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  1. CamelBoy68

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Don't know - its a Christmas gift, so I may not see it...
  2. CamelBoy68

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    My boat arrived yesterday !!!
  3. Just a quick one, will there be another GWP this year or was it just the one ? cheers
  4. CamelBoy68

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    One of the answers I saw is regarding connection issues to the BT controller/phone. Namely, if the signal is lost the motor automatically stops. There is no more switch on power and forget about it... That might be be a pain if you just wander off out of range...
  5. CamelBoy68

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    Hi, You've got some nice models there, like the comment above any UK/Euro trains would be fantastic. I do have a question though: On your site you say "By purchasing these instructions, you agree not to sell, reproduce, or distribute these instructions. You also agree not to sell or distribute the model made from these instructions." The first part seems to be a reasonable request to protect your work, but I don't think you could enforce the second part. If I sourced the parts, minus stickers and instructions, then I don't see how you could stop me from selling the model. Take the UCS Falcon (10179) on Bricklink : Bricklink UCS 10179 there's quite a few selling "bricklinked" versions, is this ok ? Wouldn't this affect all second-hand/pre-owned sales of anything ever made ? I would like to hear everyones thoughts on this. cheers CB
  6. CamelBoy68

    (MOC) Hopper car w LDD .lxf file

    You can load the parts inventory directly into Bricklink. On Bricklink's wanted tab, select upload, from there you can just drag your .LXF file onto the webpage and it will load them in. That being said, like most things on Bricklink, it takes a little getting used to, as if BL detects a piece in an invalid color or if the part number is missing a "b" or similar off the end, it will refuse to upload. With the added bonus that it doesn't tell which part failed the load process. However, if you work with these limitations its a lot easier to get a wanted list into the system. From the Wanted list, you can use the easybuy feature which looks for all your pieces in the wanted list and tries to find the cheapest price. There are of course options to play with, but it works quite well.
  7. Hi ER0L, I'm glad you like the decoupler. Are you using Version 3, as that one lets you select to decouple or not. The first version of this had the drawback of only being useful in a one way situation. cheers CB
  8. CamelBoy68

    Best Adventurers subtheme

    The Egyptian sets were the ones that got me out of the "dark ages", so I would have to vote for those. I have been a fan of Ancient Egypt for quite a while, travelling around the world to view the artifacts, so when I was casually skimming through eBay I came across these sets, purely by accident. From there my forgotten love of all things brick reignited....
  9. CamelBoy68

    Is the Pick A Brick wall on the way out ?

    cool, thanks for the replies
  10. I've heard that the US are changing the current wall to one which is building a specific model - no more bulk cups Anyone in the US care to confirm this ?
  11. CamelBoy68

    Lego stores around London?

    There's also a large section for Lego in the John Lewis on Oxford Street.
  12. CamelBoy68

    Power Functions Parts in UK Lego Stores?

    Don't forget to post some pics of your conversion
  13. CamelBoy68

    Power Functions Parts in UK Lego Stores?

    I've seen some of that in the past, I was looking for the lights at the time. I would suggest giving the store you want to visit a quick call to confirm. If you hover over the store name, the number is shown.
  14. you wait for one new banner and two come along at once........