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  1. The minifigs in the juniors sets will probably not be simplified, like in other themes, which is good.
  2. I'd say it's actually one of the better official droideka designs. It looks like it can fold up pretty well actually. It does indeed look like a TCW version with its shorter legs. Like that with this and the Dwarf Spider Droid, the magazines give the Separatist army some love as they have been absent in recent sets.
  3. How exactly is the carbon freezing chamber attached? I can see it is connected with the walkway but the base is just freely standing. It does not seem ideal for transportation.
  4. JekPorkchops

    Future Star Wars Sets

    There is already quite a lot of potential for sets from the Bad Batch arc. Speaking of arcs, the ARC-170 also appears and it is long overdue for an update. It could include 3 new pilots, a new Phase II Captain Rex and perhaps the new TCW/ROTS Anakin. It would be around 80 dollars or 90 euros. A Havoc Marauder built similarly to Palpatine's Shuttle from 2010 would be nice, though that type of shuttle set used to be 70 dollars back then. Now it would be done with a price tag similar to Shuttle Tydirium (90 dollars or 110 euros). It could include five minifigures: the four members of the Bad Batch and cyborg Echo. It would be funny if the set had a sticker of minifigure Padme on its side (though with Lucasfilms new policies these days I doubt that joke is even allowed anymore, hope it still appears in the final episode). I'm hoping for a 501st battle pack, maybe with 3 Phase II 501st troopers, a 501st ARF trooper and a blue AT-RT. Maybe one of the troopers could be sergeant Appo, but more generic troops is better of course. The Separatists are always underrepresented, so a droid battle pack with 2 B1's, a B1 commander, a B2 and a commando droid could be a nice counterbalance to the Republic forces. It would probably include a buildable Dwarf Spider Droid or a Droideka. Furthermore, like many others I'm hoping for some kind of set with a new Maul, new Ahsoka and Bo-Katan (and maybe even the Ahsoka troopers).
  5. He has the scar in TCW though. I’d recommend using an Episode 3 version from 2012, but that is harder to get obviously.
  6. The AT-ST is actually supposed to be carried beneath the brown catwalk underneath the cockpit. I can see a few brown Jedi Interceptor wing pieces slung underneath the Lego model that could represent the grabber arms of the in-universe design, but I don't know if there's an actual system that could hold the AT-ST. It would be neat.
  7. Weird that the Range Troopers have printed kamas instead of fabric ones, but they're still great! I kinda like the train set, though it does lack detail in the front and one more regular cart would've been nice. As expected from the earlier leaked images, Rio is actually based on his concept art version (that also appears on his character poster strangely enough) and not on the final CG version of the movie. He has blue fur so is quite inaccurate, but still a nice figure. I really like the build of the AT-hauler.
  8. I do not remember seeing him. Only in the cross-sections of the AT-M6 and other walkers.
  9. Anakin's JSF looks pretty good, at least the steep cockpit fits the Delta-7B design more than Obi-Wan's JSF from last year. Too bad both faces for Anakin have the headset on them, as this is the first realistic-styled CW figure that we have of him. The X-wing looks fantastic. I like that they used the engine techniques from the UCS set (they looked too small on that set but they look perfect here). I also like that the rubber bands are now hidden. I wish they would just put the knob for the wing mechanism on the back again. I did not like it as much on the top of the Resistance X-wings but at least those sets had some stickers for greebling, the new X-wing has a large slot for the new mechanism without any details in it, which is the only downside of this set (besides the ugly new rebel helmets). Sandcrawler looks a like the UCS one scaled down. It is kinda stubby but it looks fairly good, though it is really lacking in colors and texture. I like the new droids. Snoke's Throne Room looks really good to me. I refuse to buy TLJ sets because I hated the movie but this was the only scene I liked and the set is executed well, so I might get it (the Praetorians are great). Speaking of refusing to buy TLJ sets, I just cannot put myself in the position of buying the Advent Calendar because Rose is in it. I really wanted Merrick (glad he has the old helmet, so he'll go well with the RO pilots) but I guess I can buy him seperately as the rest of the calendar is not that impressive. The Hoth MedCenter came out of nowhere. I don't really see the appeal. I myself like it when they release playsets, and I welcome sets that don't revolve around conflict once in a while, but this choice seems so random. There is no conflict to attract children to this set and I don't even see this selling all that well among adults. They have finally made a new Sentinel Shuttle, but it looks a little off to me. The sides are way too smooth and the middle, wings and cockpit are way too blocky and 'studdy' in comparison. Weird that they threw in a random R2 again.
  10. The weird thing is, these figures should have been priced lower from the start. I’m sure they still would have made a profit. Yet they keep raising the price every year. It’s as if they want the line to be cancelled.
  11. The Maul figure has an additional 5 €/£/$ on top of the already absurd raised pricing of the other figures of this year no matter in what country you are, simply because it’s Maul.
  12. The rumored minifig selection of the V-19 was great but the price was not. It is even more expensive than the 2008 version. I’d like it to be smaller than that one, it would be more accurate. Definitely excited we’re getting even more TCW stuff, I’d take any remakes of that over new Disney material.
  13. I hope this mini buildable BB-8 scales well with the constraction figures. R2 was nice but he was too small for that purpose, though he did scale well with UCS sets like Obi-Wan's JSF and the Snowspeeder.
  14. JekPorkchops

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    I’m hoping they bring back Hero Factory. While they should stay away from those unresolved cliffhangers, it really is mostly a mission of the week (in this case year) type of thing that offers good new parts and cheap sets. They don’t need a reboot, they can just start a new adventure in G1. They just need to introduce more Hero teams and more parts packs to build your own heroes.
  15. JekPorkchops

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    Am I the only one who likes the Bionicle 05-07 system sets? Sure, they could’ve been better. Many of them were vehicles and the only playsets that were there were mostly structures and no landscapes. Even then, the 2006 buildings were evocative of the feel of that year and the use of large scale Bionicle pieces and masks in conjunction with the ‘minifigures’ were consistent with the large statues and sculptures usually seen in the worlds of Bionicle. Most of the 06 sets were canon, the 05 sets felt like Metru Nui for the most part and the top of the Tower of Toa even looked like the balcony of the spire on the Coliseum. 07 consisted of only vehicles unfortunately, and no underwater scenery, but the Toa terrain crawler is great. Overall the different scale was a great way to get some more of the worlds and locations instead of just the figures. That being said, they did lack the environments and the sets were mostly big but empty and lacking in details in some places. The brickonicle sets look very lush and it would indeed be great to see the world of 01 translated to brick form. However, while I like the visual style a lot and think it is unique enough, I don’t think the playsets would really stand out all that much to new Lego customers when compared with other action themes. I probably wouldn’t buy them if they didn’t have the Bionicle logo slapped on them, but that’s also because I don’t collect original Lego themes (Star Wars takes up too much of my budget).