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  1. lomis

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Well, I'm stumped.
  2. lomis

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    I sure hope so. My fingers are crossed.
  3. lomis

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Yes, I'll follow up. Personally, I am more concerned with the risk that anything that already has been approved past the 10K point may be rejected when it comes time to select the final approved sets.
  4. lomis

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    I tried to submit a Bluecoat Fortress to LEGO Ideas last week and received the following feedback today: What's odd is that there is no mention of the Pirates of Barracuda Bay set; it's simply a Pirates related set. So, it seems any future Pirates themed ideas may be declined outright...
  5. lomis

    [MOC] Modernized Sabre Island

    I know it's not the same, but I've also created an updated version of 6276 - Eldorado Fortress: I had to build up the base using BURPs since TLG doesn't produce the raised baseplates anymore.
  6. lomis

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I'm hopeful they will offer one or two minifig sets like the recent 40372: Police MF Accessory or 40373: Fairground Accessory sets, except with a mix of pirates and/or soldiers. Really, I'm thinking of something like 1989's 6251: Pirate Minifigures set.
  7. I wish. I'd even be fine if they released more Bluecoat sets. But I wonder if the stone sculpture from the 6262 : King Kahuka’s Throne Islanders set is actually a clue to an upcoming, updated adversary...
  8. lomis


    Interesting that the recently leaked Hammerhead shark isn't included. It must be dedicated to the Creator 3-in-1 pirate ship.
  9. I'm actually quite surprised by this... If I go to my local Target - there are plenty of each of the other types. But the Star Wars area is bare or only has a few sets.
  10. If you do have trouble you can try ordering from Barnes and Noble. I order mine from them on Sunday and received it yesterday with free shipping as a B&N Member. If you're not a B&N Member - you can always ask to ship to a local store and they will hold if for you.
  11. #4 sounds like it could be the main character.
  12. Hmmm... None leftover for me. I two applied on steps 185 (page 134) and steps 381 (page 220) in the instruction manual.
  13. My wife likes being prepared for large purchases and has asked me many times since the UCS Millennium Falcon set was announced whether or not we're getting it. I have continually told her no and that I would rather spend that amount of money on a UCS ISD, hoping that one would be released. Over the past few months I've been not-so-subtly letting her know that the UCS ISD announcement was imminent and that it was rumored to be $700 USD. So, she's expecting us to get it. But after seeing it, I just don't know... I was really hoping for an interior and some very unique minifigures - with some prints that are actually accurate for the time. If this is actually the Devastator (seen at the beginning of A New Hope), then the Officer shouldn't have a Lieutenant rank insignia from the Empire Strikes Back. Commander Praji would have been an ideal choice but a Moff or Admiral from A New Hope would have been great too. Even the Officer seen on for a few seconds during Rogue One would have worked. And why does the printing on the Imperial Technician look so terrible in the official image? Is that really what it looks like out of the box?
  14. I really don't know what to say about this wave. Altogether, I'm not at all impressed and don't see anything that's necessarily a "must buy". I don't even think I'll get the A-Wing, even though I'm usually a sucker for those. Maybe I'll wait for a sale... The characters I'm most interested in are the Knights of Ren and the Mandalorian figures. But I can't justify buying a new/different version of a shuttle I already own just for the former but maybe I'll fold on the walker.