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  1. That is excellent news. Thanks for sharing! I've been checking PaB at least once a week since the set's release. I guess it's time to up the frequency!
  2. As someone who does not own the previous Ghost nor intend on ever building an MOC version - I purchased the Ghost and Phantom II set and don't regret it for a minute. The build was really fun and I think the final model looks great. I'm not really that nitpicky about LEGO sets being replicas of the models from the movies. And the Ghost is by far the most interesting of the Ahsoka sets. The price is a bit high, but that seems to be par for the course for so many sets these days. Having said that - I may think about modding it to clean up the underside. But if I don't get around to it, so be it.
  3. How did it go? Were you able to grab the T-6? I pre-ordered the Ghost through Amazon about a week ago and it arrived safe and secure yesterday in two boxes.
  4. My daughter really wanted 3 of the new Marvel Series Two CMFs. So, I went with her to our local Target with a milligram scale and Jay's Brick Blog's weight guide. We ended up getting 2 of the 3 figures she wanted right away, as their weights were different enough. But because several of the others had weights that were so close, we ended up buying 5 unique characters in total - including the 3 she wanted. I suppose that's a success because you can never have too many LEGO minifigures, right?
  5. I have had decent luck in the past getting ahold of the sets on release day at B&N - specifically with the Rogue One line. However, I have had to ask employees to check the back. Honestly, I would call your local store and ask if they will have them available, referencing the UPC numbers which are available on the product detail pages for each set at Brickset. They should already have them or know if/when they will have them in stock.
  6. lomis

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    Honestly, a Kraken battle set sounds right up LEGO's alley. I would love to see that. But I just can't get soldiers versus pirates out of my head when I think of a LEGO Pirates line.
  7. The same for me. They are darker than expected; not too far off from the official images. But they are much darker than the lighter tan sails in the 6277: Imperial Trading Post. I think that's what is throwing me off...
  8. I just started building today and have only opened the first 3 numbers of bags. So far the build is enjoyable. Going into it, I was most worried about the white printing quality on the Bluecoats. But they seem fine - on par with the 2015 versions. Not perfect; but they’ll do.
  9. lomis

    Redcoat torsos based on 10320

    I have some updated/new 2023 Bluecoat decorations to share that I thought you might find useful. Please click on the smaller (128x128) image links below for the larger (512x512) versions. Bluecoat Governor Torso: Bluecoat Soldier Torso:
  10. I have some update/new 2023 Bluecoat decorations to share. Please click on the smaller (128x128) image links below for the larger (512x512) versions. Bluecoat Governor Torso: Bluecoat Soldier Torso:
  11. Brickset shows it in their review of the set:
  12. lomis

    10278 Police Station

    It's a reference to the Halloween Heist from Brooklyn Nine Nine.
  13. Wow! Great pictures and a nice review. I think you're okay if you post a link to the review as it's not under any sort of embargo that I am aware of and the set is officially announced.
  14. I'm honestly surprised by a lot of the negativity I've read on this topic. It has expanded playability, build technique, and display-ability beyond the original with updated prints. Is this a perfect set? No. Does it compare with something at the scale of 21322: Pirates of Barracuda Bay? No. But do I think it is a quality remake of a classic set? Absolutely. What are my gripes?: Why didn't they re-use or expand on the Imperial flag print from 2015? Why can't TLG successfully print white on darker torsos, like with the CMF Revolutionary Soldier? I would have preferred to see dark red 1x2 masonry bricks rather than a scattering of the dark red rounded 1x2 plates and other such dark red pieces. I couldn't care less about the color of the dock. I don't get why so many people are hung up on this. It didn't upset me that the trees in 10305: Lion Knights' Castle and 40567: Forest Hideout were build using mostly black pieces, and I don't think it matters here that portions of this set that were originally black remain black. And do I care about who the characters are in the set? Absolutely not. I'm just happy there are a decent mix of Imperials along with two pirates. I think this set is a fantastic remake, that really does evoke feelings of nostalgia. This is a day 1 purchase for me unless I hear that there may be an gift with purchase that is pirates-related in future months. Lastly, I'm really holding out hope for a remake/reimaging of 6274: Caribbean Clipper or a bluecoat 10210: Imperial Flagship.
  15. Not sure if anyone is interested... but here is the 6x4 flag from 70412: Soldiers Fort: