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  1. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Ranwoorrak Tower

    My builds almost always have a flat terrain so I tried something different. I built an orc tower on the rocks and set up a few orcs doing a delicious dinner while they are on guard duty. I hope you like it.
  2. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Rynvor Stable

    I built a horse stable, inspired by model from Tabletop World page. I hope you like it.
  3. Captain Flint

    [MOC] Trothgar tower

    It's been a long time, but here it is. I really needed this and I'm very happy to be back due to lack of time. I built a tower in colors that I've done many times before. Uh, I really need bricks in new colors. Anyway, I enjoyed it and hope you like it.
  4. Captain Flint

    Beornanvor Village

    In the village, suddenly all work stops and everyone watching and encouraging the training of local warriors, so that the village and the northern country will be safe. I done this for Colossal Castle Contest XVI for Medieval Militia category.
  5. Captain Flint


    Zhulbruk Fortress My first build this year which I have not yet introduced here. It's an orcs fortress built on a swamp and I know it is very Nocturnus.
  6. Captain Flint


    My entry to the CCC XIV, for the Ice Castle category. In the mountains of Mitgardia, in a small castle lives wizard Arardan. He is a master of dragons and here on the Arddarwor he grown some great dragons in the land. Some day at the castle from the land of Nocturnus arrives Roogtur and he buy a dragon, and take him home to make it an evil beast who will fear and trembling all in Nocturnus. Thanks for looking!
  7. Captain Flint

    CCC XIV - Ightwarril

    My entry to the CCC XIV, for the Woodland Hideaway category. Ightwarril is an Elven forest, a peaceful place where lives Eina. She is an excellent archer and keeps the forest safe.
  8. Captain Flint

    Tindan from Demwor

    My entry to the CCC XIV, for the Traveling Salesman category. If you need a weapon, a traveling salesman Tindan has it all for you. He makes that all warriors in a darklands are armed to the teeth.
  9. Captain Flint

    CCC XIV - Archery Tournament

    At the ruins of the old castle, the villagers have fun in an archery contest.
  10. Captain Flint

    Nocturnus Minichallenge I: Foreign Aid

    Here it is my entry: Through the land of Worrakaths
  11. Build for the Black Spire. From Orcish Marshes, through the snowy mountains of Mitgardia and deeper into darklands the orcs for help the Black Spire now traveling through Rakath Mountains, the area inhabited by mysterious creatures Worrakaths, which with its long tentacles catch and kill everything in their path. Even the bravest orcs are afraid of this terrible way.
  12. Captain Flint

    Nocturnus Minichallenge II: Temple of Blood

    Sorry guys. I see that I messed up with the story. What now?
  13. Captain Flint

    Nocturnus Minichallenge II: Paying Tribute

    Here it is my entry: Temple of Blood
  14. Build for the Black Spire. In the darklands in the land of undead lies the Temple of Blood and where Angonran the greatest vampire, leader of undead and his army performs rituals with blood magic, pray for darkness and call the chaos god to protect all undead for the Black Spire victory. It's been a long time since I build something so I'm glad that I'm back and, of course I like the idea of this challenge.
  15. Captain Flint

    Vote for your favourite Category Mega A entries

    48) Ballerina Entry (Build by Pakita) - 1 point 50) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by kritch) - 1 point 60) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1 point