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  1. castor-troy

    [MOC] LED Lamp

    Yes! It is real lego (what else would it be ?) Yes! The build is stable and the lampshade is reinforced while allowing light to pass through Yes! It is functional. There is a battery hidden in the base, and a round switch on the side to turn on/off the LEDs. We included 2 Powered Up Lights (88005) for a total of 4 LEDs, to make sure the lamp is bright enough. Yes! You could imagine a version where extra parts are included, allowing you to customize the colors of the lampshade to match your interior and taste. Which colors do you prefer? YES! This project was designed on and rendering with Blender You can discover more pictures and support (if you want) on LEGO ideas : LINK to support
  2. castor-troy

    [MOC] Motorized Steampunk Skyship

    With Max Brich, we completely took over my steampunk ship to motorize it. It's a difficult job because you have to keep the structure and integrate all the mechanisms to turn the propellers of this ship. We are quite satisfied with the result.and Max made incredible renderings, and the enhancement in 'true life' version is incredible. The ship really exists in my legoroom but Max completely redid it in 3d with, then with Blender If you want you can discover all pictures of this Motorized Steampun Skyship and support the project (submitted on Lego Ideas. LINK to support )
  3. castor-troy

    Steampunk Explorers

    Time for an official steampunk Lego set! “In the year 1889, somewhere here on Earth… The greatest explorers and scientists of all known nations gathered for the purpose of discovering, understanding and learning about our world. They are astrophysicists, botanists, engineers, adventurers… Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable. Each country sent its best scientists to the research complex. In this majestic place, they dedicate their knowledge to the exploration of the Earth, seas and oceans and to the discovery of the universe. Engineers design the equipment, craft, and vessels needed to observe and experience the world. Scientists have the best known equipment to carry out their mission.” You can discover all details and support here
  4. castor-troy

    [MOC] Movie set

    For this project we focused on the aesthetics and design of the facades, while making sure that the set offers a lot of possibilities and playability for the Afols : for those who like to display their LEGO set, the Movie Set will be an optimal choice, as it makes an optimal use of pieces for that purpose the set can be used to reproduce scenes from cult movies by combining the different facades, for those who like to take pictures or make brick films, the set would make a great background scenery you can make a tracking shot with your smartphone over 1 meter long, thanks to a cart specially designed for that purpose, for those who have a LEGO city, the Movie Set would make a very nice background finally, for those who like big LEGO buildings, all facades can be put together to form a single building that would fit well together with other modular buildings Details and support :
  5. castor-troy

    Sheffield mansion "The Nanny"

    You can watch the video HERE
  6. castor-troy

    Sheffield mansion "The Nanny"

    Here is my new corner modular building based on the TV series The Nanny. I made 3 facades and all the floors are removable. There are 2,600 parts and the main figures in the series. You can watch the video and more details on Ideas. HERE
  7. castor-troy

    [MOC] Modular The Medical Office

    What would a city be without a modular building medical office? For this construction, I wanted a more realistic approach because the building can be integrated in a modular city, in a rail network, but also in exhibition alone. I actually built it in a Steampunk version which has been very successful at LEGO exhibitions of our big Paris Steampunk 1889 diorama. Everyone dreams of a hospital but it's almost impossible to do it with less than 3000 pieces so I took the idea of the Medical Office. I tried to build a very nice modular built by limiting myself on the volume of parts; with the interior fittings, 2310 parts are needed: which is reasonable in relation to the size of this building. You can support this project, only watch more pictures or comment HERE
  8. castor-troy


    I finished my part and it is not even half of this diorama realized with Domino39. There are not 500 figures but if you want to see Paris in full it will be April 20, 2019 in Cysoing (near Lille) and June 30, 2019 in Colmar. Complete town is about 3 meters x 6 meters Paris 1889 by Castor Troy, sur Flickr
  9. castor-troy


    Paris 1889 - (inspired by the Assembly Square 10255) The statue represent the scientists who add orichalcum at the Periodic Table of the Elements PARIS Steampunk 1889 - Orichalcum Manufacturer by Castor Troy, sur Flickr
  10. castor-troy


    I want to build a new area with coal shed and welding workshop. You can see on the right the house of master blacksmiths. For this MOC I work again on the angle and different style of wall. Paris Steampunk 1889 - Les Métalleux by Castor Troy, sur Flickr
  11. castor-troy


    for the first time, we succeed to assemble the two parts of Paris Steampunk 1889. it's big but not enough. I had to grow my part. Paris Steampunk-010 by Gzu Expo, sur Flickr First building for the V2 Paris Steampunk 1889 - The Colonial Office by Castor Troy, sur Flickr
  12. castor-troy


    This is my part... Domino's part will be bigger than mine... Complete diorama at Dole October 21th / 22th. PARIS STEAMPUNK 1889 by Castor Troy, sur Flickr
  13. castor-troy


    Paris steampunk 1889 : Edmond MACRON decided to celebrate his election in front of the Grand Louvre Pyramid... But a new revolution is going on ! Paris steampunk 1889 [WIP] Le Louvre by Castor Troy, sur Flickr
  14. castor-troy


    first work on "Le Louvre"
  15. castor-troy


    Ready to go for a journey to the center of the Earth... Paris steampunk 1889 [WIP] : let's go to the center of the Earth by Castor Troy, sur Flickr