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  1. One of the more recent video reviews of that set has the new troopers. It was a little kid who reviewed it and I don't remember which video it was. I was also looking at a couple of recent reviews for the TIE Silencer, the AT-M6 and the FO Star Destroyer to see if the post-Christmas production run of those has the new helmets, as that would actually be appropriate seeing as those are TLJ sets and the FO BP is not. Obviously not all recent reviews contain the newest batch of sets, that's why it is still uncommon to find news about the new helmets. I have an unopened FO Star Destroyer that's most likely going to contain the old helmets, but when the new helmets make it to the TLJ sets, I'll hold off on buying the Silencer and AT-M6 and plan to buy them at a later date, so I'll receive the new helmets.
  2. What's the difference between the 2014 and 2015 Rebels Stormtrooper? Also, since the other Scarif Stormtroopers are here, shouldn't the one from the TIE Striker also be included (even though he's listed as a Shoretrooper)?
  3. I’m curious to see how Darth Maul’s function works, but his technic arms look a little weird to me. I hope they are poseable enough. I also think his gear sticks out way too much from the back, was that really necessary? Otherwise I really like him. The collar piece is very interesting, I’m assuming it fits over the gearbox cover / neck balljoint piece and makes the figure 1M taller. I’m hoping those grey upper leg bones aren’t bare. I think I can see a part of a black shell behind the cloth though. Contrary to many others, I usually like the human characters, but that Han face is incredibly creepy (I think it’s the smile). The rest of him is standard fare but pretty nice. I like the new shoulder add-ons. I wish the first Han buildable figure was based on ANH though. The Range Trooper looks really good. His helmet looks very similar to the recent Rogue One troopers though and I’m wondering why the Imperials need another variant. The Bionicle piston add-on worked well for K-2SO and maybe for other droids, but I don’t like it here. I don’t know what the actual trooper looks like but I don’t think the boots will look like this.
  4. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Maybe I need to elaborate this more, as the situation is very weird. I got a few HF sets in 2012 and they were fine. Much stiffer than Bionicle, but still usable. As in, with a Bionicle figure I used to be able to create fluid motions when playing with them back in the day, while a HF figure had to be picked up and carefully posed before continuing, but it was doable and they hold their poses better. I bought CCBS sets again in 2015, with the launch of Bionicle G2 and later the SW figures. They were also fine, except for the friction extenders, which I purposefully always gave the soap treatment. Then suddenly, at the end of 2015, one of Jango Fett’s shoulders became squeeky when building him. When trying to move it, it became stuck and after I finally managed to tear it off, I used the soap treatment for a regular joint. Suddenly, this had to be done for every single 2016 joint. Even all of the older HF sets that I collected in 2016 were almost completely static. I now use the treatment for literally every joint without checking. It’s not a lot of fun and the build for even a 2.0 Hero can take hours, but I like the figures a lot so I’m not stopping to collect them.
  5. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Almost every new CCBS joint I receive has an incredibly ridiculous amount of friction. It is so stiff that posing the figures is rather difficult. Sometimes the joints are so stiff that they make white scratch marks onto eachother when connecting or posing them, which makes them completely static afterwards. I’m talking about the normal joints, not even the friction extenders, which obviously make things even worse and I don’t think most sets need them anyway. Does no one else have this problem? I usually solve it by adding a tiny amount of soap between the joints and then wiping it off again, making them a bit more smooth. I don’t know what effect this will have in the long run as my oldest soap-treated CCBS figures are 2 years old. I hope they don’t become too loose again, but the addition of a drop of water can bring back some friction if necessary. That being said, while giving every CCBS joint the treatment during the build is incredibly annoying, the joints are still better than the cracking joints of the old system. Visually, I’m undecided.
  6. I will definitely be getting the Praetorian Guard. It already appealed to me before the movie was released and I thought it was the best of the TLJ wave. Having seen the movie, they were definitely my favorite part of it.
  7. Seeing as the walker is still canon, it could possibly appear in episode 9. I don’t think it will, but it would make the set feel less redundant than now which would be nice.
  8. 9:25 and 9:35 give a reasonably clear look at the concept art of the scout walker.
  9. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    The First Order Walker Driver can be seen on cross-section images of the AT-HH walker. The image is very small, but the Lego version is very accurate. The helmets are a little different, but similar enough to the Flametrooper's helmet for Lego to reuse the same piece.
  10. Does anyone have a concept art picture of the Heavy Scout Walker from The Art of The Last Jedi? I heard it existed and I’m really curious what Lego based their set on. Though it didn’t appear in the movie, it was presumably mentioned in a canon source, dubbed the AT-HS.
  11. I’m hoping that they won’t ruin the set by utilising the already small piece count for a pointless side vehicle build. At its small price point, a good portion of the cantina with Han, Greedo and Wuher would be fine for me (and maybe a Sandtrooper or a new cantina patron). I would really like Evazan and Ponda too, but then the set would also have to include Luke and Ben, and I don’t see that happening at this price point. Unfortunately the set is just too small to really impress in build or minifig department. Luckily I have the 2014 version so I’m just hoping to get Wuher and new patrons with the new set. I also like the updated Greedo, assuming it’s real.
  12. In the previous weeks, I have been thinking about the possibility (as many others have) of the FO Heavy Scout Walker not even appearing in the movie, as it seems to be a very concept art-based vehicle and it hasn't been officially revealed yet in any media. Also, it appeared that the vehicle in the concept art that Lego got was eventually just replaced by an updated AT-ST, again minimizing the chance of seeing the HSW in the movie. However, if set 75201 does indeed include a FO AT-ST, then it means Lego got concept art of both of them, which actually increases the chance of the HSW appearing in the movie again. It kinda makes sense though, if the FO uses older AT-AT's alongside their new AT-M6's, then they'd also use older AT-ST's alongside their newer scout walkers. The HSW still looks a little too odd to me though.
  13. Well that particular medium sized set has been rumored to be the Supremacy battle set with Finn and Phasma in the previous months. The new descriptions mention an AT-ST under construction alongside Finn and Phasma, so it could still be aboard the Supremacy.
  14. [MOC] Aurek-Wing Fighter

    Very nice. It looks like something that should’ve been in the sequel trilogy, instead of all the rehashes we got. It makes me curious what other Aurebesh fighters would look like.
  15. Are you talking about the rumored FO AT-ST in the Supremacy battle set? It would be a stretch if such a thing would have a rapid stud shooter on the side, as it’s a big weapon, let alone the MicroFighter variant.