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  1. lisqr

    [HSH] Cat A - Alien Cottage

    Aliens need a warm and cozy home too - with a smoking chimney and a loving mommy, no matter how different they are from us. The "mommy", a.k.a. the Queen The "older brother", a.k.a. the worker, feeding some domesticated Insectoid The mommy spends most of her time watching "TV" and laying larva. alien terrain Family Portrait If you aren't disgusted by my entry yet, check out more pics here.
  2. lisqr

    [MOC] Minas Tirith

    I've submitted to cuusoo already.
  3. lisqr

    [MOC] Minas Tirith

    Minas Tirith is probably have the least number of lego incarnations out of all the major lotr locations. I've seen plenty of beautiful helms deep, orthanc, rivendell, etc. but not that many Minas Tirith. So here's my rendition. This moc was a pleasure to build. It's a combination of three things that I love to build and fairly good at, circle, micro, and rock. My cuusoo project http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/58380 Micro siege weapon How it's built. For more pic brickshelf: Enjoy!
  4. Yes, it is very much inspired by Super Mario, Kirby and these other side-scrolling games.
  5. My Category C entry
  6. Deep inside the Kelra Labyrinths, Lord of Lava is fighting his way through an ancient dungeon filled with iron golems. Rumor has that a legendary craftsman, whose name has long been forgotten, hid his masterpiece, the Seven Golden Golems in the last room of this endless dungeon. Lord of Lava finally found the room where the golden golems are hidden. But a large stone golem is standing in between him and the fearless soldiers that his after. Lord of Lava quickly turned the stone golem back into a piece of lifeless rock. He thoroughly searched the guardian and obtained the master key, which controls the golden golems. Now those pesky black spire rebels will tremble under the might of these daunting warriors! The whole MOC For more pics http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=537838
  7. lisqr

    Aztec Golden Pyramid

    Man, makes me want to be Spanish... Mind to tell us where u live?
  8. lisqr

    [MOC] Small Siheyuan in Beijing style.

    Great work! I've always wanted to build something like this. But now I'll have to pick something else to build.
  9. Swords are for those who are intellectually-challenged. Lord of Lava in his new armor and Staff of Demon's Eyes The unfortunate intellectually-challenged lizardman who dares to oppose Lord Ssilyrrlith The magic seal for the Inferno spell I was going to enter Category C. But I don't know if I have time for that anymore. So a quick entry for Category A for now.
  10. lisqr

    MOC: Terracotta Army

    I've been there when I was 13, which was quite a while ago. The most memorable fact for me was the "ripples" caused by logs on top of it. So I tried to replicated it in this moc. Well, I didn't come up with this idea. It's a real site. As for why I want to build the moc, I just see Terracotta worriers in this microfig piece.
  11. lisqr

    MOC: Terracotta Army

    It's not historically accurate. Because all of the figures have fell down when first discovered, the current arrangement is just how the archaeologists restored them. The real thing has 8000 figures. Mine only has 100. It's not meant to be a specific section of the army.
  12. I've wanted to build this since last year's Iron Builder that used this piece as the secret piece. And I've always been fascinated by the real thing since childhood. For more info read the Wikipedia The "ripples" on top of the pits were where the wooden "roof" was when first built. Illustrated here in Lego. Single soldier and horse
  13. It's been a while since I built my last pokemon. I'm going to start again. Here's my first one, Donphan. All of my pokemon mocs are here:
  14. I'm late to the game. But I'd like to join Team Nocturnus.
  15. Pikachu VW My quick entry to the contest.