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  1. I believe it’s exclusive to Walmart and LEGO brand stores in the US.
  2. FYI: 75217: Imperial Conveyex Transport is listed on the back of the August 2018 Store Calendar.
  3. As far as I can tell they are from a video on Youtube. The pics have since been posted to the LEGOLeaks Discord.
  4. I've only seen two low resolution pictures: one from the side, one from almost top-down. Unfortunately, I didn't save them. All I could really see was a control panel of some sort, a red and dark stone grey tank/canister, two or three steps up to a platform, and a small yellow crane - similar to the one in 75098: Assault on Hoth.
  5. Where did you get that information? I don't see a droid even remotely resembling CZ-1 unless they're counting that recolored medical droid.
  6. I agree with both points. ...and I also have a bit more controversial statement: I own and really like 75098 - Assault on Hoth. Regarding the new Fall sets - this is probably my least liked Star Wars Advent Calendar. I may not get it and just BrickLink Merrick (sp?) and his helmet. Otherwise, I really like the rest of them and it will be tough for me to decide what NOT to get.
  7. I've stated this on the LegoLeaks Discord already, but I'll say it here for those who don't access it: The Kessel Mine Worker looks like one of the individuals in the back of this photo but without a hat/helmet:
  8. lomis

    2018 Lego Trains

    Yes, spot on. I don't consider that a disappointment because I think the coaches work quite well. Yes, these panels are reversed from the image on the preliminary box image for 60197. Also, it looks like they changed the train's primary color from yellow to orange. It looks like there's at least eight straights on the preliminary box image for 60198 and only one switch left; no switch right is visible in either that box pic or this newer picture. How odd! All-in-all, I quite like the 60197 Passenger Train and will likely pick it up as I don't have any others. The 60198 Freight Train is likely a skip for me since I recently acquired the 60052 Cargo Train.
  9. lomis

    LEGO Pirates Display

    What a fantastic display! There's so much going on I think I'll have to revisit the flickr album multiple times just to catch it all. I probably love the rowboat with the hole in it the most. The only things I can possibly think you could add to this would be a custom ship or seagulls.
  10. lomis

    2018 Lego Trains

    I bought the 60052: Cargo Train set largely in part because of 10254: Winter Holiday Train. Otherwise, the only other Train set I have ever owned was 7722: Steam Cargo Train Set when I was a kid. I wonder if it has had that sort of an impact on anyone else out there...
  11. That's not right, is it? Or did they change Tobias's outfit?
  12. lomis

    Review - 60052 Cargo Train

    Great review! I've been out of my dark ages for a few years now and was looking around at LEGO cargo trains. 60052 really piqued my interests as I'm in the U.S. and the engine looks more like the type used in U.S. I wanted to wait a bit to see what was offered in 2018. However, I decided 60198 wasn't for me after seeing the confidential box image and thankfully Amazon had 60052 for 25% off. So, I've made the jump and received it yesterday. I am really excited to put it together but a bit worried about going down the LEGO train rabbit hole. At any rate, one minor gripe I'd like to resolve is the non-angled gap between the corner bricks below the main windows: As far as I can tell, this would be best rectified like so with a Plate 2x2, Corner, 45 Deg.: Unfortunately, TLG does not make it in Flame Yellowish Orange. Any other easy suggestions?
  13. I would be highly surprised since the preliminary photo for the X-Wing had one figure with a lightsaber and one without. Plus, why would they include Vaner in an X-Wing set? Could this be more of a hint toward a new UCS Y-Wing?
  14. 10260 - Downtown Diner - Theme: Advanced Models - Subtheme: Modular Buildings Year: 2018 LXF File (LDD 4.3.11 - brickset 2670) Errors: missing/incorrect stickers/labels missing minifigures missing 32607 (Plant, W/ Plate 1X1, No. 1) as it is missing from the brickset missing 3024 (Plate 1x1) due to collision with 2714 (Technic Stick) missing 32062 (2M Cross Axle W. Groove) due to collision with 25214 (Design Shape W/ Tube, Crosshole) replaced 3035 (Plate 4x8) with several parts due to collision with 92903 (Brick 1X3X2 W/Ins And Outs.Bow) replaced two 24855 (Plant, W/ 3.2 Shaft, No. 1) with 3741 (Stalk) as it is missing from the brickset replaced 24866 (Flower 1x1) with 33291 (Bracelet Upper Part) as it is missing from the brickset replaced 32803 (Brick 2X2X2/3, Inverted Bow) with 15068 (Plate W. Bow 2x2x2/3)