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Found 2 results

  1. Celebrating 25 Years of Adventure Category C 5968 The Cursed Race (Product Concept) By Rui Miguel “Not again! Another mummy chasing us” – Johnny Thunder “Well at least this one isn’t making any jokes” – Gail Storm 5968 The Cursed Race is the second chapter in the new journey on the Classic LEGO Adventurers theme. Shortly after Baron acquired the map it lifted the curse of Pharaoh Yuy. Our heroes still managed to get the map from Baron and Sinister but must now race against Pharaoh Huy. The only way our Adventurers can break the curse is to find the missing Jem of Anut. Features: - 292 pcs/pzs - Playfull Vehicles - 4x Minifigures (Johnny Thunder, Gail Storm, Dr. Charles Lighting and Pharaoh Yuy) Behind the Adventure Chapter II What kind of an Adventure would it be without cool vehicles and a mystical mummy? In this concept I wanted to bring vehicles that haven’t been made into a set previously. For example, a car capable of sitting all three main characters and an Egyptian chariot. The car is heavily inspired by the classic Excalibur cars. It was around two years ago, in a summer classics expo, when I saw an Excalibour car and when I saw it in real life I told myself if one day I was ever to do an Adventurers project this would be the heroes car. No more, no less. The model, the colors and the design just felt visually right and of course I added some small variations to fit the LEGO System. In the process I left my favourite part for last… The Mummy! Since I was a kid I always had a soft spot for villains, I don’t know why but they have always looked cooler than the heroes, always had the best musical scores and the best quotes, it’s just my opinion. In my draft story I wrote a new character, Pharaoh Yuy, a distant relative to Pharaoh Imoteh. He would be this cursed spooky ghost and for that I would use the Yellowish Green and Transparent Bright Green color pallet to that effect. The music themes of Ra from Stargate and The Mummy from composers David Arnold and Jerry Goldsmith inspired the design. I also found pressure in making this concept because it featured the minifigures of the heroes. Each to their own with their unique look and dressing. I maintained the color scheme and focused on refreshing with little drawing notes from my visual memory and movie culture inspirations and on top of that I adopted nowadays guidelines for minifigure design. Here is a detailed look at the graphic design of the characters and as well a closer look at the printed/stickers elements. And that concludes, for now, my take on Adventurers :D I hope you enjoyed my work, thank you for viewing it. Feel free to comment or add any ideas of what you would like to see in another chapter of Adventurers. Until the next project 😉
  2. Celebrating 25 Years of Adventure Category C 5926 Desert Secrets (Product Concept) By Rui Miguel “At last Sinister! The lost treasures of Princess Anut are in our grasp!” – Baron Von Barron 5926 Desert Secrets is the first chapter of a new journey on the Classic LEGO Adventurers theme. Our favorite villain duo: Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister have located the mystic shrine statue which is believed to unveil a secret map with the locations of Princess Anut's treasures. These artifacts can bring fantastic power to those who acquire, but be careful with what you discover, Adventurer… Some artifacts come with a terrible curse. Features: - 172 pcs/pzs - Interactive Puzzle Model Build - 2x Minifigures (Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister) - Playable Ural Motorcycle Behind the Adventure Chapter I I surely can’t be the only one who misses the Adventurers theme. I can’t tell you the number of times I played with my Johnny Thunder sets back in the day and still do sometimes. When I was a kid I always played with Johnny as mix between Indiana Jones meets Rick O'Connell meets "Crocodile" Dundee. When I saw the contest with the guidelines and the design process I do with my MOCs, I felt this could be a great opportunity to explore the simple, yet complex idea of: What if the Adventurers theme came back, what could that look like? It's not only celebrating 25 years of Adventure, but also 25 years of MOCs in the making by so many fellow AFOLs and TFOLs so for me to make this concept right I also needed to have in mind that I would not only be designing my vision of Johnny Thunder, but also make sure to get, as much as possible, everyone’s vision in that process too. I wrote down a small crazy draft of a story, in which later served as my blueprint for this set and my other entry. I was very careful reinventing the characters' design; I wanted them feel new and yet respecting and preserving what made their look iconic. Below I show in more detail the physical prototype I built before doing the digital color test. View here 5926 Prototype action in hand Here is a detailed look at the graphic design on the characters Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister as well a closer look at the printed/stickers elements. And that’s all for this chapter! :D I put a lot of heart into this project, hope you enjoyed my work, thank you for viewing it. Feel free to comment or add any ideas of what you would like to see in a new chapter of Adventurers. If you haven't already, go visit my other Adventurers concept: The Cursed Race which is a follow-up to this story.