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Found 8 results

  1. This train was originally supposed to go with the new Crocodile electric locomotive (set 10277) that was revealed a couple months ago. But it doesn't fit my UK "theme" very well, so I bought this train instead. This engine is numbered 514 (as a tribute to the HC514 part seen in the Adventurers sets), and the the tender should say LNER, (London North-Eastern Railway) as that's who originally designed and built the Z1 class locomotive. This 4-6-2 type engine is named Hazel Crusader, and is not actually owned by the railroad company, but it is maintained and crewed by the railroad's employees when called upon by Lord Sinister to be moved from his private siding. (That's why it has the non-LNER-standard gold, black, and brown paint scheme that matches his coaches: it's Sam's personal color scheme for his railway stock - it's owned by Lord Sam Sinister himself. He even had this locomotive designed just for him.) In reality, this Z1 type never existed on the LNER, as it is a creation of my own imagination. My fictional Z1 take on the wheel 4-6-2 arrangement is inspired by the 2-10-0 Austerity class of WWII (boiler wise) with a tender donated by the A3 which originally pulled Sam Sinister's train. This is Sam Sinister's automobile, situated quite precariously on a two-wheel flat car that is much too small. Being that Sam is cheap, he bought the one that would cover his needs... sight unseen. The railway yard master's eyes nearly fell out of his head when he finally saw what Sam was going to load onto this flat car! The flat car is easily detachable from the load, as you can see here. (NOTE: This car was inspired by the 2015 SDCC exclusive Action Comics number 1 Superman, recolored and heavily modified.) The car seats two figures side-by-side, and even comes with a spare tire in the back. This Gatling gun car protects the train from any goody-goody interlopers trying to make off with Sam Sinister's ill-gotten goods... namely Johnny Thunder and his friends. NOTE: The Gatling gun on this car was taken wholesale from set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase) These looted ancient Egyptian items include: a temple guardian from the Well of Souls (taken from set 7621, Secret of the Lost Tomb), a obelisk warning others to not defile it's owner's tomb, and the Queen's sarcophagus itself, with a very angry mummy inside. (Guess Sam doesn't listen very well, huh?) I wasn't kidding about that curse you know! Look's like Sam's somehow stolen a Sphinx as well! (not THE Sphinx, of course, that would never fit on his train car and would be a bit missed by the locals... not to mention any snooping Archaeologists!) Thankfully, however, Sphinx were not inscribed with any magic hieroglyphics, so they are safe to observe.... or in Sam Sinister's case, "borrow without permission". Unlike the Re-Gou Ruby's twin (yet not worth anything) gem which can curse you to an eternity of bad puns, as the now-mad Baron Von Barron found out. In reality, the statue's head was inspired the one in set 5978. (Sphinx secret surprise) In this train car we find all the weapons one could dream of in the 1920's, as it is called the armory car after all. (Thanks again to @Pdaitabird for making these cars in his awesome instructions, which you can find on Flickr here.) This is Sinister's war wagon. Why is it called that? It has old charts, brand-new maps, magazines and trade journals, plus all kinds of notes with clues to hidden locations with items of vast power or great fortune just waiting to be grabbed. If Johnny Thunder or Sam Sinister hasn't seen it or at least heard of it, the item probably doesn't exist. This car also houses Lord Sinister's bedroom for overnight journeys. Here we see the whole train at an "on-it's-side" view for maximum viewing. Thoughts, compliments, complaints, and suggestions are all welcome! NOTE9/22/2020: Added updated real world pictures of everything, including the Sphinx car and updated steam loco, now called Hazel Crusader 514. (as in HC-514, the print on the tile on the side of the cab. Took me quite a while to figure out a good name for the engine!)
  2. Hello all, I have a few Lego star wars sets for sale (australia only) For sale: -Lego 8097 slave 1 - SOLD ship is complete, comes with boba fett, han solo and han in carbonite. Unfortunately bossk is missing -Lego 75055 star destroyer SOLD i'm not 100 percent sure if this is complete but i remember when I got it secondhand there was a missing plate that I substituted with something else no minifigs or mouse droid -Lego 75004 z 95 headhunter SOLD complete and in good condition, no minifigs, no stickers -Lego 75150 A WING ONLY SOLD complete and in good condition, missing one small sticker at the tip, no minifigs -Lego 79111 lone ranger constitution train chase - SOLD Great condition, note the four 1x1 light blue clear cones are missing, one of the clips on the saddle of the horse are broken but can still function normally Lego 9515 the Malevolence SOLD No minifiigs, missing 1 1x4 plate earth blue inside the structure bet substituted with 2 1x2 blue plates, Also missing one hovertrain with tools Also looking to trade a Phase 1 Commander Cody for a Phase 1 Captain Rex -Lego 7676 republic gunship SOLD no minifiigs or bike or command center, missing a few internal pieces and some others are substituted if you are interested just pm me and send an offer Will consider trading for star wars sets Thanks for looking!
  3. This Wild West model was originally LEGO set 79110 (Silver Mine Shootout) from the 2013 Lone Ranger theme. I added a more reinforced right wall and a real base-plate to support the model, as I know from experience it can be pretty flimsy if handed wrong. I also added the collapsing water tower from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase) to the front corner as another action play feature. The model has also been heightened by five bricks to allow for regular train cars to pass through, and is now wide enough for custom locomotives with side-rods to fit through, except for the extra-wide time train. The natural rock formation (the skull) on top of the mine gives it it's name, and features a carved out section for two cannons to protect the mine, either from Native Americans wanting their sacred mountain back, or desperadoes looking to cash in on the (supposedly cursed) silver. These viewing windows are so you can look inside the mountain to see the details, such as the not-yet-built Delorean time machine hidden behind the waterfall. The built-in light brick helps illuminate these features. The cannons were placed in the hollowed out rock skull for defense of the mine shaft and surrounding workers camp. The room on the upper left processes different pieces of silver for purity tests via a scale and heated chemical tests. The weight of the silver ingot in question is compared against the known weight of a confirmed silver bar or a weight of the same measure. If the bar is not quite pure enough or is fake, it will weigh different from the known unit. The slide on the right is for the silver to be loaded into train cars waiting below. A six-wide steam train with single-stud overhanging pistons or a caboose with a roof-top cupola can fit through the mountain without any height or width clearance issues. The water tower supplies cleaner water to the work camp, in comparison to the water coming from the underground spring on the left, as that is contaminated with silver bits, and as such is un-drinkable. However, you can "blow out " the supports of the water tower using a Technic lever, blocking the train tracks and destroying the fresh water supply for the camp! Near the top of the mine (just above the water fall) is a spot to place dynamite and "blow up" a section of rock. When not in use, the otherwise loose dynamite piece clips into a black part just in front of the removable rock. This lower wall "blows up" to reveal silver pieces by turning the barrel on the next level. This is where the Deloreran time machine goes when Doc Brown hides it away in 1885 for his younger self and Marty McFly to discover in 1955. I though it would be a neat Easter egg to hide it away in my silver mine... I just need to build it, with the parts showing up (hopefully) very soon. Now compare my model to the original Lone Ranger set (79110) . No nearly enough room for a steam train to fit down that hole in the wall... and besides, it has a ton of gaps in the rock-work that make it seem odd. Anyway, comments, questions and complaints are always welcome, and if anyone wants to see the rest of my western stuff, see this topic here!
  4. This 2-6-2 Prairie type engine was inspired by the My Own Train series of 2001 and a boiler from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase). The passenger coaches and baggage car were inspired by set 10015 (Passenger Wagon), and set 10194 (Emerald Night). They feature no interior but all three passenger cars have four opening doors. The baggage car has two opening doors, two sliding panel-doors and an "exploding" back wall inspired by set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase). The whole train together. Here we can see the rear of the train with the back wall (and dynamite) still in place. (You may notice the baggage car is a modified version of the green Western jail car I already have built) The yellow 1 x 4 bricks used are actually supposed to be green printed bricks with this on them. The tender features a coal bunker, and water tank, plus a ladder at the rear for accesses to the passenger train. The cab features a firebox door (a 2 x 2 round tile) and two printed gauge tiles. The coaches were inspired by set 10015 (Passenger Wagon), and set 10194 (Emerald Night). They feature no interior but all three passenger cars have four opening doors. The exploding baggage car was originally the Jail car from set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase) while gaining the styling of set 10015 (Passenger Wagon) and doors from 10194. (Emerald Night) This car has one play feature that is sure to blow you away: the back wall can be removed to get at the baggage compartment via the "dynamite" on the outside of the back wall. (actually, the roof top lever knocks the wall loose) Then your train robbers can make off with whatever valuable are inside! As usual, the LDD file for the whole train is seen here while the loco and tender by themselves are here. Comments, Questions, Complaints, & Suggestions are always welcome. This train is on my to-do list, but won't be built for a while... maybe this summer?
  5. The trains I'm going to show you use a lot of unique models to make this train setup possible, including sets 10254, 60052, 79106, 79111, and 10015 for the Army train, and 7597, 10014, and 10015 for the passenger train. (This is both a single MOC and several MODs at the same time.) These trains are also 100% build-able in real life... I haven't got the green one built, but the red one is 98% finished! They are done, so you can see them below! US 1870's MILITARY TRAIN & 4-2-4 STEAM LOCO Let's start with the newest train: the 4-2-4 and the US Army train. This is a more realistic version of set 10254 (Winter Village holiday train) for all the train fans who don't like the engine. I added working pistons, and a more cohesive color scheme plus two more sets of wheels on the engine. This is a tank engine, and as such does not have a tender. The rotating Gatling gun you see here was taken from set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase) This horse car was originally a cattle car from set 60052, (2014 Cargo Train) but I've re-purposed it for my Army officer horses. These cannons are from set 79106 (Calvary Builder Set) and were placed on a generic flatcar. for transport by rail. This coach was inspired by set 10015 (Passenger Wagon), and features no interior. T The jail car you see was originally from set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase) while gaining the styling of set 10015. (Passenger Wagon) This car has one play feature that is sure to blow you away: the back wall can be removed to get at the jail cell via the "dynamite" on the outside of the back wall. When pushed back towards the other end of the car, the rear wall pops out and the bad guys can escape! Here is the whole military train all put together. US 1870's PASSENGER TRAIN & 4-6-0 STEAM LOCO Next up, the modified passenger train which I have shown before on these forums, but has received a bit of a face-lift. This engine was originally modeled after set 7597 (Western Train Chase) with some design inspiration from TF Twitch's "Humble Sapphire" 4-4-0. The engine also features a boiler copied from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase) to keep it inline with the rest of my steam locomotives. The rear of the loco features a ladder to the tender-top. These passenger cars were mostly inspired by set 10014 (Passenger wagon) but repainted red instead of green and with fancy part 30613 "Brick, Arch 3 x 6 x 5 Ornamented" on the end of the cars. I might be mistaken, but Ben Shuber may have been the one to inspire these coaches with his own red versions of set 10014. The end of my passenger train features this little four wheel caboose. It was designed after set 10015 (Caboose) with some features taken from set 7597 (Western Train Chase) Here is the whole passenger train all put together. US 1870's FREIGHT TRAIN & 4-4-0 STEAM LOCO Since I turned the red 4-4-0 into a 4-6-0, the slot has been opened up for another "American"-type. Thus, I created Yellow 4-4-0 number 2, to go along with red 4-6-0 number 3 and green 4-2-4 number 1. The engine is supposed to feature four of this part on the tender and cab walls where the green bricks are located: http://www.bricklink...09pb011#T=C&C=3 This log car was also designed by my brother, and is quite ingenious for using set 60059 (Logging Truck) but on a train base. The logs are floating place, as they would be resting on the bottom of the car in real life. It was quite a pain to position them into place as seen here. The flat car is heavily inspired by the one in set 3225 (Classic Train), except this version features two bogies unlike the original set. This vintage water tanker is a modified set 2126 (Train Cars) design with four wheels on the two bogies instead of two wheels stuck to the frame. Set 7597 was the original model for this boxcar, which has been made so the doors can't open.... though you can remove the handle on the side of the car and it will open fine. This caboose was inspired by set 10014 (Caboose), but my version lacks the top part of the caboose, which is traditionally called a cupola. Here is the whole train together. US 1870's LEGOREDO MODULAR TRAIN DEPOT This old railroad station was inspired by set 7594 (Woody's Roundup!) which I have named the Fort Legoredo passenger depot after the famous set number 6761. (Fort Legoredo) This railroad station was built in 1874 after the original station structure (built 1867) burned to the ground in late 1873. It was confusingly named Fort Legoredo at that time by the railroad in an attempt to persuade potential settlers that this land was protected by the army, when in fact the Federal government was planning on closing down the actual Fort Legoredo. (this plan was eventually gone through with, as the Fort ceased operations when it burned to the ground in 1885 and was not rebuilt) The station has since stood for 140+ years with only slight modifications, such as adding computer control systems to the upper floor in 1980 to control the switches and monitor train traffic to the still-active silver mines. The station also serves as the oldest building in the city and is featured heavily in tourism advertisements for the city and it's historical reproduction of the original Fort Legoredo. (the US Army base, that is) The station is modular, as the roof and second floor come off and the two side platforms come apart by means of Technic pins. This lower floor features two waiting rooms with a ticket office in-between them. This office features stairs to the upper floor. The upper floor features a vintage safe that is used to hold silver dust / nuggets that is still payable for a train ticket. The metal is weighed on the scale (seen next to the safe) to ensure it is the correct type. (Read: not fake). The newspaper contains the daily precious metals prices, so that is is fairly measured and properly payed for. Eventually a special train comes though the station and the dust / nuggets are exchanged for proper paper currency, with the expensive metal being shipped back east to Denver to be made into coins and bars. The anachronistic modern computer system was added in 1980 to control the switches and monitor train traffic to the still-active silver mines. US 1870's MODULAR COLLAPSING TRAIN BRIDGE This bridge was inspired by Bad Cop's Pursuit (set 70802) and the short section of railroad bridge included with that set. When I first saw it, I thought it would make a great play feature for a train bridge that is actually usable by trains. Here is the result of all that working and reworking: 12 sections of PF / RC train track (It won't work with 9V, sorry!) with 1 section "failure point" consisting of 2 tracks pieces, plus 2 studs of space to separate the moving from non-moving items and allow the hinge to do it's job. The track leading up to the "failure point" as I call it, is raised ever so gently at an angle of (at most) 1 1/3 bricks high per 1 section of track. (The angle of ascent / descent depends on which part of track you are on, but for the most part it's consistent.) The design of the bridge is modular so that you can easily disassemble the bridge for transport. It disassembles into 2 lower ramp sections consisting of 4 tracks each and 2 flat sections placed onto plates with the 1 "failure point" module consisting of a hinged (on one end) track piece in the middle. The bridge when the track is safe to cross: the pins are inserted and it should be stable. Naturally, a very heavy engine will snap the Technic rods in half, breaking the bridge permanently. Thus you can only use this engine with Small engines like my 2-6-0 + it's consist, (AKA the Lone Ranger train) the My Own Train series engines, or something of comparable weight. This is how it works: Their are two hidden Technic rods under the track that should allow trains to pass by safely overhead. Pull the Technic connector and your bridge collapses. Lift the bridge up and move the rod back in to reset the bridge for the next adventure. US 1870's TRAIN STUFF - LDD FILES LDD file for the green 4-2-4 loco only: http://www.moc-pages...1471631241m.lxf LDD file for the green loco and it's train: http://www.moc-pages...1471631317m.lxf LDD file for the red 4-6-0 loco only: http://www.moc-pages...1473035459m.lxf LDD file for the yellow 4-4-0 loco only: http://www.moc-pages...1473035594m.lxf LDD file for the yellow loco and it's train: http://www.moc-pages...1473101156m.lxf LDD file for the modular train station: LDD file for the collapsing train bridge: EDIT 9/18/16 - Added real life pictures of the train station and digital pictures of the bridge. The LDD files were added for both as well. Comments, Questions, and complaints are always welcome! Thanks for looking!
  6. This train has quite a past.... The train seen above has been a project of mine in LEGO Digital Designer since 2012. This was the first version from August of that year, and needless to say I bought it and it worked well... on straight track only. So I went back to my drawing board and scrapped the engine. After 4 years of wanting to build it "right" and countless revisions, I (with help from EB users TF Twitch and TheShubes and a lot of parts of Lego sets) have come up with the train seen below. This engine was originally modeled after set 7597 (Western Train Chase) with some design inspiration from TF Twitch's "Humble Sapphire" 4-4-0. The engine also features a boiler copied from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase) to keep it inline with the rest of my steam locomotives. The rear of the loco features a ladder to the tender-top. These passenger cars were mostly inspired by set 10014 (Passenger wagon) but repainted red instead of green and with fancy part 30613 "Brick, Arch 3 x 6 x 5 Ornamented" on the end of the cars. (link to this part on BL: ) The whole train together. I might be mistaken, but user TheShubes may have been the one to inspire these coaches with his own red versions of set 10014. Also, if anyone wants to see the structures that go with this train, please see this thread about the station: Speaking of stations, the one in that thread was ordered yesterday.
  7. [full gallery] I have modified the locomotive from the Lone Ranger, Constitution Train Chase (Lego set 79111) to add working driver rods. I had to completely rework the pilot to make everything work, but I think the final design is pretty good. The new model is the same width as the original, one stud longer, and it has working rods. The mechanicals are packed in very efficiently. The front wheel just barely clears the cow catcher, the side rods just barely clear the crossheads, I came up with a clever bearing to fit over the moving pilot axle, etc.. With the moving rods I think this engine is shaping up to be pretty sharp. A larger tender would be nice, and one of these days I'll take a stab at that. The one tradeoff (and I'm not sure it is much of a tradeoff) is the fact that I had to convert it from a Ten Wheeler to a Mogul. Here's a shot of the modified engine on a curve I've prepared instructions for the modification and have already uploaded jpegs to brickshelf (I'm working on finding a good home for the .pdf version). There are two versions of the instructions: V1 is for building the modified model from scratch, V2 is for retrofitting the completed model after it has been built. To build this modified model you will need the parts that come with Lego set 79111 and the additional parts listed on the last two pages of the instructions. Note that this build requires 4 non-Lego pieces for the driver rods, available here. [full gallery]
  8. Lego 79111 Constitution Train Chase The largest of the new Lone Ranger licensed series, this train comes complete with track and a bunch of figures. You'll have to wait till the end to see the figs though. I haven't seen the movie (it's not out yet!) and honestly am not that familiar with the Lone Ranger, so I'm reviewing this primarily as a train set that happens to be tied to a movie, not as a licensed set that happens to be a train. Name: Constitution Train Chase Set Number: 79111 Pieces: 699 Price: $99 Minifigs: 7 Theme: Lone Ranger Year of Release: 2013 Links: Bricklink Peeron Brickset The Box The Box front shows what I assume to be the Lone Ranger theme, with a bright yellow band across the top for high visibility on the store shelves. The train is shown on track with the usual liberties in how things are happening - for example, the horse cannot stand in that pose without falling over. They had to stick the water tower in the back so it didn't obscure the train, which is a bummer since it's a cooler accessory than the exploding rocks. The Figs At the bottom of the front there's a lineup of the figures included, with their names so you know who's who. Lego was really trying to save space to give the train as much room as possible on the front though, so they cut the legs off all the figs! The 1:1 On top of the box, they used the same figure lineup (but with legs this time!) as the 1:1 size indicator. That's sorta surprising to me, since most buyers would know what size a minifig is, but it's hard to judge the size of the train from the photo. Something like the wheels from the locomotive would be a better scale I'd think. The Back On the back of the box we have the usual second photo of the whole set, plus insets of all the play features. You can see that the water tower falls over, the gun spins, the tender has a hiding place, etc. The Contents Inside the box you get: bundles of track, 6 numbered bags, one un-numbered bag, a tiny sticker sheet, and two manuals. Sorry, no cardboard for the manuals so things are a bit curled. The Stickers The small sticker sheet isn't too bad, considering the size of the set. There's a couple stickers for the locomotive and one "scratched panel" that'll go on the jail car. The Manuals Two books - the first builds the locomotive and tender, the second builds the other two cars and the accessories. All the instructions are clear and simple to follow, as long as you actually pay attention to the part box to make sure you do everything you're supposed to on each step. The Wheels The locomotive gets 6 large wheels. They're the same as the Emerald Night (and the Toy Story train). They're packed as two bags, each with two flanged drivers and one blind. Good to see these available again! (well, I guess they are in the Monster Fighter Ghost Train, but who bought that?) The Special Parts There's some nice pieces here. I'm not 100% sure on the colors, but I think the silver bars and rocks are "metallic silver" in Bricklink naming. That's definitely a new color on the ingots, and the silver rocks haven't been seen in years (assuming they are metallic silver). The printed tiles (you get an extra of the stopwatch) are nice and useful, though a real slingshot would be cooler! And the guns... this is a new mold from the old revolver. It's nicer, more detailed, and you get it in both light and dark pearl grey in this set! 3 light and 2 dark, to be precise. The crate is not a new mold, but it is a new color. I think it's medium dark flesh, but I could be wrong. Building the Locomotive, 1 The locomotive starts with a nice sturdy frame. That's good to see, since the Toy Story train was so wobbly. Building the Locomotive, 2 Pretty obvious where this is going... but also obvious that there's not going to be an easy way to motorize it. Building the Locomotive, 3 Details are starting to appear. It also surprises me every time how many colors Lego sneaks into things where they won't be seen. This set included a number of the dark orange 2x2 round plates, and none are visible in the end. Did they have extra dark orange ABS left over or something? Building the Locomotive, 4 More stacking. And some SNOT starting to show... Building the Locomotive, 5 The first stickers go on 2x4 tiles to indicate the RR. I like the detailing in the rods on the sides too - a black wand, a black lightsaber handle, a cone, and another wand. Simple but nice detailing. Building the Locomotive, 6 Finally, the wheels. Sadly, there's no driving rods in the set to make it look more realistic, but it'd be easy enough to add. And I'm not OCD, so my wheels aren't all lined up like in Lego's photos :) Building the Locomotive, 7 The front bogey is nicely designed. And you can't have a western train without a cowcatcher! Building the Locomotive, 8 The base of the locomotive is done. Since the center driving wheels are flangeless and there's nice articulation between the front and main parts, it'll work just fine on Lego track. Building the Locomotive, 9 Now the cab is taking shape and we're finally getting some color! Sorry, no glass in those windows. Have to add that yourself if you want it. Building the Locomotive, 10 The green slopes here are the same as used in the Emerald Night, but without the gold stripes. There's a bunch of snot brackets used to give the boiler its shape. Building the Locomotive, 11 Here's how the front of the loco comes together. There's an extension with snot brackets that lengthens the boiler, and a tile on the top of the bogey so it can slide. Once the rest of the green slopes are added it'll be plenty strong. Building the Locomotive, 12 Nearly finished. The dark green looks great and I like the black stripes in it. Building the Locomotive, 13 The bell and light are both nicely built. The pearl gold clip and fez make for a great small bell to fit the scale of the train. Building the Locomotive, 14 Complete. The hat on the front gives some nice details there, and the overall train is just nicely made. I'm not 100% in love with the smokestack design, but it's ok. The Tender, 1 The tender is pretty simple, but it looks good. The trapdoor is a quick way to get some basic play features for the kids, and some round black plates on top help the appearance. The Tender, 2 And it's done. (actually, it's not. there's a shovel that goes on the front and some wands that go in the back clips that I forgot to put on before the photo - but basically, it's done) The Gun Car, 1 Here's the base - a nice way to get snot right away. And the second car will use the same base, so pay attention :) The Gun Car, 2 I really like the touch of red here. Otherwise, it'd be pretty dull. The Gun Car, 3 Some storage bins are added, as well as the base of the gun. The Gun Car, 4 There is a pretty simple mechanism coming to make the gun spin. First, a crank is built (that tan crankshaft part is pretty rare in this color) with a gear and a towball as a handle. The Gun Car, 5 The gun car is done. You can see the gear mechanism here. The binoculars and barrel make a pretty decent-looking gatling gun. The black pins mean it has enough friction to stay at whatever angle you put it. Likewise, the click turntable underneath means you can position the gun and have it stay. The Jail Car, 1 The base is the same, but the top changes from the gun car. Bunches of 2- and 4-long log bricks combine with some 1x1 cylinders to make most of the walls. The Jail Car, 2 The sides are now done and sliding doors are added on both sides. There's also a nice jail door dividing the car in half. The Jail Car, 3 Nearly done. The Technic beam in the rear pivots to knock out the end wall (not in place yet). I love the simple little lamps at each end of the car though. A great little detail touch. The Jail Car, 4 The end wall. The sticker side goes inwards to form the jail cell in the car. The outside has some dynamite attached - combined with the lever sticking out of the roof at you have the nearly-mandatory-for-Lego-sets knock-out wall. The Train Is Done The full train. It's a nice length for pushing around by hand, although it definitely helps to have it on the track since the front bogey on the logo flops around if you don't. It's sorta goofy - I mean, how many trains have massive gun cars like this? - but it's a great toy. And if you mod the cars into something nicer, it makes a great old steam train. I just think it's fantastic! The jail car would be simple - take out the lever and bar windows, fill in those gaps, and it's a great little boxcar. Take the gun off, and you have a nice little flatbed car. The Water Tower, 1 Time to finish the scene. First comes a water tower. The base has a lever and some of the new 1x2 plate with pinholes, and they're all nicely reinforced with the tan curved bricks. The Water Tower, 2 Almost done. There are a few trans-blue parts inside the tank to be the water, and the whole thing is ready to topple. The Water Tower, 3 And it's done. The dynamite (with a little help from the red lever on the other leg) is ready to crash the water tower across the train tracks! I found in my play that usually the whole tank pops off, but it doesn't come open and spill the 4 trans-blue parts out. That's fine as far as I'm concerned - they'd be a pain to pick up if they flew out. But really Lego, just 4 little 1x1 round bricks to fill the tank with? And I assume that this water tower is for the townsfolk, not for filling the train as it comes through, since the spout is away from the tracks if you have it ready to fall and block them. Makes you wonder though why they'd build a tower so close to the rails... The Exploding Rock, 1 No build photos needed here. It's simple but blows up pretty good. The Exploding Rock, 2 It's a nice play feature except for one thing. You have to hold the front of the rock down when you press the lever or the whole thing flips up. The tan base needs to extend out a little on the lever side for stability! On the other hand, the pair of grey slopes sticking out on the front make great spots to hold it down with a finger or two. The Figs Finally, what you've all been waiting for. Here's the 7 figures. The Lone Ranger gets a pair of guns, but Butch only gets one. And poor Latham - he can hardly stand up with that rifle in hand! Seriously though, these figs are just fantastic. I'm not familiar with who they all are, but who cares? They're just great old-time characters! Four very different hats, wide variety of torso prints, great faces. The Backs All the figs have back printing as well. The Alternate Faces With the hair off, you can see the alternate faces that some have. FYI, Tonto's hair is rubbery, but the rest are hard plastic. Tonto's hair also has a small hole on top for the bird to attach to. The Horse Even I know you can't have the Lone Ranger without Silver. This horse is like the new ones in LotR with moveable rear legs, but it's the first time for that version in white. And yes, the standard brick and plate are included if you want to remove the saddle. The Comparison, 1 Here's the Constitution next to the Emerald Night. You wouldn't expect them to be on the same scale since EN was the same price but without track, such awesome figures (though it does have 3 basic figs), or a Disney license. I have to say, I'm impressed with how well the Con stands up to the bigger brother. I wouldn't think twice about running them on the same layout, especially if you added some driving rods to the wheels. The Comparison, 2 From the front you can see how much larger the EN is in pretty much every way. The boiler is MUCH bigger, but again, I'm impressed that the Constitution doesn't look bad in comparison! The Comparison, 3 For a perhaps more fair comparison, here's the locomotive from the Toy Story train (7957). Granted, the TS train is supposed to look like a toy, but I just was never really impressed by it. It always seemed flimsy to me, and it was annoying to push around by hand since both sets of wheels are articulated on that locomotive. The set didn't include track, so most had to play on the floor with it. The Con is much more sturdy and looks FAR better. The extra $20 in retail price is well worth it, especially since you get more figs AND a loop of track. The Conclusion Wow. I LOVE this set. I'm not really a western guy and don't know the Lone Ranger, but I think Lego hit a solid home run on this set. I think it's a far cooler train than any of the recent sets. Obviously apples to oranges since there hasn't been a steam train since the EN, but still... the one drawback as a train is that there's no simple motorization option. You could put a train motor under the tender, but it'd take modification of the floor to work, and there's not room for a battery box in the tender. A better option might be to make a larger boxcar and use that for power, since you could put the motor underneath and the battery and IR receiver inside. For the kids, it's a great train with lots of play possibility, sturdy enough to play with, and it comes with track to play on. The Ratings Value: 10/10 - Considering the EN was $100 when it was out, and other train sets are more (but also include power functions), this is a solid value. You get 7 great figs, a horse, some scenery, and a great train with track. Design: 10/10 - It still looks good even standing next to the Emerald Night. Enough said. Minifigs: 10/10 - These 7 figs (and the horse if you want to count him) are all great. Not a dud in the group, and a wide variety too. Playability: 9.5/10 - I only took off anything because if I was a kid I'd want it motorized and have a remote. That would have kicked the price way up though, so I totally understand Lego doing it this way. Parts: 9/10 - Train parts, nice dark green curves, a simple but sweet water tower. My only complaint would be a lack of much color, but it's not supposed to be a brightly colored Toy Story train. Overall: 10/10 - A Great Set.