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  1. Hello all, I’m new and it’s been a while since I last purchased a LEGO set. I love airliners such as commercial ones, jets, any modern airplane really... I purchased the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (10177) however, this seems to be the only set that’s actually decently sized, and not a MOC. I’ve tried googling and all forums to see if I could find others but to no avail and MOCs of aircraft I do find, either have no instructions or very small/basic construction... so if anyone can show me the right place to find decent well made models instructions or even alternative builds ? It would be amazing,
  2. If i match the decals from say the mercedes F1 car and kind of fit them to size within the sticker sheet that may work? but i dont know how good the quality is... ill give it a try... any program you'd recommend? all I have is microsoft paint
  3. I have searched everywhere, even putting in quotes between words to search for that exact phrase (lego "mclaren mercedes") nothing comes up, the DIY stickers that come up involve dipping them in some bill nye solution, I wasn't sure if there was a website or program that would allow you to pull up the stickers for specific models and allow you to edit them.... however, if they are the same size as the ferrari 1:8 model, it should be possible to measure the dimensions of the stickers I have now, and be able to replicate that back up on some program, and be able to print custom decals?
  4. Wasn't sure what was available as an aftermarket / moc fit, getting back into building stuff like these after more or less 12 years. (25 now) - As for the Formula 1 Silver Champion (8458) car, how would I go about creating custom stickers that would replicate the 1999 McLaren Mercedes MP4/14 or the 2010 Mercedes MGP W01 since it seems rather close... LEGO F1 SILVER CHAMPION 8458 1999 MCLAREN MERCEDES F1 MP4/14 2010 MERCEDES-PETRONAS F1 MGP W01
  5. I just picked up the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (10177-1) and the Silver Champion (8458) and was wondering how I can go about adding my own livery to each of them? or if at all possible? Such as getting custom stickers created? is there a website or program that would be helpful in creating custom stickers for these sets? **UPDATE COMPARISON BETWEEN SILVER CHAMPION 8458 AND MCLAREN MP4/14, MERCEDES MGP W01, F1 CARS** LEGO F1 SILVER CHAMPION 8458 1999 MCLAREN MERCEDES F1 MP4/14 2010 MERCEDES-PETRONAS F1 MGP W01