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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! This is my entry for the Sky's The Limit category of the Wandering Skies contest over on Flickr. It's a modular steampunk house on a floating island with full interior and lights, so come with me on a complete tour of it! On the outskirts of the Lower Islands on a small floating island, there lives an eccentric inventor called Dr. Wasserdampf. In his secluded workshop covered in various steaming pipes and whirling contraptions, he spends his days alone working on new inventions to improve the lives of the people of the Wandering Skies. Lights can often be seen shining from his workshop long after the sun goes down as he tinkers away into the night. While he mostly keeps to himself, many of the Low Islanders know him well and they know they can always come to him if they need any kind of mechanical solution. One of his best inventions includes his incredible balloonless flying machine which he keeps parked on a floating rock attached to his island by a rope bridge. Meet Dr. Heinrich Wasserdampf and his trusty mechanical dog Rusty. Here, the inventor is working on his steam jet powered flight pack. Let's take a closer look at his house, starting at the top. On the side of the tower is crane for lifting up water barrels and other heavy objects to the upper floors. To avoid having to crank it himself, the inventor connected it to a windmill mechanism. On starry nights, the inventor likes to relax on his self-built deck on the roof and chart the stars using his big telescope. There is a giant gear sticking out of one side of the house. It was meant for rotating the top part of the house so that it faces the wind like a windmill, but Wasserdampf couldn't get it to work, so now it lays dormant here, serving as a place for birds to setup their nest. The attic is where the inventor sleeps and showers. He cleans himself using a prototype showering device which heats up water and pours it onto his head using a steam pump. He calls it a "shower". The second floor is where the inventor lives. Up on the fireplace is a portrait and an urn of the inventor's late wife Hilda. She was a brilliant chemist, but fell terminally ill one day and they couldn't afford the state-of-the-art doctors in the Imperial City who could have given her the treatment she needed. She was the love of his life and the only person he couldn't help. He now honors her memory by helping as many people as he can with his inventions. There is also a small dinner table, a bookshelf, and a kitchen with a coal oven. In the inventor's workshop, there is a wall next to the workbench full of Dr. Wasserdampf's inventions that are designed to make life in the wandering skies easier, including a grappling hook, a flight pack, and a pneumatic wood chopping axe. The house used to belong to a blacksmith, so it has a forge in the workshop which the inventor occasionally uses to make metal parts for his contraptions. Next to it you can see another one of his inventions, the flight cap! In the center of the workshop, there is a trapdoor with a ladder that leads to the basement levels. In the basement, there are various stored goods including coal, a water boiler, a lamp, and the steam-powered wheelchair that the inventor built for his wife before she passed away. If you go down the ladder further, you get to a rope bridge that leads to the landing pad of the inventor's flying machine. That concludes our tour of the Inventor's house. What is your favorite part? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping in.
  2. kofi

    [MOC] tree

    Hey there, here is my newest creation. You can get more information about my MOC via flickr. Enjoy. tree by kofi, auf Flickr
  3. Hopefully I post this in the right place :) A floating island I made for Swebricks CB Aetheria, hopefully you enjoy it! Aetheria - main island pic 2 by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Aetheria - main island pic 3 by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Aetheria - main island pic 4 by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Aetheria - main island - old man resting by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Aetheria - main island by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Aetheria - main island pic 6 by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr