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  1. Jan Dodonna would probably be the only interesting figure in this wave's OT sets.
  2. They seem to be grey recolors of the existing figures, probably just something they made quickly for the TV special.
  3. At first glance the X-wing looked quite good to me. Nice colors like the 2018 version, a nice size that is more appropriate for minifigs and a good price. I also quite like the new build for the tip of the nose. But then I saw how the nose goes immediately from 4 studs wide to 3 and it looks quite bad. As they still haven't captured the downward slope of the whole nose section, it is a shame to loose the sloped/angled side panels. I hope there is at least 1 other minifig included. The Imperial Shuttle body looks way too blocky. I don't know what is going on with the underside of the cockpit but it looks horrible. Don't think it's a good price at all, would gladly pay a bit more for a better one. Luckily I have the 2015 version so I already did just that. I like the downsizing of most of these sets but some sets are just meant to be expensive, and the Imperial Shuttle is no exception, the 2015 version is probably the smallest you can get it while fitting minifigures. The TIE looks alright, the dark grey bits are unfortunate. Can't they just use clips instead of ball joints? The cockpit is nice and round and it is definitely an appropriate size for a TIE, though the wings seem a bit too short so I'd rather they went with even stubbier wings and slightly longer pylons so that it would at least look like the SW Rebels design. Resistance X-wing still keeps the ugly cockpit from the other 4+ set. I do like how the engines form a nice circle and not some oval shape. The Microfighters are completely uninteresting and this has to be the most boring minifigure selection in a wave of all time.
  4. JekPorkchops

    Unpopular Opinions related to Lego Star Wars

    I personally am not bothered by the fact that the early CW sets were remakes. Now, one reason is that I was a child so I did not yet have most of the movie versions of those vehicles. But even when I got for instance the CW Republic Gunship I still wanted the 2002 Gunship because it was slightly different and the minifigures were very different too of course. So from 2008 onwards I hoped to see many new CW vehicles but also CW remakes of PT sets. I just liked the distinction between animated ships and their minifig counterparts vs movie ships and minifigs. Kashyyyk indeed seems like it is the Hoth of the prequel sets, yet it is still nowhere near as bad. They remake the clone vehicles way too much and of all troopers there is indeed an overflow of Kashyyyk camo clones (they are even more common than plain phase II clones), but they could still make some of the trees / Wookiee architecture and make remakes of the Wookiee vehicles. Those are long overdue.
  5. JekPorkchops

    Unpopular Opinions related to Lego Star Wars

    This is an odd comparison. Hoth is definitely way too dominating, that is just one location (lots of AT-ATs, snowspeeders and white bricks, it gets boring pretty quickly). TCW as a subtheme offers so much that can be pulled from. The initial TCW waves mostly consisted of remakes of sets that were previously prequel sets, but they hadn't been released in quite a while. Then they focused more on the CW specific stuff, though they did not nearly reach the potential of what they could've done. I don't see why you'd have a CW burnout now, there's only been 2 sets from season 7 and pretty much nothing in the last couple of years.
  6. I agree with a lot of @BacktoBricks 's points. But, I actually hope the new style of vehicles won't be as big as the old ones, though I guess it has been confirmed that they are. I would much prefer the sets to be smaller and just as detailed as in years prior, otherwise the new sets would feel out of place. Especially when considering the fact that the regular smaller sets (about €/$30) like the new Mando one will probably have the same level of detailing as before. Sets that look like the aforementioned BoCC Slave I would be fantastic (though maybe that's a bit too small, but you get what I mean). Generally the single-person starfighters are too big anyway, and I don't see why they would only simplify the wings of the X-wing when the nose could be a bit shorter (though according to rumors it at least has a new nose build).
  7. JekPorkchops

    75292 The Razor Crest – MODs and improvements

    I think Lego themselves did not use that technique because it would result in a more overtly octagonal looking engine rather than a 'suggested' circular one.
  8. I get what you mean. The sets certainly weren't simple as I find the 2013-14 period peaked design- and value-wise but the lineup was simpler. There were just great system sets that both kids and adults would want to have. The remakes were usually much better than before, including the minifigures. They also used to throw in extra figures that were obscure or did not even belong in the scene to entice adults more. Like others have said, now it seems like if you're an adult you have to buy a Helmet set or some kind of expensive D2C set. If you're a kid you can have lackluster system sets that are always about the same subject. Don't get me wrong, I too was thinking lately that LSW has gotten quite expensive when you're a kid. €100 for a one-person starfighter is not cheap. But they can remake the OT stuff in the new style in a couple of years from now. I have the feeling Lego has made the same stuff every 2 years now, when in the past they remade sets every 3-5 years.
  9. I miss years such as 2013-14. Wonderfully detailed sets that were expensive yet still reasonably priced. Prequel/CW sets galore. A sh*tton of new and exclusive minifigures and molds and new background characters. Even a nice OT wave to complement all of that in summer 2014. I guess the SW line isn't selling as wel as it did (regardless of its appearance in the top selling themes) but they need to stop reinventing/rebooting the line every two years. I'm tired of the X-wings, TIEs, Snowspeeders and pilot/Tatooine Luke figures. We have a wonderful current show in The Mandalorian and some of the best received SW content ever in TCW and this is all they have to offer?
  10. 2020 has only 5 new minifigure molds and probably won't have more, 2019 had 13, 2018 had 19, 2017 had 12 (surprisingly low), 2016 had 21. 2015 had 23 and 2014 (the last non-new-movie-wave year) had 17. There is a decline. And I was bored.
  11. Are they silver and not just LBG?
  12. The AAT set is pretty good, I'll definitely get it for Ahsoka and her trooper alone, though Ahsoka's lekku really should've used a new mold. I don't like that the 'skirt' of the tank is so similar to the 2015 version and it again lacks printing/stickers. They should use those other curved bricks that are more flat like the 2009 model. However the sizing is nice and the body looks pretty accurate. Don't forget that the TCW model for the AAT looks more thicc around the cockpit area: The Night Buzzard is an ok size, since it is so obscure it's probably better not to make it too big. I think it would scale well with Kylo's Shuttle and 2019's Falcon. The only thing that would've made the Soulless One worth the price would have been a new Cody, but I guess in this day and age some incredibly expensive Star Wars sets cannot have a single new mold. I am tempted to buy the I-TS transport. I quite like the design as apart from the U-wing the Rebels and Resistance usually don't have such troop transports. The new Final Dual is as close as a true re-release (not a remake) you can get these days, for Star Wars at least. I thought it was weird that the catalogue showed a 2015 set until I realized it was slightly different. Seeing as the Final Duel set was probably hastily put together, I'd assume they would think a set based on the scene that solidifies Vader's arc would sell better than a set based on the scene that destroys it.
  13. It doesn't scale well with the other droids anyway. It has some nice mechanisms and cable detailing but it's pretty bad overall.
  14. JekPorkchops

    Armor ideas for a Hero Factory 1.0 Arm?

    Maybe a white Takanuva 2010 chest piece.
  15. If an $80 set these days is a measly one-man starfighter I wouldn't expect this to be the case.