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  1. OK, have some, tried it, and the printing can be scratched off under some circumstances. For sealing: Would Testor's decal fixative spray (applied to the sticker sheet) be an acceptable choice? I don't intend to get it wet, but the printing scratching off could be a somewhat important issue.
  2. Simply put, I'd both like to print stickers that I designed (based on scans of official stickers), and copies of existing ones. (I'm not going to pay 20 dollars for a sticker sheet with a single sticker I need 5 of, so I made several scans before application.) I know about the clear background issue, and plan to print on white sticker paper. My basic question is - what kind/which brand of sticker paper should I use? It would need to be close to official stickers and Lego bricks, especially in terms of surface finish/glossiness, and in terms of not peeling over time. (My try a few years ago is peeling up now. Color matching I can deal with via photoshop adjustments.) Thanks.
  3. BraselC5048

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Pretty much as the title says, has anybody heard of somebody who came up with a mechanism to make a MTT unfold like it's supposed to on the movie version? Or somebody who modified theirs to do that? I'm considering modifying a MTT that way, and I'm stuck for ideas.
  4. BraselC5048

    Were to go for custom stickers?

    Nope, they don't have it, I'm looking for stickers for the old USC Naboo starfighter. Do they do custom work? Any other places?
  5. I'm hoping to order some custom stickers (high quality) to replace the crumbly ones that come with the old set I'm building. (I currently have a set of non-crumbled and unapplied stickers, along with scans.) The thing is, I don't know where to go to get them. Stickers, not waterslide decals. They would also need to be pre cut, like official stickers, (as in 'I don't have to cut them out with scissors'), since there's no way I can cut the smooth curve on the edges of several of them. Anybody know of a place? Thanks.
  6. I'm wondering if anybody knows of a reasonably close paint color match for preferably either old light gray or old dark gray, although if not, either of the new grays would work too. Hopefully something that also comes in a spray can, since I can't brush paint with most paint brands (or really anything that comes in a glass bottle). I'm intending to paint some old parts that only come in clear colors into gray.
  7. Judging by your signiture, do you happen to be in the business of doing exactly that? It looks that way, and I know my way around image formats and scanning pretty well, but there's no way I could create a vector image, just at most a 900 DPI one.
  8. I'm rebuilding the 2002 UCS Naboo Starfighter, and I've got a brand new sticker sheet to replace the old crumbled away stickers. Before I put them on, I'm wondering about the best way to preserve them so they don't suffer the same fate as the previous ones. I've already scaned them as a .tiff at both 300 and 600 DPI. I've heard about Tamyla clearcoat, but since there's a ton of chrome on the model, I can't apply it after the stickers are applied. Does it work if I apply it to the sticker sheet before they are put on, (and would the stickers go on if I do that?), and is Tamyla clearcoat a good idea in the first place? I know exposure to UV light is the problem, but I also wan't to display it. One potential spot is in the northeast corner of a room with a single west facing window near the southwest corner. So far I haven't seen if direct sunlight goes that far into the room during the summer, but the blinds on the window are closed all the time anyway. Another posibility is on top of a tall dresser (2/3rds the height of the window) against the wall a few feet to the north of the window. Anybody know of any other tricks for making the stickers last?
  9. BraselC5048

    how to polish (official) LEGO chrome parts?

    So there's no way at all to make a slightly/moderately dulled chrome part like new again? Some of my parts in good condition you can see a reflection in, but the rest are worse off, and I'd like to clean them up.
  10. I'm wondering how to polish some LEGO (non-aftermarket) chrome parts so they shine like new .There's some sticker residue to remove from one of them as well. I don't want to risk damaging them, so I'm hoping for some expertise. Thanks.
  11. BraselC5048

    Misprints and Other LEGO Production Oddities

    I happen to have the head off of Professor Archibald Hale, 3626bpb0531, Minifig, Head Glasses with Brown Sideburns, Moustache and White Pupils Pattern, but with the hair in dark orange instead of brown. It's also somewhat worn, with small portions of the glasses being heavily worn. I didn't realize it was a misprint until I ordered one to replace it that wasn't so worn, but then I realized it when the replacement was brown. (I got lucky on the first one I ordered.) Is this a common misprint, or did I get lucky, or is it a result of wear, and possibly fading from sun exposure? If it is a common misprint, then I'm hoping to get another one without the wear. In any case, he's now wearing a dark bluish gray suit (crack along one side) and some dark orange hair, and makes an ideal postmaster.
  12. The printing (or really, actually having in the molding) of a couple of recessed panels, in reddish brown and a couple of other colors, of that piece is exactly what I was thinking of. Thing is, they haven't done it yet, and the flesh door isn't the right molding in the first place.
  13. I wondering (although I think the answer is no) if anybody non-offical-LEGO has decided to make a piece of an interior door that fits the standard 4x6 frame. Right now the only options are various clear glass and with a 4 pane window, and neither works well for interior doors. Seems like it would be the perfect opportunity for somebody who makes custom pieces to make one, and yet I can't find anybody who has. So has somebody decided to make one, or is it still a gap waiting to be filled?
  14. BraselC5048

    Heavy MOD & Light MOD: Fire Truck and Fire Brigade

    Thanks. For comparison, this is what the fire engine started out as: Anyway, the fire brigade has had a few improvements made. Out front, the previous dead looking tree that always fell over has been redone: Inside, the main new feature is a hose drying rack on the left side: From the back: On the right side, just a few new details (jack, toolbox), and some storage cabinets. (yes, that's the best image I could get.) And what would a 1930's fire station be without some 1930's firemen: Firemen on the truck, ready to put out a fire:
  15. I wasn't happy with the 11930's fire truck from the Fire Brigade, so I rebuilt it a while ago, and now I've rebuilt it again. The left side: The pump inlets/outlets have completely redone, assisted by new parts lego has put out recently. The seats look better in dark gray. The right side: The fire extinguishers have been moved to the cab, making room for hoses in the hose bed (why didn't lego put hoses in there in the first place?): New to the current rebuild are the staggered hoses in the hose bed, made with some 1x2 tiles and 1x2 jumpers. The previously non-existent pump controls are now in the rear of the cab: To prevent seeing into the wheel well from the cab, there's now some details under the front of the cab, as well as new gauges on the dashboard: Pictures of the fire brigade to follow.