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  1. The minifig design is correct, and the constraction figure should follow suit. VBBN is right about the face being mostly red, but almost the entirety of the head is black. It would only need red printing for the face and the top of his head.
  2. If they'll go with TPM Maul, the only red part would be his head. So if they print regular red very lightly onto the black piece, it'll probably look a little darker because of the plastic base colour, making it both darker than regular red but lighter than dark red. It wouldn't need a new shade of red for its shells because of the black robes. But anyway, this isn't too convenient for when they later decide to make a shirtless Maul. They should really choose one of their existing colors.
  3. I would really like it to be CW Darth Maul, a TPM Maul wouldn't make much sense in the line-up but I think that's what it's going to be anyway. Since the SW Ultrabuild project was launched on cuusoo in 2012, I have been wanting a chicken-leg Maul, because the system works really well for limbs that have more than one knee. It would be a pretty interesting build, while TPM Maul would be pretty standard and the only red part would be Maul's printed head. Do you think a CW Maul should come with red or dark red parts? I don't know what would be more accurate. Regular red works pretty well on his minifigure, but dark red is more interesting for MOC'ers.
  4. The four The Last Jedi sets are still 2017 sets though. Shouldn't they be discussed here?
  5. The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    All are great, but Revan easily wins.
  6. I actually think Chewbacca looks fantastic! I even hated the thought of Lego trying to make one, because it would just look horrendous with their current selection of shells and fur add-ons. But they have used one of their more recent pieces very wisely, and with that printing on it, it just works incredibly well for all of his limbs. The head integrates well too, though the expression is a little weird, but I think it's okay. I like the small shells that act like his shoulders and I like the brown beast feet. The use of the bandolier piece is very appropriate. I think his satchel is made using a super hero chest piece. I'm not a big fan of his knees, the small shells look off without printing and the grey upper leg bones are a little exposed in this area. He probably won't look great from the back, but I love his bowcaster. The Praetorian guard looks awesome! Don't like the fact that it is yet again an updated version of something from the OT, in this case a Royal Guard, but I think he is just executed so well. The cloth piece coming down all the way from his waist is great, and the red is very striking. It has a nice new head mould and I like the 'faceless warrior' thing he has going on. The weapon is very interesting and it looks to be some kind of lightsaber-resistant tool. The new shoulder add-ons kinda remind me of the Knight's Kingdom figures from 2006, and the weapon pieces also reminded me of Kopaka Phantoka's blizzard blade. Rey looks great to me as well. Just built her 2016 figure, that one was pretty good but would've been a lot better without the headgear. I also feel like that one had more of an approximation of her outfit, while this new one looks to be very accurate. I like the asymmetrical cloth piece. It flows very well with the new female torso shell. Her arms look a little too bulky yet again, but that is to be expected with the use of shells. I think they should make specialized bones/pieces for exposed human arms. It's nice to see them going back to filling in the space in the foot pieces, but I don't like the fact that they keep on using the B type bones for the upper arms. I think the face also looks a lot like the character. Looks like her silver gun has been updated. I actually like the Elite TIE Pilot the least in this wave, but he's still pretty good. There's just something off about the new helmet mould to me, and it could've been fantastic. I like the tubes going from his helmet to his life support pack on his chest, are those shortened rubber hoses? Don't like the build for the pack as much as Poe's, and it appears to be attached from his back by a couple of ugly technic assemblies that run along the side of his body.
  7. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The Transport Pod looks horrible. It indeed looks like the cockpit of the Resistance Troop Transport has broken off. If they actually tore off the cockpit from the 2016 set, it would've looked a lot better than this garbage, but a lot smaller though :). Those added gaudy colours don't help either. Good to get for Rose and new Finn I guess. The Scout Walker does not look that good to me. It is not the most unoriginal design thankfully (I really dislike that and many other things about the ST), but at the end of the day it looks like an AT-ST head stuck on a pile of… I don't know. It looks very messy. No new characters, all existing minifig parts except for a new female Resistance trooper. Wow. After seeing that leaked toy of Kylo's TIE, and seeing the YouTuber Rebel Builder's take on it, I am slightly disappointed with the actual set. Sure, his mock-up looks a lot like a recoloured TIE Interceptor (which would be a lack of originality), but the incredibly sleek elongated wings make up for that I think. The final version does have those beautiful wings, but the front of the cockpit is just flat. The whole sleek design of the wings and the wing supports kinda builds up to something, and the cockpit face just doesn't deliver. I also do not like the dark colour scheme. I would've preferred the light grey solar panels and black frame, just like the other FO TIE's, for continuity's sake. And it doesn't need the dark colours, it looks pretty evil as is. It doesn't make any sense that the body and cockpit of the ship are black too, they should be dark grey with the current design (or, again, black when the wing frames are black and the solar panels are grey). In the end I think it's an okay set, but the repeats of the stormie and BB-9E are redundant. UCS BB-8 looks pretty good to me. It could be a little rounder, but I like the fact that the body uses the same building techniques as the UCS R2-D2 head. I like that continuity, as these will be great to display together. Looks like it has some opening compartments too, perhaps filled with some tools. I like the stand as well, though it is weird that the plaque is smaller than usual. The other 3 sets we've seen before. I think the FO SD and the Resistance bomber are both fantastic, and their minifigure selections are fine on their own (though because the entire wave is lacking in this respect, it appears as if there are also a couple of missed opportunities with these sets). I didn't think the Heavy Assault Walker was that great when I first saw it (due to its unoriginal appearance, but that's Lucasfilm's fault), but in that new picture, and next to the rest of the wave, it looks pretty good to me. I like the dark grey a lot. From best to worst: Resistance Bomber, FO SD, Heavy Assault Walker, BB-8, Kylo's TIE, Heavy Scout Walker, and Resistance Transport Pod.
  8. The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    Really torn between the clone and Chief Tarfful. I guess I'll choose the clone. Really big fan of all of their variants, and this one is amazing as well, though I wish the visor print was a little bigger. Can't find any faults with the super detailed Tarfful, but he's still second for me. I like the Royal Guard. I get what they were going for with the cape, as the dark red inside matches the dark red arms very well and makes it seem like they're part of the interior of the robes, but it should be a lot more enclosed (I would like a new cloth piece in the future). Ben Kenobi looks pretty good on the picture, but is horrible from the side. I know he was released half a year before dual-moulding (which Lego still doesn't use with SW figs anyway), but even then I liked the old ones with the cape better.
  9. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Finn has dark bluish grey legs, or pearl dark grey legs, it's hard to tell from the leaked physical figure, but they're not black. So Finn's on the top row, on the right. BB-8 is next to him. Next to him is Rose. They all appear in 75176. BB-8 also appears in 75187 UCS BB-8. Also, look at the order in which duplicate figures are displayed. They appear in the line-up of the lowest set number first, so they don't have to be included in the line-ups of the higher numbered sets. For instance, BB-9E appears in both 75179 Kylo's TIE and 75190 FO Star Destroyer. He's pictured with figures from 75179, but not in the line-up of 75190. It says that he appears in both of those sets. It works the same for the FO Stormtrooper, who appears in three sets, but is only pictured with 75179. Since Holdo isn't pictured with 75188 Resistance Bomber, even though we know she'll be in it, she'll probably also appear in the smallest set, 75176 (even though it doesn't make much sense, as do most duplicates in this wave), along with Finn, Rose and BB-8. I believe she is pictured in the top left. We just can't see her. There'll probably be something like '75176, 75188' underneath her figure.
  10. The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    Agreed. Palpatine's subtle robe printing looks fantastic, but the sheer amount of detail on the pilot makes him the winner.
  11. The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    Bith Musician
  12. Reposting my thoughts about Vader here. Boba Fett was inevitable, seeing as they already have the helmet mould, and he's a must-have. His colours, shoulder cape and less-clean-than-Jango-look make him different enough. I'm not too fond of geared arms on SW constraction figs, but I don't hate it either. They'll probably give Vader one, and it would look fine if the knob was as well integrated as Kylo's. I'd like Lego to make removable masks for all helmeted figures. Vader's helmet was too small anyway, so a bigger helmet with a normally proportioned human head would be great IMO. I think he means that both that June wave and the upcoming two sets are a welcome return to the legacy characters (after a TFA wave and two RO waves) and I completely agree. When I first imagined a line of 'SW Bonkles' I was thinking we would see classic constraction figures like Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo and Darth Maul before the likes of 'Chirrut Imwe' and 'Baze Malbus'.
  13. The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    The AT-AT driver had a new color scheme, which I thought was apparently more accurate at the time. However, Star Wars Rebels has changed the official color scheme for the drivers to white and dark grey again, so the 2010 version is more accurate. Still a nice figure though, he would be my second choice either way. But I have to go with the X-wing pilot. Like many said, it is the definitive Rebel pilot.
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Finally a Yoda's hut! It's also pretty nice that they keep releasing at least one small TCW set a year. It seems more and more battle packs are turning into character packs (or something similar) like the Bounty Hunter one, which is great! I'm fine with a redesign of the buildable Vader. 2015's had a great torso build, but he was a little too big. His helmet looked fantastic but was too small and his arms had awful proportions because of the reuse of those long printed shells. Furthermore, his cape attachment looked horrible. I'd like them to design a slightly smaller, simpler and more pose-able Vader, being $25 instead of $30. His helmet would probably look good then and wouldn't need to be redesigned. I'm excited for Boba, but who've heard that a while ago. Great info though.
  15. The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    Hera Syndulla