are also arrived :( : And the little proud of mine, 4x 7755 in different colors and each have 2x 12v motor for extra pulling power. Made for a meeting to pull 40 Shelltankers at 12v. Well I build 20 tankers sofar.........
  8. BillytheKid

    The 12v layout form BillytheKid.

    Maybe nice to know. I designed my layout for the set 10027 trainshed: So every 9v & 12v train can be repaired when needed. Also changed the 'octan' colors into shell. This was mine desgin, before I started to build up.
  9. BillytheKid

    The 12v layout form BillytheKid.

    New little project finished. I bought the only locomotive 60198, because I was curious about the new system. I was positive surprised about the quality of it. And a good extra, to clean the innertrack before using the 12v trains :D . I can pull a cleaning wagon first, to clean the innertrack of 12v. Anyway, first the loc. I modified it a little to 'DB' and looked at internet who did it before to build lights in it. Good job I think, without changing the desgin of orginal. Only I wanted rearlights too :D . Just bought 2 sets of ledlights and cut & paste the lights to one wire which goes into batteryholder. The oldie besides the newbie
  10. BillytheKid

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    Looks great. Almost similar like mine. Maybe an idea to build it like mine, to save space? As child it was a dream to get all sets and play all day to hunt for the treasure.
  11. BillytheKid

    Piratestuff form BillytheKid

    And Imperial Flagship 6271 also restored and cleaned. The canons and muskets are loaded....... Enough firepower to defend themselves.......... Made little improvements. Can you spot them? No anchor? It is LEGO, add one. With small stringdrum in a holder.
  12. BillytheKid

    Piratestuff form BillytheKid

    Dust is the problem of every AFOL, if not you don't have LEGO . Yellowing is a problem of sunlight. Now the room stays dark when I'm not around. White, light grey yellow & blue. It can be restored, if you know what you doing. Red also discolors, but that you can throw away :( . Finally all parts are arrived and this pic shows actually what I've done to update the sets of 1989 for better detail.
  13. BillytheKid

    Piratestuff form BillytheKid

    I meant the piratesets of 1989 .........., trains also, but that's another problem .
  14. BillytheKid

    Piratestuff form BillytheKid

    Besides mine (huge) trainlayout and love the piratetheme also. I have all sets from 1989 and few after that which fit in this style in mine eyes. After eating dust after 10 years, I noticed many pieces were yellowed . Lucky I found a way to unyellow them with hydrogen perxide, even printed pieces worked out, lucky me . I also updated the theme with few better details pieces and modify here and there, also for practical use. Still working at Eldorado Fortness, pic's will follow soon. But the Caribbean Clipper 6274 is finished and want to share this. If you like it , say it. If you don't like it, who cares . Also added support to keep the sails full in the wind. Added 2 extra canons. Also a battledroid with lifejacket and a soldier with a slingshot. When used properly, it can hurt like hell. The gouvernor has his own place to keep an eye at his treasure. And he has gloves on. See the flame to fire the canon? The soldier has a new backpack with green sleeproll and the sailors have also a little bag to have some things always with them. And the frontsail is made in same way as Imperial Flagship in the hope it won't crull together. Anyway this set is finished to get dust for the next 10 years.........
  15. BillytheKid

    The 12v layout form BillytheKid.

    @Joerg2607: Not so big as mine? Your layout is bigger than mine, only mine is completly build in with buildings :P .