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  1. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    We now know that they also include a stand, with the same logo as on their back. And it displays the name of the character too.
  2. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I dislike the new Stormtrooper helmet even more now. It still has that awful right angle on the side of the chin, but in addition, when watched from the front, you can see the black of the dual molding right there sticking out.
  3. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Since there aren't too many anniversary sets and thus only a few anniversary minifigs, I'd say they would only choose a few of the early waves that don't require Lego revisiting the old molds. For instance, they could still make an old Pilot Luke, since the helmet mold is still available in the 4+ set. They could also make a classic minifig Han, because his old hair piece still exists. Basically, only new prints that resemble old prints, no revisited discontinued colors or molds.
  4. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I like the Naboo Starfighter MF and the fact that it has a nicely integrated control panel, but I don't like the black stripe underneath R2. Anakin has a nice new face print. The Sith Infiltrator MF looks good as well, both just aren't really must-haves. At least the silly Darth Maul face kinda fits the theme now. The Dewback is amazing and could easily double as a regular but younger Dewback. The escape pod is pretty detailed but weird as a Microfighter. Obviously the Praetorian BP should've had the third helmet, but I guess it was unrealistic to expect two new moulds for a BP (in all of the previous wave they have had either 0 or 1 new mould). I wish it only came with one of the sunvisor guards though, as they are less common and the set only comes with one of his style of weapon (the double-bladed thing, it looks a little weird brick-built and I don't like the dark red). I guess the polearm with the Nexo-Knights blade represents the Vibro-Voulge and the polearm with the machete (similar to the one in Snoke's throne room) represents the Electro-bisento. Have no idea why they used the 4M grey bars here instead of the 3M bars like in the throne room, the weapons are way too long. Especially the bisento could've done without an additional lightsaber hilt. Oh well, easy fixes, and it comes with all 4 Praetorian weapons which is nice. The build is something really different for once. Don't care too much about the training droid though. I still need to get one of those TLJ stormies so he is a nice inclusion. I like the Inferno squad BP (even the build is pretty good, for a non-canon thing) but it could've been so much better. Iden should've come with a helmet and it is a shame that the droid has been omitted. It is also disappointing that the other 3 are just generic Inferno Squad 'members' instead of the actual characters. Why even make the pack in the first place if you are not going to do that? Well, it's still a buy I guess. Droid Gunship is a major improvement over the previous one, which was a major improvement over the 2008 one. Did not realise they could've made it this much better. Not excited for the repeats of this and the AT-AP but the gunship looks so good that I want to get it. Shame they threw in another Yoda, I remember a time they used to release all kinds of new Jedi to entice people to buy such sets. At least the battle droids are really nice and I need them for my TCW collection. Getting the droids also means I have no reason to get the AT-AP. It looks identical to the 2014 version. But then again, that one was perfect already. Death Star Escape is another really nice cheap vignette / location playset. Is it weird that I am most excited for the 4+ sets (besides the BP's of course). Finally, a TIE Fighter at a normal price for such a cannon-fodder thing. Great-looking A-wing. X-wing is a bit weird but only the open cockpit and the fact that there is no space for R2's head bother me. The trench run aspect is quite refreshing. Good printed pieces all around. Just very lame that they threw in 3PO in the A-wing instead of a mechanic. Way too many R2's and C-3PO's lately.
  5. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I don’t own the Mimban Stormtrooper helmet (yet) but that one also appears to have this downward angle, but nowhere near this bad (90 degrees) and it is probably closer to the movies. Why couldn’t they do something similar to that piece? Also, aren’t the rear rectangles on the Stormtrooper helmet supposed to be grey? The black dual moulding doesn’t really work there. Man, they really got the previous Stormtrooper (and FO trooper for that matter) helmet mould right with the nice curve that still manages to fit past the square shoulders of the minifigure.
  6. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    There is a comparison picture of the profile shots of the new and old Stormtrooper. The back of the new one’s mouth piece cuts off rather abruptly before it touches the torso, which the older one did not have. That one looked a lot more finished and proper from the side.
  7. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It appears to be brick-built because it looks very bulky. I hope they also include hairpieces for the other Inferno squad members, and new face prints. I think all of the Praetorians in the BP have the legs instead of the skirts. On the two guards on the left it's just the red of their weapon that makes them look like they have skirts. The Praetorian BP seems to consist of a 'sunvisor' guard on the left, a 'lockjaw' guard in the middle (from the Throne Room, with the same spear-weapon called Vibro-voulge) and another 'sunvisor' guard on the right. Unfortunately no 'bucket' helmet. I think the sunvisor guards have something that represents their unusual weapons, but I cannot see how it is built or how accurate it is. The Vibro-voulge of the middle guard looks as good as before, and it seems the weapon stand on the build comes with an additional Vibro-voulge. Hoping it also comes with both variations of the electro chain-whip like the throne room had.
  8. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    True he also mentioned that the A-wing would be Resistance based which I doubt. I think that there might still be a chance for Resistance sets though, whether they are juniors or not. The action figures are coming out in April and I think Lego wants to release sets after the show has been released, to avoid the problems they had with the Rebels set sales (those came out before the show and that did not work well apparently). They are definitely contenders for juniors sets though. It’d be fine if there were no sets since I don’t like the show but I do like some of the ships.
  9. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It would actually be more expensive to keep the old rebel helmet mold around for the juniors sets. The advent calendar included an old one to get rid of the old stock, since it will probably be fully replaced by the new one. Is there any legitimacy to MandR’s claims that the juniors (or 4+) sets of the x-wing and TIE fighter will be based on Resistance? He (or his source) was correct about Vader’s Castle.
  10. JekPorkchops

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Shame it is another Kashyyyk based AT-AP. It even has another Gree and Tarfful, and they refused to change the one thing (dual molding) that would've made Gree better. It is already the third time this figure has been released. Really liking those AAT droid pilots though, I wanted them ever since I saw Ambush 10 years ago. I was really hoping for a Felucia AT-AP with Bly and 327th troopers. Or a TCW version with more of TCW characters as stated by others. But at least the AAT droids are CW-exclusive characters, though it is an odd mix of figures.
  11. The minifigs in the juniors sets will probably not be simplified, like in other themes, which is good.
  12. I'd say it's actually one of the better official droideka designs. It looks like it can fold up pretty well actually. It does indeed look like a TCW version with its shorter legs. Like that with this and the Dwarf Spider Droid, the magazines give the Separatist army some love as they have been absent in recent sets.
  13. How exactly is the carbon freezing chamber attached? I can see it is connected with the walkway but the base is just freely standing. It does not seem ideal for transportation.
  14. JekPorkchops

    Future Star Wars Sets

    There is already quite a lot of potential for sets from the Bad Batch arc. Speaking of arcs, the ARC-170 also appears and it is long overdue for an update. It could include 3 new pilots, a new Phase II Captain Rex and perhaps the new TCW/ROTS Anakin. It would be around 80 dollars or 90 euros. A Havoc Marauder built similarly to Palpatine's Shuttle from 2010 would be nice, though that type of shuttle set used to be 70 dollars back then. Now it would be done with a price tag similar to Shuttle Tydirium (90 dollars or 110 euros). It could include five minifigures: the four members of the Bad Batch and cyborg Echo. It would be funny if the set had a sticker of minifigure Padme on its side (though with Lucasfilms new policies these days I doubt that joke is even allowed anymore, hope it still appears in the final episode). I'm hoping for a 501st battle pack, maybe with 3 Phase II 501st troopers, a 501st ARF trooper and a blue AT-RT. Maybe one of the troopers could be sergeant Appo, but more generic troops is better of course. The Separatists are always underrepresented, so a droid battle pack with 2 B1's, a B1 commander, a B2 and a commando droid could be a nice counterbalance to the Republic forces. It would probably include a buildable Dwarf Spider Droid or a Droideka. Furthermore, like many others I'm hoping for some kind of set with a new Maul, new Ahsoka and Bo-Katan (and maybe even the Ahsoka troopers).
  15. He has the scar in TCW though. I’d recommend using an Episode 3 version from 2012, but that is harder to get obviously.