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  1. BillytheKid


    The 12v traincollectors know the rare and expensive 7750, I guess : Well I do like this steam engine a lot, but I miss that 'greatness' look. A bit tiny when you compare it with the real German steam engines. A friend of mine liked the model of Baureihe 41 from Fouke Boss. After I build it, the steam engine is slim, but the wheel setting would be perfect for a 7750. And that's what I did, although I had to make the set a 4 studs longer. In this way the 7750 is a more impressive train to look at and not a dwarf between al those modern diesel and electric locomotives. Welll compared with a BigBoy, every train is a dwarf . How does it looks in the curves? Well the project 7750 XL is finished and placed back on the shelve where it used to be. Too expensive to drive around with it. To enjoy the wheel setting, I use the 7777 of mine friend pushed along through a NS1700 at PF .
  2. BillytheKid

    Lego Powered Up Pocket Book

    thx, just ordered it.
  3. BillytheKid

    7710 with Red and Black motor

    We are talking 12v motors sold in 1981 till 1991 and those were only in black or red. And those could be equipped with connecting rods, like a real steam engine.
  4. BillytheKid

    Lego Powered Up Pocket Book

    Book out of stock :( .
  5. BillytheKid

    Cleaning 12v rails conductors (not the metal)

    Dirt can be cleaned with a soap and water (Dreft-sopje). Discolored parts, well grey is tricky with hydrogen peroxide. I use cleaing petrol (wasbenzine) for cleaning the metal part. Why people always use alcohol for it..........?
  6. BillytheKid

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Some updates, parts still arriving to complete the trains where I'm building at. The Wadrunner and Frontwalker have their Dutch railways logo's. The outside is now finished, just need some detailwork at the inside and need more small trainwindows for the doors. Beside the backbone of the 12v trains, the 7740. Well the model of frontwalker is also a backbone of the dutch railsways till 2025. After that the train will be removed of the track till 2030, than all frontwalkers are gone and will be scraped. Also I build another GP-38 from design of J. McKee, but in BNSF colors. That model has just more 'body' if you know what I mean. Colors are more realistic to the real locomotive. Those darkgreen parts are expensive........ It has a double 9v motor connected with a wire for more smoother ride and more pullingpower. And a working front- and taillight when it runs. The train is not complete, just miss still few parts. Mail is slow lately.
  7. BillytheKid

    PandaCity of Bricks

    It has been a while for any updates I posted, but let's give it a shot to catch up . Picures tells more than 1000 words. Although I live in the Netherlands and I'm dutch, Exxon is de main supplier of fuel in PandaCity of Bricks. They even have green power: Even fuelstations are converted to Exxon: And yes I drive a Fiat Panda as daily, as long the gourverment let me offcourse. It is 25 years old and actually too old to leave it on the road . Which modern car can drive more economic than 18km at 1 litre of fuel.......? But he, I'm a trainguy. I had this train for some time, but in white. And yes, in time it became yellowed. I decided to change color and red was the choice and hope it won't discolor anymore. Even DB can build more beautiful trains, an American loc can't be missed in their fleet. Isn't a beauty of a beast when it rides. It runs at 12v equipped with a double 12v motor for more pullingpower. Another beast of a train, the BigBoy. I still need to work it out to run it on his own at the track. I had a yellow 6x28 trainplate as spare and decided that I want another GP-38 in mine fleet. The colors from BNSF. When finished, this will be the most expensive locomotive in mine fleet. Even a 7750 can't beat that . That's because of some parts in dark green. And it get a double 9v motor and working front- and taillight. The disign is form Jacob McKee form book 'Started with trains', which came out in 2004. The set 10133 came in 2005 for sale by Lego. The design form Jacob McKee has more 'body', if you know what I mean. Also new in mine fleet is a minifigversion of trainset 727, designed by F. Boss. And also updated mine first model of a real train, the DH2 of 'Wadloper' (Wadrunner) with doors that opens more realistic and roof more smooth. Okidoki, last pic The clubwagon 4547 in colors of 7740 with behind it mine version of 1 apriljoke of 7812. The joke was too good, not to build it. I needed extra wagons for mine 2d 7740 . There will be another 2 trains coming soon, parts are ordered. You know all how mail works these days.........
  8. BillytheKid

    A small request for help with my Lego Emerald Night

    If you make a long tender (which I tried too), that does look bad. It's a long low wagon, which is same length of longer than engine itself. I understand that people motorize the wagons behind it, to no to chance the set itself. That's silly in mine opnion. The sport is to motorize the engine itself. When keep that in mind, try to motorize the BigBoy . I did it, but that's a hell to control it and I guess the driver of the real one share that opnion .
  9. BillytheKid

    A small request for help with my Lego Emerald Night

    Some sort the same problem, I had. Skip to power the loco itself. No motor will be strong enough to pull the whole train when expended with extra wagons, like I did . I added 3 extra wagons, so I needed a better solution for more pulling power. I used a double tender, both has an 12v motor connected with a wire. That should you do also, a double 9v motor and connect them with a wire. That you get this result: I found out at internet that the flying scotmann went to USA for promotion after restoring the whole engine and got there a double tender also, because for more water and fuel of the long distances it had to drive. In mine opnion this set is the most beautifull train to look at when running at (any) lay-out. Not too big, like the Big Boy I build and no to small like a small playable train for kids .
  10. A small review of this (in mine opnion) great moc. It was in oktober this year available at bricklink in moc pop-up store. Moc's who didn't pass designer programm. It wasn't cheap, but some moc's are too good not too have. It's a modular in the form of books. Something different than a 'standard' building with a nice interior. Let me show you some pictures and give mine opnion about it. This is the building. The minifigs were not included and I needed to order those separatly to 'complete' the moc. Also added a printed tile with name and who design it and which year it came out. After 10 years I properly forget all these details. Also I added a 'bricklink' tile at the side as a honor that it was possible by bricklink. This is the interior of the ground floor. Bookshelves with books. Looks nice and great eye for detail. This is the first floor of the building and is meant as studyspace if you need to focus in a book. A view form other side of the first floor. The 2d floor were you can relax and read a nice novel in open air with nice weather offcourse. I guess a little heater when it gets to cold. Also at 2d floor, a separate space to study or search in private with a pc. Here is the moc is placed in mine lay-out between sets of LEGO. When you look at the city, this building stands out a bit, because it's different form other buildings. That's why I like it so much. There are 3 tiles which you need to print, pic's are added at purchase and I added the ground and bricklink tile by myself. All beautifull done at steindrucker. Unfortunately these moc's can't be bought anymore, the moc pop-up store is closed. I've had contact with designer and he sold quite a lot of his design. I guess these kind of moc's will be forgotten in time. I hope with this small review it will not . I hope you liked mine review of this moc.
  11. BillytheKid

    910002 Studgate trainstation adjusted to 12v track

    Just those little details whoch makes the set more 'complete' : And this set too :
  12. BillytheKid

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Offcourse we keep building and expanding PandaCity of Bricks. Movie of progress PandaCity of Bricks.
  13. BillytheKid

    910002 Studgate trainstation adjusted to 12v track

    Want to see the train of Studgate moving at 12v? Click on link below : Moving train from Studgate 910002 at 12v.
  14. I was just wondering if there are more people who refuses to use the orignal stickers of Lego itself, because of the bas quality (it won't last long sadly) or difference in color when apllied. In late '90's Lego changed the quality of stickers and still to this day, it doesn't look that has changed to mine opnion. So when I buy a set, when stickers are involved, I wait when Steindrucker has them available and use then in sets. It does looks better and no worries that sticker will curl and break in time. Last one depends at uv-light, humidity, temp. etc.
  15. BillytheKid

    PandaCity of Bricks

    It feels not finished to me, but actually this is what I had in mind. Station 7822 in yellow combined with station 4554 where the back closed. I can remove the back without changing the set itself. And at the end of station 7822 (in right bottom of 1st pic) I added platform 9 3/4 for the Hoghwarts Express. I combined the sets into the station itself. Idea is that you can travel from 9v track to 12v track trains. Now let me show you the big station around: