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  1. I noticed that the medium-sized blasters on the snowtroopers battlepack main image were a bit different. But I think this is because it's a render rather than an actual picture... The lifestyle images for that set - where the child is playing with the set - show the standard blasters we have known for years now.
  2. lomis

    Third leg on R2?

    Yes! This piece also works well with the 1x1 round plate with a hole and the cheese slope. I got a second/spare in the 75296: Darth Vader Meditation Chamber set.
  3. True. I was put into the queue just after midnight EDT on 2021-08-01 and my items as "In Warehouse" after I ordered. But they weren't shipped until almost two weeks later? Yikes! I'm glad I ordered at least one of the new sets on Amazon. I don't think I'll be doing much shopping on lego.com from now on unless there is something exclusive.
  4. I just got shipping confirmation today that my order will be delivered next week on the 18th and I ordered on day 1. I don't think I'll be ordering from lego.com again after this. The delay has just been crazy.
  5. I will pass on 75312: Slave I. The only other version I have of the ship is from 75222: Betrayal at Cloud City. And in all honesty - I prefer its look to the new one, especially the new dark red portion I also already have that version of the Mando figure, don't feel like I need a new version of Boba, and don't need the small vehicle/stand. As far as 75315: Moff Gideon's Light Cruiser goes - I feel like it's a must for me. I'm just a sucker for Imperial ships. I just wish it came with at least one Imperial Officer like the one from 75252: Imperial Star Destroyer. Lastly, I will also jump on getting 75311: Trexler Marauder as it looks good enough and I am happy with the figure selection.
  6. I thought I'd add some of my perspective... I watch everything Star Wars (including the Clone Wars and Bad Batch) but have really only focused on LEGO Star Wars sets from the OT, Rogue One, Solo, and the Mandalorian. I know a little about the differences between what phase each Clone Trooper looks like, but would be hard pressed to give a lot of details without looking at pictures or stills from the movies/shows. Having said that... the Bad Batch Attack Shuttle set looks great from my slightly more "outside" perspective. Every figure is new/unique either due to a new mold or printing and the quality of each looks really good. Since I don't focus on (or know) what version clone helmets are, I couldn't really tell anyone if there are any detail differences between the figures and show. I know from the set which character is which from the show and don't need any sort of guide or image for reference. As for the ship itself - it looks very much like the one in the show. And I consider its size decent since it can fit all of the figures that come with the set. While it may not be scaled perfectly, I understand that it never could (as a sellable LEGO set). TLG simply did the best they could based on what we know about budgeting versus the output. It looks pretty good and has playability. If I wanted a detailed or more accurate version of any Star Wars character - I would look to Hasbro or Hot Toys.
  7. I know it logically makes sense thus way. But by using only this logic - all of the Darth Vaders released should now have arm printing and we know that’s not the case.
  8. You can see the back on the "3-D" video on shop.lego.com.
  9. lomis

    REVIEW: 40448 LEGO® IDEAS Vintage Car

    I finally had the chance to build this excellent set and haven't had any issues whatsoever with the surfboards having loose grip. They seem pretty sturdy for me. I wonder if this has to do with where they were produced...
  10. I absolutely agree. I have the Tydirium and was interested in it at first but lost that interest as soon as I saw the official images. Tydirium has it beat in every way but one: the 3x3 Roof Tile on the Tyderium uses a sticker whereas it looks like the new shuttle uses a 3x4 Roof Tile that is printed.
  11. I have the Tyderium and was thinking of getting the 75302 Imperial Shuttle as well. But after seeing some higher resolution images, I'm not so sure... The minifigures are nothing special and the underside for the shuttle (landing gear and area below the cockpit) looks very rough.
  12. lomis

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Cheers! Happy New Year!
  13. lomis

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Same here. I was actually able to get things in my bag but once I tried to checkout it all fell apart. Now I can't even add to my bag.
  14. Hmm.. I didn’t have this issue. I plan on picking this one up even though I have the 2015 version. I’m interested in seeing the differences while building.