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  1. letsgorangers

    LDD "Custom" Stickers/Prints

    I used bbqqq's 1500+ decors palette of any decor-able bricks (you can find it in this forum. It includes all bricks that can be decorated (all bricks from that time period, some new bricks were added in ldd since than.) Yes, I know, I was hesitant to share them though oh well, its done!
  2. letsgorangers

    LDD "Custom" Stickers/Prints

    Make an LXFML file with the bricks you want to modify (without any decorations applied), as well as a brick with the decoration you want to apply to the other bricks. Take note of the design ID of the bricks in the file (at the bottom when you click on the brick) and open it in a program where you can modify the lxfml (notepad++ is the easiest IMO) and edit the decorations part of the LXFML File to the decoration <Part refID="*number" designID="*designID*" materials="*number,number*" decoration="0"> There should be one (or more, if you are replacing more than one decoration at once, just remember to make the two or more decors a different color or something so you can tell them apart!) that has a different decoration id. This is the decoration you want to apply to the rest of the decorations. copy the part that says "decoration="*number*" and then highlight a different line that says decoration="0" and press "replace". decoration="0" should be in the top box, and press paste, and decoration="*number* should now be in the bottom box. And hit "replace all" and close the replace window, and now press "save as" and save it as "*insert whatever you name it as*.lxfml" and remember to save as "all types (*.*)" and save it, go to ldd (or use it as a pallete) and make a new file in ldd and hit "import" and import the lxfml file and your new bricks should be there. Sorry about the long instructions, but i wanted to be as detailed as possible. If you want, I could make it for you, just tell me the exact bricks and the exact decorations you want. Hope this helped!
  3. I couldn't find one, so i'm looking to create a thread for "custom" lego stickers (and by custom i mean stickers on pieces other than their intended one.) I made a custom pallete of these, and thought it would be useful for others. Keep in mind, this was originally intended for personal use so some pieces may seem obsolete. But here it is anyway! If anybody else has any to share, feel free to post! LDD "Custom" Stickers Some Examples
  4. letsgorangers

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    Mine is a LDD file of a hockey player playing hockey, as I live and love hockey and play it myself.
  5. letsgorangers

    Building a City with limited space

    SAME! I have a small table that can barely accommodate 8 32x32 baseplates, 4 on each side. What I do is I have pretty small buildings, my "best" (a small toys R us moc) being a modest 6x14. This way, I can fit buildings on the sides of street baseplates. Smaller cities can actually be quite nice, It all depends on the builder, having the skill and OF COURSE HAVING THE PARTS (Which I, sadly, do not ) Some tips Add in the little things (fire hydrants, traffic lights, sidewalks,ect...) Add in some smaller scenes, such as a street performer from the collectible minifigs/create your own! Keep it in perspective. Don't have a full on fire station taking up two entire baseplates and then a 6x6 house right across the street Make it your own!
  6. letsgorangers

    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    Ah, so I should just post in the main LDD forum? Thanks. Now I realize this was actually a pretty stupid question...
  7. letsgorangers

    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    I'm relatively new around here, so i have a question. Where should I post a palette of decorations applied to other bricks that actually look quite nice and are useful (for me anyway) in LDD? (If I can/or should) Thanks in advance - letsgorangers
  8. letsgorangers


    Ok guys, this is my first MOC (posted on the forum) so here goes nothing. Police Kiosk MOC Any tips and/or criticism is welcome!