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  1. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Nuclear war

    The world we knew no longer exists. A nuclear war has taken place and civilization is almost gone. Those who survived are looking for families, food or useful things. One such is Jala, a girl who is trying to survive in this world of disaster. At an abandoned nuclear power plant, she finds a teddy bear. This makes her day happier. The inspiration for this was a photo of a great model toy scene, which I found on pinterest.
  2. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Bounty hunter

    Thank you all for the positive response! I'm very glad you like it, I really appreciate! Man with beard, about fan, ehh I really don't know what exactly it could be, it's probably some part of drive operation. It looks cool and probably for that.
  3. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Bounty hunter

    On the planet Lutera in the land of the sandy desert, I'm Wayde and I'm a hunter, a bounty hunter. I have a cool vehicle. It's a fast rover bike. I hunt bastards with him. I bring them into this building, what happens to them, I don't know and I don't care. They pay well, that's all. Did I mention I have a cool rover bike? Of course I am. Built this under the influence of Mandalorian, I watch the series these days. It's a fantastic show.
  4. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Ork Village

    Thank you, Clone OPatra! Sorry, I have no pictures from other angles and unfortunately there is nothing inside. The village is gone and I am already building something else. I like such themes and there will definitely be more.
  5. Captain Flint

    [MOC] AM-R-21

    I had fun with a 12x12 vignette and built a robot.
  6. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Ork Village

    Thank you all for the positive response! I'm very glad you like it.
  7. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Ork Village

    I did another ork scene under the influence of the DakkaDakka. Hope you like it!
  8. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Ork Fortress

    Thank you all for the positive response. I appreciate it and I'm very glad you like it.
  9. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Ork Fortress

    My first build this year. Ork Fortress inspired by Warhammer. I tried something different that is not castle theme again and I really enjoyed putting this together.
  10. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Orc Santa

    Thank you very much! Glad you like te sleigh. I also tried different colors, but these look better with orcs and goblins.
  11. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Orc Santa

    Thank you! He is definitely an evil Santa. Thanks, I'm glad that snow looks good. They're Santa's sleigh, so they have to fly.
  12. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Zhulwor

    Sorry John, I'm already building something else and because I have a limited number of bricks the tower is already disassembled.
  13. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Orc Santa

    This year Orc Santa is coming to town. I really had fun with this.
  14. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Zhulwor

    Sorry the pictures from other angles didn't look good. Taking photos pretty much frustrates me, I have to buy a lightning box or really wide roll of paper. So far, I always fix in Ps and add a white background, which takes a lot of time for me. Yes, The LOTR and Hobbit are a huge treasure for building castle/fantasy themes. I'm glad you like it. Nice that the others like it too. Thanks!
  15. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Armenian Church

    Great roof technique!