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  1. Star Wars

    The Yoda and Boba Fett films have been rumored since Disney first bought Star Wars. I think I would enjoy either of them. Boba's history between the PT and OT is largely unexplored. Yoda is 800+ years old... they could easily set his story 700 years before the events of the film and have an entirely new era to explore (which would actually be rather exciting). Of course if a Yoda story is told during the PT era or OT era that would be a wasted opportunity. While it makes sense to do an Obi-Wan story set in that era to have Ewan McGregor to reprise his role, Yoda would be wasted on it. He is literally a CGI/Puppet creature... and although Frank Oz has done a great job preforming his voice he can easily be replaced by another voice actor with no issues. Jabba though is a bit surprising... I think Jabba would make sense as a supporting cast member of a Boba Fett film but I couldn't see Disney committing a Jabba centered story to film... he doesn't even speak in English! A main character with subtitles for the whole film would be pretty hard to pull off. It wouldn't surprise me if Jabba is just some concept that was bounced around briefly and ended up getting leaked to the Star Wars news hungry media although Lucasfilm has probably already shelved the idea... Like a lot of others here, I wouldn't mind an anthology film taking inspiration from other eras of Star Wars such as KOTOR or a Darth Bane story... Could be an opportunity to beef out the saga's canon lore too.
  2. Star Wars

    That is one reason though I like to give credit to Rebels and The Clone Wars... They managed to create some original characters that they can use in expanded universe stories without overstuffing the lives of some of the more iconic characters. The Clone Wars was a bit more guilty with regards to keeping Anakin and Obi-Wan constantly busy; but Rebels has struck a bit more of a balance with characters like Darth Vader, Mon Mothma, Obi-Wan, and Leia having only showed up in a small handful of episodes and the rest really focused on characters previously introduced in either The Clone Wars or within Rebels itself. The only recurring OT character I can think of in Rebels and The Clone Wars who is starting to seem to show up excessively is Tarkin oddly enough... Doesn't he have a Death Star to go help build why is he so busy focused on Lothal?
  3. Star Wars

    Honestly the original Lucasfilm Expanded Universe (Legends) was far more guilty in that regard than what Disney has produced yet. In the 30 in universe years in-between ROTJ and TFA the only canon story involving the OT characters we have are the Aftermath trilogy, Bloodline, and Leia's appearances in the Poe Dameron comics. In Legends in that same span of time the original trilogy characters had stopped an army of invading dinosaurs, C-3PO and R2 worked at Star Tours briefly for reasons unknown and helped destroy Death Star III, Luke and crew faced off against Grand Admiral Thrawn, founded a Jedi Academy only to have a student steal an Imperial Sun Crusher prototype and destroy a star system, threw the Sun Crusher and a Death Star Prototype into a black hole near Kessel, fought a power hungry Hutt who had his own Death Star laser built, helped Kyle Katarn and his students on their Jedi Quests, fought a resurrected Palpatine where Luke fell to the darkside and Mon Cala was stripped of its resources by world eating super factories with two massive Eclipse class super star destroyers in the mix, fought the Yuuzhan Vong with Chewbacca dead in a moon crushing him explosion thing, held a second Galactic Civil War with Jacen Solo becoming a Dark Lord of the Sith then his sister killing him with training from Boba Fett... and it all ended over 100 years later when Luke Skywalker's junkie great great grandson was haunted by Luke's force ghost. Honestly Luke, Han and Leia have seemed to have plenty of time to relax and live a normal life in the new canon compared to their poor Legends adaptations who were constantly running from adventure to adventure with each new novel released... The only thing really guilty of that overstuffing the lives of the OT characters is the main Star Wars Comic run right now which is set inbetween ANH and ESB (funny you mention comics as an example of how it could get overstuffed pretty quickly...). I haven't read it but from what I hear it makes it seem a ton of stuff happened in those few years set between films.
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Well yeah some of us will be complaining we can't afford such a massive Millennium Falcon set; because 1) we want it and 2) we can't afford it. Besides that though... I am really digging Lego's slow build up to the reveal. No leaks, no massive hints at how the set looks, nothing. Just blank boxes and instructions tempting us to screw around in Photoshop to see what rests beneath the white paper... Lego knows what it is, and they know we know what it likely is... so they are playing up our expectations to make the hype very real. And the counterfitters like Lepin are probably pissed that they have no clue what it looks like and that for once Lego will be able to truly beat their knock-off to market, not to mention all the old UCS Falcon scalpers who are probably sweating bullets right now! The increased box size and instructions hint at something truly spectacular. I will want this set from the moment it is revealed! ...pity I can't afford it... ;)
  5. Star Trek

    Well that belongs in another forum discussion really, but I will chime in and speculate that contract could be renewed again if it is seen as profitable... So I doubt Spider-Man being shared is done yet... Anyways, back to Trek.... Yeah that is actually not to surprising. The fan reaction has been pretty bad to a crap ton of stuff involving Discovery. What Trek needs is a broadcast network prime time show, not a limited access series that is stuck in emulating the TOS/Enterprise styles. I know it would be difficult for CBS and Paramount to negotiate to share some of the rights again, but I think either or a post-TNG era series could be fun; or an alternate universe series set in Paramount's Kelvin film universe would attract the crowds very well.
  6. [MOC] Ebon Hawk

    While I would have loved to have seen it in minifigure scale, for a midi-sized version of this ship the proportions are spot on. Seeing the game was released so many years ago it is almost sad that this vehicle was never covered by a lot of MOC builders in the elapsed time, and yours is a great effort to fix that obvious gap.
  7. What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    I and like five other people want a UCS Starspeeder 1000. It would be like a big bus for all my other Star Wars figures. Okay probably with some broader appeal, how about some PT stuff? Gunship, Eta-Actis 2 Jedi Starfighter, Venator Class, Invisible Hand, Royal Starship, etc... While not as iconic as the OT vehicles, I think they have enough fame (Gunship and Venator especially) they would be well received. If we include the ST and Disney stuff, we need to also mention the U-Wing, T-70 X-wing, and FO Star Destroyer.
  8. Star Trek

    Man the things I keep reading about Discovery have me a bit nervous. As exciting as it is to get a new Trek TV series some things keep sticking out like sore thumbs to me. I am still worried if the series is going to go for a TV-MA instead of TV-14 approach. TOS and TNG were always aimed towards older audiences, but the content is tame enough that kids could watch it along with older siblings, uncles and parents... Another strange thing is the Klingon redesign. The "pierced brow" Klingon of Into Darkness looks very TNG to the new Discovery design. Lastly I am a bit upset about the on set rumors that actors were chastised on set for ad-libbing a phrase which included the word "God" because it made reference to the idea humanity has religions back on Earth. I know Star Trek has always inferred Earth was a secular society... but it is a strange decision to solidify that idea as canon. With Trek working overtime to promote racial diversity for years, why would religious diversity not also be a subject included in the show? Seeing diverse religious characters in Trek's mix peacefully working together (alongside the diverse races already present) would be as meaningful to a 21st century audience as seeing a Russian and American on the Enterprise working together was to a 20th century audience. And then there is that whole gripe this show is still exclusive to CBS All Access. WHY? I know I have gripped about that before, but sheesh it still seems dumb every time I mention it. Stupid, stupid, stupid... Had it been a Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu show that would have felt like a more fitting home for Trek due to its ability to reach a broader audience. I know it seems dumb to gripe about a show that hasn't come out yet. but every moment I get excited for this new TV show my hopes get dashed seconds later to pieces again by yet another strange update or report from the set... At least I can still go back and just Netflix binge TNG whenever I want.
  9. Lego Star Wars MOC Pelta-Class Frigate

    All the spring shooter missiles make it look like an official Lego set, until the size dawns on you and you realize it would dwarf most UCS stuff!
  10. What was the last movie you watched?

    Dunkirk was the last one I saw.
  11. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    So they dumped Captain Marvel information during the convention. It's set in the 1990's with the Skrulls as villains... So obviously Marvel has wrested another set of characters from Fox for the MCU.
  12. Minifigs = Too much ATTENTION?

    I think with licensed themes it makes sense to focus the attention on minifigures. So many films and stories we get in media are "character" based. Sure you can build an X-Wing with bricks, but the characters who interact with the X-Wing (Luke and R2-D2) are so essential to the story that omitting them or not highly detailing them is a serious issue. So that's the thing, licensed themes need to be character based for a reason. However themes such as Creator are what I think are build based. You can still have the Café Corner without any rare figures, and it is still a show stopping set. I think the Creator Expert line has done a great job showing how to use new pieces and creating great builds. When we are fortunate we seem to get D2C sets which have the great builds, the new parts, AND the great figures too! So in my opinion the only change we need is more consistently good builds in some of the licensed sets. Overall I am satisfied with the new parts we have been getting, and can't really see the need for much more specialized part molds for construction (beyond specialized systems such as Technic or CCBS which use far more complex part molds than System tends to use).
  13. 2017 Lego Trains

    Basically if you want to buy a large variety of locomotives and rolling stock that are realistic and readily available, get into HO scale (or N, or O or something). If you want a robust collectible toy with infinite customization options, stick to Lego. Some of us do both, but I have long lost faith that the Lego train catalog will ever be as varied as what can be seen in other mediums.
  14. Star Wars

    Kylo Ren's Tie Silencer revealed! (Although we already knew how it looked from the Lego leaks didn't we? )
  15. Some Rude Moderators?

    Member ban reasons are usually kept private, in respect to the member banned in a sort of way. Why parade them around as public examples after their ban as examples of "This is what they did wrong!"? I can only think of two high profile bannings recently (VaderFan and CM4Sci) and in both cases both members stated why they were banned long before the mods ever did (VaderFan had a post on his blog hours before this conversation started detailing he had violated the confidential image policy and that he wished us well). These are exceptions to the rules about discussing bans, and not the norm.