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  1. Neat, I will deffo look at those, Thank you :)
  2. Hey peeps. So today I bought a custom clone wars trooper which the seller added many new things too: Weapons, Gear, Capes. And he also painted and colored some of those things including the helmet. I bought one to see how to do it myself (NOT TO SELL) and pimp my troopers and jedis and also cause i wanted to support him. This all looks very nice and certainly adds a fresh look to the clones and other figures he does. I will add a picture. Custom 1 by Vincent ST, auf Flickr Custom 2 by Vincent ST, auf Flickr Now my question is if anyone knows what type of paint is good for painting legos as I want to experiment on not so important sets and replace the stickers with actual pain, I think this would look more authentic. I would follow the tattoo formula. Drawing it on first with removable paint and then trace it. Id love to hear what you guys think.
  3. vinchente000

    Rearranged Lego Death Star Scenes

    It is a cookie that came with the free fountain set from the lego website.
  4. vinchente000

    Rearranged Lego Death Star Scenes

    There wasnt a lot of dust, I de dust my "lego room" a lot but thank you :) Thank you !!! I still cannot figure this out
  5. vinchente000

    Rearranged Lego Death Star Scenes

    Hey peeps, today I decided to clean my Death Star a bit from all the dust and decided to change some of the scenes from the Death Star. Some I had fun with and some are more serious. Anyhow I just wanted to show you the pictures and let you decide what you think. What Guards do when not working by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] Sentimental by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] RUN!! by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] Tell me what you think :)
  6. vinchente000

    IMPORTANT Message to LEGO Sellers

    This is something important I realized while shopping for nexo knight and star wars parts. Many of you know that you can scan the Nexo Shields on the app which makes them a nice addition to any collection. However I attempted and succeeded in scanning the shields over the product images on the sellers page. Here is proof: and another: I did contact the seller and let him know and now i want to share this with you so that you do not get ripped off. Hope this helped anyone
  7. Hello, recently I built quite a few Ninjago sets that all have a large amount of Stickers. I was wondering what your take on stickers were. I personally do not mind small stickers but I wished they would at least print pieces that require large stickers. I think a good example of this is the most recent NInjago Samurai Cave X. It has two large panels that need stickers. I also think that especially Star Wars UCS should not have stickers. That is just my opinion though. Does anyone share it?
  8. vinchente000

    How to build a "photo studio"

    Thank you so much :)
  9. vinchente000

    How to build a "photo studio"

    Hey people, I want to upgrade my photo taking place a little bit for my blog and was wondering if anyone has any tips on making a DIY photo taking place. I want to try and keep it cheap or maybe just use household items and have an idea but want to see what other people think. Thank you for any tips :)
  10. vinchente000

    Updates about me :)

    Hello :) I realized I have not been active in this community a lot lately, mainly due to the fact that my motivation is basically at 0%. Weirdly I have so much free time that I feel down all the time and bored. Suffering the most is my Lego blog as it just started to heat up a bit and I do want to continue with it. Also I want to be more active in this community that has tons of nice people that are awesome :D Anyhow, have a great day fellow afol's
  11. vinchente000

    Lego and "Depression"

    Yeah everything is okay :D you know it is just annoying but it will work out.
  12. vinchente000

    Lego and "Depression"

    i agree but I have a few hobbies and although lego may be the most expensive one :D It is also the one I think paid off the most
  13. vinchente000

    Lego and "Depression"

    Hey, this is a different post from me. I recently wrote a blog post where I talked about how lego is helping me a lot with down feelings and was just wondering if anyone can relate to this as well. Here is the post in case you want to read it: Disclaimer: I did not write this to make people feel sorry for me or to get special attention, I just want to share how for me, lego is much more than just a toy. Thank you for reading. V.
  14. vinchente000

    LEGO NINJAGO final layout update!

    Hey, sorry for replying late. The clear pieces I use I found on a jangbricks video, wait let me link it as I do not recall the name of the piece: I got them off bricklink. Thank you for your kind words, yeah upload pictures I would love to see them.
  15. Hello fellow fans. This is my final update to my ninjago layout. Instead of uploading picture I want to rather share the blog post I wrote on it as I also have my opinions on there. Here is a link Comments mean a lot, positive or negative though please keep them civil :) I know you can see my amateur attempts MOC attempt but I did try my best with my current resources and bricks. I am a creative person yet MOC is something I rarely tried recently. Not because I love it old school after instructions, but because time and motivation are a factor I have no masterpiece here and when I look at what other people, even younger people come up with I get blown away. But lego is lego and the community has always been nice, so I hope that some people find what I did interesting. Finally, thank you to the people who have commented on my previous posts and gave me tips, I took them into consideration and tried my best. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will see you around :) Vincent.