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    A proud builder of ToroLUG, themes I like are Lord of The Rings, Castle (fantasy era), Western/ Wild West. Trying to expand my horizons to space and other themes.


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  1. Bytor

    C3-Lyssaris- "The Battle of Lyssaris"

    Those stairs are very well done
  2. Thanks to both of you, I appreciate the feedback :)
  3. Bytor

    [MOC] Wild West Stagecoach

    Very well done! This is exactly how I feel too. Placed inside its diorama, it looks great!
  4. Jonny and Dr. Kilroy are at it yet again! Racing against Señor Palomar and Rudo Villano to find the lost Aztec Sun Disc, they reach the ruins of late King Chimalpopoca's temple. How will the get out of this one? Wow this is about a year old, but I'm glad its up. This is another one of my Adventurer builds, yes play features are included. Johnny will return in one more set of mine. Comments and criticism is encouraged, however, I do know the 2nd photo isn't that great.
  5. Bytor

    [MOC] Rover S4

    Lots of great NPU! The wheels and the bumper are my favourite parts of this moc!
  6. Bytor

    [MOC] Persei8 Mobile Collection Rover

    Not at all, I've been trying to this more and more! Thanks for all the praise! I think the little robot is kinda fun too . And this is the first time I've used any of those tiles in a build ... they do seem useful for spacers I guess haha
  7. Bytor

    [MOC] Persei8 Mobile Collection Rover

    Thanks, exactly what i was aiming for! Why thanks! Would the brick separator be what we are talking about?
  8. Hi all, I don't usually build space stuff but I did do something for Febrovuary (spelling?). This build is to extend the theme that I want to design around the CMF figure from series 12, as I see a lot of potential in them. Anyways here's a little blurb about the build: Model: Persei8 Mobile Collection Rover Make: Middle Xealand Motors Specs: - On board sample tester -bΣclass scooter storage deck -1500L iridium-platinum alloy storage container [inert metal for alien atmospheres] -Twin fusion core fuel supplies - 2 50,000lx LED lamps -2 secondary 23,000lx support lamps -Heavy model-P engine Seating: - 1 Operator -2 Passenger -Droid storage deck Front: Backside:
  9. Yes it is actually! I used shots from the movie to help with the design, I tried to stay away from Indiana Jones (minus the truck), as its been done before. My Flickr has shots of the rest of the build if you want to see more. Nexo Knights is going to be great , can't wait!
  10. You guys are all too kind! Thanks guys, the landscaping was a very big part of this , I tried to get the hills and the tracks to look a bit rough but not rocky. Trust me, I'd be getting a few of each set if they did a reboot. (But if it's pharaoh's quest 2... no thanks.) Stay tuned for more (I'm editing the photos of my other builds)
  11. Johnny Thunder's car is probably my favorite. The trapezoidal flags are great for these cars, are they not?
  12. I've looked at most of your stuff and its all top notch They were suuuuuuuuper helpful! Thanks again!
  13. Thanks! I tried really hard for both of these, the truck is supposed to be a copy of the unimog from Indiana Jones: raiders and the other is just an updated version of the ones in the older sets. I also have to give a big shout out to Murdoch17, his Johnny Thunder vehicles were super influential. As for Johnny, who knows?!
  14. So here's my latest build: I've always been a fan of this theme but I only have sets from the Dinoisland subtheme as a kid. This build is kind of an homage to the older sets but in an updated fashion. Check out the rest of the pictures on my Flickr.