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  1. Lego IDEAS 2017 - Women of Nasa

    When I first heard of the set, I thought it was a bit pandering to political correctness. I complained about that on here. Then I read it was likely going to have Katherine Johnson in the set. Shortly after that I saw Hidden Figures. It was a great film. It made me reconsider my initial thoughts to this set. At the very least I was convinced Katherine Johnson deserved a Lego figure. Then today rolls around and it is revealed "due to licensing Katherine Johnson could not be included in the set." What the actual freak Lego? What the actual freak? On the bright side, the figures will be collectible for minifigure customization... But still, no Katherine kind of stings.
  2. Star Wars

    Still it seems funny our order of old characters being re-canonized... Thrawn, Ruhk, Tag & Bink... I feel like they sort of skipped over more likely characters such as Kyle Katarn, Mara Jade, Revan, etc. just to get straight to the least likely non-canon characters to become canon. Of course Ron Howard might be throwing around their names as misdirection, but given that the creator of the two characters is saying Ron Howard is being serious... it seems very likely those two will play a small role in the new film.
  3. Star Wars

    There is a recent Ron Howard tweet suggesting old-Star Wars non-canon characters Tag & Bink; might actually be canonized in the upcoming Han Solo film... If true that absolutely came out of the blue!
  4. Star Wars

    In other Star Wars news we just got a new preview for the VR experience which is coming to Anaheim and Orlando this winter. I have a friend who's dad works at the Void which is the development company for these VR experiences, so I am excited to see how this plays out.
  5. Star Wars

    Yes I saw that too. It makes sense in universe, the new walkers we see the FO are used in important conflicts; but their garrisons and stockpile of equipment is mostly classic AT-AT's etc. with some upgrades. It reminds us the FO isn't as wealthy as the Empire, instead putting their cash into new projects (Mega Class Star Destroyer, Starkiller Base) but penny pinching elsewhere by retaining old vehicles in surplus. Also was anybody absolutely confused by the trailer? Was Kylo Ren offering to take Rey's hand??? What?!?!
  6. [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    UCS details and minifigure scaled interior play spaces? Epic!
  7. Star Wars

    Timothy Zahn has official written a sequel to Thrawn! Preemptively named Thrawn: Alliances so our chances of seeing a new Thrawn trilogy completed in the new canon are looking pretty bright right now!
  8. [MOC] Amtrak P42DC

    I agree the front needs some work, like the nose needs to be a bit sharper or something but I can't really describe how to fix it without having it side by side with a P42DC model or photo. However the rear end is spectacular, and really captures all the weird angles and details that are in modern passenger locomotives. I like the hood design too.
  9. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    Well this ties into the whole price of living issues with large cities. I am from a rural area personally so the thought of every home having one or two spare rooms for a hobby isn't unusual or for the wealthy only; but in-fact common-place! Since my other hobby is model railroading, I am aware of many retired men who have been able to dedicate their ENTIRE basement in my area for wall upon wall of trains and display set ups. Still I am aware of how coastal metropolitan areas have such jacked up prices. My Seattle based uncle and his wife and their five children used to live in a home smaller than my parent's home in Utah; and his Seattle home was probably as expensive or twice as expensive as my parent's Utah one. He has been able to purchase a new home and move up, but it was after years of work and saving before he could do that. The discussion of cost of living country vs. the city is interesting though to consider in light of hobbies, especially Lego. The coastal cities in the US are expensive and their it becomes prohibitive to amass a major collection, while in a rural area the space for a collection is easier to obtain although the stores which actually sell Lego are far more limited than they would be in a major metropolis. Lastly another thing to consider is how natural disaster affects the hobby. There have been a few people on this forum in Texas/Florida etc. who have lost their collections to the hurricanes. In Utah I often wonder what an earthquake or wild fire might do to my collections. A coastal Tsunami or a California quake could be just as devastating. A natural disaster might be the start of a long term "dark ages" for many people, as rebuilding their home takes priority over rebuilding their Lego collection.
  10. [MOC] Naboo N-1 Starfighter + Breakdown

    Oh wow! So very sleek. I had the original Naboo Starfighter from the 1990's which looked like a flying brick, so your model is definitely impressive to me! How sturdy is it?
  11. Pacific Rim

    Seeing the words Pacific Rim and my mind instantly rushes to that over the top guitar driven soundtrack from the first film! "Bumbundundundundundundun dundudndundun bumumumumm!" The first Pacific Rim was a fun film. It was stupid, very silly but it seemed everybody knew it was silly and just had fun making it. Highly entertaining. Hopefully the sequel captures the same sense of spectacle and fun the original had.
  12. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    To be honest... I am a bit upset it is likely that we won't see ANY comic based sets until summer. Comic sets are a mixed bag but they are where we get most of the unique figures (Phil Coulson, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, X-Men, Sinister Six, Miles Morales...) and occasionally some great builds (Bridge Battle). There is a mountain of interesting characters I could list that I would love to see in comics sets. Still between the film stuff; Infinity War will be satisfying if the wave is on-par with the Age of Ultron sets. Ant-Man and the Wasp would be the next film wave I'd be excited for, especially if it brings us a cheaper Ant Man figure. I wish I bought his set when it was still on market back in 2015!
  13. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I honestly am bummed out that we have seen all the 2017 sets. I still feel this year was lackluster for Lego Marvel. I am hoping next year will be a return to form or else I feel my excitement for the theme will diminish if we get another year like this one...
  14. Modified Lego Featured in Model Railroader November 2017

    He didn't explain how he got the tops smooth and studless but I worry his answer would have been even more non-purist than the paint...
  15. I think some of you might get a kick out of this. On the cover of the Model Railroader November 2017 issue is a story about John Sethian's O Scale Pennsylvania RR layout, which features classic PRR equipment rolling through city scapes with many retaining walls and bridges. Well inside the issue John reveals his method for making those brick retaining walls... "Block walls from Lego bricks: Someone at Lego must be a fan of the Pennsylvania RR, because the size of a standard Lego brick is pretty close to that of a standard Pennsylvania RR stone block in O scale. I use the following Lego brick technique for bridge abutments and tunnel portals as well as retaining walls. First I spread drywall joint compound on the face of each individual Lego brick that will be visible on the final model. Next I use my fingers or a small trowel or artist's palette knife to form an irregular "stone" surface while the joint compound is still wet. Once the joint compound dries, I paint the bricks with various shades of acrylic craft paint. To build the walls, I paint all the brick's mating edges with Folk Art Barn Wood craft paint. In addition to simulating the mortar between the bricks, the paint acts as an adhesive to help them stick together. After assembling the structure, I wipe away any excess paint and add weathering." -Sethian, John Model Railroader November 2017 p. 39 In total I count at least 3-4 different photos including the cover image where the "weathered spackled" Lego is visible. I honestly didn't notice they were Lego until I saw the article itself, but now the familiar shapes of 2x2, 4x2, 1x2 bricks are seen all over this guys layout... I know its not traditional Lego train modeling and isn't purist by any means... But if you ever have some scale modelers telling you the Lego hobby is not a part of scale modeling... well now you have an article to prove him wrong with! Edit: You can see the cover for the magazine issue here, see if you can spot the Lego bricks in the model: