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  1. Mr Maniac

    [MOC] Pirate Airship (steampunk)

    This feels like it came right out of a Miyazaki movie! Bravo! While I've seen lots of steampunk dirigible MOCs, the shaping has always felt a little crude for me, never really achieving the streamlined look that actual airships bring! Yet you achieved it, no doubt thanks to mixel joints and a host of other clever techniques! This is definitely eye-candy for me, and I love the uniquely diverse crew! Great use of accessories and torso prints all around!
  2. Mr Maniac

    [MOC] Fright Knights Mechs

    I'd say the addition of the Batman license to the LEGO umbrella is also doing a lot of heavy lifting here too, since, if I recall correctly, the only bat-like elements in the original Fright Knights sets was the original bat mold, Basil's helmet, and the dragon wings. At least now there's a much wider variety of bat accessories, which helps when it comes to, say, the helmet for Basil's mech here! (Regardless, more constraction spin-offs in themes would be very much appreciated. Like, can you imagine a Stingray mech for Aquazone? Or an Aquasharks one?)
  3. Mr Maniac

    [MOC] Blacktron MOHAWK

    Which is all the more impressive for those users (like me) who finds integrating Technic or Bionicle parts in a System build rather tricky! For example, I'll admit that my first viewing of this beautiful ship did not lead to realize you were using the torso of a Toa Mata for the stern! But now that I'm seeing it, it's all the more impressive for how organic it is with the remaining color scheme! Also: kudos on the usage of that trans-yellow windscreen at the front. I've built a flying boat that uses that same mold, and while I love it, I could never get the roof of the cockpit to remain flush with the rest of the aircraft. This is very sleek. Nicely done!
  4. Mr Maniac

    [MOC] Fright Knights Mechs

    Kind of regret missing this one when it was initially posted, although very glad my browsing of this topic brought this post to light! As a massive fan of Fright Knights, I love what you've done here, @Oky, and mechs would definitely fit in with Fright Knights proper, especially with all those flying machines they already had! It's genuinely hard for me to pick a favorite because they're all so impeccably done! Everything from the parts you're using to the color schemes are simultaneously faithful to the original Fright Knights sets while looking much better and far less scattershot than some of the official sets! Given how popular mechs are now amongst LEGO themes, I don't think it's too difficult to see LEGO doing this if they released Fright Knights now! Well done, Oky! This is truly an impressive group of creations!
  5. Wow! Nicely done! I think this does a great job of improving the interior of the original GWP! And without adding any new parts, that makes this all the more exceptional! The fact that it also adheres to the design principles of all Dragon Master buildings makes this even cooler! Bravo!
  6. A fun headcanon thing worth doing if you want is imagining the new CMF version of Basil is him after having been 'corrupted' by WIlla's magic for so long. It turned him into an actual vampire (versus his more human appearance back 1997!)
  7. Mr Maniac

    [MOC] Vampire's Lair

    Ahhh bummer, that's what I suspected. Still, pretty exciting to hear that they do have microfigs in capes and hoods! Definitely going to keep an eye out for these for any future builds or mods! Thanks for the heads-up!
  8. Mr Maniac

    [MOC]Adventurers flying machine

    The colors for this one are pitch-perfect, right alongside your stellar photo editing skills! Nicely done!
  9. Mr Maniac

    [MOC] Stingrays; Mutant Ray

    Love this, especially since it's a wonderfully sleeker design than the Stingrays' much larger flagship! I could absolutely see several of these ships flanking the much larger 6198 Stingray Stormer!
  10. Some genuinely fun builds in this one, with my favorites probably being the Island Hopper and Jun-Chi microbuilds! You've definitely captured the essence of this theme (and hey, Sam Sinister doesn't look too shabby in a red scarf either!) (I also dig your Fright Knights tower! As a superfan(?) of this Castle faction, I really love how you incorporated the design of the tower more fully than in Night Lord's Castle!)
  11. I've always wondered how some of the older builds and minifigures from Dino Island would look with the new Jurassic Park dinos, and I'd say this is a much more interesting update than that thought experiment I had in my head! Like @JintaiZ, I also find the water effect to be marvelous, along with that great primordial-looking flower/bush you built! It does a fantastic job creating a 'lost world' effect with the significantly expanded parts and color palette we have now, especially compared to the original Dino Island sets (although I do still adore the U.S.-based Mania Magazine's take on this locale!)
  12. Mr Maniac

    [MOC] Vampire's Lair

    Speaking as someone in the midst of building a 6097 Night Lord's Castle MOC, I really, really like this build! There's absolutely NPU all around, from the minifig roller skates in Medium Stone Grey bordering the sword's resting place, to those 1x1 Technic Axle bricks, you've done a superb job of adding a nice Gothic texture to this build! I suppose the one question I have is whether this is actually something that can be replicated with physical bricks. I'm not familiar with all the parts used here, although some of them don't look like they have a real-world equivalent, including the hooded and caped microfigs inside the crypt, or the helmet on the statue at the top (although I could be wrong)! Either way, really great work. Definitely an example of Gothic architecture I may be citing for reference while I build my own castle!
  13. See, NOW we're talkin'!* *(So long as they expand the amount of usable space in the basket, I won't care how they build the dragon!) EDIT: And for those curious, Brick Fanatics has some photos of Basil the Batlord the Vampire Knight's head and cape! And he's got a moustache again!
  14. Mr Maniac

    2023 Majisto GWP

    If so, I'll be curious to see where they go with Castle. So far I've enjoyed how, if you can afford it, you can buy one set and pretty much get all you need for one faction, more or less. Not that I'd be opposed to any future sets further expanding a faction (like maybe a siege tower for the Black Falcons?), although for me I'd be more interested to see what they do with some of the other factions in terms of reinventing them.
  15. Mr Maniac

    Could LEGO remake Fright Knights?

    Love Basil's new weapon; it's absolutely a better fit for him than that chrome greatsword he originally had. While I wish they found a way to redesign his scepter, I've seen plenty of fun reinventions of that accessory that this axe (blood-axe?) is definitely an improvement. Now if LEGO decides to give us other updated Fright Knight torsos that mirror the older ones, I'd be all set! Unfortunately that's probably where I'm going to, since I'm not dedicated enough to buy a handheld digital scale, or whatever other strategies I've seen discussed here in terms of finding the right CMF in these boxes. Ah well, you really only need one (and depending on what I've seen elsewhere, Nu-Basil's torso might pop up again in Build-A-Minifig stations.) Now let's talk some real turkey: Do we think a future Willa the Witch/Hubble Bubble CMF would have green skin now, to match Nu-Basil's uncanny archetypal skin tone?