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Found 2 results

  1. Following the events of The LEGO Movie 2, Emmet Brickowski got to work on building Lucy and himself their dreamhouse again. He made it a bit bigger, a little better, and a lot stronger... just in case of any future Duplo attacks. It also features an attic for extra storage space, on top of the already-new second story. It is a modular style building, with removable floors and connection pins. The furniture (and house colors) were partially inspired by set 70831: Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket, and a few of the official modular buildings. The car was modeled after the 1957 Plymouth Fury, made famous by the Stephen King book "Christine". (It's also a 1983 horror movie of the same name.) I took the original model of the Christine car made by user @hachiroku, which I would link to but can't seem to find anymore... The rear of the house has the entry point to the Duplo Fallout shelter. Why a fallout shelter? Well, the house is from the late 1950's after all... plus, the Duplo creatures are bit rougher in their attitudes and might go about doing something drastic if they don't get their way. Upstairs is the only bedroom, which is plenty big enough for Lucy & Emmett with their respective pictures on the wall above the bed. (They are stickers, sadly) Downstairs is the living and dining rooms, plus the kitchen. It also has the connection pins to hook into the modular building standard. I don't have any real world pictures of the vehicle (yet), but it's been built in real life for some years now... I just have to photograph it. Instead, here are the screenshots I took of the model in 2017 below: The car was modeled after a certain red '57 Plymouth Fury. I made the car black instead of red and took off the parts which I thought would be unstable. This meant taking off the rear wheel covers, revising the front bumper, adding different wheels and a few other small things. The rear of the car features a very ingenious set of taillights. Kudos to Hachiroku for this simple, elegant design! I've already started parts finding for the house part of this project (and I've made quite a dent in the price), so keep your eyes peeled for more pictures coming soon! (Also, I know the parts are kind of dusty, they've been sitting on my desk a while.) As usual, thoughts, complaints, comments and questions always welcome!
  2. The Monezterrel shipyards have been busy again - and they still are. To help out our expanding cargo needs, we have decided to order a Barque (and some more ships, but those aren't done just jet). It has the capacity to carry 14 guns and a lot more space for cargo. But let's keep this short for once - you just wanna see what it looks like, don't ya? _______________ Wow, this one took a while. Not because it was difficult, instead because I'm in the middle of exams and have 2 more ships in WIP. Don't ask how I have connected the sails, its magic (they fall off if you breathe). First, before anyone notices: This ship is heavily (!) inspired by the Christine, a Barquentine, by Sebeus I. As I like to try out different techniques for building ships I had to try out his technique too - and why not on a ship of the supposedly perfect length of 4 midsections? Off course I made quite some changes - the stern, which I originally wasn't too excited about, has been done very differently, and the masts, which were just the standard ones, were done completely different. So, let's just see the pictures: So many sails. 21 sails total on this ship, luckily the 10 square sails could be rolled up. A bit more detailed view of this side - as usual on my ships a lot is going on. Btw, as this is a ship inspired by Sebeus the Capstan had to work - what else:D Picture of the side of the bow. As you can see there aren't many places to hide on a ship this size - you have to get creative then. Picture of the stern, with the rowboat hung up. That shark was irritating as it kept rotating the whole time. And a last one, the rowboat is in the water and the shark has rotated a bit further. Imagine a the name Esmeralda on that dark tan tile. This Barque will be licensed as a class 5T; it is commanded by Captain Hector Ordone┼║.