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  1. afol_legoist

    [MOC] Ninjago style flying food boat

    Will take time - it can not actually fly - tested by my kid
  2. Hi all! Here is my first try to use some Ninjago style design. Feel free commenting - thanks!
  3. afol_legoist

    [MOC] Wookie stands out of the crowd

    Glad you liked it guys... This vehicle reminds me story with Jakku Quadjumper - less then 2 sec on screen but has an official set released.
  4. afol_legoist

    [MOC] Wookie stands out of the crowd

    Not on this one but it is possible. Glad you liked it.
  5. Greetings! On my opinion Pasaana market scene with old Lando is one of the most prominent in SW9 thanks to the crawler he is using. Sadly it is on the screen only for about 2 sec or even less. Here is my MOC with the crawler and scene - feel free to comment. Thanks!
  6. Actually I meant "at production" - like rather new Mister Miracle or older Electro MF. Great video and amazing process - and no even a clue how they managed to align torsos without special mark (I do not mean plain pieces or with the same pattern on both sides)
  7. I wonder how it was aligned when that square mark on torso neck was not in use....
  8. Greeting all! Please enjoy and comment my MOC - this is kinda steampunk walking wooden stove from famous Russian fairy tale - Russian speaking users will recon it straight. I am new to this forum but looking for no mercy from more experienced readers. Have fun commenting! WBR