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Found 12 results

  1. I just realized there's a subforum for comics, how cool is that? I'd like to post this thing I'm making. To be continued!
  2. So, I decided to dust off a project that had been set aside for quite some time, due to how the first version had some major design flaws (IMO) that I just couldn't seem to work out. Well, after going to BrickFair last month, I decided to take another crack at it (in between various RL stuff that has been keeping me constantly busy), and after tinkering around with a few ideas (one of which, even though I initially liked it best, I had to discard due to two of the key parts being discontinued & never publicly released in red), I finally came up with this. I figured that I should post it here, rather than in the Sci-Fi forum, because it's about as much inspired by the Atlantis & Aquazone themes as it is RL Navy stuff, so without further ado: EDIT: Last week, after almost 9 years since I first started messing around with this design, I finally finished building this thing in actual bricks! Behold, the Federal Navy Ship Black Pearl, Black Seas Barracuda-class fusion-powered fast attack submarine for my crazy crossover sci-fi/fantasy LEGO setting. It is the third ship of the Black Seas Barracuda class SSF (Fusion-powered Fast-attack Submarines), the first two being the Black Seas Barracuda and the Jolly Roger (wonder if anyone will get the references), and all ships in the class are named after infamous pirate vessels. This one just happens to have the commander of its namesake vessel for its CO.... The FNS Black Pearl is mostly deployed as part of the Federal Republic of America Navy's Caribbean Squadron, patrolling the mostly lawless waters of the Caribbean League for pirates (conventional & submarine), hunting down notorious sea monsters and giving Neo-Confederate commercial shipping & commerce raiders nightmares. Armed with four twin-laser cannon turrets (for engaging airborne targets & smaller surface vessels while surfaced & close-by underwater threats when submerged), dual axially-mounted torpedo tubes (each can carry two Mk 56 supercavitating homing torpedoes each), as well as a semi autonomous drone (also serves as a remote active sonar platform) and sometimes Federal Special Operations Command Underwater Demolition Team members, these medium subs pack a mean punch for their size. As is typical of most submarines, the interior is cramped, but provides adequate living for its crew. The forward-most compartment houses most of the air cylinders as well as an airlock for UDT divers & the remote probe to be deployed or retrieved. This sub's fusion power plant, in addition to providing electricity for propulsion & equipment, also is used to separate hydrogen & oxygen from water, thus the sub can remain submerged indefinitely, crew provisions being the only limiting factor (although some enterprising crews have been known to deploy their SOCOM UDT teams and/or remote drones to harvest seafood to extend their time below the surface when trying to remain undetected deep in enemy territory) The relatively minimalist bridge, where the captain & duty helmsman take the sub where it needs to go. The FNS Black Pearl's brave, but somewhat rowdy crew Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this LDD project. I DO fully intend to build this thing for real (and bring it to at least one Lego show), but unfortunately, my budget is such that I've only got the barest bit of the bottom section done as of yet. This build clocks in at over 860 pieces, most of which are rather small, so you can see how it could be a bit on the expensive side, however, it is getting my top priority for my LEGO budget from now until I have it finished. EDIT: I hope you all enjoy seeing the completely final version, and I know it took me long enough to finish this, but I've been going through some serious stuff in RL over the past 4 years that has kind of gotten in the way of many of my more ambitious LEGO projects, and finishing this one has been a huge confidence booster, let me tell you...
  3. One of my favourite Disney movies from my childhood was Atlantis: The Lost Empire, I loved the industrial machines and the cartoon art style which was like a comic book and enjoyed the story and its characters a great deal. Set in the early 1900’s, the film follows a young linguist named Milo Thatch who dreams of one day fulfilling his grandfather’s dream of finding the lost city of Atlantis. I recently decided to fulfil my childhood dream of designing a full range of sets based on the movie in the style of official LEGO sets, all in LDD. I have a total of 6 sets finished so far and will be posting them here one by one from smallest to biggest, I hope you enjoy them! 01. Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Shepherd's Journal The hero’s journey begins when he is approached by a mysterious woman called Helga Sinclair who introduces him to Preston Whitmore, a billionaire industrialist who knew his grandfather. In his office Milo is given the all-important artefact to begin the quest: The Shepard’s Journal, which includes maps and clues which only he can read which will guide an expedition to finding the lost city. This small set marks the beginning of the adventure featuring: - Preston B. Whitmore, Milo Thatch and Helga Sinclair minifigures - The Shepard’s Journal book - Printed tiles representing the portfolio papers of the expedition specialists and crew - A miniature model of the Ulysses, the massive submarine which the expedition begins the journey on - The fireplace, fish tank and a globe from the office as well as several small statues and other artefacts in Whitmore’s collection. The model contains approximately 105 pieces. 02. Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Sub Pod The expedition starts off aboard the Ulysses, a massive submarine, but is soon attacked by a gigantic mechanical sea monster known as the Leviathan. To defend itself the Ulysses deploys many small submarines called Sub-Pod’s which are armed with torpedoes to battle the monster. Features include: - Gaetan "Mole" Moliére and Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini minifigures - 8 flick-fire torpedoes mounted on the two main fins of the pod which can also rotate - Opening cockpit which can fit both minifigures - Spinning propeller The model contains approximately 194 pieces. If you like these models please support them on LEGO Ideas here: and here: Thanks for viewing!
  4. Peppermint_M

    Aquazone Index

    Dive into the briny deep and seek out sunken treasure! Tags --- Reviews: - Aquazone Reviews - Aqua Raiders Reviews - Atlantis Reviews MOCs: - Vehicle MOCs - Submerged Scenes - Sea Creatures - Seabases, Structures and Layouts
  5. Lego Atlantis. Released after the 1995 Aquazone theme, but set somewhere before the Aquazone theme, this 2010 underwater action theme revolved around a team of daring scientists and adventurers, searching for the lost city of Atlantis. Their main submarine was the 8075 Neptune Carrier. A very cool set, loaded with play features, such as a small rover and detachable minisub. But the major flaw, that you can really only partially blame on the design team, is that the interior of the submarine only seats one single minifig. This is their main submarine, mind you! So, I set out to build a better version, and have it take a place in my Aquazone project. The idea would be, that this submarine is a former military sub, refitted for civilian use and sold off to an adventurous group searching for a lost underwater city. As such, it has been around for a while and is actually quite an outdated machine in the sci-fi Aquazone universe. I present to you the Technical specifications: Powerplant: 73000 HP Hydrolator Crystal powered turbine reactor Propuslion: Twin hybrid pump-jets, additional dual maneuvering pump-jets Top speed: 40 knots Armament: Dual torpedo tubes, storage for up to six Mk 59 torpedoes Oxygen supply: Dual redundant Mk 2 artificial gill system Crew complement: 10 to 16 The design is somewhat classic, reminiscent perhaps of a nuclear powered submarine (which it actually used to be, before the conversion some years ago to the hydrolator crystal powerplant). The additional thrusters and hydroplanes provide for ample maneuverability. Main pump-jets.. ...that actually steer left and right. This thing is actually four studs short of the magic one hundred. But, it does come with interior, because after all, you need a place to eat, sleep and relax. If Lego sets can't have that, AFOL creations should. From left to right: Torpedo room, control room, laboratory/EVA room, crew quarters, sanitary facilities/engine room (imaginary, gotta cut some corners sometimes) "Wait, did you say torpedo room? But you said the submarine was converted to civilian use!" Yes, well, these guys are proper rednecks. If you buy a piece of disabled military hardware, you enable it. Gun law enforcement is a joke in the Aquazone world. "Load torpedo tube one!" A torpedo is lifted using the overhead crane, and swung into the tube. These torpedoes are quite large, they require two crewmembers to load 'em. "Open tube one outer door!" "Tube one, fire!" (insert your best torpedo launch mimicking sound here) Notice the flick-fire missiles, as these were an integral part of the Atlantis theme I was obliged to incorporate them somewhere, but they're just for show. The control room. Visible in the front are the steering and weapons stations, and in the background, sonar. Captain Blackpool checking the plotted course on the digital navigation chart. Behind him is the ladder leading up to the conning tower. Up the ladder, through the hatch, you can access the observation platform. The conning tower also features the sub's communication arrays and an airlock. The lab, where reasearcher and crew physician dr. McEwan is studying one of the mysterious Atlantis maps. The EVA lockers and equipment, and the hatch leading to the detachable utility-sub (more on that later). The crew quarters, with bunk beds, dinnertable and small kitchen. In the rear, the door leading to the aft compartments. The lower deck has the rover bay in front of the ship, and a small observation room in the rear. Just like the original "Mk.I" set, this sub has an extra sub and a small car. The front of the submarine hinges open when the sub is perched on the seabed, allowing the rover to be driven out. The rover bay also functions as an airlock. The rover has storage for flippers under the bonnet (or hood), spearguns, a spacious boot (or trunk), windshield, and even a license plate! The utility sub, connected with magnets, and accessible via the hatch in the EVA room. The sub has its own airlock and even has space for a diving suit. "Let's go find this lost city!" More pictures in the brickshelf folder (when public), and more Aquazone mocs to come!
  6. After the Lego Atlantis line went out, I had been thinking about how if the divers were indeed a salvage team, it would be logical for them to have a form of sky unit. And after experimenting with some helicopter designs, I decided to create my own Atlantis sky unit. The helicopter is more or less based of a military attack chopper, mixed with a medium transporter. The model can fit two minifigs, A pilot up front, and another operator behind. The pilot uses a custom control panel made of a droid body and some clips. The operator just uses some Lego levers. Unfortunately, there's a small gap at the front, because of the way the two walls are positioned sideways. The model would have looked better without this, but I didn't want to screw up any of the chopper's streamlined shaping just to fix one small little gap. The helicopter, being on a dive team, has removable tools, and an ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) in back. Here, everything is detached. The Helicopter got its name unintentionally when I noticed its similarities to a dolphin in profile. And being an Atlantis helicopter, that didn't seem out of place, so I named it the Dolphin Chopper. Quick Facts: The Atlantis Dolphin Chopper, has specially designed pontoons to land on water. I may possibly add a winch attachment later on that can hoist up the ROV. I will add a follow up to this post if I do. You probably have noticed the huge bulging windows on either side. they may look silly but, this is simply a way of being realistic. Many large transport choppers have these windows so pilots may look out and down at the ground. Examples of helicopters like these would be this Chinook:
  7. HruppertDK

    NASA Final Launch - Atlantis

    Hey there. Does any of you have ideas for a set that depicts the final manned space shuttle Atlantis? Lets see your ideas! :D
  8. PaddyBricksplitter

    The Man From Atlantis

    Hi all, There's something fishy about this guy. It's The Man From Atlantis, out for a stroll along the ocean floor.
  9. FinalFeature

    Avengers Wrath of Ultron

    The world will witness Ultron's wrath. Meanwhile in Atlantis, two kings will clash for the throne. Things only get worse for Aquaman when Black Manta interferes. Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Coulter Rail as Aquaman Joe Newberry as Sub-Mariner Julian Smith as Orm and Atlantean Watchdog Sean Polite as Black Manta Mike Debonis as Iron Man Cliff Thompson as Ultron
  10. It looks like Netflix has added a decent number of Lego TV shows to their streaming service. I see the first two Ninjago story arcs (Skellies and Rise of the Snakes), a few Bionacle movies, a Friends shows and the Atlantis movie. Woot!
  11. Inspired by Locomotive Annie's recent 'Steam Electric Locomotive' topic and Electrosteam's 'Bag of Ideas' topic, I threw together this little MOD. Car #168 is the end result of a secret program started by the CIA in 1964. The previous 167 cars all met a grisly demise on the test track, incurring the loss of numerous personnel. The work was so hazardous that hardened criminals who were offered reduced sentences were about the only people willing to work on it. Haircut (pictured here with his guard) was one of the few to survive. The engine was designed to air-lift itself behind enemy lines where it could wreck havoc in it's own unique way. Most of the interior of the car contained various weapons including large calibre machine guns and missle launchers under the retractable roof. There was also room to store the rotors when not in use as, obviously, they would cause a bit of a problem with bridge and tunnel clearances. This prototype - the first to successfully complete trials - was launched from an aircraft carrier when it suddenly developed engine problems and presently it rests at the bottom of the Gulf of Tonkin. The crew was able to paracute to safety however the general in charge of the program was secretly shot for embezzling funds and for being so daft as to think this was a viable project in the first place! Due to lack of funds the program was discontinued soon afterwards. Oh, what's this? The Atlantis team has stumbled upon the wreck! What are they doing in S.E. Asia? Aren't they supposed to be in the Atlantic or Mediterranean somewhere and what are the Fish-men doing at the wreck? There are rumors of rolling stock that were being developed as well but no photographs have ever surfaced. There are several researchers digging through the files, who knows what they might find...? Ok, hope you got a laugh out of it. I don't have much in the way of space, time or bricks...did the best I could. The 'Atlantis' shot probably would've been more successful from a higher angle, live and learn. Joe
  12. The Atlantis site on isn't available any longer, what a total bummer! Just this past week I bought the last set that I needed to complete my Atlantis collection but I can no longer go online to get the backstory? Does anyone know where it might still be viewable? It seems highly capricious (to put it politely) of Lego to take down all the Atlantis material that they had posted now that they're no longer directly selling the products.