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  1. BillytheKid

    [REVIEW] 10264 - Corner Garage

    I like this set too, but no Octan is allowed in mine town. So I changed colors :
  2. BillytheKid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    I bought this set too and was positive suprised of the quality of the build. But a bit disappoinment about the printwork of the blue stripe on the white tiles and the grey stripe too. And an big miss of the sparkplugs of the V8. There were only 4 instead of 8 as it should be. And I didn't like the color of the wheels. All parts which has a sticker, changed with printed tiles of steindrucker. Why stickers ? I started to modify it a little to mine own taste and pic's say more than 1000 words. The original vs modified. The stripes are better, because of the bad qualtiy of printing. And white wheels looks so much better with the car: Also a german plate on it which could excist: And the mod which should be done by Lego itself, 8 red sparkplugs instead of 4 black ones. The grey bad printed stripe gone and better look of the white wheels, which looks in mine opnion much better. What to do with the extra 1x1 round tile? In EU an USA car is expensive with his fuel, so most of them drive at lpg . This one is from mine friend, which liked mine mod too. Special for him and sub in the back with his favorite food .
  3. BillytheKid

    Things form BillytheKid

    I was very happy with the instructions, give me the green light to build this set :) .
  4. BillytheKid

    Things form BillytheKid

    Finally the rebuild of set 60118 garbage truck form 6nops to 4nops is finished. I had trouble with the container, but it was easier than I thought. Just turn it 90degrees instead make it smaller to 5nops wide. And who knows what I'm building:
  5. BillytheKid

    Things form BillytheKid

    Slowly we keep on building, the marketstreet in the original colors of the designer Eric Brok: It comes with interior, but that's not finished. The cafe corner is almost done: The ground floor: The 1ste floor: The extra floor: The top floor: Not finished yet, but we keep on building. The interior has rare parts in not excisting colors. We need to adjust the design a little. The next project is also started: I've already started :) :
  6. BillytheKid

    Things form BillytheKid

    Too bad I can't add pic's anymore here. When you go to mine brickshelf account, you can see I'm busy with building the cafe corner 10182 and marketstreet 10190 in original color of the designer. I was inspired by a promomovie at the legosite itself. Most bricks ordered by lego and other at bricklink. Both buildings get interior which I found at lego-ideas. The cafe corner gets an extra floor with hotel rooms. Maybe if I like another extra floor, also hotelrooms. The market street was first designed with dark geen en darkred. I followed the buildinginstruction and changed the darkblue for darkgreen and the light blue in darkred. The light grey in building itself should be brown, but with light grey gives also a nice old look to the building. Please let me know your opnions :) .
  7. BillytheKid

    Things form BillytheKid

    The conversion is almost done, only need the container to build it smaller. But the truck is finished. I bought an extra set so you can see what is the difference between both. Link the brickshelf for 60118 Next project will be the pizzalorry 60150 and the vestaslorry of set 4999. And I'm busy with set 60018 to put a micro 9v motor in it to turn the bak around, but this truck stays 6nops wide, I need the space for the mircomotor :P .
  8. BillytheKid

    Things form BillytheKid

    Before I start with putting pic's here, first a little story so you understand why I rebuild modern sets. I collect or have all trains form grey 12v of the years 1980-1991. And a little 9v, like the metroliner 4558 and Sante Fe. To make the layout prettier with modulair houses and sets of classic town of better known as miniland. Also found Starwars and Harry Potter, because I like these themes. The new sets of the modern city, the cars & trucks are 6nops wide. The trains I have are also 6nops wide. Cars & trucks are never more wide than trains. I like to keep mine trains orginal, so the modern cars & trucks had to make smaller. The first project I working on is set 60118. I love the set and colors. It isn't finished yet, but pieces are ordered. I wonder what you poeple think of it and if you don't like it, no problem. I do it anyway . Just Click here and see the pic's.
  9. Hi guys, I love apple Iphone and Ipad. Offcourse I love the LEGO covers of Belkin and mine Iphone has this cover already. I'm looking for the LEGO Ipadcover for mine Ipad 4 4th generation 9.7inch form 2012. When I use google I get only form the Ipad mini, but I don't have the mini :P . Who can help me with finding or maybe have this cover for me?
  10. BillytheKid

    Tiger tanks form Panda

    Thx for the reply's. The changes are the tracks, I used original LEGOtracks instead of those from costumbricks. And the outside wheels are move around when the tank move. And I glued a few pieces together, otherwise it will 'break' easily. I guess my changes are well done :) .
  11. BillytheKid

    Tiger tanks form Panda

    It's been a long time I've been active at this site. But I would like to share this moc which I build recently. It's based at the building instructions of custombricks, which is modified a little. I can tell a lot with words, but pic's say more. The first tank I made is de Tiger 2 of WO2: These tanks were the best in WO2, but the germans didn't have the numbers and most tanks were already out of service because there wasn't enough fuel to be in action. If in action, they were no match for the Sherman tanks. It took around 6 sherman tanks to take out one tiger tank. It had a 88mm canon and could take out an armored unit of 1,5km distance. I would like to make an interior, but it's complex build which make it impossible. I modified the track a little, which best is seen at pic below. In this way all wheels will turn around when pushing. I hope you like my tanks. Here during construction: I've also busy the build the famous Tiger 1 tank in tan color.
  12. BillytheKid

    MOC: Trainlayout of Panda

    It's been a long while, but I'm still alive and started to build, expand and rebuild the layout. I can't make little pic's with links anymore? To see progress what's going on, check this link (as soon it's online):
  13. BillytheKid

    TUTORIAL MOD 7745 to Use the PF Motor Still on 12v Track

    Very interesting how you made this. I love to see this in real life how this works. Keep up the good work.
  14. BillytheKid

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    I have too many trains, I guess 35. Wanna buy one ?
  15. BillytheKid

    REVIEW: 4855 Spider-Man's Train Rescue

    Nice review. And what you get, when you put 4 cars behind eachother at 9v track?