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  1. Agree with the bank breaking comment. It is really hard to "keep up" with releases. Still haven't got the UCS AT-AT, Landspeeder, Razor Crest and new X-wing. Getting the smaller stuff like the helmets and dioramas.
  2. hallonsylt

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Bid home a 10019 for a bargain on a Swedish site today. Bought it to replace my current one that is in so-so condition as it was one of the first models i bought for my collection. Have thankfully become more pickyt now the condition of the bricks.
  3. This is exactly it. I dont care for minifig scale at all when it comes to UCS. It should be grand with good details. It is a display piece in my eyes. Also, I'm a sucker for PT/Clone Wars era. Wish we would get more UCS sets from that timeline, but we know that is not happening. More than happy to get the Gunship though.
  4. hallonsylt

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Forum, how do you feel about Jedi: Fallen Order sets? Would personally love a BD-1 in the same UCS style as R2-D2 and BB-8.
  5. hallonsylt

    SB00401 K-PROJECT (MOC K-2so UCS)

    Stunning work, you always make amazing MOCs. Your standard is so high. Imagine having a BD-1 UCS model with these three others
  6. hallonsylt

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    +1 man, having a pile of bricks transforming into this amazing set is the best feeling.
  7. hallonsylt

    Starting SW collection

    Imperial Shuttle 10212 is one of the greatest Lego sets every imo, thats my recommendation. Republic fighter tank 7679 is also a really cool set thats a bit smaller.
  8. hallonsylt

    Maintenance of UCS sets

    Thanks people!
  9. hallonsylt

    Maintenance of UCS sets

    Thanks for the great tips! Sealed storage is unfortunately not an option right now. Planning to get it eventually.
  10. hallonsylt

    Maintenance of UCS sets

    Hi forum, I'm a UCS collector. I collect to build and display, not to have MISB sets. Therefore I need tips to keep my collection nice and tidy. Do you have your sets with or without stickers? I'm concidering peeling of all stickers that I've applied, especially the older used sets I've bought, since they simply look worse and worse every year. How do clean off dust? I bring them outside every once in a while to blow the dust of with compressed air. Problem is that some of the dust does not come off. All tips are welcome.
  11. hallonsylt


    This is so pleasing to look at.