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Found 5 results

  1. Sirius91

    [MOC] Aztec Pyramid

    My newest MOC built for Summer Joust 2018. It all started with the scene on the top but then I realise I want to build whole temple. So, here it is. Soundtrack: [youtube][/youtube]
  2. Hi Community, I'm trying to resolve the construction of a pyramid type corner without using slopes, with each layer in two directions only stepping back either 1LDU or 0.5LDU whilst maintaining vertical alignment of face tile joints. Photos show what I'm trying to do but failing to keep the vertical tiles in alignment. Ahhh. This is doing my head in.
  3. Hello, everyone! After 2 long years of testing the pieces in the LDD and in the ABS, slow international deliveries, lack of opportunity of building due to my intense work routine and creative gaps, I finally have the pleasure to share my last creation with you: The 4 faces of Giza. I am very passionate for ancient civilizations and since I was a Kid I have always wanted to build something that could refer to the ancient Egypt and nothing more appealing to reproduce than the The Great Pyramid at Giza and its iconic Sphinx. This is not new in the Lego world. There are works with similar techniques on layouts full of scenes and miniatures. As the focus has always been the works and not the surroundings, the final visual impact is very beautiful to my eyes and I am pleased with the outcome. This project supposed to be exhibited at the LUG Brasil Expo in 2016, but due to the reasons mentioned above it will only be possible to show this year. I guarantee that seeing it live is even prettier than the pictures. The name MOC is due to 4 different moments in the history: a more remote, at the time of the sphinx inauguration in the presence of the Pharaoh, a past one when the Middle East commercial routes passed through the ancient Egypt, a scenarium which represents the current touristic flow in the surroundings of the pyramid and a fictional future which addresses the theory that this mysterious construction was and will be again, a mean of communication between the human race and the stars beings. Enjoy the pictures! :) The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 1 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 2 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 3 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 4 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 5 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 6 by Adolfo, no Flickr The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 7 by Adolfo, no Flickr [/quote]
  4. davisdude

    [MOC] Star Wars Saga Pyramid

    Greetings, Eurobricks community! Been a big fan of the Eurobricks forums and this my first MOC submission! Without further ado... "South" Side The pyramid represents a few memorable scenes from the original saga of Star Wars (sorry, Force Awakens). On the front side we have the Death Star, Hoth, and finally the climatic battle in the Emperor's Throne Room. "East" Side Facing the "east" is the Phantom Menace duel along with Luke's training on Dagobah. A familiar character seems to have turned a blind eye to the Jedi plight! "North" Side This side is primarily taken up by the Geonosis arena battle from Attack of the Clones (non-canon S.T.A.P. notwithstanding). On the middle tier is the Endor bunker "West" Side Finally, we have Tatooine and the carbon freezing chamber. Top view Each of the four lower tier corners is framed by a cylindrical-type object. Details "Bring it on! I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around..." Jedi battle on Naboo... maybe the Jedi Council should have sent more than two! Count Dooku keeps an eye on the arena. (Sorry about the focus on this one!) Anakin and Jedi Bob storm in! "Message? What message?" It seems like the Rebels may have a fair fight here for once... Chewie is weaning an Ewok from bones to a more cookie-friendly diet. Looks like IG-88 might get that bounty after all. Father versus son in Return of Jedi. This top tier had the least amount of space to work with. The TIE windshield is a homage to the "Final Duel" Lego set. Summary Thanks for viewing! I haven't tried many MOCs since my childhood but this is one that I really enjoyed. The biggest challenge was deciding which scenes made the cut! Upon finishing, I found that the pyramid nicely reflected the "yellow age" of Star Wars sets - Revenge of the Sith would introduce the flesh-tone minifigures. I've left the link to my Flickr account, which has more photos of the pyramid for those interested. Thanks again!
  5. inquisitor88

    Black Emperor Scorpion

    Hi there! This MOC was made specially for Russian contest 16*16: Animals. Enjoy :) Other Photos here: