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  1. 2020 has only 5 new minifigure molds and probably won't have more, 2019 had 13, 2018 had 19, 2017 had 12 (surprisingly low), 2016 had 21. 2015 had 23 and 2014 (the last non-new-movie-wave year) had 17. There is a decline. And I was bored.
  2. Are they silver and not just LBG?
  3. The AAT set is pretty good, I'll definitely get it for Ahsoka and her trooper alone, though Ahsoka's lekku really should've used a new mold. I don't like that the 'skirt' of the tank is so similar to the 2015 version and it again lacks printing/stickers. They should use those other curved bricks that are more flat like the 2009 model. However the sizing is nice and the body looks pretty accurate. Don't forget that the TCW model for the AAT looks more thicc around the cockpit area: The Night Buzzard is an ok size, since it is so obscure it's probably better not to make it too big. I think it would scale well with Kylo's Shuttle and 2019's Falcon. The only thing that would've made the Soulless One worth the price would have been a new Cody, but I guess in this day and age some incredibly expensive Star Wars sets cannot have a single new mold. I am tempted to buy the I-TS transport. I quite like the design as apart from the U-wing the Rebels and Resistance usually don't have such troop transports. The new Final Dual is as close as a true re-release (not a remake) you can get these days, for Star Wars at least. I thought it was weird that the catalogue showed a 2015 set until I realized it was slightly different. Seeing as the Final Duel set was probably hastily put together, I'd assume they would think a set based on the scene that solidifies Vader's arc would sell better than a set based on the scene that destroys it.
  4. It doesn't scale well with the other droids anyway. It has some nice mechanisms and cable detailing but it's pretty bad overall.
  5. JekPorkchops

    Armor ideas for a Hero Factory 1.0 Arm?

    Maybe a white Takanuva 2010 chest piece.
  6. If an $80 set these days is a measly one-man starfighter I wouldn't expect this to be the case.
  7. JekPorkchops

    Ginivex-class (Fanblade) Starfighter

    Best version of this ship in Lego so far!
  8. JekPorkchops

    [MOC] Darth Scurvy’s Seadestroyer

    Nice mashup. I also like the TIE solar panels acting as some sort of solar sails.
  9. That was the intent. I made this in 2017 but I knew there would be a Darth Maul buildable figure in 2018. Never got around to making it. Currently don't have the time or money unfortunately. I don't even have the official Darth Maul buildable figure yet, though I hope that will soon change. I could send you the LDD file if you'd like.
  10. JekPorkchops

    What is your favorite UCS Set of all time?

    I own all 2010-2016 UCS sets but nothing beyond that. My favorite has to be the Slave 1. If I’d own the Falcon then that would probably be my favorite.
  11. JekPorkchops

    [MOC] First Order AT-AT

    Fantastic work, you always have some of the best First Order MOCs!
  12. JekPorkchops

    [MOC] E-Wing Starfighter (Updated)

    Could be a resistance E-wing.
  13. It's a T-70. It only looks so different from the '15 and '16 sets because the building techniques have been severely updated, just as how the 2018 OT X-wing looks vastly different to the 2012 OT X-wing. Also, google an image of a T-85, you'll see many differences.
  14. The Sith Trooper BP looks pretty great, though 1 Jet trooper and 2 Sith troopers would've probably been better. I like the FO Snowspeeder (LIUV) build, it works much better as a small set than as a medium set (though ideally it should fall somewhere in between, around a 25 euro price point set). Could the officer be a Sith Officer instead of a FO officer? Because it has a very different uniform with red striping and an old imperial cap instead of a FO cap. More and more I am suspecting that the Sith are a different faction and not working together with the FO. I would have preferred a generic Resistance pilot in the Y-wing MF, there are no generic Resistance pilots and troopers in this wave. The white area in the back of Kenobi's hut seems to have some clips at the bottom, could it connect to a future set? With the exception of the unusually smooth underside of its cockpit, I think the TIE Dagger looks like an early 2000s set. The way its secondary wings are attached (just with blocky bricks) also seems rudimentary and the spring loaded shooters have also not been integrated all too well in this location. The printed canopy is nice and the back looks very smooth, if somewhat messy around the engines. Normally the overpriced TIE set comes with 4 minifigures, most of which are new, but this time it only comes with 3, only one of which is new, and no new molds. That Knight of Ren's hood should have gotten a new mold as it is considerably larger. Finn is a lame inclusion. Interesting that the TIE pilot is the only truly FO figure that comes with a Sith set. The X-wing looks absolutely beautiful! They still did not fix the wing positions but they have at least closed the gap in between them. They have made major improvements to the engine intakes, which is the thing I like most about the T-70 X-wing. These new pieces are perfect for the job. I also like how its color scheme has been approximated using bricks only and not stickers. The wing mechanism is the same as on the 2018 OT X-wing. I do not like the clips next to the engines but they are necessary for the frontal pair of rubber bands. The figures are fine, love the new KoR, don't care for Jannah, she does not look like a SW character at all.
  15. Just to throw my two cents in here, I believe that once Episode 9 hits and the next one or two waves will have some products related to it, we'll see a massive slowdown in LSW products in general (during the movie hiatus). Additionally, I think Lego will be more free to do what they wish (next to releasing sets for the new TV shows of course) and I think they'll use the old model of (re)releasing a nice mix of PT and OT sets. I do believe the ST will not be revisited as much again in the future as the regular PT/OT sets.