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Found 24 results

  1. Celebrating 25 Years of Adventure Category C 5968 The Cursed Race (Product Concept) By Rui Miguel “Not again! Another mummy chasing us” – Johnny Thunder “Well at least this one isn’t making any jokes” – Gail Storm 5968 The Cursed Race is the second chapter in the new journey on the Classic LEGO Adventurers theme. Shortly after Baron acquired the map it lifted the curse of Pharaoh Yuy. Our heroes still managed to get the map from Baron and Sinister but must now race against Pharaoh Huy. The only way our Adventurers can break the curse is to find the missing Jem of Anut. Features: - 292 pcs/pzs - Playfull Vehicles - 4x Minifigures (Johnny Thunder, Gail Storm, Dr. Charles Lighting and Pharaoh Yuy) Behind the Adventure Chapter II What kind of an Adventure would it be without cool vehicles and a mystical mummy? In this concept I wanted to bring vehicles that haven’t been made into a set previously. For example, a car capable of sitting all three main characters and an Egyptian chariot. The car is heavily inspired by the classic Excalibur cars. It was around two years ago, in a summer classics expo, when I saw an Excalibour car and when I saw it in real life I told myself if one day I was ever to do an Adventurers project this would be the heroes car. No more, no less. The model, the colors and the design just felt visually right and of course I added some small variations to fit the LEGO System. In the process I left my favourite part for last… The Mummy! Since I was a kid I always had a soft spot for villains, I don’t know why but they have always looked cooler than the heroes, always had the best musical scores and the best quotes, it’s just my opinion. In my draft story I wrote a new character, Pharaoh Yuy, a distant relative to Pharaoh Imoteh. He would be this cursed spooky ghost and for that I would use the Yellowish Green and Transparent Bright Green color pallet to that effect. The music themes of Ra from Stargate and The Mummy from composers David Arnold and Jerry Goldsmith inspired the design. I also found pressure in making this concept because it featured the minifigures of the heroes. Each to their own with their unique look and dressing. I maintained the color scheme and focused on refreshing with little drawing notes from my visual memory and movie culture inspirations and on top of that I adopted nowadays guidelines for minifigure design. Here is a detailed look at the graphic design of the characters and as well a closer look at the printed/stickers elements. And that concludes, for now, my take on Adventurers :D I hope you enjoyed my work, thank you for viewing it. Feel free to comment or add any ideas of what you would like to see in another chapter of Adventurers. Until the next project 😉
  2. Celebrating 25 Years of Adventure Category C 5926 Desert Secrets (Product Concept) By Rui Miguel “At last Sinister! The lost treasures of Princess Anut are in our grasp!” – Baron Von Barron 5926 Desert Secrets is the first chapter of a new journey on the Classic LEGO Adventurers theme. Our favorite villain duo: Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister have located the mystic shrine statue which is believed to unveil a secret map with the locations of Princess Anut's treasures. These artifacts can bring fantastic power to those who acquire, but be careful with what you discover, Adventurer… Some artifacts come with a terrible curse. Features: - 172 pcs/pzs - Interactive Puzzle Model Build - 2x Minifigures (Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister) - Playable Ural Motorcycle Behind the Adventure Chapter I I surely can’t be the only one who misses the Adventurers theme. I can’t tell you the number of times I played with my Johnny Thunder sets back in the day and still do sometimes. When I was a kid I always played with Johnny as mix between Indiana Jones meets Rick O'Connell meets "Crocodile" Dundee. When I saw the contest with the guidelines and the design process I do with my MOCs, I felt this could be a great opportunity to explore the simple, yet complex idea of: What if the Adventurers theme came back, what could that look like? It's not only celebrating 25 years of Adventure, but also 25 years of MOCs in the making by so many fellow AFOLs and TFOLs so for me to make this concept right I also needed to have in mind that I would not only be designing my vision of Johnny Thunder, but also make sure to get, as much as possible, everyone’s vision in that process too. I wrote down a small crazy draft of a story, in which later served as my blueprint for this set and my other entry. I was very careful reinventing the characters' design; I wanted them feel new and yet respecting and preserving what made their look iconic. Below I show in more detail the physical prototype I built before doing the digital color test. View here 5926 Prototype action in hand Here is a detailed look at the graphic design on the characters Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister as well a closer look at the printed/stickers elements. And that’s all for this chapter! :D I put a lot of heart into this project, hope you enjoyed my work, thank you for viewing it. Feel free to comment or add any ideas of what you would like to see in a new chapter of Adventurers. If you haven't already, go visit my other Adventurers concept: The Cursed Race which is a follow-up to this story.
  3. Greetings, adventurers! This is my entry for the 60th Anniversary of the Brick contest on Brickset, a microscale version of the classic Adventurers set 5988 The Temple of Anubis. Here is a picture of the original set for comparison: Here is a closer look at some of the more detailed parts of the set such as one of the Anubis statues, the truck, and the hot air balloon. I hope you like it and keep on adventuring!
  4. Hello there everybody, a quick little project I wanted to share: Inspired by Adventurers, Indiana Jones and even Pharao's Quest, I built a little expedition truck... hope you enjoy it!
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    Pharao Aapmosis I. (and his family)

    Pharao Aapmosis I. (and his family) Unbeknownst to many historians, during the time of Pharao Aapmosis I., there was huge demand for bananas in Egypt. He is the second one from the left. They don‘t like to talk about him in Egypt these days. But he looked just like this. This creation was a part of a larger Egypt display at Brickmania Antwerpen 2022. (and in Flemish, "aap" means "monkey").
  6. A quick built: Johnny Thunder’s Desert Tracker. The Adventurers use this small car for exploring the desert of Egypt. It has a small cargo box for transporting tools and other stuff. 01_Adventurers_Desert_Tracker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Adventurers_Desert_Tracker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures are also at Flickr:
  7. Once upon a time in Egypt... I proudly present my latest creation :) I've been wanting to build something in the adventurers theme like forever and now that it's finished I don't really know what to say so I'll let the pictures do the talking. As to not overflow this topic with too many pictures I hid some in a spoiler. And I still didn't manage to get everything in there that I wanted, should have built it three times this size for that.
  8. Bridge of Gods The beauty of Kaligem was unseen. Statues, palaces, ... were built all accross the lands to show the wealth of rulers of Kaligem. One of those pearls was a bridge with statues of Gods reachong the sky. With the destruction of Kaligem and the surrounding area becoming desert, the river, once a beacon of trade and prosperity, became an oasis and the bridge obsolete as no traders passed by anymore on their way to Kaligem. Since then, only lost adventurers were astonished by this ancient wonder. Or passing armies like we can witness today It are the Silver Scorpions who are passing the bridge. An army led by Lord Gothe, son of Lord Dama of Ximus. Trained at the far away desert islands of Amenor, they know how to survive and fight in a sandy atmosphere. Lord Gothe just crossed the bridge, the Amenorian spearman were awaiting him. With their golden accents and powerfull spears. Row after Row. Behind Lord Gothe followed his escorts. Armour finished with gold. They are such an excellent fighters that if an enemy succeeds at klling such a fighter, looting the golden armour is what he deserves. The last units crossing the bridge are the archers. Equipped with longbows they are sharp and deadly. Once the army crossed the bridge, Lord Gothe ordered to set up camp here. Looking around the oase, it would not be a bad idea to make a temporary settlement here. An abundant number of animals and fresh water are very handy. One day, he will rebuild Mpya Stedor, but maybe there are more imporant things to do first. ---- May I present to you Lord Gothe (in the middle) ---- Thanks for reading and watching. Hope you enjoyed the small classical wonder I built. It has been a few years since I built something for GoH. So hopefully more will follow in the future :) C&C appreciated, Thanks to @Ecclesiastes for tipping me about the ongoing GoH challenge. Thanks to @Sebeus I for assisting me in one of the building evenings for this MOC :) Hope this will fit your Egyptian diorama well :D
  9. Deep in the Sahara Desert, the villainous Sam Sinister has decided to lug a large, bulky crate in his too-small car to a mysterious lost tomb! Will he find the Pharaoh's magical Re-Gou ruby? Is the mummy's curse real? Will I be able to fit in more jokes for this review? Let's find out! Info Set # - 2996 Name - The Lost Tomb/Adventurer's Tomb Theme/Subtheme - Adventurers/Desert Year - 1998 Piece Count - 81 Minifigures - 2 Price - MSRP $8 US Links Brickset, Peeron, Bricklink, Bricksafe Box So...about that. Since I got this set used off Bricklink, no box came with it, but we'll chalk that up to digging in the wrong place. A fun footnote here is that LEGO basically chose to use the same name for an Indiana Jones set. Guess there's quite a few lost tombs in LEGO Egypt. Instructions It's just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book. Unless you're used to new instruction manuals, of course, with their neat, numbered bags and piece call-outs. Then you're in trouble. But first, the front of the manual, with the lovely background made up of reds and oranges. I always enjoyed the atmosphere of these manuals, where all the action seems to take place either at sunrise or sunset (for Sinister, let's hope it's the former, seeing how he has no flashlight or torch). While lacking in mirages that distinguish some of the larger sets' instructions, you still get some pyramids in the distance, which is nice, along with a fun little scene of Sam Sinister fleeing to his crate to get some heavier firepower to deal with the Pharaoh's Mummy and local wildlife. The back of the instruction manual continues with the gorgeous sky and harsh desert sand motif, plus a fun little box cut-out with hieroglyphic borders and two alternative models you can build with all 81 pieces. Admittedly, that's not a lot of parts to work with, so the alternative models aren't too interesting to me. Though the building facade for the larger image does have a nice look to it, and you get to see Sinister's crazy parkour skills. Inside the manual, we have more design decisions I love, including the old, cracked numbers and the papyrus-like background. Not to mention the mirage-like designs for specific call-outs, such as when you attach the door part to the hinge brick. And bordering it all are those lovely obelisk designs which, if you're willing to squint at them long enough, seem to have some Egyptian hieroglyphics etched on each one. Now that's attention to detail. And in the interest of being thorough, color distinction between parts is perfect. Pieces Maybe it wasn't Plagues of Egypt bad, but man was it annoying getting every single part lined up and organized, including the plates that will make up the base of the tomb and the car. So please take some time before you scroll past to marvel at my incredible organizational skill. Pretty impressive, eh? Now that you're done marveling, back to business. As far as interesting parts go, most of these are relatively common, but at the time, quite a few of these were a big deal. Sure, the 3x4x1 and 2/3 crate may appear in 221 sets now, but this was the first theme to introduce it. Similarly, the Vehicle Grille 1x2x2 Round Top with Lights may have appeared in 24 sets now (almost all of which were Adventurers sets), but again, for the time, it was pretty interesting to have such a unique part that would let you build an older car so quickly. Same for the two sarcophagus pieces. While the blue half has popped up in countless sets, the top half remains pretty unique, having only recently reappeared in pearl gold for three new-ish sets. The two black doors are more unique than I thought, only appearing in four sets total, compared to the 13 or so sets where they appeared in brown. While the Slope 45 2x2 Double is fairly common in black (though not compared to red), the Modified Brick 1x2x1 and 1/3 with curved top is somewhat rare in Dark Gray, unless you're one of the lucky few to own the original Chamber of Secrets set. And finally, the Mummy Headress remains very rare and unique in this form, having only appeared in 10 sets total, while the ruby is now far more common and appears in far more colors. But we'll get to that later. True to the theme, no stickers need apply here, because they're all printed. Obviously there are at least two sets that have stickers, but this is not one of them. Instead, we get a nice small grab-bag of hieroglyphic parts, with the two columns possibly spelling something funny if anyone knows how to decode these, while the center features an ominous warning for anyone opening black doors. Hmmm... Finally, we have the accessories, which are rather extensive despite it being such a small set, but useful for any tomb raiding you may want to do. While the ruby already appeared in the interesting parts photo, I decided to include it here because it's just too cool to be limited to one shot. Again, while these gem parts may pop up anywhere and everywhere to bump up the value of treasure, this was a pretty unique item to have back in 1998. Sure, the original Ninja sets used it everywhere, and Adventurers certainly wasn't stingy with it, but no wonder it popped up all over the place! I have several sets featuring non-chrome treasure before this part debuted, and what a difference it made when this came around, letting you drop the regular transparent studs which were supposed to be jewels in favor of these parts. Minifigures We go from worse to bad here in terms of characters, with the Pharaoh's Mummy/Hotep and Sam Sinister, with excellent detailing on Hotep's legs and both torsos, which can have extensive usage across a wide range of themes. I appreciate how for Adventurers, LEGO was willing to give us a number of sets without Johnny Thunder. The dude looked great, of course, and fit the bill as a dashing archaeological hero, but I appreciate how deep the bench of characters seemed where you could purchase several sets and not just get a duplicate of Johnny all the time, but duplicates of Baron Von Barron, Sam Sinister or Dr. Charles Lightning/Kilroy. The same, of course, can't always be said for more recent themes (sorry Hidden Side!). The backs of each of the minifigures have no printing, of course, which was the norm at the time, but doesn't matter too much. Sinister's fancy black suit doesn't need any detailing (even if it's not the wisest thing to wear in the desert), and Hotep's headress will cover up most of his back anyway. There we go! Now Sinister's ready for a night out on the town (or for a night out excavating a sarcophagus. Whichever comes first), while the Pharaoh's Mummy is ready to unleash a curse! And what good is a curse if you don't have any dangerous, poisonous creatures to do your bidding? Why, it's no curse at all! Hence the inclusion of a scorpion and snake, which make up all the animals in this set, with both capable of working quite nicely with more modern sets and parts. The Build Given the size of this set, it's fairly straightforward and not really complex, unless you're not paying attention to the instructions, which require a bit more concentration with no part call-outs. We start with the tomb itself, building the base using the 4x12 tan plate and the 2x10 light gray plate. Add the mysterious, foreboding black doors and some columns... ...An archway... ...Some of the printed parts, and... ...We have a not-so-Lost Tomb! Some additional angles of the tomb itself, which is rather shallow, as you can tell. That said, I like the recessed doors at the entrance. Next up is Sam Sinister's small car. We start with the vehicle base... ...Throw on some dark gray panels so he doesn't fall off as it meanders around some sand dunes... ...Add a steering wheel and a few more bricks, including some fairly convincing mudflaps for the front tires using those modified bricks... ...And we have a car! Sure it may be small, but look at the size of that front grille! Some more angles of this vehicle show you just how small it is. Realistic it is not, of course, but it does seem very fitting for the character driving it. If Baron Von Barron gets a heavily-armed, loud biplane, why shouldn't the sneaky Sam Sinister get a tiny little car to drive around in? To me it's the perfect vehicle to use when you're nabbing treasure from right underneath Johnny Thunder's nose. That is, if he had one printed on his head. Now all that's left are a few small builds. So after magically transforming these parts... ...Into a pretty convincing campsite (with a special shout-out to that extra 2x3 plate in case you want the crate closed up completely)... addition to sealing the Pharaoh's Mummy into his sarcophagus with the magical ruby... ...The set is complete! Again, while small, the overall impression is pretty spot-on as a minor excavation project, complete with the vehicle, tomb entrance, campsite-as-crate, and sarcophagus. Play Features Admittedly, once you build it, there's not much to do here, short of zooming Sinister's car around the tomb. You can open the doors, but as you can see below, it's hard to pull it off if you're trying to cram the sarcophagus back there. There we go, much better (once you've taken the sarcophagus off the plate). Obviously the downside here is that the set is already not very portable, seeing how you've got to carry a crate, a car and a tomb. Add in the sarcophagus and you're going to have some full hands, since there's no convenient spot to place the sarcophagus. So how to get around it? Simple! By using these nine parts... ...You've got a brand-new (but still lost) tomb! Some additional angles of my...let's just call it The Lost Tomb of MOC-MOD. Benefits of building the set this way is that you can actually fit the sarcophagus comfortably in the structure (with the original printed columns on either side), and the doors open outward, much like the warning hieroglyphic on the front foretold. Plus using a 2x10 tan plate blends better with the 4x12 plate, if you're into that sort of thing. Final Thoughts Going to try to use some numbers on this one (even though I'm not a fan), so bear with me. Pricing and Value - According to Brick Insights, the price-per-part for this set today is $0.16, which is better than it was back in 1998, when it was only at $0.02. That said, I think I would have to give it a 6/10, as it's slightly above average, and isn't as valuable as similar small sets from this theme, like, say, Oasis Ambush. Pieces - Here's where this set shines, in my opinion. You get printed hieroglyphic parts, fancy early-20th Century car parts, digging equipment, guns, and a sarcophagus as well. Not to mention the black doors, which are nice to have if you want to build a larger tomb entrance with that hieroglyphic above. As a parts pack, it's pretty good, so let's try a 8/10. Design/Build - Not too much to say here, other than what you get with the instructions is pretty decent as far as tombs go, although lacking in some of the more innovative booby traps/play features that make up the rest of the sets from the desert subtheme. But I do like the car, and the recessed doors are pretty neat, so 7/10. Playability - Open the doors, close the doors. Say 'Open Sesame' or don't, but there's not much else to do with just this set. Sam Sinister's car is fun to drive around, and having him 'excavate' (even if he's missing the most crucial tool in any self-respecting LEGO archaeologist's arsenal) can be fun, although this set works best with more Adventurers sets and characters. So it'll get a 6/10 from me on that front. Verdict: The Lost Tomb (or Adventurer's Tomb, depending on how Sam Sinister fares) is a perfectly decent set. It obviously won't surpass Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins, Sphinx's Secret Surprise, or even Oasis Ambush. What it can do, however, is complement those sets if you own them, giving you one more sarcophagus to play with and a neat little vehicle (if you choose to keep it built) for Sinister to tool around in. So that would be (if I didn't completely botch the math) a 67.5%. Thanks for reading! Comments and questions always welcome! Don't look Sam! Keep your eyes shut! (Or at least read the sign)
  10. This train was originally supposed to go with the new Crocodile electric locomotive (set 10277) that was revealed a couple months ago. But it doesn't fit my UK "theme" very well, so I bought this train instead. This engine is numbered 514 (as a tribute to the HC514 part seen in the Adventurers sets), and the the tender should say LNER, (London North-Eastern Railway) as that's who originally designed and built the Z1 class locomotive. This 4-6-2 type engine is named Hazel Crusader, and is not actually owned by the railroad company, but it is maintained and crewed by the railroad's employees when called upon by Lord Sinister to be moved from his private siding. (That's why it has the non-LNER-standard gold, black, and brown paint scheme that matches his coaches: it's Sam's personal color scheme for his railway stock - it's owned by Lord Sam Sinister himself. He even had this locomotive designed just for him.) In reality, this Z1 type never existed on the LNER, as it is a creation of my own imagination. My fictional Z1 take on the wheel 4-6-2 arrangement is inspired by the 2-10-0 Austerity class of WWII (boiler wise) with a tender donated by the A3 which originally pulled Sam Sinister's train. This is Sam Sinister's automobile, situated quite precariously on a two-wheel flat car that is much too small. Being that Sam is cheap, he bought the one that would cover his needs... sight unseen. The railway yard master's eyes nearly fell out of his head when he finally saw what Sam was going to load onto this flat car! The flat car is easily detachable from the load, as you can see here. (NOTE: This car was inspired by the 2015 SDCC exclusive Action Comics number 1 Superman, recolored and heavily modified.) The car seats two figures side-by-side, and even comes with a spare tire in the back. This Gatling gun car protects the train from any goody-goody interlopers trying to make off with Sam Sinister's ill-gotten goods... namely Johnny Thunder and his friends. NOTE: The Gatling gun on this car was taken wholesale from set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase) These looted ancient Egyptian items include: a temple guardian from the Well of Souls (taken from set 7621, Secret of the Lost Tomb), a obelisk warning others to not defile it's owner's tomb, and the Queen's sarcophagus itself, with a very angry mummy inside. (Guess Sam doesn't listen very well, huh?) I wasn't kidding about that curse you know! Look's like Sam's somehow stolen a Sphinx as well! (not THE Sphinx, of course, that would never fit on his train car and would be a bit missed by the locals... not to mention any snooping Archaeologists!) Thankfully, however, Sphinx were not inscribed with any magic hieroglyphics, so they are safe to observe.... or in Sam Sinister's case, "borrow without permission". Unlike the Re-Gou Ruby's twin (yet not worth anything) gem which can curse you to an eternity of bad puns, as the now-mad Baron Von Barron found out. In reality, the statue's head was inspired the one in set 5978. (Sphinx secret surprise) In this train car we find all the weapons one could dream of in the 1920's, as it is called the armory car after all. (Thanks again to @Pdaitabird for making these cars in his awesome instructions, which you can find on Flickr here.) This is Sinister's war wagon. Why is it called that? It has old charts, brand-new maps, magazines and trade journals, plus all kinds of notes with clues to hidden locations with items of vast power or great fortune just waiting to be grabbed. If Johnny Thunder or Sam Sinister hasn't seen it or at least heard of it, the item probably doesn't exist. This car also houses Lord Sinister's bedroom for overnight journeys. Here we see the whole train at an "on-it's-side" view for maximum viewing. Thoughts, compliments, complaints, and suggestions are all welcome! NOTE9/22/2020: Added updated real world pictures of everything, including the Sphinx car and updated steam loco, now called Hazel Crusader 514. (as in HC-514, the print on the tile on the side of the cab. Took me quite a while to figure out a good name for the engine!)
  11. BardDandelion

    Adventurers Remake

    Hello, I would like to share project I have started some time ago. This is going to be remake of Adventurers series (which was and still is the best series that LEGO gave us). Started with vehicles but already working on rebuilt version of Anubis Temple (5988). Color scheme was choosen because of Pharaoh's Quest one. Decided to use dark red instead of e.g. tan because it's easier to buy dark red parts and they are cheaper. And let's be honest - dark red is really nice color. For Bad Guys I decided to use darker colors - black and dark grey/bluish grey. Maybe in future will use dark blue and dark green - each color for each villain crew. I think that would be nice and bring lot of variety. Recolored version of Bad Guys' car from set 5948. Recolored Scorpion Tracker 5918. Good Guys' car inspired by 10222 post office car. Good Guys' plane. Layout borrowed from The Sea Duck from "TaleSpin" cartoon, still WIP.
  12. Cloudstrife84

    The Mankind Machine

    Hi everybody, my name is Pierluigi, aka Cloudstrife84, i’m from Italy and aftter months of hard work, I finally realized my Lego Ideas project. Help me make it a reality. Come look, ask if you like my idea and if you want to see my set realized, supported and share it a lot. Supported and share. Thank you very much. The Mankind Machine Relive the most important historical facts of Mankind with this Lego Set divided by past eras. Discovering the history of man has never been so much fun!!! Hunt the Mammoth with the Neanderthal man, dominate Ancient Egypt with the Pharaoh, fight with the Roman gladiators or assault the castle in the Middle Ages. Why don't discover the glories of the Italian Renaissance with Galileo or land in the New World with Christopher Columbus? Help the sheriff of the Far West or allied with Indians. Defend the Japanese Emperor from the attack of ninjas or participate in the taking of the Bastille during the French Revolution. You will be able to do all this and much more thanks to the Laboratory that allows you to travel through Time to relive the most important facts that have characterized the Mankind History. Detailed interchangeable Lego Sets that can be assembled in the central Laboratory. You choose the Sets with your favorite eras or collective all to retrace the exploits and events of man through time. Each Set is composed of about 500 Lego pieces and contains 4 mini-figures representing important and characteristic characters of the time expressed in the Set. Each set can also be closed to form a pretty box. I have always loved time travel and I think I am not the only one who would like a Lego Set that reproduces in a comfortable, pratical and beautiful to see, various historical eras. Perfect, then, in my opinion, both to stimulate the imagination of children, who learn the most important stages of Mankind while playing, and for adults who want to collect all the Sets, thus having at home a perfect reproduction in Lego of the fantastic History of Man!!! Hope you like this Idea. Hope you have a great 2019, see you next year. Thanks.
  13. "Crikey, that old Ramesses VIII is a possessive undead kind of bloke...after all, he wasn't much a pharaoh anyway, only ruled a'd think he wouldn't miss a little thing, like his personal rude of him to sick his Guard Mummies on me! Let's hope Gail has the old ute cranked up or this could get a bit dicey..." Thus ends my darkest of Dark Ages, with the largest Adventurers build I have ever done. I have been dormant for over two years, having gone through some unpleasant RL issues, including an empty nest. I didn't grow up with LEGO, we couldn't afford it, but when my own kids were 6 and 3 years old, LEGO was an active way to play and connect with them. The LEGO series we enjoyed the most was Adventurers, which was having its last run at the time, the wonderful Orient Expedition. Both my boys are grown up now and moved out, but what better way to wake up from my LEGO lethargy than to return to the series with a Johnny Thunder build in Egypt. I used way too many tan masonry bricks...a total of 400, I think! That is what happens when you have not built in a while I guess... This was built for Brickfair Virginia to go along with WAMALUG's Pharaoh's Labyrinth. It is modular and allows for expansion on both levels. My favorite part of this build was using the Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Scroll with Open Stud as paws for the lion heads. I haven't seen that before in other builds, so it might be new technique, not sure. Being a history buff, I couldn't help but insert it a little even into this build; Ramesses VIII was a real Pharaoh who only ruled for a year and is the only one of his dynasty who's tomb has not been found. Except by Johnny Thunder, of course! The back comes off for modularity. If I ever decide to build more here... That is a not-so-secret compartment that opens up... And of course you must have the hot girl in a sport utility vehicle (known as a Ute in Johnny's native Australia)... So that is my return to the AFOL world. I hope to build more later in the year, and for next year it is back to Historical builds Cheers everyone, happy building!
  14. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] Herald of Scales

    This MOC began with possible uses of Friends dress pieces. The became skirt on larger figure. Use of short black chain pieces defined the "Ancient Eguptian" theme of the character. I also experimented with some unusual colour combinations, and I'm very happy with the result. She has a seremonial Scales sceptre, balancing a sword and a bread. More photos & talk on Cyclopic Bricks.
  15. Hello, everyone! After 2 long years of testing the pieces in the LDD and in the ABS, slow international deliveries, lack of opportunity of building due to my intense work routine and creative gaps, I finally have the pleasure to share my last creation with you: The 4 faces of Giza. I am very passionate for ancient civilizations and since I was a Kid I have always wanted to build something that could refer to the ancient Egypt and nothing more appealing to reproduce than the The Great Pyramid at Giza and its iconic Sphinx. This is not new in the Lego world. There are works with similar techniques on layouts full of scenes and miniatures. As the focus has always been the works and not the surroundings, the final visual impact is very beautiful to my eyes and I am pleased with the outcome. This project supposed to be exhibited at the LUG Brasil Expo in 2016, but due to the reasons mentioned above it will only be possible to show this year. I guarantee that seeing it live is even prettier than the pictures. The name MOC is due to 4 different moments in the history: a more remote, at the time of the sphinx inauguration in the presence of the Pharaoh, a past one when the Middle East commercial routes passed through the ancient Egypt, a scenarium which represents the current touristic flow in the surroundings of the pyramid and a fictional future which addresses the theory that this mysterious construction was and will be again, a mean of communication between the human race and the stars beings. Enjoy the pictures! :) The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 1 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 2 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 3 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 4 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 5 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 6 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 7 by Adolfo, no Flickr [/quote]
  16. Hello ! I am not really active in this part of the forum but I made a little build trying to illustrate what could be some new adventurers little set in our days. I tryed to think at this build like a possible set TLG could release in order to launch a new Adventurer/Egypt theme ! (my favourite one) So enjoy : Of course, Comments and Criticisms are welcome !
  17. So here's my latest build: I've always been a fan of this theme but I only have sets from the Dinoisland subtheme as a kid. This build is kind of an homage to the older sets but in an updated fashion. Check out the rest of the pictures on my Flickr.
  18. While busy with another LEGO project, I felt the need to build a Adventurers MOC One of my favorite theme's. This MOC is based on the Adventurers Egypt theme of 1998. Johnny Thunder has found a secret tomb in the dangerous desert of Egypt. Maybe this tomb should hide a treasure....... Pictures: 01_Secret_Desert_Tomb by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Secret_Desert_Tomb by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Tomb I hope you like it.
  19. Often it can be difficult to decide what I want to build. The Collectible Minifigures theme has brought many interesting historical minifigures. Last year I have built a large Greek layout for the Spartan from series 2: http://www.eurobrick...89#entry1533491 After I had finished the Greek layout I thought a lot about what I should build next. Should I build a Roman layout for the Roman minifigures? Or should build an Egyptian layout for the pharaoh? Or a 1700's layout with a lot of minifigures with white wigs? I would like to build it all. That's how I got the idea to build this MOC: Ancient Egypt: Ancient Greece: Ancient Rome: In the background: Colosseum The Viking Age The Middle Ages: The Renaissance In the background: St. Peter's Basilica in Rome: The Late Renaissance: In the background: Rosenborg Castle: The Age of Enlightenment In the background: Fredensborg Palace: The Industrial Revolution In the background: Westminster Palace: Modern Time: The back of the MOC is a world map:
  20. Other than Lego, one of my interests is ancient Egypt and how things haven't changed too much over the centuries. What better to demonstrate this, than a really old boardgame, Senet. I have also added a couple of hidden extras into the box: You can find more pictures on my Flickr album
  21. inquisitor88

    MOC: Anubis (another one :) )

    Hello! Another MOC that was made specially for Russian contest 16*16: Character. Anubis by inquisitor88, on Flickr Front view by inquisitor88, on Flickr Left view by inquisitor88, on Flickr Right view by inquisitor88, on Flickr Back view by inquisitor88, on Flickr Secondary view by inquisitor88, on Flickr Full Album with high resolution photos Hope You like him,Thanks!
  22. Hi! I'm a KFOL & this is my first post on this site. I just wanted to show off my first Lego Adventurers MOC called... SCORPION TOWER. (I only just realised I stole that name from PQ's Scorpion Pyramid. I made a video about it & it's on youtube. You can watch it here: I hope you all enjoy it as it is my first proper MOC I have made & please leave any improvements I could make to it in the comments.
  23. Part 1: Rookie's First Investigation It's been some time, but I've finally built the sequel to the story This is my first real MOC, and annoyingly so, I ran out of bricks halfway through, so I had a lot of trouble making use of the limited bricks. I'm in the process of breaking down sets though, so the next build won't be this frantic. Alrighty then, let's get started. Warning: it's picture-heavy. The overall view of the build. The streets were lined up with vendors and makeshift stores set up to attract both tourists and everyday shoppers alike. After much searching, Johnny Thunder and Izzy Seeker, the rookie, stopped at the edge of the marketplace and looked around. "Why are we here again, Mr.Thunder?" Izzy asked, wondering why they weren't with the team instead. Johnny sighed, looking tired and worn, answered, "We're going to rendezvous with the others later, after we search for the most important thing. My hat." Izzy stared at Johnny's red bandana, hastily put on as a replacement for the hat he lost. Without his trademark fedora, Johnny felt helpless and oftentimes, luckless. "Alright then. I'll go search us some horses to get to the rendezvous point. We'll meet up again," Izzy said, and they parted ways. Izzy meets an energitic horse. Izzy came upon a small stable with precisely two horses inside it. Just what I needed! she thought, and went to see the stable. She took out a leftover carrot snack from the morning breakfast, and just as soon as she pulled it out, the brown horse neighed and excitedly stood, almost crossing the stable fence! "Whoa, easy, boy!" a voice called from beside Izzy. It was the horse-keeper, or seller, as he immediately greeted the rookie investigator with much joy and smiles as a salesman would. A business discussion. "Morning, miss, I see that our fine breed of horses interest you. How may I be of help?" he asked, as the brown horse chewed on the snack with much satisfaction. Where is that darned shop? Meanwhile, Johnny walked through the streets looking for the hat shop that he traded his old fedora for the new one that is now lost. Ah, here it is. I hope I can get my old hat back, Johnny thought. The Hat Shop. The shop was small, but filled with hats that nobody in their right mind were to buy. The shopkeeper stood inside promoting his stand. Finding Johnny's Hat "Hello," Johnny said. "Do you remember me from a few days ago?" The shopkeeper seemed to ignore his question and offered him the white pith helmet in front of him. "How would you like this wonderful hat? Perfect for explorers!" Johnny held the helmet and examined it. Uninterested, he said again, "I traded a hat here not long before, I was wondering if you still have it. I'm willing to purchase it back." Meet the shopkeeper The shopkeeper laughed and went out from the shop through the side. Johnny noticed a huge sombrero hanging on the side, and wondered what a sombrero was doing in Egypt. Excited salesman. But is Johnny buying it? The shopkeeper enthusiastically welcomed Johnny and said, "Ah, I remember you! Sadly a man bought that hat already. But I hear you are searching for a hat! Let me introduce you to more exquisite hats I acquired." The keeper guided Johnny to the other side of the shop, ignoring Johnny's disappointment, as if he'd only heard the word 'purchase'. 'Exquisite' hats. Right... There were more undecipherable hats on display, including a decorated Egyptian head dress, eskimo's hood? Johnny had trouble talking to the keeper, as he kept on promoting his 'great' items and equally great price. That is, expensive. Johnny shook his head and felt a headache coming on. It would not be easy to turn the shopkeeper down. I'll make a deal you can't refuse! On the better end of the market, the horse seller confidently said, "I can give you a great price! These beauties are guaranteed to be healthy horses, perfect for adventures and long journeys." Hmmm...why not? Izzy looked at the horse, and being fond of their spirit, replied, "Well, okay then. I'll take them!" At the same time as the horse keeper made a deal with Izzy, Johnny tried making a different deal with the shopkeeper. It didn't go as smoothly as Izzy's, and it went something like this: Johnny's negotiating skills aren't as good... Making the deal. As the shopkeeper grabbed his broom, a monetary exchange was being made at the stable. Johnny in danger (?) Izzy paid the horse seller, but something else was definitely going on behind them. The great escape. The shopkeeper chased Johnny with the broom, and Johnny had no choice but to jump over the stable's fence. Loaded with heavy equipment on his back, he clumsily fell over the fence with a hard 'thud'. Face the wrath of the horse! Thinking as if things couldn't have gotten worse, Johnny turned to face a furious white horse approaching him. The horse lifted its front legs and neighed loudly. Johnny defensively pulled out his shovel when taming the horse clearly didn't work. The horse prevails... The horse seller, hearing Johnny's scream, ran to his rescue by opening the gate to the fence, letting Johnny out without his shovel. The horse seemed to like its new chew toy. Johnny's unlucky day. "I thought horses aren't supposed to be territorial..." Johnny groaned, walking towards the rookie. "I knew this was going to be bad. Without my hat, I'm, I'm..." with that, Johnny fainted on the floor, exhausted by the whole ordeal. If he doesn't get his hat back, he wasn't sure whether he could go on at all! Johnny wishes for his fedora back... Izzy shrugged and went to the horses. "Alright, let's bring you boys out, we need to get to the rendezvous point! Maybe finding the two masks and treasure will get Johnny's spirit back." Creeping crooks Unbeknowst to the duo, someone was watching them the whole time. Someone, or some people. Hiding behind a crate of herbs and giant mushrooms were a band of crooks. They hid under the arch's shadow, eavesdropping on everything. Plotting criminals The leader of the band wore a red turban, sported a bushy white beard and held a heavily-used sword. His black cape kept him in stealth and gave him an evil presence. "You hear that, boss? They're going for the treasure soon!" the man with the short knife said. "Yeah, boss, we gotta get them now! Force 'em to show us the map and treasure!" The man with the gun said. A discussion among evil men A rat watches the three plotting as it rested beside a barrel. The man who means business "Silence!" The leader growled. "You fools, we'll follow them to the treasure, and grab it then. Haven't you watch enough movies to know that? We don't have to do the hard work!" He laughed softly so as not to be heard, and said sinisterly, "That Johnny Thunder and his crew will pay for what he did to me! Let's go and wait for them on the other side." Noticing something? The band of crooks began walking in a thuggish manner, scaring the rat as it scurried away from the men. The crook with the gun stopped for a moment something caught his eye. Never sleep unguarded! A man lying beside the arch was sleeping heavily, unaware of his surroundings. A bottle of wine lied beside him, unguarded and half-full. Never leave empty-handed The crook grabbed the bottle without thinking twice and whistled a happy tune as he caught up with his crew. Prepping the horses Izzy and the horse keeper were bringing out the horses. She retrieved Johnny's shovel, and the keeper was putting on the horses' saddles. "This white one is called Nadeem, a great companion for your friend there. He seems to like him! The brown one is Intisar, sure to bring you victory in your journey," he said. "I'm sure we'll get along really well," Izzy said. Creeping creeper While the two discuss about the horses, the rat that previously ran away from the crooks scurried into the open. Johnny, still down on the ground, stirred as he heard the rat approaching. Overreaction Startled by the rat, and traumatized by the horse, Johnny quickly stood up and pulled his axe, ready to strike on the rat he thought was a threat. The rat, shocked and terrified, immediately ran away from the human he perceived as crazy. Moving on Izzy caught up with Johnny and the two started their way to the arch, Intisar and Nadeem following them close. "Seriously, rookie, I need my hat! I think I'm getting paranoid!" Johnny confided in her. "Relax, Mr.Thunder, you're Johnny Thunder! Why would you let a hat get into your way?" Izzy nonchalantly said. "But, b-but...the hat and I come in one package...!" Johnny muttered as his rookie partner went ahead. The confident rookie She walked through the arch confidently, excited about the journey to find the treasure, and couldn't wait to rendezvous with the others. Johnny stood at the archway, staring at something that caught his attention. Hmmm? His eyes focused on the brown thing sitting comfortable on top of the sleeping man, still deep in sleep and unlikely to wake up any moment then. ...seems familiar... Johnny pondered, "Could it hat?" It surely seemed familiar, and the hat shop was just a short distance away, so this really could be the man that bought his hat. The switcheroo The sleeping man, deep in sleep, didn't even stir as Johnny switched his hat with the bandana, and continued on his journey with a much, much more confident stride. I'm Johnny Thunder Johnny smiled a triumphant smile, and walked ahead to catch up with the others, grinning as he said to himself in a strong confident voice. "I'm Johnny Thunder." End part 2. Well, that's it for the second part! It's quite long isn't it I tend to get carried away, cause there's so much to say with the build! Here are some of the details of the build: The archway. Yes, the sign is supposed to be vertical, but it was snatched from Pharaoh's Quest, and it looks better horizontal anyways. The flower at the corner of the stable. It adds a bit more color and greenery to the mostly brown and sandy terrain. The shop and the shopkeeper The minifigure was fun to make. The inside of the hatshop. There's the small table at the back, with a pan, goblet and the seller's earnings. There's a fish in a barrel, for food, most probably, and...a magic lamp? Maybe he stole it from the genie when he got the turban too. The stable. For a moment, I was afraid I'd run out of brown bricks, but I think it turned out pretty well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- So...what do you think about it? Stay tuned for the continuing series!
  24. Well, this isn't really a vignette or build (it's not a build, really), just a small scene I set up to try out the new white-background 'studio' for photographing bricks. Anyways, I made a small story out of it with some humor in it. Enjoy! The Rookie's First Investigation "Hmmm...I better get this artifact figured out quickly before Johnny gets back," the rookie archaeologist muttered to herself, walking towards the cluttered table where the Egyptian artifact lied. Two torches lit the area for her to see clearly, and it gave that ancient feel to the room that would help her get in tune with the artifact itself. The rookie grabbed a magnifying glass and studied the object closely. "Interesting..." she said, staring at the artifact while her mind picked our relevant information from the depths of her knowledge, a librarian choosing books from a library. The longer she searched, the more confusing it gets. The smell of the old artifact, dust particles and flickering flames overwhelmed her senses. This was too much for her! The rooie held her head and headbanged the table in despair. "This is impossible!" she screamed. "Something seems to be missing, and I just can't tell what it is!" All of a sudden, she heard approaching footsteps and turned to see Johnny Thunder! He came in confident and cool like his usual self, with his iconic sideburns, adventure-worn clothes and...a new hat? The rookie didn't recall seeing him in a hat that Either ways, he greeted her with a smile and handed out a new artifact. Her eyes wandered to the similar-looking artifact he had in his hand. Johnny had came back with a new clue to help her investigation. The rookie was delighted to see him, and couldn't wait to continue the investigation with a newfound energy now that a new clue is at hand. The two studied the artifacts closely, with Johnny on the other side of the table, in between the torches. "Uh, Mr. Thunder, aren't you a bit too close to the fire? You might get bur--" the rookie was cut off before she could finish. "Nonsense," Johnny thundered, "I need to be close to danger even when I'm standing still. That way we'll always be prepared. You see, 'Dangerous' is my middle name, from my mother's side." Johnny and the rookie discussed closely over the artifacts and coversed about pharaohs, tombs, skeletons and golden studs, linking clue after clue until..."I got it!" Johnny placed his hand on the two artifacts and declared out loud. "This, this is the answer to finding the treasure!" The flames flickered ever brighter between him, and his face formed a wide grin. "If we link both of these maps and consider the tombs we've investigated, it all becomes clear." Johnny traced his hand over the lines on the maps. "We need to follow this map and have both masks to reach the treasure. Kid, we've done it!" Both of them cheered upon the discovery of the answer. "I knew we needed the other artifact to find the answer!" the rookie said. After much joy, they contacted their teammates and discussed about extracting the treasure. It would be an all new adventure for the rookie, and just another day's work for Johnny Thunder; an exciting work filled with dangers and brick-monsters, of course. With the answers found, Johnny Thunder walked home to rest before the big search for the treasure. "Hmmm, that rookie could make a great assistant, or at least an archaeologist on her own," Johnny thought, when all of a sudden, a stranger stopped him in his tracks. "HEY!" the stranger, said. The stranger had quite the familiar face, like the one you'd see in movies. Johnny couldn't just stared at him dumbly. The man quickly snatched Johnny's hat and yelled, "Give me back my hat!" and walked away just like that. Johnny was left dumbfounded, wondering whether he made the right choice trading his old hat for the new one at a pawnshop in Cairo. A cold wind blew over Johnny's hatless head, and he really felt insecure without one. He kept figuring out what hat he would use for the treasure hunt. The end...?