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Found 10 results

  1. BardDandelion

    Adventurers Remake

    Hello, I would like to share project I have started some time ago. This is going to be remake of Adventurers series (which was and still is the best series that LEGO gave us). Started with vehicles but already working on rebuilt version of Anubis Temple (5988). Color scheme was choosen because of Pharaoh's Quest one. Decided to use dark red instead of e.g. tan because it's easier to buy dark red parts and they are cheaper. And let's be honest - dark red is really nice color. For Bad Guys I decided to use darker colors - black and dark grey/bluish grey. Maybe in future will use dark blue and dark green - each color for each villain crew. I think that would be nice and bring lot of variety. Recolored version of Bad Guys' car from set 5948. Recolored Scorpion Tracker 5918. Good Guys' car inspired by 10222 post office car. Good Guys' plane. Layout borrowed from The Sea Duck from "TaleSpin" cartoon, still WIP.
  2. Sphinx Secret Surprise was my favourite childhood LEGO set. It was released Twenty Years ago! I have created a tribute to the main feature of the set, The Great Sphinx. I adored the set, my largest ever single LEGO set as a child and I adored the Adventure theme. Egyptology was one of my real interests when I was a child and I was about the only eight year old who wanted to be an Archaeologist. So, I just had to create a tribute. A MOC that was a representation of the set as I saw it in my minds eye as I played. Deep in the desert many adventurers and archaeologists have descended upon the Great Spinx to seek out treasures and clues to the mysteries they pursue. The front elevation. As with the original set there is a concealed secret... Surprise! The black statue is a the key to a simple mechanism that reveals the Pharaoh on his throne. Pulling the base forward causes the throne platform to move forward and knock down the panel. A view from above. This is one of my larger builds. Only beaten out by my Yellow Castle . The two side views. One features my favourite little capra and the other a statue uncovered in the base of the Sphinx's plinth. Here some tricksy tomb thieves are about to meet a freaky foe! Jake Raines and his friends have made a find and are hoping for more. Meanwhile, Johnny Thunder and Doctor Lightning have been very successful in their dig. Gale Storm is documenting the moment. What a shot! I hope you enjoyed this MOC. I certainly had fun building it and it has gone down very well with LEGO fans young and old alike when I display it. I hope to create versions of the other features of the set on a similar scale to this MOC. I also want to have something of an Adventure layout to display, I'll of course share them here once I make them.
  3. Peppermint_M

    Adventure Index

    The Adventure Index. Home of all themes related to rip-roaring adventure! Adventurers, Pharaoh's Quest, Dino, Dino 2010/Dino Attack and Monster Fighters content is indexed here. Tags - A Prize first awarded for The End of the World Contest - An Adventure Themes tag for building contests ---- First awarded during the Lester Contest - A special tag for the winner of the Lester's Big Adventure contest. ----- - Monster Fighter tags given out as prizes at Halloween. MOCs Click Here Reviews
  4. RoadtripRobot

    [MOC] The Mummified Bard

    This Mummy is a Bard who rocks the oud. Inspiration comes from Zenyatta of Overwatch, Alieraah for the hand build, and the Flying Mummy from Pharaoh's Quest. Please let me know what you think Walk in Harmony Bardic Inspiration Close-Up Hand Detail Oud Front Oud Back
  5. Jake Raines is out in the desert seeking a rumoured lost Sphinx. He has a tough car to track through the near non-existent roads and shifting sands. So, I bought a mostly complete Rise of the Sphinx on eBay and haven't got around to sorting the parts yet. I whipped together this car from what was in the bag of parts. I like the challenge of limits to parts. I think this came out all right. It's also my first build in ages, most of my collection is awaiting the completion of my LEGO space... On closer inspection, it looks like I need to give these parts a good dust!
  6. This thread is to put for anybody to put their Adventurers, / Pharaoh's Quest / Monster Fighters figures, and generic people of the same time-frame. (1920's / 1930's) They can put any figures of that era, or from books or movies set in that era. The Great Gatsby meets Johnny Thunder at a cafe or maybe Sam Sinister wants to steal the Maltese Falcon, but Beloq (from Indiana Jones) gets it first. Either way, the era between the World Wars works for me. Here is the first bit, which combines all three themes under one banner. (please remember that my cell phone photography skills are near zero, so most of these are off in one way or another.) In the early 1920's, inquisitive minds and hardy souls, both good and evil, scour the corners of the Earth looking for lost civilizations and vast treasures. Some search for their own personal gain, or limitless power, others search for knowledge in a quest to preserve the past for the future. Good or evil they are known as... THE ADVENTURERS From left to right: THE BAD GUYS Senor Palomar Old friend of the Sinister family. He runs a vast South American artifact smuggling ring, as Sam Sinister's second in command. Alexis Sinister Sister of Lord Sam Sinister, evil, loves traps and weapons, secretly wants to turn Johnny Thunder evil. Lord Sam Sinister Arch enemy of Johnny Thunder, thief of lost treasures and great fortunes, plus is a mastermind of evil THE GOOD GUYS Johnny Thunder Australian explorer with a all- around can-do attitude. Always looking forward towards the future, but an eye on preserving the past. Miss Pippin Reed Former journalist, expert pilot, and a great friend to all in need. Jake Raines Hotheaded former pupil of Johnny Thunder's late friend, Dr. Charles Kilroy. Student of almost all sciences, but a firm believer in the supernatural. Major Quentin Steele English army officer turned monster hunter, tracker extraordinaire, and is a crack shot with any gun. CITIZENS OF THE 1920's These figures are not named, and so are located here. Their is one other figure not under any classification, and that is the signature figure of me as a railroad engineer. I am not in the group because I am named, but am not with the Adventurers because I am not in the story-lines of any of the themes listed above. First Imperial Bank employees Left to right: bank manager - teller number 1 - teller number 2 Law Enforcement & City of Ironwood officials Left to right: Sheriff - Mayor - Silver mine owner - town doctor Railroad Workers Left to right: local railroad official - station master - passenger train conductor - steam locomotive fireman Shop Keepers & etc. Left to right: General Store owner - post office master - bar maid OTHER PEOPLE This is where armies and named non - Adventurers go. Army of the Crossed Sabers (The evil country of Ogel's land forces, known as the Army of the Crossed Sabers, which is temporarily commanded by Lord Sam Sinister on board the Battle-cruiser HMS Vladeck.) Left to right: Captain of the HMS Vladeck, Ogel soldiers (x6) Named non-Adventurers Left to right: Madame Blue (the dog), Captain Karloff (owner of Madame Blue and the tramp steamer "Great West"), Murdoch (engineer for Brick Railway Systems on their steam trains) END (SO FAR) I hope everyone liked my list, and feel free to add your own too. Happy Adventuring / Questing / Fighting Monsters!
  7. I've been making a lot of minifigures and it is high time to post some that have been on my harddrive for months! These three were an effort to make more female characters from an Action & Adventure Theme. It is a shame that the ratio seems to be around five guys and one girl with named character releases, most of the sub-themes have at least one female character. Reasons aren't important as to why there are so few and it was easy for me to make these from my collection. So on to the figures! Tia Thwait-Fuller Daughter of a well known archaeologist-adventurer and a respected historian, Hypatia ‘Tia’ Thwait-Fuller took after her father more. Libraries, archives and curating collections were her future and she loved it. However when a mystery map with a riddle and a story was uncovered in an old storage room, Tia began to obsess about solving it and finding where the map led. With her parents busy she decided to take off on an adventure of her own. She appeared in my MOC of an All Terrain vehicle Gelert. After getting the lady scientist CMF I had a head for the bookish character and built the rest around that. There is a lot of Twilight Sparkle about this character, with a hint of Evelyn Carnahan and just a little ‘hidden depths’ from Lirael. I used a torso from Pharaoh's Quest, CMF Librarian hair and the Map from Pirates of the Caribbean. Eleri She only goes by one name. Part mercenary, part adventurer and all independent. There are few clues as to Eleri’s past. Rumours have it that she is an heiress of titles and money who rebelled and ran away to the far-east. Whatever her past, Eleri is known as an expert tracker and outdoor survivor who’ll hire herself out more for the thrill than the payday. Also appeared in the Gelert car. I originally built this figure as a fighter of monster mutant plants in a posing/forced perspective MOC experiment that didn't go so well. There was basically a lot of homage to Ellen Ripley (in fact when my brother in law was having a nose at my LEGO he asked why I’d made a Ripley figure.) in the creation of a figure to fight mutant plant monsters. When that didn't work she became an adventurer. Chuck some Tomb Raider and a healthy dose of any runaway-rebel-rich-girl you can think of to get the character I was aiming for. Dino trousers, the CMF swimmer's torso, Space Heroine head and Frodo's hair. The machete is of course Brick Arms. Dr. Regina Thwaite-Fuller Adventurer, wanderer, a society lady that her peers both admire and stare aghast at. She set out for fun and discovery and gathered some extras on the way. Now having collected a doctorate and a family she is slightly less reckless and the handy firearm takes care of the other threats. The bone-kicking business can get a little exciting after all. This figure came about when I wanted to make a Mustrum Ridcully type character with a twist. Monster Fighter characters remixed into something new. With hints of a few female characters from fiction and history (Or, the popular perceived image of certain historical characters). A Monster Fighters head and torso, Indy legs all combined to make a character that, on reflection, might be a bit over-armed...
  8. Jake and Prof. Hale need a vehicle to get around when adventure calls. The Ranger is equipped for all terrain environments and is also road legal. With this work-horse of a car they can reach any site they wish. I do love building cars. Adventure cars are my favourite. While I was building new minifigures for Adventurers and making custom adventurer/explorer figures I decided to smarted Prof. Hale up a little. The entire look is taken from this photo: This is a photograph of Howard Carter at the dig for the tomb of Tutankhamun. (He's the one in the bowler hat, not the fez...) When I found the suit torso I just had to use it, though I can't be sure of colour accuracy!
  9. The Hop Rod is a speedy ride, sometimes it isn't about the archeological process and research, it's about getting to the site first! Mac's hot rod Hop Rod can hop to it and stake a claim for Professer Hale and Jake. Just another little car build, I love fiddling around to make cars in the Adventurers/PQ style. After deciding on the hood ornament I couldnt' resist the punny name! My refreshed Mac McCloud. Equipped with a newer gun design and a smarter outfit. He looked little too thuggish in the vest provided in the original figure so I swapped the cyborg arm for a regular arm on Jack McHammer's torso to smarten him up a little. In my personal canon, Jake and company are tracking through Egypt when Johnny and his crew are in the Jungle. Hence why there are more mummies around and less (living) human rivals. The summer before a bunch of tomb raiders and relic hunters woke them all up!
  10. “Wonderful things...” Every archaeologist and explorer dreams of that magnificent discovery; A horde of unimaginable riches, the missing stone tablet in the jungle or that single artefact so long sought. This month you can bring that joy to a LEGO Adventurer with an 8x8 vig of their greatest discovery! Rules: Minimum of 1 figure in the vig. You can use any form of explorer or adventurer minifig. 8x8 plate with minimal overlap. To enter create a thread for the MOC and post a link to it here in this thread. LDD, custom parts and custom stickers are allowed Contest runs from 4th February to 18th February Judging will commence on all rule abiding entries linked in this thread before the closing date. So good luck chaps and lady-chaps! Seek out that treasure to earn some of your own!