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  1. ch_ris127

    What Lies Beneath

    Love the knight's color scheme
  2. ch_ris127

    Over the Mountain...

    Awesome rock work! It makes for a very interesting and cool looking vignette from afar. I suppose the axe could be handled the other way around though? The sharp edge of the axe could probably slice his arm off if not handled properly
  3. ch_ris127

    [MOC] The Job

    Nothing gets in the way of a hitman's job. Not even an innocent maintenance man who just happened to be there running his daily schedule. Collateral damages happen, and the job goes on. ----------- My first 'modern' MOC that isn't fantasy/medieval or sci-fi, all thanks to Brickarms I think I'm gonna get addicted to this and start building more MOCs with modern weapons. "Low on battery? I better charge this thing," the hitman says, casually ignoring the pool of blood forming under his feet. Taking the shot. Weapons all laid out on the table, with the phone charging on it. You can't go on a job with an empty battery phone; you never know when your client's gonna call Collateral Damage The Sniper's window. Well, that's it for now. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated Thanks for viewing!
  4. ch_ris127

    Meeting with Wyndor

    There's a lot of neat details for the size of this vignette! Love the candles, wall and decoration, along with the floor
  5. ch_ris127

    Warlords of Nocturnus: Mortis: Phase 1

    Awesome sigfig! The long hair really suits the vampire face; it's a real refreshing look aside from the typical short haired ones in the official sets. Lord Mortis' throne also looks great, and I like the details of how his servant looks afraid of him too
  6. ch_ris127

    Daydelon Sheep Farm

    Wonderful build! The chimney and the smoke's great, and I love the details, how the bar holds up the open windows, and also the axe embedded on the tree trunk
  7. ch_ris127

    Mount up! - The Undead Ice Dragon

    Holy dragons this is freaking AWESOME!!! The NPUs going on in there, the parts, the details, textures and posing. I especially love the use of horns as the eyebrows
  8. ch_ris127

    The Final Defense [Free Build - Noctornus]

    Thank you Thanks! I did run out of leaves while building and just assumed that it didn't have that much leaves in the first place, hahaha. The second idea about making the tree look more dead is nice I should try it out next time! Thanks for the suggestion Thanks But uh, the minotaur isn't running away from him, hahaha. It's probably a bit unclear due to the camera angle Thanks a lot, guys Thanks! I'm planning to make another MOC featuring Scythe Lord. It's not fair for him to just appear at the corner of the scene with his back to the camera, hahaha Thanks a lot! Glad the minifigs and scenes came through; minifig posing surely is one of the funnest part of building. Thank you! Thanks! And you're right about that minotaur I agree about the leather/cloth torso; that's also what's so great about that minifig Wow, 5 Furty torsos Do you have the pictures of how they're used? It'll be real cool to take a look at em
  9. I've just read it, and yeah it looks awesome already!
  10. ...Well I'm back, I suppose? It's been almost a year since I've last visited Historica, and it's only lately that I got time to play around with bigger builds again. Here's a build I made for a local community exhibition last week, and I thought it'd fit right in as a Noctornus free-build In an effort to keep a Royal Elvan heiress away from the grasp of the Scythe Lord, Dartan and his group of ragtag Nocturnian warriors have moved back to the outskirts of Nocturnus to an abandoned inn overrun by the forest growth. He knew the risks of accepting the job, but nothing had prepared him for the sudden attack when the Scythe Lord and his henchmen caught up with the group. The battle soon descended into what will become the final defense for Dartan and his group. Jumping into battle The setting place and details of the abandoned inn. This time I tried experimenting with a different tree build, using plates instead of the usual brick arch to create a more organic form. Unfortunately though, I ran out of leaves in the end; if the tree looks somewhat bald to you, you can chalk it up to that reason. Dartan and his group Left to Right: The Elven heiress, Dartan and his loyal wolf Rayan, Steel Horn the Minotaur, and Tyreel the Fox. I'll probably be making another MOC with this band I'm really digging Furty's head (from Chima) for a character. Scythe Lord and his henchmen --------------------------------------------------- Well that's it for now. What do you think of it?
  11. ch_ris127

    The Spanking Troll Tavern

    There's a lot of stuff going on in this build and I love it! The flying bird's build is also wonderfully done
  12. ch_ris127

    The Hedge knight [freebuild]

    Cool landscaping there
  13. ch_ris127

    Mount Up! The Nocturnus Rous

    This is one Nocturnian beast! I can't say much other than this is an awesome build Love how the jaws open up.
  14. ch_ris127

    Kaliphlin, Inscriptions Of Petraea

    Nice vignette! I like the atmosphere of this scene, and the colors of the minifigs' wardrobe also complements this.
  15. ch_ris127

    Mount Up! Giant Wolf

    If bad Discovery Channel shows are all about giant wolves and fantasy creatures, then I don't mind one bit I love the use of parts here, and also that solid base there! But like what Gabe said above, it might look better if you can separate the saddle and the wolf's back, so that it'll look like two distinct parts instead of one.