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  1. BillytheKid

    Another Big Boy Model

    Another model of BigBoy........ That's fine and the model of Berthil has it's issues too. Main problem is, the BigBoy is just too big and clumbsy at legotrack. When using non-Lego pieces, sorry that's not moccing anymore in mine eyes. Then you can better buy a complete model of Marklin or something :( .
  2. BillytheKid

    [MOC] 12v Crocodile Engine

    Connect both 12v motors with a wire for a more smoother ride. Looks nice
  3. BillytheKid

    My annual 12V layout

    Awesome .
  4. BillytheKid

    [MOC] 12v Steam Locomotive

    Never liked the big train in book 7777. Just look odd to me, size doesn't feel right. Actually whole train. Not that I don't like big trains, but why not the biggest you can build:
  5. Little update about those medium linear 88008 motor . They have a little more torque, but are also slower. Compared with the WeDo 2.0 medium motor , I prefer the last one. Is also more compact to build in and trains can run faster. I've also made/busy with an upgrade to transport the whole set itself easier. Whole idea is to remove the upper part easy with the gearpart still on the wheels: I did this, because the train is so large it is difficult to pick it up and move it around. Only I need to adjust the front wheels, because it derails in corners. And the connecting rods are also not running smooth, first things first. It will run like I want to .
  6. Here 2 pictures how far the building progress is at the moment of the BigBoy 4014. I put the Sante Fe beside it, to give you an idea how big and long the model is of the BigBoy 4014. Unfortunately it doesn't run that smooth in corners as shown in movie at YouTube. The front wheels can't move with the corners, so it derails. Needs to adjust that little problem. Now this beast is almost build, it is a beast of a train. And Sante Fe is already big.......... Can't wait to make a movie when running at mine lay-out.
  7. Look how massive this train is, compared with other trainsets: Looks odd, just made a mistake with not ordering the longest technic bricks for the 2d wheels :
  8. I saw it, but I keep as you made it. For future, whatever happens . It was a big pile of parts before I started to build. When finished, I post a pic and maybe a movie here.
  9. With the app at PoweredUp, use the batman device and you can control the PU small motors (used in building-instruction) with different speed. You need both hands to control both motors at same speed. You be like a real steam-engine-driver to work hard to keep this big beast going. Even a 2d person might be needed to keep an eye at what happens around the train . Anyway, I'm want to show how far I'm with building progress. Building itself is slow, because I need build form an Iphone. I asked how much it cost to print it out at a printshop €150,- . That's half of budget of the train itself. Anyway picture: To give an idea how big the bigboy actually is, I put set 7740 beside it. Than you realize how big this monster is. I do believe it will run smooth at track, curves and switches. The problem will be it's size........... Crossovers needs to be adjusted, etc.
  10. @Toastie, Thx for the information. I tried to make an own device at the app, but I don't how it works . But I found out that with the Batman thing, I can control both motors with different speeds. When letting it go, the motors will stop. It works for now, but not a fine device to work with. Feels like a driver, who needs to control the train all the time it's running.
  11. @Berthil, I just bought 2 motors of €40,- and they can't be used.......? I need 2 motors which I can use at different speeds with the Batterybox of Powered Up. And those 88008 can do that? Before I order again €40,- without knowing if it will work?
  12. @Berthil, Train is getting build up. I used same motors you used in your building instruction. When using the Lego-controller the motors can only run at 1 speed and only when keep pressing the buttons. I tried the app on mine phone, nothing works. I need some help with this. Running train at different speeds is better and more fun.
  13. BillytheKid

    PandaCity of Bricks

    @Darkkostas25, no, just as a single train. When completed, the train itself is 3 long (28studs) wagons long. That's long enough for me and at mine layout . It means the loc itself is just aslong as the set 7740 or 7745.
  14. BillytheKid

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Don't think there's nothing going on in PandaCity of Bricks. Busy the build and modify Rollercoaster 10261 and a new train will be added to mine collection. A big boy, model of the biggest steam engine of the world.
  15. Only build the frame sofar, waiting for the parts to continu. Even now this train is a beast compared woth other trains . I wonder how it looks when build....... .