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  1. Hi everyone. Happy new year and all the best to you and family! Next part is ready, heroes and abilities. Sorry for posting in both subs but I did not want to leave this one half complete. If there is any problem please let me know. Mitsman
  2. Hi fellas! Happy 2020! I guess a lot of playing happened around during vacations... From my side I have ready another part of the rules. The heroes and their abillities. So... @Aine Please try it with an open mind. This game is made for friends to bash monsters! By the way, I play MtG too! Since late 1993... so yeah decades here as well! All the best to everyone and happy new year!!! Mitsman
  3. Hey Aine, The primary drive to create this was to have an adventure game to play together with my daughter. She loves the Barbarian and to smash heads with hammers and axes! All friends loved it and children around 10-12 years old can't have enough. Give it a try! Mitsman
  4. Good day everyone! I created this thread here since the media subs do not have much use for a tabletop game and I did not know were else to place it. Brickventures is a co-op dungeon crawler that is inspired by the heroica game and a hundred other table top games from the depths of time. The primary motive was to create a dungeon crawler that would be suitable for children (ages 8-12) before they are ready for more complicated game like D&D or other tabletop crawlers and also use the Lego bricks that we so much love. Anyone that wants to try it please leave you critique no matter how harsh it is as my interest is to have a good balanced game. I have no interest in selling or kickstarting for profit, so the game is free for everyone. So without further delay, "BRICKVENTURES" draft version. More to follow in the coming days. Have fun! Mitsman
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Today I give you some more. The equipment! It seems that this sub is not really interested in non-computer games, so if there is no objection from the mods, I will create a new thread in the fantasy/historical subs to continue with this endeavour. Mitsman
  6. So, I am back for more. Monsters of the Brickventures world. Any comments so far? How do you like it? Stupid idea? Good idea? Good/bad gameplay? Mitsman
  7. Hey guys, The draft version is ready. Over the next few days I will upload all pictures of the game and I am open to all critique, good and bad. There has been a lot of work put into this and quite some playtesting. It is not something I intend to sell or kickstart, my only wish is to have people that like it and wish to play with the rules. All artwork is from the internets and used under the fair use as a placeholder for art that will be made by me. No copyright appropriation is intended and if anyone has any objections based on this please let me know and I will immediately remove the offending material. So on with the pics, 34 in total. More in a couple of days! Mitsman
  8. So hi everyone, It's time for a short update. The name of the game has been decided and it's "Brickventures". Here's a couple of pics to show the current map we are testing with my daughter. The adventure starts in the islets just outside the coast of this remote land. In the back is the castle were the abducted king of the land has been jailed into. Just off the coast starts the desert valley with a mysterious pyramid. As the desert fades the old forest starts to grow and cover the rest of the valley. A narrow passage carries the weary traveller up in the mountains where beyond the great waterfalls lies the castle. Hidden amongst its many rooms the adventurers will (?) find a set of stairs that will take them to the dungeons below the castle were somewhere deep is the King jailed and tortured for his crown! These lands are not for the faint hearted. The plains in front of the castle and the entrance to the castle itself are guarded by a Mountain Giant, no doubt persuaded by the dark forces that abducted the king. The game has 7 different character classes with their own set of abilities. The Barbarian, The Wizard, The Knight, The Druid, The Cleric, The Ranger and The Rogue. There is inspiration from every single game ever made up to now and I hope with your critic and comments, maybe just maybe, it will reach the level of acceptance that other LEGO games like Brickwars have reached. Mitsman
  9. Thanks for the interest Thedarkmaster2! You do not have to help me with translation though, I will manage it myself quite easily :) Just pop in from time to time to check on my progress and leave your honest comments, I would really appreciate it. Mitsman
  10. Hey guys, I am a new member here and just signed up a few days ago. I have been designing and tweaking a Heroica scale dungeon crawler for about a year now. I started doing it to introduce more complexity to the basic heroica games since my daughter gradually grew out of it and wanted more complexity but board games like Descent and Gloomhaven were far too complex for her, plus the English Language barrier was to high for her age. My intention is to translate everything in English (from Greek) and present it to you gradually as an nice dungeon crawler that you can play with your kids. Would you be interested in this or interest has been lost since the end of Heroica era? Mitsman PS. I hope this is the correct sub for this topic as the RPGs one is full of specific themes.
  11. Mitsman

    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    Thanks man! I think I will try with the Media and Gaming forum first. Mitsman
  12. Mitsman

    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    Hey boys and girls. As a new member I would like to ask for the most suitable sub to post about a new dungeon crawler I have been developing with my daughter that uses heroica models and scale. Should I go for the RPG sub or another would be more suitable? Thanks! Mitsman