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  1. Future Star Wars Sets

    A few ideas again: Legends is a gold mine for old EU content. The fact we just got the Sandspeeder and the Clone Attack Tank tells us Lego isn't "quite" done with using Legends as a source of inspiration. So here are a few Legends style sets I would love to see: Yuuzhan Vong Battle Pack: $13-15 USD. Three Vong warriors and a commander. Armed with black "snakes" from the Ninjago line. Organic looking vehicle of some sort (crab walker? crustacean speeder? one of those weird one man spaceships they had?) Knights of the Old Republic Battle Packs: $13-15 USD. Republic pack, three Republic soldiers and Trask/commander figure. Sith pack, twosilver Sith Troopers, a Dark Jedi, and one crimson Sith Commander. Knights of the Old Republic Underworld Dealings: $30-40 USD. Mission Vao, Zallabar, Canderous Ordo (yeah I know he doesn't fit that much, but he'd be a popular character in a low priced set), Black Vulcar Gang Members. Steal back the prototype Swoop Racer and its engine core from the vicious Black Vulcars. Knights of the Old Republic Star Forge Showdown:$40-60 USD. Revan (Lighstide redeemed to keep his Polybag version exclusive), Bastilla Shan, Darth Malak; Face against Darth Malak in the control room of the Star Forge; saving the injured Jedi from the bacta tanks and redeeming Bastilla. Knights of the Old Republic: Ebon Hawk $100-120 USD. Revan (Jedi Knight), Carth Onasii, HK-47, T3-M4, Jolee Bindo, Juhanii, Sith Soldiers. Fly the iconic freighter, with playable interior details including a med-bay and a small swoop bike. E-Wing Starfighter: $50-70 USD. Wedge Antilles, Rogue Squadron member, R7 Astromech Droid, Stormtroopers. Help Wedge master the experimental starfighter, with spring loaded missiles, and a hidden Astromech compartment. Dark Trooper Showdown: $30-40 USD. Kyle Katarn, Phase III Dark Troopers, Moff Mohc. Join Kyle Katarn to sabotage the Dark Trooper factory, preventing the empire from using the droid soldiers against the Rebellion. Between all those ideas, I think the Dark Troopers and E-Wing could easily fit Lego's current themed EU sets (Jek's Starfighter from a few years back was basically a black painted E-Wing). They fit in a classic style (Original Trilogy) and have iconic characters fans would want (Kyle Katarn remains popular, and Wedge is a popular OT character we rarely see outside of the UCS and collectible sets). Knights of the Old Republic as a one off sub-theme would be cool and I would love to see it, but I doubt a full mini-theme could be dedicated unless we get one year where we don't get a new Star Wars film (the Old Republic theme for example came out in years were we didn't get any new theatrical films). Still, Lego could release one Knights set a year, slowly building up the main cast of characters. If Freemakers sets can be made which focus on an obscure Lego tie in show, why not sets for one of the best reviewed games of all time?
  2. Still waiting for the Halo movie... Think I have a long long wait left to go!
  3. Star Wars

    Lucky son of a gun!
  4. Future Star Wars Sets

    Maybe a good set idea in a year or two more. I have all the figures you listed, but I don't have a Lambda Shuttle yet and it is such a cool vehicle.
  5. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Anybody see the new Agents of SHIELD episode? Great stuff... Gave me a theory...
  6. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I want to squeeeee out loud. That... Trailer... The music. The heroes. Thor and the Guardians. Everything. Can't wait!!
  7. Disney Movies and TV Shows Discussion

    ^Groping incidents, drunken behavior at work parties, and kissing incidents are the main accusation against John. Not quite as serious as say the Harvey Weinstein stuff... but still some heavy grounds for sexual harassment. I have to admit I was a bit shocked to hear about it. With that said, his blunt decision to take a leave and respond to the accusations are probably going to save his reputation at the end of the day. But if he doesn't come back after his six month leave... I have faith in the future of Disney and Pixar. Especially having just left the theater seeing Coco. That film was amazing. I am sure there is enough talent in those animation houses, that they can continue to flourish like they have been the past few years. Great film go check it out. I thought the Frozen holiday special pilot (I bet that will be on ABC next year for Christmas, I swear) grew a bit long in the tooth, but Coco was hands down amazing.
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I might need to get that Micro Fighter Crait Speeder vs Walker set... Because I am thinking that Resistance pilot will have to be my new sig-fig!
  9. Star Wars

    Well; I knew that the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge area in the Disney theme parks was being developed along with the Lucasfilm story group... and now the new planet has an official Databank entry. Will that make the story in the theme park part of the Canon? It has me curious. http://www.starwars.com/databank/batuu
  10. Favourite Locomotives?

    Oh I got a few I can think of. As far as American locomotives go while I love big steamers (Big Boy, FEF, GS4, PRR T1, etc.) my pick for favorite steam engines goes to the extremely large and varied family of 2-8-0 Consolidation type engines. Particularly the ALCO built ones, they look big, burly, kind of mean; and look like a true steam work horse. One example of this is the Nevada Northern #93 a Pittsburgh built ALCO 2-8-0 seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZo9yoxf5oI As for diesels? I am partial to a lot of the early EMD engines, GP7's, F7's, E9's, SW1200's, SD9's, GP30's etc. I also like the ALCO RS and PA series engines. As for currently running locomotives on major Class 1's I like the SD40-2 series and its rebuilds (SD40N and SD40-E for example): With that said I have a sweet spot for some of the "ugly ducklings" out there including the SD60M "Triclops" and the rare MK50-3's. As far as international motors go; my knowledge is somewhat more limited. I like the G22u which runs in South America. On the British Isles, I gotta say I'm drawn to things like their smooth 4-6-2 steamers and classic diesels such as the Deltic. In short... I have to many favorite locos and can't just pick one!
  11. Disney Movies and TV Shows Discussion

    It didn't give us much other than a crazy reminder at how much Pixar's skill and abilities have increased since the first film... Like seriously, they probably used the old CGI models for reference then built new ones up with new texturing. The wrinkles around Mr. Incredible's eyes being an example of what I mean.
  12. Star Wars Rebels

    I feel like I respectfully disagree with a lot of the past few posts made here. Now admittedly, I haven't been able to watch every single episode of Rebels like many of the people here; but I try and keep up with the show and hope to have it collected on DVD in its entirety someday. Other then that obnoxious hippie space whale episode, I have really enjoyed every other episode of Rebels I have watched. Is it a perfect show? No. In my opinion it is overly focused on showing Ezra's point of view, hence why the rare episodes such as Through Imperial Eyes gathered a lot of attention. The Clone Wars did very well in showing the happenings of side characters, while Rebels is very focused on the Ghost crew. With that said though, I don't find fault in the charactarization of the Ghost crew like many do. Is Ezra silly? Well yeah, but he is still 17 or so even in the show's current timeline and kids that age IRL tend to act kind of like Ezra does. Hera, Kanan and Chopper in my opinion are spot on characterization we needed for the story of how the Rebellion formed; and frankly everything they have done is ten times better then the nonsensical formation of the Rebels that The Force Unleashed and its sequel tried to push on us back in the old EU. What would you rather have, a broken Jedi Padawan and his co-worker/sometimes girlfriend struggling for years to help set up a Rebellion; or one over powered dark apprentice ripping Star Destroyers out of the air then kicking Darth Vader's butt before exploding into a fireball, then getting cloned like a dozen times all in the span of like a month? Sorry, in terms of overall plot and story, Rebels is telling the tale far far better. And to be honest... I kind of like what I have seen of Rebels more than The Clone Wars. Yes Clone Wars handled its dark episodes very well and fans venerate those for a good reason. Yet Clone Wars was also responsible for R2 and 3PO going on Gulliver's Travels, Jar Jar Binks french kissing some pink alien chick with Mace Windu standing by in disgust, and some very cringe worthy series premier movie which sits as the worst theatrical Star Wars release on Rotten Tomatoes. Watching Clone Wars in its entirety was a very much hit and miss experience like Rebels, and when Rebels does get good it compares to the good Clone Wars did. I have to admit bias though, I prefer the OT era more than the PT... so Rebels hits all these sweet nostalgic feelings for me. So yeah. That is my rant. @Daimar, One more thing. First off, I had Rebel Assault on a computer when I was a kid. Hardly worked, but I do remember it. Second... Star Wars space battles actually have always been full of b.s. physics. In space with no air or gravity, why would spaceships be banking and speeding up as if there was air? As I mentioned, I have yet to see the Rebel's episode from last night... but from how you described it the thought of Hera doing a 180 in her X-Wing in the middle of space while still traveling forward is actually THE MOST REALISTIC SPACE COMBAT THING STAR WARS HAS EVER DONE!!! I am not joking, with no gravity or air friction, any vehicle in space should make sharp turns on a dime without banking or anything. It happens in real life anytime they try and dock something to the ISS as they might give the object a 360 spin just to inspect it before it docks to the station. The only reason it seems off is because the rest of Star Wars ignores space physics for 99% of the time, so as soon as something realistic happens it looks jarring in comparison. EDIT: I just saw a clip of the move online. The unrealistic part is how the ship stops on a dime before making its 180 turn. However considering that Star Wars has shown starfighters stopping on a dime before... the rest of the move is fairly realistic.
  13. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    I am a little bit surprised to see this debate is still going strong over a year since Bionicle has gone dead. I don't know if I have much to ad to this since I have been buying almost exclusively System sets since Bionicle went under. But I have bought one sole constraction figure since then; Star War's K2SO. K2 was a very very nice blend of Technic and new CCBS pieces, that not only was fun to build but looks pretty screen accurate too. At the end of the day, which system is better? I can't say... but seeing old Bionicle and CCBS are both part of the larger Lego building system I gotta say, I like it when MOC builders and official Lego sets manage to blend the old with the new.
  14. Star Wars

    I like that the next trilogy is going to be separate from the "Skywalker Saga." I hope Rian really takes the series in a unique direction and gives us a more fleshed out look at the Galaxy as a whole. Also heavy rumors that Disney wants a Live Action Star Wars show to launch on their streaming service in 2019 along with a new Marvel show. After having watched Stranger Things on Netflix recently, I gotta say if a Star Wars streaming show is half that good then sign me up right now!
  15. Star Trek

    I haven't watched either Discovery or The Oroville; but this YouTube review/rant has me actually interested in the Oroville. Frankly this is the type of social commentary that has long been needed in modern society, and I gotta give props to the show for doing it. It helps to define there is a difference between equality and rights; and pedantic social justice nonsense. Social Justice Dystopia, I love that definition: