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    License plates for the 10252 Beetle

    I think the shift was in 1963 or something. The Brittish ones are also pre-1962 so I think it is the right version. Don't know which year the Beetle is supposed to be from though.
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    License plates for the 10252 Beetle

    Thank you for the reply! I didn't think of this as a MOC, rather some kind of mod i guess. I am generally not much for mods myself though, which makes this project kind of tricky from the start. It is just so obvious that someone at Lego didn't really do their job on this one that I felt I had to do something about it. Adding more decals (like the palm tree you mention) would go more into the mod-direction which is why I didn't do that. If there is not enough interest I will probably just print a one-copy sticker and use on my model instead. But since there might be others interested in fixing this, I thought it would be worth checking if others were interested to make a bulk print. I'll update the text in the first post to make this a bit more clear.
  3. Hi! I hope I am posting this at the right place. I just wanted to share a project I have been working on for the Lego Beetle. Basically, I have made improved license plate stickers, because I think the ones you get with the kit just looks awful. Before I print these for myself, I wanted to see if there is interest for a bulk print of these. I did set up a micro-crowdfunding which needs at least 25 supporters here: Thank you!